The Art of Deception:

Part I: The Accident (Part one of four parts. Accident, Disposal of Body, Cover up, 911 Call. The timeline is 30 days.

June 16th: day begins fairly normal. CA gets up and leaves for work,

Cast: CA, GA, KC, Caylee and where are they? This is important because it will set up the “guilt” phase of the accident.

Cindy: getting dressed for work, soon to leave.

GA: two possibilities

KC: two possibilities

Caylee: two possiblities

CA leaves for work around 7:15AM

Part One: The Accident: When CA leaves for work, the question is: where is GA? And where is Caylee?

Possibility 1: Caylee is in bed alone with George (omitting dastardly deed). CA had fed Caylee the night before after the swim and put her to sleep in her bed. (Though her testimony said that she heard them (ref. To KC and Caylee breathing), is this credible? Bec. It removes the responsibility from GA which is def something that CA would do.) CA probably nudged GA to tell him keep an eye on Caylee, I’m leaving for work. He says “yeah, yeah, yeah” and falls back to sleep. There is a sliding glass door in the A’s bedroom that goes directly to backyard pool. As soon as Caylee wakes up she’s thinking about last night, jumps out of bed and heads for the door. Someone, maybe CA forgot to lock the door. Maybe someone forgot to pick up the ladder too. As you said, Caylee uses swimmies so the poor little baby jumps right in and it’s over. It’s a matter of minutes and no one ever knew. We don’t know exactly what time this happened. GA could have woken up thinking Caylee got up and went to snuggle with her Mom. GA may have had coffee in the kitchen, reading the paper or was on the computer?. etc.

Possibility 2: Caylee slips out of the house, through the sliding glass door to go swimming, which is what she had been doing the day before. This would have happened while Ga is supposed to be watching her and KC is asleep. GA could have been asleep, thinking the sliding glass door was locked, or he could have been elsewhere in the house, but it has to happen in my mind where he is the one responsible, bec he is the one who did the yelling. As soon as she exited the sliding glass door, she found a way to get on that ladder (either down or up) and crawl onto the lip of the pool. It was wet and slippery

and over the top she went. Remember, she used to swim w/ floaties and had no idea that she was not swimming. So she crawled over the top and fell right into it. And in a matter of minutes was dead. Her little lungs were filled w/ water

Possibility 3:

GA gets up and Caylee is still sleeping. Ga goes in by Kc and does something unspeakable and tells her Caylee is sleeping. They get through with their thing that they have been doing since she was 8 and go into get Caylee and she is gone. Now they both panic and find Caylee in the pool.

Where’s Caylee?

GA goes to check on Caylee and goes to KC and asks, where’s Caylee? Either innocently, thinking that the other was watching Caylee and now realizing that no one was watching her, they react and they begin the search, and they exit the sliding glass doors. Or, out of guilt for one reason or another as explained above, they start to search for Caylee. They first check the house and then head outside.

GA says you go that way and I go this way. KC goes towards the shed, GA heads for the pool. Now this is either to cover up the dastardly deep part (as was hypothesized by another here) or not, but GA finds her in the pool. (accident) There she is!

He picks her up and out of the pool and KC comes bk around the corner and sees. She goes hysterical (as any mother would)!!!!!!

Apply Guilt to a Tragedy and Watch What Happens

GA, bec he is the actual guilty one, since he was the one first up and should have been watching her, or bec he remembers that CA had woken him up and told him to watch Caylee, or bec of the dastradly deed, …. with all that whirling in his head plus George knows Cindy will divorce him in a NY second, now GA starts to yell at Kc. And he was yelling vehemently while she was at her most vulnerable point. “Your mother will never forgive you and you will go to prison for your life for child neglect.” He starts yelling this to cover up his own misdoings. He knows KC’s button to push and he went for it, and now it starts.

Apply guilt and turn the screw. The snowball coverup. (This is Shakespearean tragedy. Everyone has a tragic flaw, and we see it in GA. And KC)

What to do?

She says, “Daddy you have to help me,” and he replies “all right, but you have to do exactly what I tell you.” It is at this point that he tells her to leave and go as if nothing has happened, and to act normal. Ga advises Kc to leave and stay away for a few weeks until he can think of something. Just go on with your life as normal and don’t be looking

suspicious. I will handle it from this end They will stay in touch. She, trusting him, does exactly what he says. . Kc starts planning a trip to california and hopefully can call in a kidnapping from out there. KC, the master of deception, having learned this skill beginning at the age of 8, dries her tears and masks her pain, and puts on a face as if nothing has happened. During the next several hours a rough draft of a plan is discussed, kidnapping is probably mentioned, but he tells KC that she has to leave before CA comes home bec. CA will know something is wrong as soon as she sees KC’s face and KC will not be able to keep this from CA. GA also needs time to think.

KC leaves in the Pontiac, trusting that her Dad will take care of everything.

The cover up begins. There is a body that has to be disposed of. GA has now returned to the role of homicide cop. Clearly in his interview w/ OCSO he spoke openly about many roles that he was playing.

Why not call 911? The # 1 death of children under the age of 5 in the state of FL is accidental drowning. This is a known fact. So why not call 911?

Answer: Door #1. What is behind Door #1 that the entire A family wants to keep quiet and protect? The big secret.

 LG: The cover up was not only to cover up how Caylee died and who, but the main reason is and was to cover up what was really going on within that household and GA’s activities. For some reason that man took ample opportunity to jump right into being the hero for MISSING CHILDREN. HE saw a money making opportunity also, place that on top of not calling the police also. Fits right into his upset about the Amber Alert not being called. Spoiled his plans! And he’d make sure LE knew it.

