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March 5, 2013, in the courtroom of Judge Debra Nelson, Zimmerman’s  hearing is scheduled for 8:30am CST.   According to GZLegal.com, George Zimmerman is not expected to attend.   Attorneys Mark O’Mara and Don West are prepared to argue the following Motions.

  • Defendant’s Motion for Specific Discovery from Florida Department of Law Enforcement
  • Defendant’s Motion for Specific Discovery.  (3 videos)
  • Defendant’s Motion for Supoena Duces Tecum to State Witness, Civilian Witness 8

Entry of the Following Orders:

  • Order Granting Issuance of Supoena Duces Tecum  (audio recordings0
  • Order Granting Issuance of Supoena Duces Tecum  (Trayvon Martin’s Twitter and Facebook)
  • Order Granting Issuance of Supoena Duces Tecum  (Civilian Witness 8’s Twitter and Facebook)

Zim - handsBut I wonder…
Will today’s hearing determine if George Zimmerman’s “Stand Your Ground” hearing actually will happen April 22nd?
At the “Stand Your Ground” hearing, Zimmerman’s attorneys will have to convince the judge of three things:

•Zimmerman was not engaged in an unlawful activity.
•Zimmerman was being attacked in a place he had a right to be.
•Zimmerman had the reasonable belief that his life and his safety were in danger as a result of an overt act or perceived threat committed by Martin.

As we all know, if George Zimmerman’s attorneys are successful at the “Stand Yout Ground” hearing, George Zimmerman goes home a free man.


If not, he’ll have to convince 6 jurors that the shooting was in self-defense

He’ll have to explain to all 6 jurors, why he chose to follow Trayvon Martin.
He’ll have to explain why he called non-emergency 911.
He’ll have to explain each and every action he took to “keep an eye” Trayvon.
He’ll have to explain his reason for leaving the safety of his vehicle, on a dark and rainy night to pursue what he perceived “a suspicious man”.
He’ll have to give all 6 jurors a reason for not following the implied instruction given by the NEN dispatcher to NOT follow this young man.
He’ll have to explain exactly what happened after he ended the NEN call.
He’ll have to explain HOW – did he and the victim, finally meet face to face.
He’ll have to explain WHY, since he was a trained Neighborhood Watch Captain that he didn’t know proper protocol as to how to handle suspicious persons.
He’ll have to explain HOW he could be so dumb NOT to realize that HE George Zimmerman, “Neighborhood Watch Captain” had become THE SUSPICIOUS PERSON.

As a matter of fact, the person that Trayvon Martin was trying to figure out wasn’t just some creep, “just standing there looking at all of the houses.”

The creep Trayvon Martin was looking at was a 28-year old male, in a blue truck, driving very slowly down the street in the rain with his headlights off, watching his every move.

The person Trayvon Martin was watching suddenly appeared on foot, following and getting closer to him without saying a word.

He’ll have to explain the reason WHY, as a common courtesy, he didn’t say to this young man, “Hi there..Can I talk to you..I’m the Neighborhood Watch Captain”

Yes George, please EXPLAIN.





Zimmerman’s Potential Strategy Revealed

Fat GZ in courtOn January 18, 2013, according to reporter Tony Pipitone, of ClickOrlando.com, George Zimmerman’s lead attorney Mark O’Mara has potentially revealed his hand. George Zimmerman is charged in the second-degree murder of 17yo Trayvon Martin.  Zimmerman claims he shot Trayvon Martin in self defense after he stalked and followed the boy as he was walking home from a local convenience store.

At the time of the incident, George Zimmerman was under the influence of Adderall, a drug prescribed to him for ADHD, a disorder usually found in children but sometimes in adults.  An adult may experience restlessness instead of hyperactivity. In addition, adults with ADHD consistently have problems with interpersonal relationships and employment.  According to reports, this describes George Zimmerman to a tee.

O’Mara’s Big Bag of Tricks

In O’Mara’s big bag of tricks, he plans to use surveillance videos, evidence receipts, warrants and video of Zimmerman surrendering to authorities. These were some of the items listed in a notice to prosecutors filed by O’Mara.

Here are additional items listed in the notice:

• Surveillance video from a Sam’s Club, Kohl’s and apartment complex — all nearby the *Retreat at Twin Lakes complex where Zimmerman lived and Martin was killed
• A Crimeline report regarding an unidentified 8-year-old potential witness

• A letter from former state attorney Norm Wolfinger requesting the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to assist in the case (before he recused himself and a special prosecutor was appointed)

• The entire Sanford Police case file Wolfinger’s office turned over to FDLE
• FDLE warrants, subpoenas and affidavits seeking Martin’s cell phone and its records
• Various evidence and property receipts.

In another motion filed by O’Mara…


The defense is also seeking records from ABC News regarding an interview the Martin family attorney did with a key witness in the case last March. At least one ABC News employee witnessed the telephone call with Witness 8, a young woman Martin was talking to on the phone as he was being followed by Zimmerman on the day Zimmerman shot Martin to death.

Once again, DeeDee, listed as Witness 8 comes into focus. DeeDee is Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend, who happened to be on the phone with Trayvon off and on during the time George Zimmerman was following him.

DeeDee will testify that she heard Trayvon Martin ask Zimmerman, “what are you following me for” seconds before the phone went dead and for that the defense would like nothing more than to eliminate her from the list of witnesses.

For obvious reasons…

O’Mara motioned for a subpoena of ABC News, O’Mara claims he has received recordings revealing less than half of what was said in a 26-minute telephone call. “There are several ‘starts’ and ‘stops’ and other obvious edit indicators” on the recordings turned over by Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump, the motion states.


In other news its been reported that the the defense team has recently received Trayvon Martin’s school records which GZLegal.com has not yet released to the public. However, O’Mara announced he may release portions of the report at a later date and at his discretion. I’ll assume if he doesn’t release anything soon, it’s because Trayvon Martin’s school records are clean.


The next hearing is scheduled for February 5th which also marks the 18th birthday of Trayvon Martin. Trayvon Martin was stalked and gunned down by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman on February 26, 2012.







Recently it has been reported by the Associated Press that Casey Anthony is asking the Florida appellate court to dismiss her four convictions of lying to law enforcement.

Casey’s attorneys, along with Attorney Cheney Mason are appealing the misdemeanor convictions on the grounds that her statements were inadmissible at her murder trial since she hadn’t been Mirandized.  Go Cheney!!

