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WESH.com reported:
Snipped..Judge Belvin Perry ruled Friday afternoon that no court will be held Saturday and that closing  arguments in the case will be heard first thing Sunday morning, followed by jury  instruction and deliberation.

Perry has been adamant on propelling the case forward as quickly as  possible, and in accordance with that, has typically held court on Saturdays  from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Perry has even told attorneys to be prepared to work  “fierce” hours in the case because of the ample delays.


“Justice rushed is Justice Crushed”

The importance of efficiency in the delivery of justice is captured by the maxim “justice delayed is justice denied.” Needless to say, delays are inevitable in any system of justice that values and must follow due process. The maxim “justice rushed is justice crushed” underscores the importance of adhering to a speed limit on the highway of justice.

"Gotta be at Da Barbecue Ta-marrow"

Orlando Citizens Beware! This could be you!





Finally!  After a remarkably good day for the Anthony defense team we’re learning via Tweets that Roy Kronk, the Meter Man and the Sole Searcher who officially found the remains of 2 ½ year old Caylee Marie Anthony may possibly be called today to testify.

Roy Kronk, a man with quite an array of dubious deeds will hopefully enlightened us bloggers as to why SAOs Linda Drane Burdick and Jeff Ashton suspiciously chose not to add him as a State witness unlike in other murder trials. Usually the person who finds the remains of the victim is often called to the stand if only to praise him or her as a hero but not Roy Kronk.

I believe had Casey Anthony not been the #1 suspect of murdering her daughter Caylee, Roy Kronk would have been a close second and perhaps a stronger person of interest (POI) in Caylee’s disappearance. Without a doubt any good homicide detective would have picked Roy Kronk’s story apart during interrogation, from the first 911 call on August 11, 2008 to December 11, 2008, the official day he found Caylee’s remains. 

Imagine Sgt. John Allen’s suspicion had he known this about Mr. Kronk.
Tidbit #1

Roy Kronk was arrested and charged with kidnapping in May 1992. Auspiciously, Beaufort County, SC did not believe his captive/accuser and dismissed charges. Roy Kronk later had this charge expunged from his record for the sake of his career in the Coast Guard.
Although the woman who accused him of kidnapping her is now deceased there are family members and an ex-husband who are more than willing to testify in her behalf IF need be.
Roy Kronk’s own father said that Roy Kronk rented a car and brought handcuffs, duct tape and a plastic gun to Beaufort, SC to force her to come back with him to Key West.

Kronk’s determination drove him over a thousand miles to Beaufort County, SC to kidnap XX. Fortunately, her fiancee came home on leave just in time to save her from Roy Kronk. Her fiancee, a Marine had the distinct pleasure of beating the shit out of Kronk.

Tidbit #2

Here’s ANOTHER person who tells a similar story about Roy Kronk’s propensity to abuse and take women against their will. Jill Kerley. She is his ex-wife who said in a recorded video that Roy Kronk had beat her on several occasions and used “100 mph duct tape” around her hands to keep her from calling for help. While in Maryville, he packed a bag put it in the car and told her they were going to the store and instead took her to Maryland where his father lived. There she was beat in front of Roy Kronk’s father so badly that she needed to go to the hospital.” She claims RK was capable of murder and she thought he tried to kill her by putting something in a glass of wine which she drank and later passed out for no apparent reason except for the tainted wine.

Tidbit #3

Eleven years ago, in a 1997 report from Kingsport, Tennessee, Kronk called in a tip to investigators that they would find several stolen guns and other items in a wooded field but when officers searched the field they were unable to find any of the items Kronk had reported.

Incidentally, Jill Kerley lived only 2 hours from Kingsport, Tennessee. After reading this report, I think this validates Jill Kerley’s fear that Kronk was still intending to cause her harm. Jill Kerley told Jose Baez she had no idea that he was that close to her in 1997.

Considering this story is eerily similar to what Kronk did in Orlando, Florida, I can see where the Defense team or anyone would raise an eyebrow.

