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 May I ask a question? I’ve been reading here for awhile now and I wonder if you all think Casey is innocent or if you are just looking at alternatives? 


Here’s my response:

You asked a  very good question. I can’t answer for all those who contribute here but I can for myself.  I’m not looking for a scapegoat.  I want the truth and justice for Caylee Anthony. 

Casey Anthony is charged with Murder One and is facing the ultimate sentence.  I question her guilt to this particular charge.  Had she been charged with felony child endangerment or felony child neglect, I would have little interest in this case. The state of Florida has gone “all in” on Casey and I believe it’s because of popular belief and sensationalism.  In my opinion, this case of a missing child was not treated as such.  It was never investigated as such.  I think had the authorities at least entertained the idea of a kidnapping before closing in on Casey, they may have gotten a better result and possibly the truth.

This case started off much like Jon Benet Ramsey’s.  Both were reported as kidnappings and when all was said and done, JonBenet’s body was in the house. When THIS was all said and done, Caylee Marie’s body was down the block.  Although most feel the same about both cases, the mother did it.  I have my doubts.  Unlike most crimes, I don’t believe mothers who murder their children have a standard modus operandi. (MO)

By LE failing to find Caylee in August 08, a lot of forensic evidence was lost leaving the door open for speculation and that’s when I started looking at this in a different light and with an open mind.

I found Annie Downing and her interview with LE interesting. Not only did she stay a few days with Casey while she was on house arrest, she also opened the door to an incident that occurred May 24, 2008.  In Annie Downing’s interview she stated that Casey always seemed to have new friends, meaning outside friends. Annie Downing also said she’d stay away for awhile but eventually come back to her “home” friends.  It’s with this statement that leads me to her outside friends. 

Zenaida Gonzalez or whatever her name is could possibly exist. Richard Grund states, Casey told him her new babysitter’s name is Zenaida Gonzalez. This means Casey already had this name going for her way back in March, April, or May of 2006. 

Here’s the link, on page 44:


I don’t think Richard Grund realized the importance of this statement or he may have never said it. It means Casey just didn’t pull the name from a hat in May of 2008. This statement was a starting point for me.

I struggle with murders committed against innocent children. That being said, when you put “child murdered” and “mother” in the same sentence, I’m looking for a smoking gun, a confession, something conclusive, beyond a doubt evidence.  The evidence submitted so far doesn’t satisfy me enough to hang up my coat. Casey had no reason to kill Caylee is another obstacle for me.

With the help of objective, intelligent, creative thinkers, I’m hoping we’ll get a few answers to the many questions that haunt us. 

That’s what the JB Mission is about.

Thanks for asking EDRN.