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And So the Trial of Casey Anthony Begins!!

Its official!  As of Friday, May 20, 2011 after almost 2 weeks of jury selection, opening statements will begin Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 9am. The much awaited trial of Casey Marie Anthony will take place at the Orange County Courthouse. Presiding Judge Belvin Perry Jr. along with 12 seated jurors and 5 alternates will hopefully come to a final decision in a 1st degree murder indictment that State Attorney Jeff Ashton deemed as fit.

The indictment is 1st degree murder with death penalty pending.  Casey Anthony has pleaded not guilty of the unclassified murder of her beautiful 2½ year old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony. The trial is expected to last at least 6 weeks.

As I reflect on TheJBmission.wordpress.com blog I’m amazed and stoically proud of our accomplishments as we meticulously probed into every minute detail and aspect of this case.  I think this case has been a true learning experience for me and I feel as though I’m ready to take the Louisiana Bar Exam.

 Wow Almost 3 Years!!

 If ever I have the opportunity, it would be a privilege to shake the hand of Jose Baez.   As Casey Anthony’s lead defense attorney he has portrayed himself as a courteous, well-mannered and a true gentleman in the face of the worst condemnation I’ve ever witnessed upon an Officer of the Court of Law.

He is a perfect example of what every lawyer should strive to be, an immovable believer in his client’s innocence and their Constitutional right to a fair trial.

It would also be an honor to shake the hand of Cheney Mason, Ann Finnell and Dorothy Sims who had the fortitude to stand up and help their fellow colleague Jose Baez when he stood alone and other colleagues chose to write disparaging news articles about his personal life and his defense of his client Casey Anthony.

As I’ve tried to convey to anyone who has asked, my focus isn’t only on Casey Anthony and the consequent bizarre charge of 1st degree murder in the unclassified death of her daughter but also on the enormity of other injustices in our country due to the unashamed media whose objective is to try and convict presumably innocent citizens and/or suspects in order to sell commercial ads at a thousand dollars a slot depending on how sensational they write their stories. Their crime is that they take advantage on the public’s belief in their journalism which makes them ever more irresponsible for their actions. In some cases, lives have been ruined.

With the investigation, hearings and motions behind us and the actual trial soon to begin,  kardan, a blogger who occasionally comments here gave me an idea for this thread.  He/she suggested that I observe this trial in a new light, as a virgin so to speak. I should clear my mind of the 20,000 pages of documents I’ve dissected, the numerous news articles I’ve been forced fed, all of George and Cindy Anthony televised interviews, the last 48 Hours Special and most importantly any Nancy Grace segments that introduced me and thousands of other viewers to this case. As instructed by Judge Perry, I’ll keep in mind that the Defense doesn’t have to prove anything or point to someone else but to simply raise reasonable doubt.  The State has the burden of proof.

So as not to confuse anyone, I’ll become commenter “Juror 209” but of course the JB Mission will have her opinions too.  It might be fun.  Feel free to join in as a pseudo juror. Give yourself a name or a number and be sure your juror persona is aware of the unwritten rules that we’ve all managed to follow. Please be polite and as always, no name calling or derogatory remarks toward others who comment here. Remember nobody wants to be that snarky juror.


 Meet the 12 Seated Jurors

1.) Juror #1398

  • Female, 67, Worked in counseling for 35 years
  • Has a son and daughter, three grandchildren
  • Gets News from TV
  • Served on the jury for a murder trial
  • Used to work in nursing, has smelled a dead body

2.) Juror #1019

  • Male, African-American, IT Specialist
  • Married, 2 children, girl, 4, boy, 9

3.) Juror #1055

  • Female, 32, Nursing student
  • Single, no children, youngest of 5 siblings
  • Never served on a jury
  • Didn’t know about the case until recently
  • Never been a victim of a crime

4.) Juror #1319

  • Female, African-American,
  • Admitted few friends
  • No opinion for or against death penalty

5.) Juror #1429

  • Female, retired, was a nurse’s aid
  • Divorced 14 yrs ago, lives with boyfriend of 12 yrs
  • Doesn’t own a computer
  • 3 children, ages 52, 49 and 48, 3 grandchildren
  • Son, grandson have had trouble with drugs

6.) Juror #1025

  • Male, 33, chef
  • Married, 6 yr-old son, daughter is 21 wks old
  • Parents live in Flagler
  • Watches sports and sitcoms on TV
  • Gets news from phone

7.) Juror #1007

  • Female, 41, office worker
  • Divorced, born in Miami, works in child welfare
  • Has one younger sister
  • Was a victim of armed burglary in 1990
  • Mother is a real estate lawyer

