Please help find Patti Adkins

After working the second shift as the assembly line supervisor at a Honda plant, 29-year-old Patricia Adkins clocked out at midnight on June 29, 2001.

Patti, as she was often called, was never seen again. Friends say she had plans for the fourth of July holiday week with a married co-worker she’d been having an affair with. The two were allegedly headed to a remote part of Canada. When the single mother didn’t pick up her daughter as scheduled on July 8 family knew something was wrong. Police say the married co-worker is the only person of interest in Patti’s disappearance. Despite numerous interviews with him police have not gotten any closer to finding Patti.
It was reported on Discovery ID that between 2000-2001, Patti gave her boyfriend as much as $90,000.
When Patti’s sister called the man’s home, at first he said he didn’t know her then changed his mind. He and his wife talked to Patti’s sister for 45 minutes. She now feels that they kept her on the phone to gather information.
On the night she left her job for the last time, she swiped out at 12:00.19 AM without a thing in her hand. She told her sister that she wouldn’t need anything. Her married boyfriend, her “soul mate” would buy her whatever she needed when they got to Canada.
She was told to swipe out at work and walk directly to his truck. She was to slide in the back of his truck and hide under a bed cover so not to be seen by another co-worker who rides with him back and forth to work.
The co-worker’s friend confirmed the Boyfriend, dropped him off at his door that night and the boyfriend’s wife confirmed her husband was home with her just minutes later. Since this was a long 4th of July weekend for the Honda employees, the Wife claimed her husband did mostly odd jobs at their home except for Thursday, he went fishing with friends.
There isn’t any hard evidence to arrest Flowers but detectives did find a small drop of blood on the truck bedcover. The Marysville detectives have yet to attain a conclusive identification on the blood found because it’s so minute; described as the size of a splattered mosquito.
Although the circumstances are compelling the detectives are reluctant to bring the co-worker/boyfriend to face a Grand Jury. They want to make sure that this person is found guilty. As we know, double jeopardy.
On September 7, 2010, “The Columbus Dispatch” reports:

Case in brief

Patricia “Patti” Adkins, a 29-year-old single mother from Marysville and supervisor at the Honda of America plant, disappeared at midnight, June 29, 2001, after clocking out from work. She was never seen or heard from again. She has been declared legally dead. Despite exhaustive searches over several years across several counties, her body has never been found.

 Keys to the case

Police have a suspect.
Patti had a longtime boyfriend who was married. She had told her closest friends and relatives that she was leaving with him for a weeklong trip to a remote part of Canada and that she wasn’t allowed to take anything with her. Detectives have what they believe is forensic evidence that places her in his pickup truck about the time of her disappearance. They are awaiting technological advances to better test it.


June 26, 2001:
Patti Adkins’ boyfriend orders a new tonneau cover for his pickup truck.
June 29:
10 a.m.: The man picks up the cover, installs it and drives the truck – a vehicle he usually doesn’t drive – to work.
Early afternoon: Patti takes her golden retriever and cats to the kennel. She catches a ride to work with a friend. Patti tells her that she is leaving after work with her boyfriend but that she will have to hide in the bed of his pickup truck for awhile until all is clear.
June 30:
19 seconds after midnight: Patti clocks out at Honda. She is never seen nor heard from again.
July 8:
Noon: Patti fails to show up as expected to pick up her daughter.
4 p.m.: Patti’s sister, Marcia Pitts, checks Patti’s house and finds her Honda Accord in the garage and her personal items undisturbed.
7:15 p.m.: Marcia filed a missing persons report with Marysville police.
July 10:
Police interview the boyfriend for the first time. He denies any relationship or involvement.
July 13:
The boyfriend consents to a search of his property. They discover a spot of blood on the tonneau cover, which he told them he removed from his truck on July 7.

TIPLINE: 937-645-4101 EXT. 442
Missing Since: June 29, 2001
Missing from: Union County, Ohio
Classification: Endangered Missing
Age at Disappearance: 29
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Brown/Blonde
Eyes: Hazel

Crime Stoppers is offering up to $5,000 for information leading to a conviction in this case. Tips can be left anonymously at 614-461-8477 or online at (select the “submit a tip” tab). Information, without promise of the reward, can also be directed to Detective Jeff Stiers of the Union County sheriff’s office at 937-645-4101 ext. 4442.
Sources: Union County sheriff’s office files, Dispatch research and interviews

Co-Worker’s name is Brian Flowers.

Some have said “the wife was in on it….they talked on the phone with the sister for 45 minutes the husband and wife are both in on it…… ”

Some others have said,”
Brian Flowers and his wife will get to live the rest of their lives always looking over their shoulders. The technology is coming… He’s going to go to jail. She gave him money, he used her, and when she started making demands… he got rid of her. She was sleeping with a married man, and she bought the stupid line that he would leave his wife. Sure, she’s a whore and an adulteress. But the penalty in this country for being an adulteress and a whore is not death. Not in THIS country.

“I happen to disagree with the above comment. I do not see Patti Adkins as a whore. She was a 29 year old mother with a beautiful 5yo daughter who just happened to fall in love with the wrong person.”

But the penalty for murder can, and likely will, involve death for Brian Flowers.

And even if he escapes justice in this life, he wil not escape it in the next. And his wife will have this on her head as well. I hope his wife realizes that now that he’s gotten away with it once… how easy would it be to make HER disappear if he considers her a loose end? He’s already cheated on her at least once, for a long period of time. What if he falls in love with the next mistress, and having a divorce isn’t convenient? Mrs. Flowers could end up going “missing” as well.

“Justice comes eventually. One way or the other”