Find firearms report here:



Crystal Sparks, another ex-wife of Roy Kronk, who is not disgruntled in any way had lots to say about Roy Kronk. She said Roy’s father called her with the news that Roy was in jail on kidnapping and elaborated RK rented a car and brought handcuffs, duct tape and a plastic toy gun to retrieve his girlfriend who had fled back to Beaufort, South Carolina. Crystal Sparks has no reason to make this up.

CS spoke of Roy Kronk’s estranged family and particularly about his sister Susan. Susan was not a big fan of Roy’s. Susan also had deep concerns with her 2-3 year old daughter Jessica’s closeness to Roy. At a family gathering at Crystal’s home, she recalls Susan was adamant that Jessica not sit on Roy’s lap. For this reason Crystal had concerns about Roy being around young girls too.

It’s in this interview that Crystal opens the door to a phone call Roy made to their son Brandon Sparks. She recalls Brandon telling her about Roy calling Brandon in mid-November, approximately 2 weeks before Thanksgiving 2008 telling him, “you’re going to see me in the news. I’m gonna be a hero. I know where the little girl Caylee is and I’m going to get her,” he adds, “when the water went down.” According to Crystal Sparks, Susan had heard through her obsequious brother Roy that he had found the “little girl’s” body in middle November too. Crystal elaborated more on Roy’s obsession with Dungeon’s and Dragons, saying he likes anything in the fantasy realm and he lies a lot.

Tidbit #5

Here’s a guy who finds Caylee’s remains in August, calls LE on 3 different occasions and they can’t find Caylee’s remains while standing there with Kronk pointing to it. That doesn’t seem likely.

Unfortunately for the defense, the jurors will not know any of this about Roy Kronk. Judge Belvin Perry ruled in January that none of his prior bad acts can be brought into trial. Not a problem for the defense, there’s only one act that attorney Jose Baez wants to talk to Kronk about and that’s if he superciliously hid Caylee’s remains in hopes of reaping in a reward. Ironically, this is the reward money $50,000 Roy Kronk managed to blow when he called his supervisor instead of directly calling the Crimeline.
Poor Roy.

Snipped from WFTV dated December 15, 2008

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — It was a meter reader who found the remains that could be Caylee Anthony. He’s having a tough time and does not want to talk with the media and he is so disturbed by what he found his bosses have given him some time off of work.

When the Orange County meter reader discovered a skull in the woods not too far from Caylee Anthony’s home his supervisor called 911.

That phone call makes the meter reader ineligible for a $5,000 Crimeline reward. To collect the reward, you have to call Crimeline first before you call 911.

“You have to initiate a tip with Crimeline at 1-800-423-TIPS,” explained Detective Barb Bergin, Crimeline. “We don’t have enough money to pay rewards to everyone who calls 911.”

Bergin encourages people to call 911 if there is an emergency, but Crimeline calls are answered 24 hours a day.

“As calls come in, if it’s something that needs an emergency or needs law enforcement, we have people in place for that to happen immediately,” Bergin said.

Bounty hunter Leonard Padilla offered a $50,000 reward for Caylee’s body, but pulled the money when people complained searchers were tearing up their yards looking for remains.

“I don’t want to get sued,” Padilla said….





While I’m focusing on the only undisputable fact of this case, Suburban Drive, I’m reminded of another article I wrote November 15, 2010 titled “Close But No Caylee”.  In that article I attempted to list the many known players who actually searched this corner of Suburban and Hopespring Drive who failed to find a body.

There were cadaver dogs, trained LE with K-9s, there were 32 Texas Equaasearch volunteers, and of course there was Roy Kronk who claims he found Caylee’s remains on August 11th/2008 which was disproved by Sgt Richard Cain.

Knowing this information, I think there’s a good possibility that Casey Anthony was not the one who placed little Caylee’s body in this area now called “Area A”.

Dominic Casey, the private investigator hired by Cindy and George Anthony and his camera man fellow PI, Jim Hoover video.