Mr. Mason, a well-respected Florida attorney who joined Jose Baez to help Casey get a fair trial fought long and hard to keep this matter out of her murder trial and off of her record, however Judge Belvin Perry Jr. was far too devoted to his  prosecutors to let truth stand in his way.

Shamefully Judge Perry also allowed “heart sticker on the duct tape” into evidence even though he knew Lorie Gottesman of the FBI would testify that there were NO heart sticker or sticker residue on the duct tape. The lies told by the media and prosecutors far exceeded the lies told by Casey Anthony.

In my opinion this was simply a desperate maneuver to tarnish the jury’s impression of Casey because what juror would want to acquit a mother who would kill her daughter with chloroform and as the coup de gras slap a heart sticker on top of the duct tape that she supposedly used to cover the child’s mouth.

At trial, prosecutors Jeffrey Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick were unable to prove any cause of death and the duct tape placement was inconclusive.

With Casey Anthony’s latest appeal, hopefully the truth will finally come to light. Casey was not read her Miranda rights when she was taken by Orange County detectives for the Grand Tour of Universal Studios.

After discovering Casey hadn’t worked at Universal Studios since 2006, detectives Yuri Melich, John Allen and Appie Wells decided to take Casey there to force her into confessing to something she didn’t do and without her pesky attorney.

It was obvious their only intent was to make her confront her outlandish lies. Instead of the officers putting on their detective hats and giving some thought for the reason WHY would this seemingly intelligent girl tell such ridiculous lies when the lies were so incredibly easy to debunk.

These Keystone Kops were so inadequate they didn’t even remember to read Casey her Miranda Rights at Universal Studios. Within seconds after walking down the hallway, Casey turns back around and says, “I don’t work here.” So the Kops sit down at a desk in some unknown office at Universal Studios with the mother of a child who hasn’t been seen in nearly a month, who’s told them lie after lie yet the only way they believe to solve the mystery is to ask her more questions.  Surely this was a set up giving reason to arrest her.  They thought by putting Casey behind bars for a few days that she’d decide to finally to tell the truth.  Little did they know that it would take months for her own attorney to gain her trust and learn the real reason why she felt she had to lie.

Ironically, while at Universal Studios, one of the detectives got a phone call from Casey’s mother Cindy Anthony.  She tells them that the day she came home from work on June 16th she remembered finding the pool ladder attached to the pool which was odd because she was always so deligent about removing the ladder. Hint, hint..

The next day Cindy related this story to her co-workers adding that she thought that perhaps the neighborhood kids were using the family pool because the gate was opened as well.


The Appeal

As for the appeal, Casey Anthony’s attorneys will argue that because Casey had been handcuffed and placed in a squad car, she was effectively under arrest and should have had her Miranda rights read to her. They will also argue that all four of her convictions stem from one single encounter with police which represents double jeopardy which is a person’s constitutional protection from being punished multiple times for one offense.

Does anyone recall a case  when a suspect caught lying to detectives were brought up on charges?

The attorneys for the prosecutors are expected to argue that 110lb. Casey Anthony was free to go at anytime regardless of the 3 or 4 big burly cops blocking the doorway. They admit she was handcuffed but that was only because Casey’s mother thought that Casey might flee — besides a supervisor ordered a detective to take the cuffs off a few minutes later. So not only were the Keystone Kops screw-ups, their supervisor was there too and though he knew she shouldn’t have been handcuffed,  he didn’t read the Miranda Rights to her either.

Earlier this year, unsurprisingly Casey Anthony was back in the news at the behest of former assistant State attorney Jeff Ashton. Jeff Ashton aka “Laughing Man” who sat so arrogantly, smirking in court thinking he had won the biggest case of his career. Fortunately he did not win but due to the vast amount of media exposure from the Caylee Anthony case, he did manage to win a political seat as an Orange County State Attorney.


State Attorney Elect Jeff Ashton confirms to WESH 2 News that when he takes office, he plans to find out how a major piece of evidence in the Casey Anthony case was missed. 

This was in response to a Casey Anthony news report claiming that someone searched “foolproof suffocation” from the Anthony computer June 16 — this is not breaking news.  Why Mr. Ashton is so interested in this particular trial faux pas is beyond me.

Has he forgotten?

The State computer forensic expert John Bradley erroneously testified at trial that he found chloroform searches on the Anthony computer 84 times. The next day the expert alerted State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick that this was an error due to an inaccurate computer program he used.  The jury would not hear the expert admit this error. Judge Belvin Perry simply didn’t inform the jury of the error or state the correct number of searches was “one.”

For those interested in the truth, on pages 180-181, you’ll find that Jose Baez’s computer forensics team discovered several computer searches months before trial. In Baez’s book, “Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story” he revealed the “fool proof suffocation” computer search and more.

On the morning of June 16, the defense computer experts discovered computer activity. Someone logged in at 6:52am to 7:52am. This information jives with what Casey related to Baez — that she had woken up early that morning with Caylee.

The records also show someone later logged in at 9am to 10:59am. It was determined based on the type of searches made that the person behind the computer was Casey. Casey logged in to Facebook and MySpace. From there she searched for cute outfits for the shot girls. Being the shot girl manager, apparently she was trying to help her boyfriend Tony Lazarro who at the time was a promoter for Fusion Nightclub.

George Anthony

However, the computer records show another log in. At 1:50pm someone signed in to AOL Messenger. George had an AOL Messenger account, his user name was george4937. Right after someone logged in to Instant Messenger, someone searched “foolproof suffocation”. George, always a bad speller misspelled the term. Google automatically corrected the spelling and the first link clicked was “venturing into the pro-suicide pit”.

And as we all know, George Anthony attempted suicide January 22, 2009.

For those who want the truth and did not follow the Caylee Anthony case via television media and the internet, I suggest that you buy a copy of Jose Baez’s book.

Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story” is a riveting story as to how Jose Baez became Casey Anthony’s attorney and all of the trials and tribulations he faced trying to save her life.

The story that he and co-author Peter Golenbock tell is a shockingly true and sad story of family dysfunction at its highest level.

What’s Casey Anthony doing now no one really knows. She has been in hiding for the most part due to numerous death threats after her acquittal.

It’s been rumored that Casey is interested in attending law school so I imagine these unlawful charges of lying to cops during an un-mirandized interrogation may stand in the way of that if she is planning on becoming an attorney. I wish her the best of luck and pray that she finds happiness in her life.






