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Casey Anthony 2013Not surprisingly, the Casey Anthony saga has not come to pass. Casey Anthony is back in the headlines after 3 years since Orange County Florida miserably failed to prove she murdered her beautiful, well-loved 2 ½  year old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony.

After the shocking verdict in July 2011 and after spending 3 years in solitary confinement awaiting trial, she solemnly attempted to regain her life as a free citizen.  True, she was acquitted of 1st degree murder but was found guilty of lying to law enforcement.  For that she was sentenced to four years in prison with credit for time served but she would have to spend another year of probation under the guidance of Orange County Corrections stemming from a 2010 check fraud conviction.  With all criminal debts paid, Casey Anthony then filed for bankruptcy.

Subsequent to the acquittal, Anthony was bombarded with several bogus lawsuits. On July 7, 2011, only 2 days after she was acquitted, Tim Miller owner of a non-profit organization Texas Equusearch posed a question to the public.  Should he or should he not file a lawsuit against Casey Anthony or her attorney Jose Baez? The public roared “yes!”

He claims he spent over $100,000 searching for Casey’s daughter Caylee. He’s claiming this because he says Casey Anthony or her attorney Jose Baez asked for his help.
Where are the records of this phone call? Where is the documentation, a letter, an email?

I’ve searched the documents released and haven’t found one correspondence between Casey Anthony and Tim Miller.

The only words Tim Miller ever said was that when he was leaving the Anthony home, Casey said to him, “Well thanks for being here, I know she’s alive out there somewhere… So please bring her back” so he says.

Of course, at the peak of this missing child investigation, while on the Nancy Grace Show, Miller was more than happy to repeat her response to solidify what the general public already wanted to believe, Casey Anthony didn’t care about Caylee.

Thanks to the Sunshine Laws and Orlando local media, it’s public knowledge that it was Casey’s mother Cindy Anthony who called Tim Miller, asking for his help. And she wanted Tim Miller to look for a live missing Caylee, not a body.

Apparently Tim Miller paid no attention to Cindy nor to Casey’s farewell to him because he in all of his searches for Caylee, he never searched for a live missing child. He only searched for a body, a body which he ironically failed to find that was only 14 or so houses from the Anthony home.  At that juncture, his only lost was a 4-wheel ATV which he damaged while searching the exact area where Roy Kronk would officially find her body on December 11, 2008.

The irony is rich

quote Judge Stan Strickland.

So why did Tim Miller and his attorney Marc Wites sue Casey Anthony and how did he win his case?

This may be the answer.  According to The Huffington Post…

“Bankruptcy trustee Stephen Meininger wanted her creditors to benefit from her story, but Anthony’s lawyers objected, raising constitutional and other issues.”

Tim Miller and his attorney Marc Wites settled the suit. Under the settlement, Anthony will not object to Texas EquuSearch being named as a $75,000 creditor in her bankruptcy case, and Texas EquuSearch will not object to Anthony’s bankruptcy petition for discharge. But it doesn’t end there for Casey.

Standing behind Tim Miller in line for a piece of the “Imaginary Casey Anthony Pie” is motel maid Zenaida Gonzalez and the suspicious finder of Caylee’s remains, meter-reader Roy Kronk.

Casey Anthony Fights Back

Earlier this month, Anthony’s lawyers filed 2 motions asking a Federal judge to throw out both defamation suits. Her new lawyers say that the lawsuits are “spurious” and fail to establish “willful and malicious” acts which are the only way they are lawful.

Anthony’s lawyers went on to say…

“This travesty has gone on long enough,” Ms. Anthony implores the Court to end this matter so she can begin the fresh start she is promised by the law.”

Certainly Casey Anthony deserves a fresh start both legally and morally. Her new lawyers are fighting vehemently to get her there.  No doubt, her most valuable asset is the rights to her life story.

As I recall in the earliest days of this strange disappearance of a child, Casey admonished the press for their harsh coverage of her case. In one of Casey’s truthful moments she swore when this was over that she’d never give them a press conference. She told the truth.


The JBMission~






July 7, 2011, 2 days after Casey Anthony was acquitted, Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch put the word out to the public. Should he or should he not file a lawsuit against Casey Anthony or her attorney Jose Baez? He claims he spent over $100,000 searching for Casey’s 2 ½ year old daughter, Caylee Marie. Perhaps he’s claiming this because Casey Anthony or Jose Baez asked for his help.
Where are the records of this phone call? Where is the documentation, a letter, an email? I’ve searched the documents released and haven’t found one correspondence between Casey Anthony and Tim Miller.
Did Jose Baez contact him? He hasn’t mentioned a call or an email on this matter. The only thing that Jose Baez asked Tim Miller was for access to TES records to see which searchers searched where.

