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Recently it has been reported by the Associated Press that Casey Anthony is asking the Florida appellate court to dismiss her four convictions of lying to law enforcement.

Casey’s attorneys, along with Attorney Cheney Mason are appealing the misdemeanor convictions on the grounds that her statements were inadmissible at her murder trial since she hadn’t been Mirandized.  Go Cheney!!

Mr. Mason, a well-respected Florida attorney who joined Jose Baez to help Casey get a fair trial fought long and hard to keep this matter out of her murder trial and off of her record, however Judge Belvin Perry Jr. was far too devoted to his  prosecutors to let truth stand in his way.

Shamefully Judge Perry also allowed “heart sticker on the duct tape” into evidence even though he knew Lorie Gottesman of the FBI would testify that there were NO heart sticker or sticker residue on the duct tape. The lies told by the media and prosecutors far exceeded the lies told by Casey Anthony.

In my opinion this was simply a desperate maneuver to tarnish the jury’s impression of Casey because what juror would want to acquit a mother who would kill her daughter with chloroform and as the coup de gras slap a heart sticker on top of the duct tape that she supposedly used to cover the child’s mouth.

At trial, prosecutors Jeffrey Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick were unable to prove any cause of death and the duct tape placement was inconclusive.

With Casey Anthony’s latest appeal, hopefully the truth will finally come to light. Casey was not read her Miranda rights when she was taken by Orange County detectives for the Grand Tour of Universal Studios.

After discovering Casey hadn’t worked at Universal Studios since 2006, detectives Yuri Melich, John Allen and Appie Wells decided to take Casey there to force her into confessing to something she didn’t do and without her pesky attorney.

It was obvious their only intent was to make her confront her outlandish lies. Instead of the officers putting on their detective hats and giving some thought for the reason WHY would this seemingly intelligent girl tell such ridiculous lies when the lies were so incredibly easy to debunk.

These Keystone Kops were so inadequate they didn’t even remember to read Casey her Miranda Rights at Universal Studios. Within seconds after walking down the hallway, Casey turns back around and says, “I don’t work here.” So the Kops sit down at a desk in some unknown office at Universal Studios with the mother of a child who hasn’t been seen in nearly a month, who’s told them lie after lie yet the only way they believe to solve the mystery is to ask her more questions.  Surely this was a set up giving reason to arrest her.  They thought by putting Casey behind bars for a few days that she’d decide to finally to tell the truth.  Little did they know that it would take months for her own attorney to gain her trust and learn the real reason why she felt she had to lie.

Ironically, while at Universal Studios, one of the detectives got a phone call from Casey’s mother Cindy Anthony.  She tells them that the day she came home from work on June 16th she remembered finding the pool ladder attached to the pool which was odd because she was always so deligent about removing the ladder. Hint, hint..

The next day Cindy related this story to her co-workers adding that she thought that perhaps the neighborhood kids were using the family pool because the gate was opened as well.


The Appeal

As for the appeal, Casey Anthony’s attorneys will argue that because Casey had been handcuffed and placed in a squad car, she was effectively under arrest and should have had her Miranda rights read to her. They will also argue that all four of her convictions stem from one single encounter with police which represents double jeopardy which is a person’s constitutional protection from being punished multiple times for one offense.

Does anyone recall a case  when a suspect caught lying to detectives were brought up on charges?

The attorneys for the prosecutors are expected to argue that 110lb. Casey Anthony was free to go at anytime regardless of the 3 or 4 big burly cops blocking the doorway. They admit she was handcuffed but that was only because Casey’s mother thought that Casey might flee — besides a supervisor ordered a detective to take the cuffs off a few minutes later. So not only were the Keystone Kops screw-ups, their supervisor was there too and though he knew she shouldn’t have been handcuffed,  he didn’t read the Miranda Rights to her either.

Earlier this year, unsurprisingly Casey Anthony was back in the news at the behest of former assistant State attorney Jeff Ashton. Jeff Ashton aka “Laughing Man” who sat so arrogantly, smirking in court thinking he had won the biggest case of his career. Fortunately he did not win but due to the vast amount of media exposure from the Caylee Anthony case, he did manage to win a political seat as an Orange County State Attorney.


State Attorney Elect Jeff Ashton confirms to WESH 2 News that when he takes office, he plans to find out how a major piece of evidence in the Casey Anthony case was missed. 

This was in response to a Casey Anthony news report claiming that someone searched “foolproof suffocation” from the Anthony computer June 16 — this is not breaking news.  Why Mr. Ashton is so interested in this particular trial faux pas is beyond me.

Has he forgotten?

The State computer forensic expert John Bradley erroneously testified at trial that he found chloroform searches on the Anthony computer 84 times. The next day the expert alerted State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick that this was an error due to an inaccurate computer program he used.  The jury would not hear the expert admit this error. Judge Belvin Perry simply didn’t inform the jury of the error or state the correct number of searches was “one.”

For those interested in the truth, on pages 180-181, you’ll find that Jose Baez’s computer forensics team discovered several computer searches months before trial. In Baez’s book, “Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story” he revealed the “fool proof suffocation” computer search and more.

On the morning of June 16, the defense computer experts discovered computer activity. Someone logged in at 6:52am to 7:52am. This information jives with what Casey related to Baez — that she had woken up early that morning with Caylee.

The records also show someone later logged in at 9am to 10:59am. It was determined based on the type of searches made that the person behind the computer was Casey. Casey logged in to Facebook and MySpace. From there she searched for cute outfits for the shot girls. Being the shot girl manager, apparently she was trying to help her boyfriend Tony Lazarro who at the time was a promoter for Fusion Nightclub.

George Anthony

However, the computer records show another log in. At 1:50pm someone signed in to AOL Messenger. George had an AOL Messenger account, his user name was george4937. Right after someone logged in to Instant Messenger, someone searched “foolproof suffocation”. George, always a bad speller misspelled the term. Google automatically corrected the spelling and the first link clicked was “venturing into the pro-suicide pit”.

And as we all know, George Anthony attempted suicide January 22, 2009.

For those who want the truth and did not follow the Caylee Anthony case via television media and the internet, I suggest that you buy a copy of Jose Baez’s book.

Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story” is a riveting story as to how Jose Baez became Casey Anthony’s attorney and all of the trials and tribulations he faced trying to save her life.

The story that he and co-author Peter Golenbock tell is a shockingly true and sad story of family dysfunction at its highest level.

What’s Casey Anthony doing now no one really knows. She has been in hiding for the most part due to numerous death threats after her acquittal.

It’s been rumored that Casey is interested in attending law school so I imagine these unlawful charges of lying to cops during an un-mirandized interrogation may stand in the way of that if she is planning on becoming an attorney. I wish her the best of luck and pray that she finds happiness in her life.






Job Well Done!

It is official, from the Orange County clerks office, Register of Actions, with his name crossed out, Jose Baez is no longer Casey Anthony’s attorney. The most notorious defense attorney in the country has moved on to the sandier beaches of Miami, Florida.

