Sometimes it’s best to raise the white flag and end the discussion.  The discussion of the once missing Caylee Anthony is what I signed up for a couple of years ago.  What’s going on now is over and beyond my way of thinking but I’ve learned something about myself.  I learned I am unique.  I figured out the reason I took a different look at Casey Anthony. It was because so many people saw Casey as a murderer months before Caylee’s body was found.  Hint # 1, this was going to a long road for me.

In my early discussions, prejudicial accusations and nonobjective retorts were the ongoing messages I received and I was immediately turned off.  I remember the first time I watched angry protesters in front of the Anthony home.  I cringed in my seat, not only embarrassed for the people of Orlando, Florida but for what I read on blogs condoning their actions. Never before this case have I heard such public distain for an attorney of a suspect.  Never before, have I heard insinuations of sexual misconduct because an attorney held an umbrella over his client’s head in a rainstorm. Never before, have I seen a case so badly investigated and so wrongly reported.  This case holds ascendancy in the media and the internet which could eventually taint the judicial process as we know it.  There is such a thing as TMI I believe.  “Too much information” is not for the weak at heart or for even the notion of a fair trial.  Is there a possibility of a mistrial simply because there isn’t a jury of Casey Anthony’s peers who hasn’t formed an opinion?  I agree, it’s unlikely but there’s always a first time.  Considering all of the “never before’s” of this case. 

Currently, there’s a flux in the Anti-Casey Anthony camp.  Because of ennui and past sins of a head blog mobster, a war has been declared.  Just like in real wars, some of the most unlikely alliances have joined together in the battle against evil.  Even a couple of fence-sitters like myself, have thrown a few grenades.  Just like in real wars, the original alliance will reunite, make amends and repair the damage incurred.  

It’s too much for a person like me to digest.  Murdering a child is not a game yet it seems to be playing out this way.  Starting with the way Caylee was reported missing to the finding of Caylee’s body in the most obvious place. Timer55, 31 days, internet searches, a trip to Puerto Rico, check fraud, etc, etc.  Leonard Padilla and Joy Wray inserted themselves into the game along with jailhouse informant Robyn Adams and latest invader, a loathsome blogger who ultimately caused the recusal of the judge is beyond repulsive.  Never before have I heard of this either.  I’m wondering if the Sunshine Laws will change and will this case serve precedence as to what the general public has the right to know via the internet?  Will blogs play a part in Casey going free?  Never before have I heard of this but this could be the first?  Depending on the outcome of this trial, it’s quite possible. Just a thought.