LLMPaPa’s “4 Questions”

LLMPaPa is Da Bomb!!

Isn’t it funny how GEORGE ZIMMERMAN has reversed positions with Trayvon. Everything that GEORGE ZIMMERMAN says Trayvon did, HE DID! He jumped out of the bushes.
Remember when the dispatcher asked him for his apartment number? GEORGE ZIMMERMAN says paraphrasing — “I don’t know where this kid is” as a reason for not wanting to give his address? He’s probably standing in bushes when he says that. There’s no proof that GEORGE ZIMMERMAN walked back to his truck as he claims. We hear him getting out of truck but not getting back in.

See all of LLMPaPa’s compelling Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman videos at YouTube.com


Investigate George Zimmerman for Civil Rights violation in his killing of Trayvon Martin

A Neighborhood Watch Captain went on an illegal patrol and profiled an innocent child as a rogue, thug criminal, who he decided, without reason, deserved to be followed in the darkness and when he caught him he questioned and killed him. His only reason given for his erroneous beliefs was that the child was black and did not belong in the neighborhood. To defend himself with claims of “stand your ground” and “self defense” he concocted a series of demonstrable lies, claiming the child tried to take away the weapon he himself carried everywhere he went and that he was beaten to within an inch of his life, by Trayvon Martin, who had no dna or other trace evidence on his hands. Even while Zimmerman was covered with his own blood. Evidence that Martin never touched Zimmerman at all.

Created: Nov 25, 2012



“It’s 1-9-5-0, oh crap, I don’t want to give it out loud”
Why not George???


As the second degree murder case of 17 year old Trayvon Martin takes it’s predictable course GEORGE ZIMMERMAN’s attorney Mark O’Mara has finally gained access to Trayvon Martin’s school records. To the delight of GEORGE ZIMMERMAN’s donators, Mark O’Mara has fulfilled their dying wish to vilify Zimmerman’s victim by exposing his high school behavior and juvenile Tweets in order to convince Zimmerman’s supporters into believing that he actually has a defense.
Although it’s unlikely that Trayvon Martin’s school records and behavior played any part in his death, it’s still Zimmerman’s right to petition them as an option and to possibly use them as part of his defense strategy.

Mark O’Mara, the once well-respected attorney, who was hired by Zimmerman, could soon ruin his good reputation in the minds of many and more importantly, his peers. Every knowledgeable attorney knows that this door swings both ways and opening up the door to the victim’s past, in turns opens the door to the accused.

When weighing all of the circumstantial and forensic evidence against GEORGE ZIMMERMAN I highly doubt his past discretions will survive public scrutiny or a panel of six jurors. GEORGE ZIMMERMAN has been held on a retraining order by his ex-fiancé and has a criminal record for attacking a police officer during a nightclub sting operation. He’s also known to harass and bully his co-workers. One was a co-worker from the Mid-East. Read his complaint letter here.

The mere contemplation of using the victim’s school records in order to make it appear that killing an unarmed teenager justifiable is mundane and implies a desperate defense. I expected much more from Golden Boy O’Mara. Clearly O’Mara is using the media to pander for funds once again, something that didn’t go unnoticed by the sharp wits of Asst. State attorney Bernie de la Rionda.
De la Rionda says he’ll plea to Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson to have all of Zimmerman’s future subpoenas sealed to avoid what he called “chumming the waters” and causing the Zimmerman supporters to go into a blissful frenzy.
A hearing is set for Oct 19 to hear O’Mara and De la Rionda’s arguments as to what to do about Trayvon Martin’s school records. Normally such information is not subject to public release because Trayvon, barely 17 years old is a minor. Laws generally protect minors.

More Evidence Against Neighborhood Watch Guy

A few days ago, in the second degree murder of Trayvon Martin, the State of Florida released more discovery and possible evidence against the gun-packing neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman

The Florida state crime lab discovered that the gun, a Kel tec 9mm used to kill 17 year old Trayvon Martin, did not reveal any evidence that Trayvon touched it as George Zimmerman related to his best friend and confidante Mark Osterman.

Trayvon Martin grabbed his killer’s gun just moments before he died and uttered a profanity laced threat in a desperate life or death struggle. George Zimmerman clutched Trayvon’s wrist, broke his grip on the semi-automatic firearm and shot him once in the chest.

State forensic scientists checked the grip, trigger, slide and holster searching for any trace of Trayvon Martin’s DNA to no avail, however they did find Zimmerman’s DNA and another unidentifiable DNA. No determination could be made on the holster.
Retired defense attorney and law professor Fred Leatherman, who hosts and owns a legally informative blog has written several in-depth articles covering this case.  In one of his recent articles he addresses DNA and other compelling evidence pertaining to the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

Minutes after the shooting, Mark Osterman picked up Zimmerman’s wife Shellie to bring her to the crime scene as a show of support for his shooting buddy George Zimmerman.
Mark Osterman and his wife Sondra quickly packed up the Zimmermans to hide them out at their home the very next day of the shooting. Why would they fear community outrage when the shooting had not yet hit the media unless they had a reason to panic?

There’s no doubt that the Zimmermans’ and Ostermans’ were close. Sondra Osterman is said to have conducted the marital ceremony for the Zimmerman’s although there’s no mention of what gave her the credentials to do so.
George Zimmerman had no reason to lie to Mark Osterman and more reason to lie to law enforcement which is what he did in several interviews and reenactment with Sanford detectives Serino and Singleton. Apparently lying comes easy for GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. He’ll lie to anyone — best friends are no exception.

Hopefully, at trial Shellie Zimmerman, who’s now facing perjury charges for trying to help her husband qualify for a reduced bond will tell the truth at trial thus proving once again her husband George Zimmerman is a prolific liar.

More happenings and events…

No verdict yet for Shellie Zimmerman who through her attorney Kelly Sims plead not guilty to perjury in a money hiding scheme to help her husband George. As she awaits the verdict, her mother, Machelle Dean was arrested on August 8 after other drivers saw her swerving in and out of the lanes on State Road 415 in New Symma Beach.  She allegedly took at least two tablets of hydrocodone, a pain medication before she got behind the wheel of her car. Her case is pending as well on charges of DUI.