A month ago Snoop, an Orlando resident and tenacious seeker of the truth here at theJBMission volunteered to revisit Suburban Drive in order to take photographs and resolve the myths reported by the local media. 

This is what Snoop says about Area A, the burial site where Caylee’s remains were found.

It’s important to know Tropical Storm Fay did not reach Central Fl until Aug. 20th/2008.

It’s important to know Florida was in a long drought before Tropical storm Fay.

It’s important to know the area where the remains were found received 6-11 inches of rain.

It’s important to know in a nearby area where there were 22 inches of rain that all flooding had receded by September.

It’s important to know Suburban Drive could not possibly hold the amount of water as reported.  The amount of rain there was 6 inches at best.  Perhaps east toward the school would hold 6-11 inches but not in Area A where the remains were found.

It’s important to know it was dry on August 11th, the first time Roy Kronk is said to have seen something white in the “water” that looked like a skull.

It’s important to know the distance from the tree line to Area A is 6 feet which means if Officer Richard Cain just peered in and there was a visible skull as Roy Kronk claimed he would have seen it. 

It’s important to know that Cain walked in, poked around a bag of leaves and nothing was there. There is no way Cain could have not seen what Kronk saw.

It’s important to know this is not a jungle or Amazon. You don’t need a whacker to get through.

It’s important to know that in Dominick Casey’s video there was a television and a blanket that was photographed that is approximately 15 feet from Area A.  Dominick Casey was surely at some point in Area A or beyond it. 


Expectantly, with Jim Hoover and Dominick Casey setting the stage, the Anthony defense team is prepared to expose the truth of the mysterious finding of Caylee Marie Anthony.

Here are the Questions I’d Like to Ask Roy Kronk:

1. When you first discovered the suspicious bag on Suburban, what did you think when LE dismissed your finding?

2. After 3 consecutive days of reporting the suspicious bag with no results, did you think you were wrong?

3. Did you know Tim Miller searched this area Sept. 3, 2008?

4. If you would have known, would you have gone to the area to point it out to them?

5. What made you go back December 11, 2008?

6. Did you contact Leonard Padilla at any time during November 2008 for the possibility of getting the reward?

7. Did the reward ever cross your mind?


Just for starters…




WFTV – No Reward for Kronk


Snoop’s photobucket


Default album and sub folders are on the right-All the pictures and videos are at this site, Also all Jose Baez and InSession interviews.

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What does Judge Perry Have to Do?
After 37 minutes into Day 28, Judge Perry begrudgingly announced “court will be in recess until Monday 8:30 AM”, leaving myself and the Talking Heads in a state of confusion.
Why would Judge Perry cancel a valuable day of trial at this juncture? You be the judge.

Part I



Part II

Note in Part II, after Judge Perry gets both sides to agree that there’s a legal matter unrelated to Dr. Furton he says “Madam court reporter, there’s something we gotta do”

Incidentally I observed as the camera pans the courtroom, the guy with the blue open collar shirt, jacket and ID hanging around his neck standing behind Ashton. Notice the guard approach him very briefly and looks like he’s reaching behind his back? Did the guard put something into his hand?   Just an incidental observation…

Enjoy your day!


Assistant State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick’s monophonic recital of the timeline immediately escaped my thoughts as soon as the defense team’s lead attorney Jose Baez took the podium.  Needless to say, this trial is off to a fiery start thanks to Baez’s shocking opening statement.  He reminded me of a younger F. Lee Bailey when he answered the most baffling questions of the case; When and how did little Caylee Anthony die.  He was succinct and maybe a bit graphic as he told a completely different story from what we’ve read and heard from the news media everyday for the past 3 years. 

His story was compelling and believable.

Jeff Ashton was quick to put George Anthony on the stand to basically candy coat George Anthony in a pretty color of red because I could almost feel his embarrassment through my computer screen. 