Baez’s withdrawal statement to the Miami Herald snipped;

…. it’s time to move on: “My work as Ms. Anthony’s defense attorney is finished. It’s not my job to answer questions regarding non-legal matters relating to Ms. Anthony, and I must attend to my other clients’ needs.”

It’s unclear why but the rumors are rampantly surfacing. Some claim it’s because of Casey Anthony’s recently released video diary, others say it’s a falling out due to Baez’s inability to land Casey a million dollar television deal. I think it has more to do with the simple fact that Jose Baez’s job is done.

On July 5, 2011, Jose Baez accomplished the unlikely task of garnering an unlikely acquittal for his client, 22 year old Casey Anthony, charged with murdering her beautiful 2 ½ year old daughter Caylee Marie.

Caylee Marie

At trial, in Casey Anthony’s opening statement, Mr. Baez immediately informed the jury that Caylee was not murdered but had died in an accidental drowning which I’m sure this knowledge played a huge part in Baez’s fight to save her mother’s life.

Defending a woman accused of killing her child must have been quite a conundrum for family man Jose Baez but it was a job that had to be done because as he stated in a post-verdict interview with Geraldo Rivera, to allow Caylee’s mother to possibly die for her death would be a gross injustice to Caylee.

After three years of unmitigated public mockery and ridicule, he has earned the privilege to walk away with his head held high. What more could a client want but to be acquitted of first degree murder with the possibility of a death sentence? Lawyers have quit on clients for various reasons but in this case, his moving on to continue his career is a fair and reasonable decision.

Truth Be Known

Tenacious and hard working defense attorneys are hard to find.

And who can forget his humble statement at the press conference, immediately after Casey Anthony’s acquittal.

A humble man indeed.

According to the Miami Herald, Mr. Baez has landed a job with a top notch Miami law firm. Not long ago, he was literally fighting for his client; being pushed and shoved by the media, having his personal life plastered on the internet and in Orlando newspapers.

He endured insults not only from the uneducated public but by a few paid legal analysts who underestimated his abilities and arrogantly scrutinized and questioned his work. Meanwhile, at no point did Jose Baez step outside of himself or stoop to their level. He was always a gentleman.

Jose Baez was recently asked to speak at a three session seminar called “Fantasy of Forensics, How Junk Science Failed to Persuade the Jury in the Casey Anthony Case”.

There, many of Jose Baez’s peers paid fees to hear him speak, contrary to his Orange County Courthouse adversary, ex-prosecutor Jeff Ashton who has set up a Pay Pal account on a social website, asking for donations from the angry public in hopes of winning a local election.

Giordano leaving Aruba

Since his sudden retirement after losing the Anthony case, Jeff Ashton has had two clients, his children whereas in comparison, Mr. Baez was consulted in another high profile case, the disappearance of Robyn Gardner, 35, who has been missing from Aruba since Aug. 2. The man she was vacationing with, Gary Giordano, 50, was detained there for five weeks but not charged with any crime. Jose said he was passionate to help Gary Giordana and was notably appalled by the use of cadaver dogs being sent in from Holland to search for Robyn Gardner two months after the woman went missing.

It seems Mr. Baez enjoys a challenge. He’s also representing Charlie Ely in her appeal. Ely, 18 years old at the time of her offense, was sentenced to life in prison for her part in the brutal murder of 15 year old Seath Jackson. Whether she is guilty or not, Baez is sworn to oath to do the best of his ability.

To judge an attorney by the cases he takes on is unfair. It’s the job of the defense attorney to choose where his services are needed. Instead, we should judge attorneys on the passion and persistence that he/she utilizes in order to defend their clients.

“The Ethics of Justice: Why Criminal Defense Lawyers Defend the Guilty”


So regardless of whether a criminal lawyer’s client is guilty of the crime he or she is being tried for or wrongly accused, the defense attorney’s job doesn’t change: make the prosecution prove its case with sound arguments, real evidence, and reliable testimony. In a sense, the real client of a defense attorney isn’t truly the defendant at all but the integrity of democracy and the justice system.
Without good defense attorneys, there wouldn’t be anyone to protect the innocent when they are falsely accused. One innocent person is prison is far too many.

Oath of Admission to The Florida Bar

“I do solemnly swear:

“I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Florida;

“I will maintain the respect due to courts of justice and judicial officers;

“I will not counsel or maintain any suit or proceedings which shall appear to me to be unjust, nor any defense except such as I believe to be honestly debatable under the law of the land;

“I will employ for the purpose of maintaining the causes confided to me such means only as are consistent with truth and honor, and will never seek to mislead the judge or jury by any artifice or false statement of fact or law;

“I will maintain the confidence and preserve inviolate the secrets of my clients, and will accept no compensation in connection with their business except from them or with their knowledge and approval;

“To opposing parties and their counsel, I pledge fairness, integrity, and civility, not only in court, but also in all written and oral communications;

“I will abstain from all offensive personality and advance no fact prejudicial to the honor or reputation of a party or witness, unless required by the justice of the cause with which I am charged;

“I will never reject, from any consideration personal to myself, the cause of the defenseless or oppressed, or delay anyone’s cause for lucre or malice. So help me God.”

Considering Mr. Baez’s rough start, first as a high school drop-out who enlisted into the military, to later attaining his GED, and then use his GI bill to go to college/law school is a remarkable feat. He is a wonderful role model for all young people proving that nothing is impossible, that hard work does lead to success. His tough work ethics were obvious in his tenacious efforts to show reasonable doubt in the Anthony case, albeit against exhausting odds. His family should be very proud.

Wikipedia explains more…

Baez was born in Manhattan, New York City.[3] Baez dropped out of Homestead High School in the ninth grade, got married and became a father at the age of 17. After he earned his GED diploma, he joined the U.S. Navy in 1986. According to his resume, he spent three years at the NATO base in Norfolk, Virginia, trained as an intelligence analyst, describing it as “Cosmic Top Secret” security clearance.[2][4]

On his return to civilian life, Baez attended Miami-Dade Community College and later transferred to Florida State University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. In 1997, Baez earned his Juris Doctor degree from St. Thomas University School of Law, and after graduation, he submitted his application to practice law to the Florida Bar. In April 1998, the Florida Board of Bar Examiners denied him a license to practice law based on evidence of “financial irresponsibility.”[2][5]

Baez started working as paralegal for Miami-Dade County public defender and taught internet research to lawyers. He also started four online business ventures, including two selling bikinis and two which sold computer know-how. In September 1990, Baez declared bankruptcy in Virginia where he resided. In 1995, the Virginia Education Loan Authority filed liens against Baez for $4,336 in unpaid loans.[2] Baez also worked for Lexis Nexis.[5] According to media reports, his financial situation deteriorated in the recent years, with his home, purchased for over $670,000 in 2007, foreclosed and appraised at $272,900.[5] Demonstrating he had rehabilitated himself, the Florida Bar finally granted him a license to practice law on September 22, 2005

Onward, forward to more speaking engagements, Mr. Baez is invited to keynote a seminar “Justice Must Be Won” for the ACDLA, the Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association which will be held June 14-16, 2012 at the Pensacola Beach Hilton.

Sounds fun and likely to be a success, nothing is nicer than the white beaches of Pensacola.