Add to the secret already stored behind Door # 1, the allegation of child negligence, or worse, murder. In the above scenario, KC sees GA w/ a body that is presumably dripping w/ water, but she doesn’t know if this, in itself is a cover up for what could have happened earlier. Could Caylee have died as a result of some act prior to being discovered dripping w/ water? KC would not be thinking this, but only GA knows the answer to that. Soon there will be no more room behind Door #1 to contain this family’s secrets.

As Part I ends, GA remains at the home alone with the body; CA is at work, unsuspecting; KC has departed in the Sunfire. Caylee, the beautiful angel, is dead. What began as a normal day is no more. The cover up has begun and there is a body to be disposed of. Guilt is working on both now, for numerous reasons. In addition, CA will soon return home from work. She will carry with her another set of guilt. And Ga is about to make a mistake that will blow the coverup.

To be continued in Part II


Part II


This is submitted as speculation.  It is a thought, and Idea and open for comments.  This is MOO.  Nothing more.

Part II:  The Disposal of the Body

KC has left the house, and GA is left w/ the little body and must dispose of it before CA comes home.  Since it is in wet clothes, he must first change the clothes.  He is alone in the house and his mind is racing.  He goes into Caylee’s room and searches in her drawer for a shirt and pants. “don’t make a mess or CA will see.” He gets whatever he finds.  (I can’t answer to the tee shirt, but I sure think this is what happened w/ the 24 mo pants.  CA kept everything that Caylee ever wore, and she had them folded in that drawer.  He grabbed those pants and put them on Caylee, and in his haste he never thought about size.  (A mother would have known that, so KC did not “dress” Caylee.  This little detail is a string that will lead to  his undoing.)

He then goes to the garage and gets the canvas bag on top of the shelf where it was stored.  He wraps the body in a blanket and puts it in the canvas bag.  (Trash bags?  duct tape?  IDK…. someone here will have to fill that part in, bec the trash bags were not a match and the Henkle duct tape wasn’t either, right.)  He first hides the body in the playhouse, a temporary facility. 

His mind is racing, thinking of how he is going to handle Ca and how he is going to get the body out of the yard.  I think it was a matter of slight of hand.  He went out the back.  No car.   He either went over the back fence and walked to that area, and came bk later, all after CA was asleep – maybe 2 or 3am.  (She gets up early in the morning so she is probably asleep by midnight.  ).  I admit that I am rough here, but I don’t think the body was ever in KC;s car.   It is the slight of hand…….. keep them away from here. IMHO  (the PT has to place the child in that trunk to prove one of the charges they have on her, bec one of the charges talks about “confinement.”  That’s why the trunk, IMHO, is at issue.  She was never there.)

From 6/16 to maybe 6/18 GA was sticking to the original plan, but by 2 days later CA gets suspicious and now things start to change.

In some prior testimony and again at the trial CA stated that on 6/18 she told George that someone had been swimming in their pool.  The gate was open and that someone had been in the pool. Hmmm, is this really true or is this Ca realizing that she had left that ladder up and this “story” will become part of the coverup.   In the real world of things, that is when CA knew that something was wrong.  Her instinct told her.   I personally think she had actually left that ladder up.  And she realizes that she had.  That’s where her guilt comes in and now she will be added to the mix.  She starts to question GA, and continued to do so until he finally admits what has happened.  How long this took I am not sure.  Of course she is devastated, and furious and a zillion emotions, and an argument ensues and GA does what he does best, he blames the other person.  “YOU left the ladder up.”  “YOU didn’t lock the doors before You left.” “You didn’t make sure I was awake before you left.”   She is filled with grief, despair and everything but she also realizes how much time has passed.  And what will the authorities say.  And, most importantly, she knows what is behind Door # 1, the secret.   And she does not want that exposed, so she caves and becomes part of the plan.  .  GA has struck again, manipulating both of them.  It is the same scenario, a grief stricken women, but this time CA instead of KC.

By 6/24 when he reports the gas cans stolen to the police, he has definitely started to change the original “Help me Daddy” plan with KC and make KC the “fall person”.  The original “deal” has been broken.  Now, it’s Ga for Ga and KC is on her own, except she does not know this yet.  And while there is a 6/24 police report, are we really sure there was an argument between KC and GA over the “f…in’ gas cans”  on that date.  I am not convinced of that.  That part of the story (the argument w/ KC) was GA lying.  Where do you think KC learned this craft so convincingly from?  She has heard it all her life.  How many times has GA lied to CA about this or that and KC actually knew the truth. 

KC ran out of gas on 6/27 and called GA, but it was TL that picked her up, I believe.  So she leaves the car there at Amscot.  This was probably part of the kidnapping plan, but somehow goes awry.  Maybe this was her assignment on one of the cell phone calls she received and took out on the balcony at TL’s place???? 

All this about KC’s car and the smell, even though we have dates 6/27-6/30, we have no smell there from independent observers.  It is a coincidence that is beside the dumpster, and besides it was parked front in -in, not backed in (per the tow truck driver’s report).  Not the manager’s testimony.  All of this “smell” business plays into GA’s hands later when he picks up the car.  The manipulator will use it when the time is right.  There may be a dumpster smell, or maybe KC was telling the truth about the squirrel in her car (for once in her life), but there is no body In her car.  Leaving the purse and the doll are signs that they were going to say they had both been kidnapped.  (She wouldn’t go anywhere without her doll… isn’t that what CA said.)

The team has now shifted.  Instead of it being Ga and Kc (we’ll do a kidnapping thing, lay low, we won’t let anyone know); it has become GA and CA on Team A, vs KC who is alone.  (And she has no body and no car to back up her story.  She realizes the position she is in.  Who will believe her?)

To be continued:  Part III: The Cover-up