On cross examination, Jose Baez was terse but polite with George as he tried to get him to admit how foolish he was to claim he didn’t know when his 19yo daughter Casey Anthony was 7 ½ months pregnant at his brother-in-law’s wedding in 2005.

During most of the Baez’s cross examination, Jeff Ashton bounced up and down like he was on a pogo stick with his moronic objections to each and every question that Jose Baez posed to George Anthony.  He then annoyingly tried to monopolize Judge Perry and the Jury’s time with several sidebars.  In all, it was a despicable display from an officer of the court whom has the respect and trust of the good people of Orange County Florida.  I can almost pity them but I won’t.

Contrary to popular belief, Jose Baez was brilliant on his first day of the most important case of his career and I was pleased to hear that most of the members of TruTV’s InSession panel agreed.

As for Day One, it was a good day for the defense yet a somber one.  I felt Casey’s tears were real for all of the right reasons and I pray that the jurors saw the truth in her eyes.

So, onto Day Two!! Set to begin at 9:00am later this morning.  See you then!

And So the Trial of Casey Anthony Begins!!

Its official!  As of Friday, May 20, 2011 after almost 2 weeks of jury selection, opening statements will begin Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 9am. The much awaited trial of Casey Marie Anthony will take place at the Orange County Courthouse. Presiding Judge Belvin Perry Jr. along with 12 seated jurors and 5 alternates will hopefully come to a final decision in a 1st degree murder indictment that State Attorney Jeff Ashton deemed as fit.

The indictment is 1st degree murder with death penalty pending.  Casey Anthony has pleaded not guilty of the unclassified murder of her beautiful 2½ year old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony. The trial is expected to last at least 6 weeks.

As I reflect on TheJBmission.wordpress.com blog I’m amazed and stoically proud of our accomplishments as we meticulously probed into every minute detail and aspect of this case.  I think this case has been a true learning experience for me and I feel as though I’m ready to take the Louisiana Bar Exam.

 Wow Almost 3 Years!!

 If ever I have the opportunity, it would be a privilege to shake the hand of Jose Baez.   As Casey Anthony’s lead defense attorney he has portrayed himself as a courteous, well-mannered and a true gentleman in the face of the worst condemnation I’ve ever witnessed upon an Officer of the Court of Law.

He is a perfect example of what every lawyer should strive to be, an immovable believer in his client’s innocence and their Constitutional right to a fair trial.

It would also be an honor to shake the hand of Cheney Mason, Ann Finnell and Dorothy Sims who had the fortitude to stand up and help their fellow colleague Jose Baez when he stood alone and other colleagues chose to write disparaging news articles about his personal life and his defense of his client Casey Anthony.

As I’ve tried to convey to anyone who has asked, my focus isn’t only on Casey Anthony and the consequent bizarre charge of 1st degree murder in the unclassified death of her daughter but also on the enormity of other injustices in our country due to the unashamed media whose objective is to try and convict presumably innocent citizens and/or suspects in order to sell commercial ads at a thousand dollars a slot depending on how sensational they write their stories. Their crime is that they take advantage on the public’s belief in their journalism which makes them ever more irresponsible for their actions. In some cases, lives have been ruined.

With the investigation, hearings and motions behind us and the actual trial soon to begin,  kardan, a blogger who occasionally comments here gave me an idea for this thread.  He/she suggested that I observe this trial in a new light, as a virgin so to speak. I should clear my mind of the 20,000 pages of documents I’ve dissected, the numerous news articles I’ve been forced fed, all of George and Cindy Anthony televised interviews, the last 48 Hours Special and most importantly any Nancy Grace segments that introduced me and thousands of other viewers to this case. As instructed by Judge Perry, I’ll keep in mind that the Defense doesn’t have to prove anything or point to someone else but to simply raise reasonable doubt.  The State has the burden of proof.

So as not to confuse anyone, I’ll become commenter “Juror 209” but of course the JB Mission will have her opinions too.  It might be fun.  Feel free to join in as a pseudo juror. Give yourself a name or a number and be sure your juror persona is aware of the unwritten rules that we’ve all managed to follow. Please be polite and as always, no name calling or derogatory remarks toward others who comment here. Remember nobody wants to be that snarky juror.