“The Irony is Rich”

One of the most frequently used quotes stemming from the Casey Anthony trial came from Judge Stan Strickland when he was asked to recuse himself as presiding judge of the Casey Anthony murder trial. This statement rings true in many ways.


Job well done!


To Jose Baez:

We’ll miss your commentary regarding the Anthony case here at theJBMission. “Ironically” your initials were the same as my belated mother. She was another strong believer in truth, justice and the Constitutional Rights of the United States of America. My self-imposed mission was to look at the Anthony case as she would.

Truth, there wasn’t any solid evidence that said Casey Anthony murdered her daughter.

Thanks to you, Justice prevailed and our 6th Amendment Constitutional Right to a fair trial are still intact.

Thank you!














As defined:

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence

Since losing the Anthony case in July 2011, former prosecutor Jeff Ashton has been quite a busy guy. He has since retired, wrote a book, is running for public office and has very recently defended his 21-year old son Alexander accused of driving drunk after blowing according to court records, .177 percent on a Breathalyzer test. Father Jeffrey Ashton, who is defending his son disputed the Breathalyzer results and pushed for acquittal.
Subsequently Alexander Ashton was found guilty as charged. Judge Herr revoked Alexander’s license for six months, he has to serve one year probation along with paying court cost and taking court-ordered classes.
And now we’ve learned that Ashton’s daughter has a “clerical error” on her driver’s license, just more Bad karma for the State Attorney hopeful and even more duties to come for lawyer dad Ashton.
But for some of us, it’s an impending nightmare.

Omar ponders…
I have to wonder if after today’s verdict, Ashton’s daughter will reconsider her representation.

I’m just surprised Jeffie didn’t call Arpad Vass to the stand and try to convince the jurors that lil Alexander had been chloroformed, and his inability to stand upright with his feet together was the result NOT of alcohol, but rather, of chloroform. That darned Casey Anthony must have had a vendetta against Ashton and the evil wench tried to chloroform Jeffie’s baby boy!! Luckily, lil Alexander escaped before the duct tape could be wrapped around his skull three times.

JFC agreed. “He’s very lucky to have escaped the dreaded Duct Tape !!!!”

• Yellow Dog responds:
 It’s no wonder that Jeff Ashton had to switch over and become a defense attorney. With kids like his, sounds like he is going to stay busy. I can’t wait to hear what this “clerical error” was concerning his daughter’s drivers license. How is Jeff going to campaign if he has two kids without driver licenses? Maybe he should drop out of the race and open his own taxi service.

Omar: OMG….I’m now having waking nightmares about getting into a taxi and realizing that Jeffie Ashton is the driver!! Ugggggggg.

JFC has so graciously given us just a glimpse of Omar’s impending nightmare. We should all be concerned.


Omar ~ Scene #1

Omar enters taxi “Take me to (insert favorite destination)”
Omar sees the driver’s eyes in the rear view mirror , as he takes a drink from his bottled water. There is something familiar about those eyes.
The driver appears to be laughing hysterically at some inside joke , as he pulls away from the curb. Horns honk and tires screech as he narrowly misses sideswiping a bus.
Omar hears the thunk of the electric door locks. Imperfect Justice (the books on tape version) is blaring through the rear speakers of the cab.
After a mile or so the taxi pulls to the curb to pick up Nancy Grace. Nancy enters the front passenger seat. ” Well, It seems that you have been saying some Naughty things about us Omar, Care to explain ?”
Omar starts to answer but is quickly interrupted…. “No No No , Don’t tell me about Free Speech and your rights and stuff, I WAS A PROSECUTOR DAMMIT” Nancy snarls ” And so was Jeffy here, until he sold out to the CRIMINAL side, But I still respect him”
Omar notices that Nancy is holding a roll of Henkels brand Duct tape in her hands. Nancy turns toward Omar in the back seat and then ……RRRIIIPPPPP….. Omar instinctively thinks it is duct tape being pulled from the roll , Then Jeffy says ” Nancy farted HAHAHAHA” . Nancy denies it , and blames the sound on the leather seats.

End of scene #1

Pleasant dreams Omar

Omar ~ Scene #2

Jeffy quickly downs his bottle of Aqua-Fina and says ” You did too Fart, and it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car.!” Ashton squeezes as much air as he can out of the empty plastic bottle and holds it in the area of Nancy’s ample rump ,,then allows the bottle to collect the toxic fumes before recapping it.
Omar stifles a laugh, but Nancy sees it and asks Jeffy for the Chloroform.
“What?” Jeff says with a stupid look on his face
“I TOLD YOU TO MAKE CHLOROFORM, YOU IDIOT !!!” Nancy screamed , with fire blazing in her eyes.
“I thought you said Clorox” Jeffy stammered. ” You can’t just make chloroform in the kitchen sink, you know ?
“Well, did you google it? rasped Nancy, clearly fed up with Jeffy’s incompetence.
” I was going to , but my wife won’t let me on the computer anymore” pouted Ashton
“Well, I guess we have to put Omar in the trunk then” Nancy bellowed
“Yeah , good idea. I have a tarp in the trunk , we can make pigs in a blanket ” said Jeffy
“Stop saying that , you sound like a Moron” Nancy yelled, one of her nipples became exposed above her low-cut blouse.
Jeffy covered his eyes like a schoolboy ,peeking between his fingers Almost hitting an oncoming car
Embarrassed , Nancy grabs the steering wheel. “Pull over, Let me drive, we’re going to Johnson’s towing
End of scene #2

Omar ~ Scene #3

Nancy and Jeff switch places in the car. Nancy slides in behind the wheel, and her stubby legs won’t reach the pedals, so she finds the lever and quickly slides the seat forward. Jeffy’s knees are crushes against the glove compartment door and he howls in pain.”Geez Nancy, you coulda warned me! ”

“Oh be quiet, you long legged giraffe” snarls Nancy as she snaps off the rear view mirror trying to adjust it.

“How come they don’t make these seat belts long enough to fit normal sized people?” Nancy growls trying to buckle up.
As they pull into traffic a cell phone rings , the ringtone is coming from Ashtons pants pocket.
“I said NO cellphones you Clown” Nancy says , grabbing Ashton by his lucky Jerry Garcia tie. “Don’t answer it !!” Hissed Nancy.
“But I have to answer it , It’s my Mom, she always calls me at 3:30 to make sure I took my pills” Jeffy says bravely.

Omar watches in fascination as Nancy demands Jeffs phone , then hurls it out the window.
After a few minutes of driving they arrive at Johnson’s towing yard. Nancy pulls around to the back of the fenced area, and parks the cab. Turning to Omar in the back seat Nancy yells ” I suppose you think it’s funny that you and your Blogger friends got me fired from HLN”
” Yes, I think it is Hilarious”says Omar
“Oh you do…Well then I guess you don’t care that I have to work at Fusian giving table dances for Roy Kronk?”
Omar cannot contain her laughter any longer, and Nancy grabs the nearest object to throw, which just happened to be the taxi’s rear view mirror. Her aim was off and it sailed past Omar hitting the back of the seat and bouncing harmlessly to the floor.

