I keep a close eye on justice in America. I’m a huge advocate of the truth. I was raised by a strong mild mannered lady, who warned me early in life to never believe everything you hear and only half of what you see. Born in the era of the JFK Assassination, I learned through my mother that the news can not be trusted, we must believe what is logical and what can be proven. She also taught me never to pre-judge anyone until I know the facts. Also never forget the atrocity of the Salem Trials. I’ve taught my children the same and I am very proud of them when they don’t follow the crowd. I have raised three free thinking individuals. Something that I hope can be an asset in their lives. This is who I am. A hippy at heart, a realist in mind and a constant student of life.

Update: Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I see it is necessary to post a disclaimer as I see it is ASSUMED that my blog which is dedicated to my deceased MOTHER whose initials were “JB” The mission is to make her proud, as I do not believe every word of the press or LE reports regarding this case. It’s my mission to find the truth of the mysterious death of Caylee Anthony and deflate the Media-Ego.
Do you now understand that thejbmission.wordpress.com is not in any way affiliated with Casey Anthony’s lead attorney Mr. Jose Baez! And may I add, are you so stupid to believe a man who has been neck deep into defending his client Casey Anthony would have the time or the energy to run a meager blog??
JB’s Life Lesson 101 – Ask questions first before you assume anything!