 Meet the 12 Seated Jurors

1.) Juror #1398

  • Female, 67, Worked in counseling for 35 years
  • Has a son and daughter, three grandchildren
  • Gets News from TV
  • Served on the jury for a murder trial
  • Used to work in nursing, has smelled a dead body

2.) Juror #1019

  • Male, African-American, IT Specialist
  • Married, 2 children, girl, 4, boy, 9

3.) Juror #1055

  • Female, 32, Nursing student
  • Single, no children, youngest of 5 siblings
  • Never served on a jury
  • Didn’t know about the case until recently
  • Never been a victim of a crime

4.) Juror #1319

  • Female, African-American,
  • Admitted few friends
  • No opinion for or against death penalty

5.) Juror #1429

  • Female, retired, was a nurse’s aid
  • Divorced 14 yrs ago, lives with boyfriend of 12 yrs
  • Doesn’t own a computer
  • 3 children, ages 52, 49 and 48, 3 grandchildren
  • Son, grandson have had trouble with drugs

6.) Juror #1025

  • Male, 33, chef
  • Married, 6 yr-old son, daughter is 21 wks old
  • Parents live in Flagler
  • Watches sports and sitcoms on TV
  • Gets news from phone

7.) Juror #1007

  • Female, 41, office worker
  • Divorced, born in Miami, works in child welfare
  • Has one younger sister
  • Was a victim of armed burglary in 1990
  • Mother is a real estate lawyer

8.) Juror #3015

  • Female, service rep for Verizon
  • Married, 2 sons; ages 27 and 23
  • Recent kidney transplant
  • Father worked in law enforcement in NJ
  • Youngest son attended Full Sail

9.) Juror #3185

  • Male, 53, unemployed
  • Single, no children, 2 sisters, 2 brothers
  • Enjoys photography
  • Watches PBS, Discovery, History channel
  • Nephew recently became Manatee Co deputy

10.) Juror #3310

  • Male, 57, retention specialist for Verizon
  • Single, no children, has brother and sister
  • Little knowledge of case
  • Doesn’t watch much TV news, likes TVLand
  • No opinion on death penalty

11.) Juror #3016

  • Male, teaches high school, PE and Health
  • No children, has 2 dogs, 1 sister, 1 brother
  • Uncle is retiring from the FBI
  • Working towards Master’s degree in Special Ed
  • No feeling against the death penalty

12.) Juror #3140

  • Female, works at Publix as a cook
  • Married for 2nd time, daughter, adopted son
  • Retiring in September
  • Doesn’t watch much news, doesn’t have cable
  • Not familiar with computers

Meet the 5 Alternates



1.) Juror #3093

  • Female, 48, surgical technician
  • Married, husband out of work, 2 grown children
  • Served on a civil case jury
  • Likes watching sports and history channel
  • Makes yarn and weaves

2.) Juror #3170

  • Male, teacher, married for four years
  • 1 son from previous marriage
  • 2 teenage stepchildren
  • Is originally from Cincinnati
  • Never served on a jury

3.) Juror #4013

  • Female, cashier at car dealership
  • Widower, mother to 12-yr-old son
  • Followed case on TV
  • Husband was in jail on drug charges
  • No opinion on death penalty

4.) Juror #4192

  • Male, 25, carpenter
  • Single, half-brother and sister
  • Lives with parents
  • Once charged with drug possession
  • Visited Orlando before for theme parks, magic game

5.) Juror #3308

  • Male, 39, water plant operator for St. Pete
  • Married, no children, has 3 dogs
  • In Coast Guard for 12 yrs
  • Had plane and baseball tickets to see Grandma
  • Never served on a jury

 Carpe Diem

Lastly, I wholeheartedly pray that this trial will be judicially fair, unbiased and factually presented.  I pray that the presiding Judge will heed to his oath that ensures Casey Anthony’s right under the Constitution VI Amendment, her right to a fair trial and  justice for her precious daughter Caylee Marie Anthony.