Omar quietly picks it up and slips it into a jacket pocket.”Did you know that my husband left me after you did your smear campaign?”snarls Nancy.
” Yes I knew that” Omar says with a laugh.
” I used to be a STAR , I was on Dancing with the Stars dammit.I was on the same stage with Chaz Bono, now thanks to you I am driving a 12 year old Subaru” said Nancy, almost crying.
Jeff chimes in saying ” And I should have been elected States Attorney, but your website ruined my chances”

 “This is Not about you Jeff, you ruined your chances by defending your children on all the driving charges” Nancy grumbles.
“Okay, let’s get this over with, Time for you to go in the trunk Omar”Nancy says opening the driver door.” We’re going to teach you to screw with us”
“I’m not getting in any trunk” Omar says ” you’ll never get away with this”
Nancy pulls a small caliber pistol from her purse. ” get out of the car”
As Jeefy opens the car door Omar is calculating the direction of the sun and pulling the mirror out of the coat pocket, with swift precision the suns beam was aimed directly at Nancys eyes. Temporarily blinded, it was easy for Omar to wrestle the small pistol from her hand.
“Okay, both of you, get in the trunk ” said Omar “Watch your fingers” Omar said as the trunk lid slammed.
Omar thought about calling 911 immediately, ….. or waiting about a month.
as Omar considered this, two patrol cars rounded the corner, “drop the gun”, one officer yelled.
After a few minutes of explaining , it was clear who the real criminals were.
“I smell human decomposition”, one officer said
It’s not me , it’s HER” said Jeffy as he was being handcuffed. ” by the way, how did you find us ?”
“Well, when you didn’t answer your Mother’s phone call , she knew something was wrong and had the taxi company locate you by GPS” said the other officer.
” I can’t believe My Own Mother had me arrested” muttered Jeffy with tears in his eyes.

Hello, I’m Jane Velez Mitchell, BOMBSHELL TONITE….
Washed up EX- HLN host Nancy Grace ARRESTED along with Failed lawyer Jeffrey Ashton in a stunningly stupid Kidnap attempt.
They will both be arraigned before circuit court Judge Jose Baez at 9 am Tomorrow.
For the first time in history Nancy Grace had No Comment.
End of Scene #3

Omar ~ Scene #4

 9AM circuit court of Florida city of Orlando in and for the
counties of Orange and Osceola
Honorable Judge Jose Angel Baez Presiding
ALL RISE: ……..Please be seated bailiff Perry, call the first case…..
In the case of State Vs Nancy Grace and Jeffrey Ashton et al charge of kidnapping with a weapon ,punishable by 25 to life, possible death penalty eligible.
“Thank you Belvin.”
“Yes your honor, Lamar Lawson and Linda Drane Burdick will be representing the state of Florida.”
“thank you, and have the co-defendants retained legal council at this time?”
Nancy and Jeffy are both dressed in orange coveralls. Jeff speaks first ” Jose, c’mon buddy, I can’t be tried along
with this woman, She is the MOST hated woman in America” ” I want to represent myself”
Jose reminds Jeffy that this might not be wise considering his track record. ” you know the old joke ~ he who acts as
his own lawyer has a fool for a client” ”well, I don’t really have a sense of humor, but go ahead and finish the joke ” Aston manages to babble.
Exasperated , Jose moves on to Ms. Nancy Grace, who looks like a rotting Georgia Peach in her Orange jumpsuit. “Ms
Grace do you have the funds to hire a lawyer in this very serious charge , or would you like me to appoint one free of
charge?” ” Mr Baez, I have run out of gas three times this week , and I drive a frickin Subaru” Nancy screams “of course I want a
Judge Baez studies a chart for a moment and declares ” Ms Grace. I want you to get Anthony and Fryer”
“Yes, I have Always wanted to do that !!!!” Nancy says with joy in her eyes “I’m sorry Ms. Grace , I think you misunderstood, I am
appointing legal council of Casey Anthony and Lisbeth Fryer”
Casey Anthony and Lisbeth Fryer silently take their places alongside Nancy. Casey leans toward her and whispers “What
did you think I was doing in those years of solitary? “

Stay tuned for intriguing updates as the saga continues!!!


Night after night, Omar’s nightmare continually haunts her…

Superbly Written by JFC~

Thank you very much Justice For Casey!!






Pleasant dreams Omar

Disclaimer: This article is a fictional parody written solely for humor.  Laughter is good for the soul!

For Entertainment Purposes Only

“TLC special “Dr G, Inside the Caylee Anthony Case”

My first thought, Dr G paints the perfect picture for her perfect little murder as long as she robotically tells the State’s story.
In Dr G’s TLC special, I was sickened listening to the State’s entire theory for what seems like the 100th time. Starting with the 911 call, seeing the pictures of Casey in the iconic blue dress, and a other provocative pictures, followed by adorable pictures of innocent little Caylee swimming in the pool; smiling for the camera and then in Dr G’s own voice, reciting that incriminating accusatory mantra “her little body thrown in the woods like trash” a highly derogatory statement that would naturally enrage anyone who has a heart.

While listening to the State scenario all over again, I honestly understand why so many felt such strong hatred for Casey Anthony. I’m just shocked that a professional medical examiner would stoop to pulling at heart strings. I just assumed any medical examiner or licensed pathologist with a medical degree who’s being paid would not simply offer her personal opinion and surely wouldn’t solely rely on circumstances to proffer that opinion.

Usually in a legal case, the medical examiner performs an autopsy to report the manner of death and more importantly in cases of first degree murder, offer a cause of death.
However Dr Garavaglia was unable to determine cause of death.

Dr Garavaglia’s Conclusion?


Conclusion/Opinion: As often is the case with a skeletonized individual, the exact cause of death cannot be determined with certainty. The manner of death is based on available information, including circumstances.

CAUSE OF DEATH?  Homicide by undetermined means

Dr G, not only was unable to report the exact cause of death, she based the manner of death on available information, ie,(pictures of Casey dancing, knowledge that Casey’s failed to report Caylee missing and speculation that Caylee was drugged and suffocated)
From this she based the manner of death, homicide and with this, the State of Florida wanted permission to kill Casey Anthony.

The Duct Tape?

On pg 6442, Dr G says,
“The duct tape was clearly placed prior to decomposition, keeping the mandible in place.”

Referring to Pg 6445

The canvas bag is 24″ long and has a ring at the top with a diameter of 16 ½ inches. This tells me it’s likely that the duct tape was used to seal the top of the canvas bag. The body of a 3yo toddler would be a tight fit in a bag this small. The bag didn’t have a drawstring to close the top. Instead of claiming the duct tape was clearly over the mandible, it’s clearer to me that it was stuck to the top of the head and hair. Or perhaps, gravity was the reason the mandible was held in place.

During the middle of her special, Dr G boldly asserts that all of the teeth were still attached to the mandible, yet on pg 6447-6448 she reports the mandible still has nine lower teeth attached with four teeth still present in the maxilla.
“All the teeth that were lost during decomposition were subsequently found at the crime scene, except for one incisor.”

A professional medical examiner should only rely on what can be proven before stating something as fact.  Additionally, using the term “clearly” is subjective.  Clearly to who?