8.) Juror #3015

  • Female, service rep for Verizon
  • Married, 2 sons; ages 27 and 23
  • Recent kidney transplant
  • Father worked in law enforcement in NJ
  • Youngest son attended Full Sail

9.) Juror #3185

  • Male, 53, unemployed
  • Single, no children, 2 sisters, 2 brothers
  • Enjoys photography
  • Watches PBS, Discovery, History channel
  • Nephew recently became Manatee Co deputy

10.) Juror #3310

  • Male, 57, retention specialist for Verizon
  • Single, no children, has brother and sister
  • Little knowledge of case
  • Doesn’t watch much TV news, likes TVLand
  • No opinion on death penalty

11.) Juror #3016

  • Male, teaches high school, PE and Health
  • No children, has 2 dogs, 1 sister, 1 brother
  • Uncle is retiring from the FBI
  • Working towards Master’s degree in Special Ed
  • No feeling against the death penalty

12.) Juror #3140

  • Female, works at Publix as a cook
  • Married for 2nd time, daughter, adopted son
  • Retiring in September
  • Doesn’t watch much news, doesn’t have cable
  • Not familiar with computers

Meet the 5 Alternates



1.) Juror #3093

  • Female, 48, surgical technician
  • Married, husband out of work, 2 grown children
  • Served on a civil case jury
  • Likes watching sports and history channel
  • Makes yarn and weaves

2.) Juror #3170

  • Male, teacher, married for four years
  • 1 son from previous marriage
  • 2 teenage stepchildren
  • Is originally from Cincinnati
  • Never served on a jury

3.) Juror #4013

  • Female, cashier at car dealership
  • Widower, mother to 12-yr-old son
  • Followed case on TV
  • Husband was in jail on drug charges
  • No opinion on death penalty

4.) Juror #4192

  • Male, 25, carpenter
  • Single, half-brother and sister
  • Lives with parents
  • Once charged with drug possession
  • Visited Orlando before for theme parks, magic game

5.) Juror #3308

  • Male, 39, water plant operator for St. Pete
  • Married, no children, has 3 dogs
  • In Coast Guard for 12 yrs
  • Had plane and baseball tickets to see Grandma
  • Never served on a jury

 Carpe Diem

Lastly, I wholeheartedly pray that this trial will be judicially fair, unbiased and factually presented.  I pray that the presiding Judge will heed to his oath that ensures Casey Anthony’s right under the Constitution VI Amendment, her right to a fair trial and  justice for her precious daughter Caylee Marie Anthony.

The Sixth Amendment (Amendment VI) to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights which sets forth rights related to criminal prosecutions. The Supreme Court has applied the protections of this amendment to the states through the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.










Apparently Casey Anthony’s defense team has spent thousands of dollars interviewing Texas EquuSearch volunteers who searched the same location where Caylee’s remains were found 5 ½ months later by Roy Kronk.
After a long and hard fight put up by the Defense, they were finally allowed to view and take notes from TES records. Once allowed to take notes and actually investigate, they found 32 volunteers who searched this location without finding Caylee’s remains. Just recently, defense attorney Cheney Mason has found 150 other volunteers who may have searched this location as well. It seems like PI Jeremy Lyons has a lot of work to do and is asking for a measly $8,000. Let’s do the math. That’s $53.33 per interview, which is reasonable considering $60 per hour is the average rate for PI’s in the state of Florida. Obviously any investigation of the TES volunteers by the defense is a reason for conflict.
More conflict should be expected at tomorrow’s status hearing. We can expect Judge Belvin Perry to rule on another  motion filed by prosecution asking for records of financial agreements between the Anthony defense team and its expert witnesses. Check out the motion below.

Attorney Richard Hornsby of WESH.com had this to say regarding this motion.
“It’s going to give them ammunition. It’s also putting the defense and these witnesses on notice to be prepared to answer these questions,” He went further to say the information the prosecution is asking for could help undermine an expert’s credibility. “If they’re not getting paid a standard rate or they came into the case under questionable circumstances, then suddenly they’re in the case for exposure and any of their findings are suspect.”

There’s also another motion Judge Perry may rule on. Defense attorney Ann Finnell has filed a motion asking that information disclosed during the possible penalty phase be sealed. She argues in the motion that the intense media scrutiny has a “chilling effect, with some witnesses becoming reluctant to come forward with information for fear of harassment and stalking. Check out the motion below.

The hearing is scheduled for 1:00pm Monday. WESH.com will stream the hearing live.

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