The Sixth Amendment (Amendment VI) to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights which sets forth rights related to criminal prosecutions. The Supreme Court has applied the protections of this amendment to the states through the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.










Jury selection “Voir Dire” is expected to begin today.  There been much speculation as to which county Judge Belvin Perry Jr. has chosen.  The speculation should stop today.


Here’s the latest article from WFTV. 

 Casey Anthony Jury Selection To Begin Monday

Posted: 8:19 am EDT May 8, 2011Updated: 9:51 pm EDT May 8, 2011

Snipped Read on….

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Jury selection is set to begin Monday in the murder trial against Casey Anthony. The jury will be selected from a county outside of Central Florida, but that location won’t be known until just hours before jury selection begins Monday morning.

Once a jury is selected, they will be taken to Orange County to begin trial proceedings. Officials say Casey’s trial is expected to last roughly two months, possibly even longer.

According to the ABC affiliate station in Tampa, WFTS, jury selection might happen in Pinellas County.

WFTS says three independent sources within the Pinellas court system have all confirmed that information. This came the same day as the St. Petersburg Times reported unusual activity at the Pinellas County courthouse that indicates court officials may be preparing for something big to come.

There were also reports that the jury could be selected from the West Palm Beach area of Florida, after Judge Perry was spotted at the Palm Beach County courthouse.

Despite the speculation, Judge Perry and Orange County court officials have adamantly refused to disclose the location of jury selection until right before it begins.

According to exclusive research done by WFTV, jurors from the panhandle would be the best choice for the defense team.

In Pensacola, 71 percent of people say she’s certainly or likely guilty, while 93 percent of those polled in Orlando believe she is guilty. That number is even higher in Jacksonville, at 95 percent. And in West Palm Beach, 97 percent of those polled think she guilty.

Eyewitness News will be covering the Casey Anthony trial everyday, from every angle. Stay with WFTV and WFTV.com for the latest developments.


 Judge Perry came to another decision.  Chloroform evidence is in. 

 Evidence Allowed:

Chloroform evidence

 Heart sticker

 Police K-9’s

 Lone Hair

 Root Growth

 Trunk Stain


 References to the smell of the car have not been ruled on yet.

The judge denied a motion to reconsider his ruling to keep the stain from the trunk in evidence.

Jose Baez, lead counsel for the Defense has a motion pending asking to prohibit any references to photographs and social behavior of Casey Anthony that occurred within the “31 days” because they are irrelevant as to consciousness of guilt.

Baez added “typical evidence probative of consciousness of guilt has been limited to flight, concealment or resistance of a lawful arrest. 


For a defendant’s subsequent behavior to be probative of consciousness of guilt, the behavior must somehow bare on an act in futherance of evading prosecution. Further, “where the defendant challenges the relevancy of such evidence, the state must adduce evidence that the defendant’s behavior was related to an attempt to avoid being held accountable for the crime at issue.”


Snipped from WFTV

A research scientist, who has done groundbreaking work in the field of human decomposition, said he found an amount of chloroform in Casey Anthony’s car trunk that was 10,000 times more than he’d expect to see. The defense expert argued the methods the scientist used to determine that were faulty.

Wednesday, Judge Perry disagreed and ruled the jury will hear that evidence.

WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer says it’s very damaging to Casey. 

What’s left for the defense?  SUBURBAN DRIVE


WFTV, in their quest for a fair trial for Casey Anthony is speculating Palm Beach will be Judge Perry’s location of choice for the perfect, unbiased jurors.  WFTV reports Judge Perry has been sited in the area. 




Defense Motions

http://www.wftv.com/pdf/27662775/detail.html  denied

http://www.wftv.com/pdf/27662775/detail.html  pending

Baez cited: (Twilegar v. State, 42 So. 3d 177, 196 (Fla. 2010)

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