In the TLC Special, Dr G was astounded by the tiny rootlets that had intermingled with the bones. Was she referring to new roots and not roots from 3 or 4 months before?
Why were these rootlets so tiny as she described?

She also noted she saw no trauma although she did look, which should affirm there were no violent acts however she follows this statement with, “just because you don’t find anything, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.”

Is this really a statement from a professional County Medical Examiner? Perhaps Dr G just didn’t want to find anything else. Especially anything else that would indicate an accident such as accidental drowning with over-the-top cover-up. Remember she did not test for diatoms either.

Considering how this television special is a Johnny Come Lately in the grand scheme of Casey Anthony specials, I’m taken aback by her constant assertion, “thrown in the woods like trash“. What is the intent of such a statement and why now? And why is State Attorney Jeff Ashton and WFTV’s legal analyst Bill Sheaffer included in her TV Special on her network, TLC? Is this a last ditch effort, ie. gift to them, as her colleagues and friends? Needless to say, after watching this show, I find myself with more questions than answers.
She uses the term “thrown in the woods like trash” yet complains it was a like a media circus. Wasn’t that what she and her colleagues planned in order to get a conviction? Make the public hate her, leak all of the sorrid details, flash pictures of her as a slut, demean her in any way possible? A feasible plan when there isn’t any viable solid evidence to pin first degree murder on the accused so attacking her character might have worked. Unfortunately for the State Attorney’s Office, the jurors weren’t impressed.

Unpredictably I found Dr G emotionally shaken during most of her show, almost angry. Maybe Dr. Spitz was the sole reason for the Dr G Special Show. Perhaps calling Dr. G’s autopsy of Caylee Anthony “shoddy” brings out her emotional side?

From my perspective, I was unimpressed and if Dr G ever decides to change professions, I think showbiz suits her just fine.  Oh that’s right, she is in showbiz.






After 900 days of reading, discussing and probing this unbelievably bizarre case of a once thought murdered toddler to now drowning victim, beautiful baby girl Caylee Marie, I’m making a solemn effort to accept and relish in the much awaited verdict, NOT GUILTY.  Within the first week of trial, I was convinced the State of Florida’s case against Casey Anthony could never be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in an American courtroom.  As I hoped and prayed, Casey Anthony was indeed acquitted of all charges pertaining to Caylee’s death along with indictments of felony child abuse and neglect. For all intents and purposes this case is “Closed”

As I am slowing backing away, feeling pangs of withdrawal to my addiction to the Casey Anthony saga, AGAIN I am utterly amazed and concerned with the aftermath we are witnessing.  Understandingly, as Casey Anthony’s freedom nears with so many left feeling hopeless in their quest to see her sentenced to death, they’ve hit thePetitionSiteDotCom.  There’s no better place to vent their anger than the “freebie” petition site Care2 dotCom.  I counted 32 separate petitions pertaining to Casey Anthony as of yesterday.

Here’s the most popular one:  

Petition For The Federal Government to Prosecute Casey Anthony = 8,066 signatures

In light of the travesty of justice perpetrated on the American people on July 5, 2011, by and through a verdict of acquittal on murder charges against Casey Marie Anthony in the Florida courtroom, we the undersigned hereby request and petition United States Attorney for the Central District of Florida, Robert O’Neill, and U.S. Attorney general, Eric Holder, to bring forth Federal charges against Ms Anthony for various civil rights violations committed against her deceased daughter, Caylee Anthony. We further believe that a federal prosecution against Ms Anthony would serve legitimate interests central to the American system of justice, which was impeded and undermined with respect to the verdict of acquittal rendered by the jury in that case.

“Obviously, the term “double jeopardy” means nothing to 8066 people. I suspect this is a knee jerk reaction to the verdict”

As supported by the 5th Amendment

The Fifth Amendment (Amendment V) to the United States Constitution, which is part of the Bill of Rights, protects against abuse of government authority in a legal procedure. Its guarantees stem from English common law which traces back to the Magna Carta in 1215. For instance, grand juries and the phrase “due process” both trace their origin to the Magna Carta.

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.[1]

Taxpayers vs. Casey
= 25 signatures

Target 5000

 Target: Prevent the state from spending any more taxpayer dollars on/for Casey Anthony.

Are you wondering why Florida would spend our tax dollars to protect a person who for the last three years has:

  • Lied to everyone involved in trying to find her daughter
  • Manipulated our police officers
  • Accused (thru her attorney) our police for not conducting a thorough investigation
  • Incriminated innocent people (i.e., Zanaida)


There’s an oxymoronic petition.  The petitioner doesn’t want to waste anymore tax-payer money to protect Casey Anthony.  I suggest people should stop threatening her life and the lives of her attorneys so there will be no need to protect her.  That’s the quick fix.  Talk to your people!





This petitioner doesn’t want Jose Baez to earn any money either.  Maybe they should ask Linda Drane Burdick and Jeff Ashton to hand over to charity any future monetary gains having to do with the death of Caylee Marie Anthony.  Not to mention the Talking Heads along with their networks, HLN, TruTV, Fox News, WFTV, WESH, etc, etc, etc. should hand over to charity any financial gain they  incurred while reporting the story of Caylee Marie Anthony. And if all else fails, ask the Gods That Be to toss them and their families onto the street and may they never be employed again.

Casey Anthony, the falsely accused mother of a dead child should never be given a chance to earn a dime along with Jose Baez, her attorney is preposterous!

 I propose a new petition. 

The Petition to End All the Petitions






The Constitution of the United States Amendment VI
In alll criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and
district whereins the crime shall have been committed; which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.


Fortunately for Casey Anthony, Judge Belvin Perry did not grant defense attorney Cheney Mason any of his motions for a mistrial.

Mistrials are generally not by the double jeopardy clause. If a judge dismisses the case or concludes the trial without deciding the facts in the defendant’s favor (for example, by dismissing the case on procedural grounds), the case is a mistrial and may normally be retried. Furthermore, if a jury cannot reach a verdict, the judge may declare a mistrial and order a retrial as was addressed in United States v. Josef Perez, 22 U.S. 579 (1824). When the defendant moves for a mistrial, there is no bar to retrial, even if the prosecutor or judge caused the error that forms the basis of the motion. An exception exists, however, where the prosecutor or judge has acted in bad faith. In Oregon v. Kennedy, 456 U.S. 667 (1982), the Supreme Court held that “only where the governmental conduct in question is intended to ‘goad’ the defendant into moving for a mistrial may a defendant raise the bar of double jeopardy to a second trial after having succeeded in aborting the first on his own motion.”

Jose Baez

Casey Anthony was sentenced Thursday to four years in jail, two days after a jury in Florida found her not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony.   As Mr. Baez said in the first press conference, its a somber moment.  Subsequently, Casey will be released from jail as a free citizen on July 17, 2011.

Judge Seidlin who has no reason to be subtle boldly spoke his mind today on HLN.  He blames the over zealous prosecutors Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick for losing this case.  Had they not gotten caught up in the media hype perhaps they would not have over over charged Casey Anthony.  He went on to say if they’d indicted Anthony with manslaughter instead of first degree murder, the prosecution would need 6 jurors instead of 12 for a guilty verdict.