Pictures of Mark Osterman were released placing him at a nearby bank getting money at an ATM during the crucial time when GEORGE ZIMMERMAN was stalking Trayvon Martin.
The pictures are time stamped 02/26/2012 @ 18.37:02.27 or 6:28pm

George’s brother Robert Zimmerman Jr. has recently penned a letter trying to salvage what’s left of his family’s reputation. He read it aloud in an interview on “Good Day LA“.

Robert Zimmerman goes on to say that his brother George was not part of a Neighborhood Watch program yet that’s not what his brother said in an interview with detective Singleton nor what the FBI reported in the 284 pages of discovery released July 12.

On page 112 of the 7-12 Discovery doc dump — in the FBI report — referring to a neighbor — it reads:
Paraphrasing: On April 5, 2012, the writer spoke with XXX via telephone in reference to a neighborhood canvas of RVC, GZ told her boyfriend about Zimmerman introducing himself as the “Neighborhood Watch Captain” …
Page 130:
In August of 2011, XXX was present at a board meeting when Zimmerman requested permission to use the clubhouse to coordinate the first neighborhood watch meeting. The board granted Zimmerman permission to use the clubhouse and waived the clubhouse rental fee..
Next.. Page 130:
XXX provided two Retreat At Twin Lakes HOA Newsletters. The newsletters both have a section dedicated to updating the community of the neighborhood watch program. The contact email for the neighborhood watch is listed as xxRTLNeighborhoodWatch@gmail.com. Zimmerman’s telephone number is listed

Either Robert Zimmerman Jr.
is not well informed
He’s simply just another lying Zimmerman.

My main objective is not to continually prove George Zimmerman a liar.  The point I’m trying to make is when the only survivor of the alleged scuffle is George, then his word must be golden. If we can’t trust his word, than he has no defense.

When he can’t get his story straight, chances are he’s lying. Not that a liar makes a murderer but when the evidence doesn’t exactly fit his claims then he’d best be truthful about every other aspect of his life, if not he has no defense.  He’s given us no reason to believe him. From the 911 call, his contempt for this young boy Trayvon Martin, as he jumped out of vehicle to follow him is undeniable.  Before believing a liar, I prefer to rely on the 911 call for truth.










Reference: Recent Discovery Documents:


http://www.cfnews13.com/content/dam/news/static/cfnews13/documents/2012/09/GEORGE ZIMMERMAN-part5-Gorgone-FDLE-complete-report-0919.pdf

http://www.cfnews13.com/content/dam/news/static/cfnews13/documents/2012/09/GEORGE ZIMMERMAN-EXEMPTIONS-0919.pdf

http://www.cfnews13.com/content/dam/news/static/cfnews13/documents/2012/09/GEORGE ZIMMERMAN-Discovery-Redacted-0919.pdf

http://www.cfnews13.com/content/dam/news/static/cfnews13/GEORGE ZIMMERMAN-INTERVIEW-Witness31-711employee-0919.wav

In what could be perceived as a Get-Rich-Quick scheme, MARK OSTERMAN, George Zimmerman’s best and only friend has recently written a book describing his life as his #1 Supporter and the life of George and Shellie Zimmerman during the aftermath of the highly publicized shooting death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin.
Mark Osterman is said to have met GEORGE ZIMMERMAN through his wife Sondra Osterman when they both worked at a mortgage company. Osterman gave George a graduation party when he thought George had completed a course in criminal law. George failed to inform MARK OSTERMAN that he was one or two credits short of attaining an associate degree from Seminole State College.

Osterman has been George Zimmerman’s strongest supporter since Day One. It was the Osterman’s who hid the Zimmerman family at their St. Mary condo and it was Osterman who made his presence known during George’s reenactment of the shooting for law enforcement.

According to the GlobalGrind.com, it was revealed that the once mystery-man Mark Osterman is a former Seminole County Sheriff Deputy who was pressured to quit after being duped into a security detail by a con artist who claimed he was a famous baseball player. He failed to get authorization from the department which was a violation of their policy.
His affiliation with Sanford Police Dept. and Seminole County leaves little doubt that he has inside connections with local law enforcement. In mid-July, only 3 months after Zimmerman’s arrest, Osterman’s name was redacted from all released documents to the public.
Now that Mark Osterman has seemingly come out of the proverbial closet, he’s ready to spill his guts with everything he knows about GEORGE ZIMMERMAN.
Ironically, only months ago he made disparaging remarks about the Zimmerman family for talking to the press. George Zimmerman’s so-called friend may be just what the prosecution needed.

The book will be showcased on Dr. Phil, a syndicated talk show on OWN, the Oprah Winfrey channel. The title to his book is “My Best Friend GEORGE ZIMMERMAN”

TheConservativeTreehouse.com has been covering bits and pieces of MARK OSTERMAN’s book. Through an inside source – someone close to MARK OSTERMAN, they are discussing excerpts from the book.

Is it Accurate?

Here’s the disclaimer:

George Zimmerman was not involved in the collaboration of this book and makes no guarantee of its accuracy or content. The comments added here to the known text of the Osterman book were not made by George Zimmerman, and should not be construed as the only comments that George Zimmerman may have regarding the publishing of this book.

Perhaps it is but time will tell. The book could be construed as fabrication because of the timing of its release offering George Zimmerman hints to use in his defense strategy or it’s possible that MARK OSTERMAN could care less. He’s scheduled to appear on the Dr. Phil show September 10, a hot topic for Dr. Phil and an exciting way to start a new season.

Ironically, MARK OSTERMAN is son of author Mark Osterman Sr. who penned a book titled “Justifiable Homicide” about a Detroit cop turned vigilante. It’s been rumored that Mark Osterman Sr. is possibly the ghost writer of his son’s book.

I find it difficult to write articles about GEORGE ZIMMERMAN because I’m far too aggravated by his lack of common sense to write objectively. His lack of normalcy is much too prevalent to be ignored so forgive me if I’m not writing articles as often as I did in the Caylee Anthony case.

Not Guilty by Reason of Stupidity?

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN supporters deem him as the Most Hated Man in America. Not true. In comparison to Casey Anthony who IS considered The Most Hated Woman in America, who WAS accused, tried and acquitted of murdering her 2 year old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony, GEORGE ZIMMERMAN is merely an unsophisticated, everyday, stereo-typical idiot with a gun who shot an innocent young man.