Quote Alan Dershowitz: Article titled “The System Worked”

“This case [is] about seeking justice for Caylee . . .” So argued the
prosecutor in the Casey Anthony murder case. He was wrong, and the jury
understood that.

A criminal trial is never about seeking justice for the victim. If it were,
there could be only one verdict: guilty. That’s because only one person is on
trial in a criminal case, and if that one person is acquitted, then by
definition there can be no justice for the victim in that trial.”

FYI: Judge Eaton answered when asked, “what was the reason for the media frenzy?”  Judge Eaton said it was when Casey Anthony story became a death penalty case.


The JB Mission Unleashed!!

 From the day I began blogging about the heart wrenching case of the disappearance and subsequent death of Caylee Marie Anthony, I gave it my best effort to keep my blog respectable knowing that I would be despised for speaking out my personal viewpoint.  I did NOT think Casey purposely harmed her daughter.  Like the jurors, I wanted to believe it but the evidence was not there.

But the day has come for me to speak my mind no matter what anyone thinks of me.

In my opinion, Casey Anthony doesn’t owe ANYONE a damn thing!  She paid her debt to society for lying.  Perhaps it’s she who should sue?  Sue the pants off of the over zealous prosecutors who over charged her and the media who vilified her.

I commend Judge Perry for doing his best to accommodate the angry lynch mob after the acquittal of murder by sentencing her with 1 year for each count to run consecutively NOT concurrently which isn’t the normal.

I commend Judge Perry for not granting Casey Anthony a true change of venue.  He picked a Pinellas county. A county said to have 97% of their population who thought Casey was guilty before the trial began.  The Voir Dire of this trial went through over 200 potential jurors in order to find the 12 selfless citizens willing to be sequestered in a hotel room for a month or more.  What more does the public want?

From Judge Belvin Perry actions, obviously he knew his star prosecutor Jeff Ashton had over indicted Anthony with first degree murder.  He knew the difficulty it would be to find a death penalty qualified jury.  He did his best to compensate for the prosecutors failures by granting as many motions as he could filed by the State of Florida and in turn he cordially helped the prosecution by denying the majority, if not all of the motions filed by the Defense.

What more does the public want?  Without a doubt, we all want Justice for Caylee but “justice delayed is not denied!”  Had Yuri Melich and team readjusted to Casey lying at Universal Studios, stepped back and reassess the reason for such obvious lying they may have gotten closer to the truth.  Befriending George Anthony was not a good idea.  An astute investigator would have looked at the entire family because no one who says he went back to work after smelling what he thought was death coming from his daughter’s abandoned car.  Most people would have called authorities immediately.

The investigation should have continued leaving no stone unturned before arresting Casey Anthony on first degree murder charges.  Before indicting her the State of Florida should have demanded viable evidence from Orange County Sheriff’s Office and not depended on popular opinion to convict Casey.

This is just part of my rant. There’s much more.  Stay tuned.






There are several comments in this time frame posted on:





It’s so nice to start my day and not have to think about what I need to write about or what bit of factual information I need to share with the public.  Everyday my objective was to get someone else to see this case for what it was.  It was a farce.  It was a lie.

I can accept lies from Casey Anthony but I can not accept lies from elected officials who are supposedly legally knowledgeable and trustworthy nor can I accept mistruths and exaggerations from televised news sources.

State Attorneys Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick knew they did not have a case against this lying skank yet they wasted tax-payer money in order to please the masses. This is not what our judicial system is about. Many suspects walk free because there is no case.  What about Drew Peterson, ex- cop who’s 2 of 4 wives mysteriously disappeared?  It took 5 years to build a case against him.  Today he sits in jail awaiting his day in court.

I’m happy to say that Jose Baez and his co-counsel troop, Cheney Mason, Dorothy Sims and a few other tenacious, law abiding defense attorneys have succeeded in their quest to prove Casey Marie Anthony innocent of all charges involving the death of her daughter Caylee Marie yet the media refuses to acknowledge their victory in a positive light.

Again the media is focusing on Casey’s counsel!  Again the media is making it a difficult decision for any attorney who is asked to represent a defendant whose crime is against a child or any other horrible deed.

We don’t have to like the defendant. We can despise the accused but to malign and disrespect the lawyers of our country who represent them is an atrocity and a direct slap in the face to our 6th Amendment right to fair trial.

There is no fair trial when trained prosecutors of the law accuse a person of a crime and the accused can not find a lawyer willing to take their case in fear of what the media will print in the press.  Are there lawyers who are willing to face the alienation of their friends and colleagues because of the person they represent?  Lawyers are now faced with this question.

If someone accuses you of a crime, why should the attorney you hire have to endure the wrath of what you are accused of?  This is not what our U.S. Constitution intended.  Instead of dishonoring,  the media should applaud the attorney who represents a despised client.  They should publicly thank him or her for their fortitude for taking on such a case.  The attorney is not on trial.  He is doing his or her job and in most cases, a very hard job.  Jose Baez’s job of defending Casey Anthony wasn’t hard!  His fight in the media and courtroom antics was near impossible but no one wants to see it that way.  They’d rather think that what they witnessed yesterday July 5, 2011 in Judge Perry’s court room was a miscarriage of justice.  Casey Anthony got away with murder. That was a misconception.

What we saw was the American judicial system at its finest. There was no evidence, therefore there was no conviction. Applaud.

Obviously Nancy Grace, the ex-prosecutor thinks it’s great to beat down and publicly assassinate the character of defense attorneys.  To Nancy Grace, defense attorneys are the enemy but should they be yours?  After all they’ve always been her adversaries. She claims she’s been a victim so she can relate to victims of crimes.  I think not!  She can not relate to Somer Thompson’s mother.  She can not relate to the father of Shaniya Davis.

Nancy Grace, an officer of the court is now critiquing the way Jose Baez celebrated his well-earned victory.  He has overcome a monumental amount of defamation of his character because of the hatred of his client Casey Anthony but Nancy Grace wants more. You should despise Jose Baez because he celebrated too close to the court house which happens to be directly next to Cheney Mason’s office.  I say enough to Nancy Grace!  Move on to another case that you can profit from.  Its okay Nancy, we know Jose Baez poetically speaking kicked your ass.

I’m appalled and afraid that if I or a member of my family are accused of a crime that finding a good lawyer to represent us will be impossible.

I’m appalled and afraid that the good people who worked hundreds of hours to win this case will be sought after by a few of the maladjusted fanatics who have religiously followed this case.  There have been warnings and death threats of what may happen to them if they make a step out of their homes.  This is the Monster that the news media created.

The people I saw standing outside of the Orange County Courthouse reminded me of a scene from the 1692 Salem Witch Trials.  The mob came but they left disappointed because the jurors decided there would be “No Lynching” today.  Casey Anthony was  acquitted of all murder charges of her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony. The mob chanted “Bull Shit” as Orange County sheriff’s tried to disperse the crowd and asked them to go home.

The story is not over.
There is talk of lawsuits in the making. Zenaida Gonzalez who happened to have visited Sawgrass Apartments on June 17, 2008 is waiting in the wings for Casey Anthony to walk out of the hoosegow.  Tim Miller is talking about suing Jose Baez because he contends “Caylee was never missing” but Tim Miller fails to realize it wasn’t Jose Baez who hired him.  It was Cindy Anthony, the mother of Casey Anthony.  Casey refused to put an X on the map to indicate the location of Caylee’s remains when Tim Miller asked. Perhaps Mr. Miller should’ve taken that as a sign that she really didn’t know.  Maybe he acted out of greed for the limelight.  As he said, there were lots of other people who were seeking out his help so what made the Anthony case so special?

From the onset of this debacle, I realized immediately that something wasn’t right about George and Cindy Anthony regardless of the 911 calls.  I take pride in heeding my Mother’s warning “never believe everything you hear and only half of what you see”.

I don’t blame the masses for being upset by the verdict after all they were lied to. Each and every hour of the day since July 15, 2008 they were force fed misleading information and media rhetoric adding more fuel to their fiery demand for justice for Caylee.

Who on God’s green earth wouldn’t want justice for a beautiful innocent 2 ½ year old little girl?
Who wouldn’t hate her mother depicted as a party girl out shaking her ass while her daughter was presumed missing?

I’ve been told that I’m hard to make friends with.  That’s true. When someone tries too hard to be my friend, I put up my hand and stop to think.  Why is this person trying so hard?

That’s similar to how I felt about the media.  Why are they befriending the public in a way I have never seen in any of the other murder cases I’ve read about?  Why is the media touting a one-sided story?  I knew there was a lie somewhere in the mix and I was right.  There was no heart sticker on the duct tape. That’s one lie and in due time we’ll find out more.

I hope something good can come out of case after the acquittal of Casey Anthony.  I hope we’ve all learned that the media can not be trusted. I hope the media in turn decides to become more objective and accountable in their journalism.  In this year of 2011, with blogs mistakenly being considered bonafide news sources that the actual news sources become more responsible.

I’d like to read stories from both sides.  I’d like to read objective journalism from every medium whether it be in print, over the World Wide Web or via television or radio.  I’d like to see less commentary from biased opinionated Talking Heads.

The media has under estimated the intellect of the general public.  We are able to absorb information and come to our own conclusions. Perhaps, the news media could be of more service by challenging the general public with facts and asking them to think instead of simply offering their own personal opinion which they assume will be popular.

I feel certain, had it not been for the Nancy Grace’s of the media, there would not have been so many disappointed people standing outside of Orange County Courthouse. Perhaps this was the lesson Caylee Marie Anthony was placed here on this Earth to teach.

God Bless her and May She Rest in Peace



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1692 Salem Witch Trial


Independence Day!

Independence Day by
Martina McBride


Well she seemed all right by dawn’s early light though she looked a little
Worried and weak she tried to pretend he wasn’t drinkin’ aagain but daddy left
The proof on her cheek and I was only eight years old that summer and I always
Seemed to be in the way so I took myself down to the fair in town on
Independence day

Well word gets a round in a small, small town they said he was a dangerous man
But mama was proud and she stood her ground she knew she was on the losin’ end
Some folks whispered some folks talked but everybody looked the other way and
When time ran out there was no one about on indpendence day

Chorus: let freedom ring, let the white dove sing let the whole world know that

Today is a day of reckoning let the weak be strong, let the right be wrong roll
The stone away, let the guilty pay, it’s independence day
Well she lit up the sky that fourth of july by the time the firemen come they
Just put out the flames and took down some names and send me to the county home
Now I ain’t sayin’ it’s right or it’s wrong but maybe it’s the only way talk
About your revolution it’s indepenednce day

Repeat chorous

Roll the stone away it’s independence day!


Interesting lyrics, ironically the jurors could very well be sitting in their motel rooms tonight pondering the deliberation and subsequent fate of a young mother Casey Marie Anthony, the accused killer of her beautiful daughter Caylee Marie.

Independence Day, celebrated on the 4th of July representing America’s freedom and signifying liberty and justice for ALL.  All, does that include Casey Anthony?  I wonder.

How profound!  Was this all meant
to be?

Judge Belvin Perry Jr, an interesting man. A man who comes from a family of boys with a tough street cop, Belvin Sr as his father.  His eye accidentally poked out by a butcher knife from a duel with a cousin using a butcher knife for a sword.  I wonder where Belvin Jr’s father was when this occurred.  Was his father not supervising his children closely enough? Could this be considered as negligence of a parent in July of 2011?

As hard as it is for me to mention Judge Perry’s accident, I find it ironic.

I’m sure his father was a good man, a hard worker and I know boys will be boys but in 2011, the laws changed, a child’s eye is gone forever, I think a nasty prosecutor with an axe to grind and a need to win a case could have built a case against the parent or adult who was left in charge of Belvin Jr. if this happened in 2011.

I would hate to see that happen to a good family and I’m sure the Perry’s were highly respected in their community.  From the outcome of Judge Perry Jr. and his brothers, all being college graduates, all having important respected careers, that his upbringing and parental guidance was excellent.  I’m sure Mr. and Mrs. Belvin Perry Sr. are extremely proud of their children but had this happened today, there could have been a full blown investigation and a spiteful, mean prosecutor could have built a case in a New York second.  It’s frightening!

I assume he’s above average intelligent, he seems thorough, meticulous in his rulings but not observant enough to know what goes on in his courtroom.  While I was captivated to my chair today as I watched defense attorney Jose Baez’s tell the story from the opposing side of Main Street, the camera in the courtroom would occasionally pan out to the gallery and then zoom onto the face of Jeff Ashton who was often smirking or outright laughing at Mr. Baez as he was fighting for the life of his client.  That is no laughing matter.  Finally with the strength and anger of a bull, Jose Baez called him out. He called him “the Laughing Man.”


“The Laughing Man”

I sit here and ask myself, “Who is this Laughing Man?” So what, he’s won a few cases, I know he’s cheated on at least one.  Instead of being respectful to his fellow Officer of the Court Jose Baez, he laughs in his face during the most crucial part of any murder trial, the closing argument.

And the Judge, Belvin Perry Jr., instead of asking questions and admonishing the one person who disobeyed his rules, Jeff Ashton, he publicly admonishes BOTH attorneys when it was Jeff Ashton who caused the disruption, not Jose Baez.  All he did was point Ashton’s idiotic antics to the presiding Judge, the filled courtroom and the national media covering the most sensational trial of the century.  Kudos to Mr. Baez!

Judge Perry, whom I expected so much more and have held my nose as I watched him play favorites from the first day he came onto this case. I was shocked to see such blatant biasness towards Mr. Ashton and his constant public humiliation of Mr. Baez.

Casey Anthony may be executed or gone and forgotten in 5 or 10 years.  Judge Perry and Jeff Ashton may have won their BIG CASE along with the support of 90% of Orlando, Florida but was it worth it?  Was the good reputation of Hon. Judge Belvin Perry Jr worth ruining for a lowly prosecutor named Jeff Ashton?  I hope Judge Perry sees the light and comes to his senses. This was never a first degree murder case.  It was a mistake which is not too late to rectify.