Not that Trayvon Martin is any less worthy of the publicity and national attention that Caylee Marie Anthony garnered, its just that this is not a Who-Dunit case. GEORGE ZIMMERMAN did it and is just too ignorant to know what he did was wrong.

It’s his stupidity and impulsive behavior that makes him dangerous and at the same time famous. Jumping out of the safety of one’s vehicle to follow a stranger is not normal, especially when you already have the notion that this person may be hiding a gun in his waistband.
GEORGE ZIMMERMAN should more aptly be referred to as “The Dumbest Man in America.”

The Most Hated man doesn’t suit him. Some people are hated for outsmarting society such as Bernie Madoff or mass murderer James Holmes of Colorado, who killed 24 people who were sitting in a theater watching the latest Batman movie.
Perhaps GEORGE ZIMMERMAN has outsmarted a fraction of society or at least a small group of people who care to make the murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin political in the year of the Presidential election but he is incapable of outsmarting the majority. As for committing other murders, I doubt George Zimmerman has killed before because his narcissist tendencies would not have allowed him to keep silent so getting away with murder is not his forte’. I hope; regardless of the outcome of the trial – that he’ll NEVER be allowed to legally carry a gun again.

Maybe it’s MARK OSTERMAN who should be given the title “Most Hated Man in America”?
It was Mark Osterman who taught Zimmerman how to shoot a gun. And perhaps it was MARK OSTERMAN who filled George’s feeble mind with tales of vigilantism making him his Lab Rat.
Maybe MARK OSTERMAN’s next book will be “How to Get Away with Murder, Make Friends and Become Famous”?

Excerpt from MARK OSTERMAN book via unknown source.
Snipped from TheConservativeTreehouse.com:

Even though we, the Zimmermans and Sondra and I, didn’t realize the extent of the media coverage at the time, we all agreed from that first night to tell no one the couple was staying with us. George and Shellie’s parents and siblings were the exception, along with the Sanford police, of course. Not even Sondra’s extended family, nor mine, knew we were keeping the Zimmerman’s during those first hours and days following the shooting of Trayvon Martin

Interesting, MARK OSTERMAN admits to hiding the Zimmerman’s during the first hours and days following the shooting begging the question, if a person shot someone in justifiable self defense why would he need to hide?

Playing the “Dummy Card”

Other interviewees said that they thought the neighborhood watchman was ‘a soft guy’ who had a ‘little hero complex’ but did not believe he was racist even after he fatally shot unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin.

As most Zimmerman’s supporters will admit that GEORGE ZIMMERMAN is stupid.
Typical Supporter comment:

No jury in America will convict Mr. Zimmerman. He made several stupid mistakes, but the shooting was self defense in the eyes of most jurors. You need all 12 to agree it was murder to convict and the facts presented show it was self defense from a beating that did cost Zimmerman serious harm, and if left going, could have resulted in death by Zimmerman’s own gun. He will walk, but has ruined his life. He is alive, but that is about the only good news about the rest of his life.

More excerpts from TheConservativeTreehouse.com:

Osterman describes Zimmerman as a person of strong character, but not very street wise the report states. “He has never known Zimmerman to be in a fist fight. Zimmerman stays in casual contact with a lot of people, but is not known to have any other close friends.”
Osterman described Zimmerman as frugal and organized. Osterman hosted a graduation party for Zimmerman when he completed his associate’s degree at Seminole State College. The report makes note that Osterman “did not see the diploma.” Nor did he know that Zimmerman did not earn enough credits to graduate. The graduation party was a waste.

Ask anyone looking for excuses for GEORGE ZIMMERMAN, they will bewail, “he was attacked by a pot smoking 17 year old thug!” They refuse to address the circumstances that put GEORGE ZIMMERMAN within arms length of Trayvon Martin.

It’s as if GEORGE ZIMMERMAN is a Genie in a Bottle, he folded his arms, blinked and Voila, he’s facing Trayvon Martin. Trayvon Martin, the thug doesn’t just sucker punch Zimmerman as soon as he appears.
In GEORGE ZIMMERMAN’s own words, Trayvon asks him, “Why are you following me?” GEORGE ZIMMERMAN doesn’t tell him why. GEORGE ZIMMERMAN doesn’t tell him law enforcement is on the way. GEORGE ZIMMERMAN doesn’t tell him he’s a concerned citizen who thinks he’s “up to no good”.
According to statements to law enforcement, GEORGE ZIMMERMAN’s answers to Trayvon at this juncture are vague. It’s not clear what he said to Trayvon Martin but in none of the 4 or 5 statements he made to the detectives did he say that he explained anything to the scared teen.

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN was oblivious to Trayvon Martin’s concerns. GEORGE ZIMMERMAN doesn’t see himself as a weirdo stalker, following a teenager on a dark rainy night. In his mind, Trayvon Martin is “up to no good” and he’s the good guy with a gun who’s going to stop him.
Chances are, had George taken out his gun before getting out of his vehicle, Trayvon Martin would have known not to attack him under any circumstance.

In February 1993 Mark Osterman Sr. authored “Justifiable Homicide” The main character, Detroit cop Jack Saunders hunted serial killers, molesters, thugs and animal haters.

This reminds me of a scene in the 1974 Bronson movie “Death Wish”. Charles Bronson plays Paul Kersey whose wife and daughter were brutally attacked in a home invasion.
Paul Kersey, an architect and “CO” (conscientious objector) takes to the dangerous streets of New York packing a concealed Colt Police Positive revolver, unbeknownst to any street punk who tries to rob him, he’ll trap them in his web for the kill.  This movie is much like the book MARK OSTERMAN’s father wrote in 1993. Apparently MARK OSTERMAN Sr. practiced a bit of plagiarism or maybe it was wishful thinking or perhaps he just lacked creativity.


From the first day I heard about this case, setting aside the heavy racial overtones of the story, I was hoping to support GEORGE ZIMMERMAN because although he is dumb, he didn’t deserve to be attacked but all that changed when I learned he didn’t make an attempt to assure Trayvon Martin that he meant no harm.
Had Martin not been a 17yo and he WAS carrying a concealed weapon, I’m sure had he shot and killed GEORGE ZIMMERMAN instead of attacking him, he would have been charged with manslaughter that very night, although I do think he would have been acquitted with the help of a good attorney.

George Zimmerman’s dumbest move was to get out of his vehicle. From that point on, all bets are off. He’s responsible for whatever happens to him or whatever happens to Trayvon Martin.

If George Zimmerman would have claimed he was walking near the cut through with his gun in his hand and Trayvon Martin attacked him anyway then he would not be responsible for Martin’s death.
Just as Paul Kersey’s victims i.e. “street punks” would not have attacked him in Central Park had he been walking through the park openly brandishing a gun, neither would street-wise Trayvon Martin attack George.
Of course, GEORGE ZIMMERMAN would have some explaining to do when law enforcement arrived. Walking on a public street openly carrying a 9mm Kel tec in your hand is currently against the law in Florida.
Perhaps if George wasn’t so afraid of spending a little time in jail or losing his permit to carry a concealed weapon, he might not be facing a charge of 2nd degree murder as he is today.

C’est la vie!





The Conservative Treehouse





A veteran judge with broad experience and a reputation for being tough on both lawyers and defendants has been assigned to take over George Zimmerman’s murder trial.
Seminole County Circuit Judge Debra Nelson is a familiar face to the Zimmerman family: She is the same jurist assigned to handle Zimmerman’s wife’s perjury case.

George Zimmerman’s defense attorney Mark O’Mara is scheduled to face off with Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester for the first time since O’Mara has asked for his recusal.  Honorable Judge Lester will hear motions on at least two issues.  One will be the matter of Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda’s request for additional medical records and the other is to decide whether Judge Lester will allow Zimmerman to travel outside of Seminole County.  It’s not yet known if George Zimmerman will personally attend.  The hearing is set for today at 8:30 am.

State Requested Additional Medical Records

According to gzlegalcase.com George Zimmerman through his counsel Mark O’Mara has filed “Notice of Objection to Subpoena”  objecting to the State’s request for additional medical records. In the notice O’Mara asserts lack of relevance. O’Mara has agreed to review the records and would prefer that he decide as what is relevant to the case.

In response, Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda agreed that several pages have been provided so far concerning Zimmerman’s treatment at the Altamonte Family Practice on February 27 but he is seeking notes, photographs, X-Rays, CT scan, MRI or anything else related to his treatment that day after the shooting. The State wants to make sure no other records exist.

De la Rionda went further saying at various times Zimmerman and/or his attorney “have asserted that the Defendant’s head was repeatedly beaten into concrete, and that he sustained some injuries to his head, and a broken nose after the struggle with Trayvon Martin on 2/26/2012.”
He said, “the records provided by Altamonte Family Practice describe what Defendant claims happened when he came in contact with Trayvon Martin, as well (as) treatment administered by a physician assistant,” and they refer to Zimmerman being informed that he should be seen by an ear, nose and throat doctor, which he refused to do.

George Zimmerman Asks to Leave Seminole County

Also expected in Friday’s hearing, Judge Lester will rule on another issue.  Attorney Mark O’Mara has requested in a motion filed today to ask the court to allow George Zimmerman to leave Seminole County.

It was ruled by Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester in his second bail order that he, George Zimmerman reside within Seminole County.  Defense attorney Mark O’Mara says that this “has had an ongoing, deleterious effect on his ability to assist in the preparation of his own defense.” He is asking Lester to modify the conditions of Zimmerman’s release and lift the restriction requiring him to live in Seminole County.
Mark O’Mara further complained that communications have been “unnecessarily” limited to telephone calls and his occasional visits to Zimmerman’s safe house.

“Will Judge Lester Continue to Preside?”

On July 13, George Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara petitioned the court to disqualify Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. In a Motion to Disqualify Judge Kenneth Lester O’Mara sought to recuse the presiding Judge because of the wording he used to describe George Zimmerman’s character.

After reading the July 5th “Order Setting Bail” Mark O’Mara said his client George Zimmerman questioned the judge’s ability to be objective and was particularly concerned with Judge Lester’s description of Zimmerman’s character which O’Mara described as containing “gratuitous and disparaging” remarks.  In response,  Judge Lester did not directly address that accusation but he did say that the motion to disqualify him was “legally insufficient” and he refused to step down.

In a last ditch effort, defense attorney Mark O’Mara filed a Writ of Prohibition petitioning the Fifth District Court of Appeal to review the trial judge’s refusal to remove himself from the case, after the defense requested it citing what it considers bias against their client. This matter is still pending.

George Zimmerman is due to stand trial on charges of 2nd Degree murder in mid-2013 for the fatal shooting an unarmed 17 year old teenager named Trayvon Martin.

All Motions

Order Dismissing Defendant’s Motion to Disqualify


Order Setting Bail



The Real George Zimmerman EXPOSED!!

It’s a time of truth. It’s a time of revelation. It’s a time for narrow-minded phonies to face the truth. To expose the real GEORGE ZIMMERMAN is to expose the mentality of his supporters.

“Show Me Your Friends and I’ll Tell You Who You Are”

In the mind set of some individuals, in a desperate attempt to counter their trepidations, there are no boundaries, no equanimity, no conscience, just like their hero, GEORGE ZIMMERMAN.


Therealgeorgezimmerman.com is GEORGE ZIMMERMAN ‘s last resort.  There are no more rabbits to pull out of his hat.  The smoke has cleared and the mirrors are raised, who do we see?

As if a deadly gunshot to the heart and lung of their 17 year old son TRAYVON MARTIN, was not a high enough price to pay, the Martin family has been forced to endure overwhelming vilification of their son via racially slanted and political antagonist websites.

With nothing to counter, with nothing to say, their defense of GEORGE ZIMMERMAN is to tear down the reputation of TRAYVON MARTIN which is moot. For all intents and purpose, a minor’s reputation is not the person he is. He is not over 21 years old. His identity is not yet developed. He has 4 years to develop into the person/man he’ll eventually become and basically not a Tweet nor a Facebook page entry has a thing to with what took place on the evening of February 26, 2012.


If TRAYVON MARTIN was a thugged out high-schooler or a mix martial arts flag pole fighter is not relevant. If TRAYVON MARTIN was an 8 time convicted burglar out on a stroll to canvas his new found territory is not relevant because that was not the reason for GEORGE ZIMMERMAN ‘s call to non-emergency 911. He called because in his sick and simple-minded opinion, TRAYVON MARTIN appeared suspicious.


To know the real GEORGE ZIMMERMAN is to know his followers. A simple click to this website exposes their sick mentality. The video below is their depiction of “Baby Tray” as a 9 year old.