I have decided after watching this debauchery to never visit the state of Florida.  I will warn all of my friends and people I know in the travel industry that this State does not uphold the laws of our country and does not support our 6th Amendment right to a fair trial.

Traveler beware!

It matters not to me anymore if Casey Anthony is convicted of murdering her precious daughter Caylee Marie Anthony.  That is an automatic appeal and she’ll be out of this mess in a few years, no doubt in my mind.  I’m much more concerned with the makings and actions of Orange County Florida’s judicial system. A county that would think nothing about what happens in their courts or the fact that they’d use a National holiday as if it were any day of the week to hold trial simply out of convenience for a few jurors.

Will Judge Perry’s love affair with the jurors pay off?

Remember him, Juror #2

Juror 2 — The IT Worker: Black male, mid-thirties, married, two children: a daughter, 4 and son, 9. Like defendant, Casey Anthony, juror’s mother was a single mom. “My impression was that, ‘yes, I thought she did it.’ … If I had to return a verdict, I would say ‘not guilty’ right now.” Death penalty stance: Does not believe in the death penalty. “God is the one that makes the final judgment.”

He’s been said via Tweets to be diligently taking notes which is always a good sign when a juror is paying attention and taking notes. I’m betting steaks and seafood that Juror 2 was intently listening to Jose Baez pouring out his heart as he passionately defended his client Casey Anthony.

Will Juror 2 be the One?  That’s all it takes…


Happy 4th of July Everyone!


May Justice Prevail



Don’t forget to light a candle for justice if it’s your belief!  (optional of course)




Cheney Mason request for a judgment of acquittal

If Judge Perry’s ruling was good for you, well I must have higher standards.

The fact that Judge Perry denied it means nothing to me because he’s proven time and again that his interest is to get a conviction no matter what as indicated when he denied Casey Anthony a “genuine change of venue.”  That is apparent.

I found the trial in totality a travesty of justice and mockery of the American judicial system as we first witnessed when Casey Anthony was denied her 6th Amendment right to a fair trial.  The violation above is apparent.

Whether Judge Perry denied the four motions for mistrial or not means NOTHING to me because I already know where Judge Perry’s head is at; squarely implanted in the anus of Jeffrey Ashton.  That is apparent.

George Anthony, the Accuser who testified to the Grand Jury to have his daughter Casey Anthony indicted was proven beyond a reasonable doubt X2, to be liar, a bum and an adulterer which makes any and all testimony coming from him null and void.

George Anthony’s lame attempt at suicide is a direct indication of guilt as compared to that of Casey Anthony.  There were no suicide attempts for Casey. In fact her behavior was the exact opposite almost as if she knew her days were numbered taking into consideration her tattoo “Bella Vita”.  Why is it that an immature 22yo is able to accept her punishment?  It’s because her crime was not murder as her father wanted her to believe.  Maybe negligence but maybe not, if both George and Casey were the only two adults who were home when Caylee accidentally drowned in the family pool.

I laugh in the face of the State Attorneys Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick with both middle fingers waving in the air as I hear their rebuttal witness Dr Michael Warren admit he did not read Dr Garavaglia’s 23 page report nor Dr Goldberg’s.  Here’s a State rebuttal witness who was suppose to disprove Dr Spitz’s strong assertion “the autopsy was shoddy!” yet Dr Warren didn’t even read the autopsy report.

Without George Anthony’s testimony to the Grand Jury, Judge Belvin Perry presiding, Casey Anthony may not have been indicted.

Without Roy Kronk’s tampering with the body there may have been more forensic findings as to who put Caylee’s body on Suburban Drive.

Both of these witnesses were thoroughly impeached by the defense.

I trust defense attorney Cheney Mason’s knowledge of the law explicitly!  I do NOT trust Judge Perry or Jeff Ashton!  Judge Perry has proven to me that he’d do anything in his power to help the State prove their desperate case by allowing invisible heart sticker evidence into trial which defense attorney Jose Baez fought so vehemently to disallow.

Defense attorney Jose Baez, the Tiger, the tenacious Pit Bull who stood alone at the onset of this case did a remarkable job against not 3 but 5 adversaries, one of which was the presiding judge himself and the other was the media.

I laugh out loud with both middle fingers waving as I heard Judge Perry use the term imagined or unimagined as for the extra time Jose Baez needed to gather information to defend his client Casey Anthony from a possible death sentence.  It must have been a Freudian slip because the only thing imaginary is Judge Perry’s imaginary deadline he artfully set as a date for the end of trial which audaciously happens to be the 4th of July, again making a mockery of Casey Anthony’s Constitutional 6th Amendment right to a fair trial.


Carpe Diem and God Doesn’t Sleep!


Day 26 was the best day ever for the defense team in my perspective regardless of what the news media reports. Sometimes I wonder if we’re all watching the same trial.

As we expected, this trial would be a battle of the experts and not the battle of Casey Anthony’s character witnesses as prosecutors Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick had planned.

The Dastardly Duo totally underestimated their adversary Casey Anthony’s defense attorney Jose Baez. Apparently they wanted him to offer a plea of LWOP aka life without parole and make it easy. Little did they know that they would actually have to prove their case in order to convince the legal experts of America unlike convincing the general public via media sensationalism.
Sadly for the Dastardly Duo, they were fooled by popular opinion.
Setting up a timeline of circumstances and meshing them into Casey Anthony’s actions just doesn’t cut the mustard according to the legal pundits covering this trial. You see circumstances are a great when accompanied by solid evidence. It’s more of a validation feature of the case and not the case itself. It’s like putting on white pearls when wearing a black dress.

I believe it was Linda Drane Burdick who first thought if they looked on the family computers they’d come up with something and they did. They found chloroform. What a waste of tax payer money that was. If only I had a penny for every dollar the Dastardly Duo paid to investigate that I could afford to take the JB Mission on a trip to “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”. To think that they thought a weapon was needed to murder a toddler is not only sad but preposterous. And if the chloroform does fly then they always could check the adhesive of Henkel duct tape to see if that sticks.

Yesterday defense attorney Cheney Mason tried to present to the jury emails confirming that FBI agent Nick Savage questioned the involvement of duct tape and stated he was disappointed that Medical Examiner Jan Garavaglia hadn’t measured the strips of duct tape to scale. It seems Dr. Spitz was right, the autopsy was “shoddy”!

On cross-examination Cindy Anthony admitted she told Linda Drane Burdick in 2009 about her internet searches. She repeated “it’s in the deposition” as she explained how her search for “Chlorophyll” took her to searching “chloroform” indicating why LDB took this information and ran with it. Desperate prosecutors do desperate things.
When the media was begging for a bone, the Dastardly Duo lied claiming it was Casey who searched chloroform when in fact it was her mother Cindy who searched Chlorophyll.
Day after day, Jose Baez is tenaciously tearing down the State of Florida’s case making this trial not only the biggest case since Orenthal James Simpson but the most laughable case in history.

That’s all I have to say for now. Onward and forward to Day 27!


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