17 year old TRAYVON MARTIN is dead. All that’s left is his memory so bullies hopelessly attack his memory by associating his name with an obvious mentally and physically abused 9 year old boy.

The Fear is so thick,
You can cut it with a knife.





Joe Horn – Stand Your Ground Case

Pasadena, Texas
Listen to 8:28 minute call to Emergency 911

Both cases start with 911 calls. George Zimmerman’s call is to “Non-Emergency 911” to report a “suspicious person” compared to Joe Horn, who called into “Emergency 911” to report a burglary in progress.

The November 14, 2007 call ended with the sound of Horn racking a shell into his 12-gauge shotgun followed by three gunshots that killed illegal Columbian imigrants Diego Ortiz, 30 and Hernando Riascos Torres, 38.

Seven months later Joe Horn was cleared by Harris county grand jury. The panel issued no-bill after two weeks of testimony. Joe Horn was relieved that his ordeal was finally over.

After the grand jury hearing, Harris County District Attorney Ken Magidson simply said, “In Texas, a person has a right to use deadly force in certain circumstances to protect property and that’s basically what the grand jurors had to deal with.”

As his lawyer Tom Lambright stated in news reports, Joe Horn “was trying to help police catch criminals” The criminals who Horn shot were the men he witnessed carrying property out of the home of his next-door neighbor.

Compared to George Zimmerman, whose intention was to report a suspicious person because of recent break-ins in his gated townhouse community, the difference is obvious. The suspicious person he reported was not carrying burglary tools or breaking the law. His “suspicious person” was carrying a bag of Skittles candy and a can of Arizona Iced Tea.

Paralleling Joe Horn’s case to George Zimmerman’s case, Zimmerman was released from Sanford police department without further detainment. Joe Horn was called to the grand jury and had to testify on his own behalf. He had to retain an attorney and spend two weeks out of his life to convince grand jurors he was not a vigilante.

Both George Zimmerman and Joe Horn were armed. Joe Horn shot and killed two burglars. George Zimmerman shot and killed one suspicious teenager. Both of these cases were the cause of rancorous public debate. Initially both shootings were deemed racially motivated George Zimmerman was called out by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the new black panthers. There were protest nationwide demanding his arrest.

In Joe Horn’s case and subsequent to the grand jury announcement, Frank Ortiz, a member of the local League of United Latin American Citizens chapter, on the behalf of Ortiz and Torres, said he hoped federal authorities would investigate Joe Horn’s case further.

Although there are some similarities, there are a few differences as well. Joe Horn shot two men in his front yard. George Zimmerman was simply driving by when he spotted what he determined to be a suspicious person walking through his gated townhouse community, the suspicious man lay dead near a paved walk through, no where near the home of George Zimmerman.

Like Zimmerman’s case, the sound of gun fire can be heard in 911 calls. In Horn’s 911 call, you can hear the sound of him loading a shotgun — he verbally warns the dispatcher of what he intends to do and then fires.

In Zimmerman’s 911 call, he doesn’t mention that he’s carrying a Kel-Tec 9mm handgun to the dispatcher so he cannot be warned to not shoot. The only sounds of gunfire heard in a 911 call are from another 911 call made by a neighbor who was calling to report a disturbance from the sound of scuffling and someone screaming for help.

At this time, George Zimmerman’s statements have not been released to the public but it is rumored that he claims he was attacked by the suspicious person and shot him in self-defense. Zimmerman suffered a broken nose and scrapes to the back of his head, said to be from being bashed on the pavement during the scuffle. Zimmerman refused medical treatment at the hospital the night of the shooting.

Comparing Zimmerman to Garcia

In March of 2012, the State of Florida tossed out a second-degree murder charge in the case of Greyston Garcia after he chased a suspected burglar and stabbed him to death. Pedro Roteta, 26 was trying to steal a radio from Garcia’s truck when a roommate alerted him. He then grabbed a knife and chased Roteta for over a block.

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Beth Bloom decided the stabbing was justified because the burglar had swung a bag of stolen car radios at Garcia, an object that medical examiner at a hearing testified could cause “serious harm or death”. The judge found Garcia was well within his rights to pursue the victim and demand the return of his property. The Huffington Post concluded in their article, Garcia went home instead of calling 911 after the confrontation in January and later hid the knife and sold two of the radios.

In comparison to the Garcia shooting being thrown out under Florida Stand Your Ground Law, Pedro Roteta was in the act of committing a crime against Garcia whereas Trayvon Martin was not in commission of a crime when he caught the attention of George Zimmerman.  It’s what happened minutes after the call that is debatable.

Can the state of Florida refute beyond a reasonable doubt that the “suspicious person” attacked George Zimmerman first or will it matter? Perhaps the state of Florida intends to prove it was Trayvon Martin, the suspicious person who was standing his ground considering he was not in any way breaking the law. He had reason to be inside the gates of Retreat View Circle community when he was aggressively being followed by a stranger.

Although usually juvenile records remain sealed in court proceeding. If left up to the Martin family, they may agree that in the case of the death of their son, they may welcome full disclosure and may perhaps want the jury/judge to know that their son had a violence-free arrest record.

The outcome of this tragedy will depend on competency of state prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda and the lawyerly wiles of defense attorney Mark O’Mara in order for George Zimmerman to share the same fate of Greyston Garcia and Joe Horn.

George Zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder. He is now in Seminole county jail awaiting a new bond hearing set for June 29th. The trial is set to take place in mid-2013 in the courtroom of Judge Kenneth Lester Jr.





Transcript of George Zimmerman’s 911 Call


Case of Greyston Garcia


“Liar George” is back in Seminole County jail, licking his wounds and at the same time counting the dough being donated to his PayPal account. As his PayPal account thickens, bringing in close to a thousand dollars a day, he’s behind bars and his wife Shelly is shaking in her boots because she may soon join him.

Did he really think his jailhouse phone calls weren’t being recorded? I’m surprised they didn’t teach that in criminal law. Did he think that moving $44.46 to another account was going to go unnoticed? I can’t remember the last time I had a conversation about transferring $10 to another bank account. Hell, if all I had was $10 in my bank account, it’s time to close the account.

Yes, I think some of my fellow Americans have picked the wrong hero. Liar George is the wrong guy to waste your hard earned money. I know why he’s being treated as a hero. It doesn’t take much of a brain to figure out that he’s the Hero because he was called to carpet by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the new black panthers. But let’s not kill the messenger. Trayvon Martin can’t help who his supporters are.
I think this case raised some political overtones when during this election year, the President of the United States remarked “he could be my son”. It seems a few other ballsy politicians have used this tragic case to garner public attention as well. Remember Representative Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) who arrived on the floor of the United States Congress. He was soon escorted from the House floor for wearing a gray hoodie and sunglasses while delivering a rousing speech about the need for a full investigation into the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, a 17-year old in Florida.

What happened to the righteous people waving American flags? They shoved their flags in their front pocket and are going to let this one slide. Why, because he’s black and you’re sick of reading newspaper headlines like this one, ” 5-year-old Fatally Shot at Child’s Birthday Party”. That’s the headline I read Wednesday morning, May 30, 2012 in Times-Picayune. It’s sickening.

Are people letting this one slide because as I’ve heard, Trayvon Martin was a killing-machine in waiting? He like mixed martial arts and is said to have used them to kick George Zimmerman’s ass. Perhaps I’m wasting my energy waving the American flag on this one too and should stuff my flag back in my front pocket. I could do that but I’m not because I see this case as something that should have brought people together instead of dividing them.
This could have been a bit of inspiration for those who say it’s impossible to live happily in a world of different colored skin. A learning experience, per se.

As a citizen of the United States, I’m tired of the Great Wall which divides us as people. Everyday, someone will label you as either a liberal or a conservative. Is your skin dark or light or in-between? Are you gay or straight? Are you male or female, I can’t tell the difference.

We are divided by sex, by race, by color of skin, by religion, by politics, by sexual preference just to name a few. The Great Wall will forever be! I’m beginning to accept that fact.

Coming together is out of the question. Although you’d think it wouldn’t be but that would take forgiveness and as human beings that’s seems to be impossible.

Trayvon Martin Timeline

February 26, 2012: Fatal Shooting

March 16, 2012: 911 tapes released

March 19, 2012: The U.S. Justice Department announces it has launched an investigation into the death of TM

March 21, 2012: Million hoodie march

March 23, 2012: In response to a reporters question about the case, President O’Bama says; “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon”

March 24, 2012: Threats were made against Zimmerman placing a $10,000 for the capture of Zimmerman who was in hiding.

April 10, 2012: Lawyers quit. Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig announce they will no longer represent Zimmerman because he has stopped communicating with them.

April 11, 2012: A law enforcement official tells NBC that the Florida prosecutor will file criminal charges against Zimmerman. Less than an hour before those charges are made public, George Zimmerman is reported to be in police custody.

April 20, 2012: Bond hearing. Bond set at $150,000

June 1, 2012: Bond revoked

June 3, 2012: George Zimmerman returns to jail

On June 1, 2012, Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. responded to a motion filed by prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda that stated George Zimmerman and his wife lied while under oath at the bond hearing on April 20th imploring Judge Lester to revoke George Zimmerman’s bond. Both George Zimmerman and his wife Shelly Zimmerman swore to the court that they were indigent but under further investigation into jailhouse phone calls it was apparent that George and his wife knew of at least $135,000 that was donated through his website, “I Am the Real George Zimmerman”

Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman’s attorney argued that his client could not afford a $1 million bond as the state attorney’s office was asking. He portrayed his client as a part time student, working as an investigator for an insurance company and his wife was attending nursing school. Witness after witness testified to GEORGE ZIMMERMAN’s financial status and good reputation as an honest man, and hard worker.
O’Mara convinced Judge Lester that George Zimmerman was not a flight risk and happily handed over his passport.
What Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. didn’t know was that the passport handed to the court was
(#301813125) which is the passport that was reported stolen or lost on March 8, 2004. On March 26, 2004, George Zimmerman obtained a new passport (#017355779). This passport is valid till 2014. This is the passport that George still had in his possession. It is now in the possession of the court.


On page 2 of the motion, George says this to his wife Shelly in one of the recorded jailhouse phone calls:

04/17/2012, phone call from Seminole jail with wife Shelly.
• At approx. 7 minutes into call..

GZ: Do you know what? I think my passport is in that bag.
SZ: I have one for you in the safety deposit box..
GZ: Ok, you hold onto that.
SZ: For you…

During the hearing to revoke George Zimmerman’s bond, his attorney Mark O’Mara explained to the court that it was a misunderstanding and that George or Shelly found the passport (#017355779) while they were moving into hiding which is groovy for them because it just so happened to be the passport that wouldn’t expire till 2014.
O’Mara explained to Judge Lester it just slipped his mind but the Zimmerman’s did hand over the newly found passport to him at a much earlier date.

On April 9, 2012, NYMag.com reported this story

“George Zimmerman Launches Website to Raise Funds for Defense”

Zimmerman, who initially launched his own website, featuring an American flag over a white background read;

I am the real George Zimmerman,

On Sunday, February 26th, I was involved in a life altering event which led me to become the subject of intense media coverage. As a result of the incident and subsequent media coverage, I have been forced to leave my home, my school, my employer, my family and ultimately, my entire life. This website’s sole purpose is to ensure my supporters they are receiving my full attention without any intermediaries.

It has come to my attention that some person’s and/or entities have been collecting funds, thinly veiled as my “Defense Fund” or “Legal Fund”. I cannot attest to the validity of the other websites as I have not received any funds collected, intended to support my family and I through this trying, tragic time.

I have created a Paypal account solely linked on this website as I would like to provide an avenue to thank my supporters personally and ensure any funds provided are used only for living expenses and legal defense, in lieu of my forced inability to maintain employment. I will also personally, maintain accountability of all funds received. I reassure you, every donation is appreciated.

Sincerely, George Zimmerman

Attorneys and a friend of George Zimmerman confirmed that the website, “The Real George Zimmerman” represents the same George Zimmerman who fatally shot Trayvon Martin on February 26th.

On April 27, 2012, NYMag.com reported George Zimmerman raised $204,000 in donations.

After watching the most unremarkable video of George Zimmerman turning himself in, I couldn’t help but notice he’s put on a few pounds. He looks heavier than the 200lbs that he reportedly weighed on the night of February 26th and without a doubt much heavier than he was when State Attorney Angela Corey ordered George to turn himself in on April 11, 2011.

The only question I have for Liar George,
“Who do you think you are?”






Update: Shellie Nichole Zimmerman arrested for perjury Tuesday,  June 12, 2012 Read Issue Capias:


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