This information was very important to Jose Baez because the remains of the victim were found in an area where Tim Miller searched.  Even if it wasn’t the exact location, her remains were in very close proximity to where his searchers had looked but Tim Miller quickly lawyered up and those records remained sealed for over a year and are partially sealed today. Baez was only allowed to view the records. For whatever reason, we, the public may never know just how close Tim and his searchers were to Area A, the location where Caylee’s remains were officially found on December 11, 2008.

Tim Miller, founder of a non-profit organization Texas EquuSearch was deterred by high water while searching this area of Suburban Drive as he searched in early August of 2008, a week or so later, he left Orlando after losing a 4 wheeler while attempting to search the Wooded Area which is 14 houses away from the suspect. He didn’t return until August 30th when he set up base at a local Holiday Inn.

Thanks to the Sunshine Laws and Orlando local media, it’s public knowledge that it was Casey’s mother Cindy Anthony who called Tim Miller, asking for his help. And she wanted Tim Miller to look for a live missing Caylee, not a deceased toddler. Apparently Tim Miller paid no attention to Cindy nor to Casey’s farewell to him because he in all of his searches for Caylee, never searched for a live missing child.

After the shocking verdict was read on July 5, 2011, while on CNN, Tim Miller addressed the public.  He was seeking public approval because he knew the staunch opinators would not be pleased with anyone who profitted off of Caylee Anthony’s death.  So he took it to a vote.  Should he sue Casey Anthony?


People were asked to call, email, or write to Texas EquuSearch Mounted Search & Recovery
His address was posted publicly for all who wanted to help Tim Miller decide.
P.O. Box 395
Dickinson, Texas 77539
Office: (281) 309-9500
Fax: (281) 534-6719
Toll Free: (877) 270-9500

On July 12, 2011, Only days before her release from jail, Casey Anthony got the news. Tim Miller had filed a civil lawsuit against her for $112,000, the cost for his search team. Tim Miller claims it was Casey’s lies that cost him this money.
He claims that when he was leaving the Anthony home, Casey said to him, “Well thanks for being here, I know she’s alive out there somewhere… So please bring her back.”
This was the typical mantra for Casey at the time and more importantly, those words did not change Tim Miller’s type of search. When he came back a couple of weeks later, he continued searching for a body and not a live child. That’s why he took on board, 4,000 searchers, to search for remains.

During this time frame there was Tropical Storm Fay threatening Florida, entering the Gulf of Mexico.
During seven days in Florida, August 18–24, 2008, eleven people died and thousands of homes plus roads were damaged, from 60 mph (97 km/h) winds and rain waters up to 5 feet (1.5 m) deep,
August 19, TS Fay was in EVERGLADES CITY, Florida.

The Civil Lawsuit

Tim Miller refuses to cooperate with Casey Anthony. On December 20, 2011 well after making his decision, he IS suing Casey Anthony, yet he doesn’t show up in Orlando for his deposition because he whined, “Casey didn’t answer his questions.”
Casey Anthony’s attorney had this to say about Tim Miller.

“From my perspective, if you’re suing, who should have to answer questions first?” Anthony attorney Charles Greene asked WKMG-Channel 6. “The defendant or the person claiming they have some sort of legitimate case?”

The above mentioned matter has been recently resolved and Judge Munyon has decided Casey will answer two questions from a list of 15.

• Admit that you did not observe or hear George Anthony call 911 at any time to report that he or you had discovered that Caylee Marie Anthony had drowned in the swimming poll at your parents’ house on or about June 16, 2008.
• Admit that you were aware in September 2008 and October 2008 that EquuSearch was conducting searches for your daughter, Caylee.

Subsequently, Casey Anthony has denied both statements. Hopefully this will compel Tim Miller to follow through with his promise and answer questions posed to him by Anthony’s attorney Charles Greene.

As for $112,000, remember, Texas Equusearch acted as an agent of the State or Florida during the course of its business in Florida, receiving payment, equipment, support, and directions from Florida law enforcement agencies. There was also a time when Tim Miller was being considered as a material witness for the defense.


On August 5, 2008, a Fox News crew filmed a search of The Wooded Area. The video shows no body or suspicious objects, and cameramen reported no suspicious odor.
On the Record with Greta Van Susteren (FOX News television broadcast Dec. 17, 2008)
available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gNJdZrgg. This video can no longer be found.

On August 11th, 12th and 13th,2008, Orange County law enforcement responded to calls from Roy Kronk, a county employee who claimed to have seen a suspicious bag in the Wooded Area. An Orange County Deputy Sheriff searched the spot and found nothing suspicious.

On August 18, 2008, an Orange County Deputy Sheriff responded to a call from one Keith Williams, who claimed to have found possible evidence in the Wooded Area. No body or remains were found.

On August 30, 2008, Texas EquuSearch (“TES”), a Texas 501© (3) corporation, arrived in Orlando from its headquarters in Dickinson, TX, to search for the missing child. TES set up its base of operations at the Holiday Inn at 5750 T.G. Blvd, Orlando,FL. Personnel from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division (“CID”) were present at the command center.

On August 31, 2008, TES and OCSO began their search for the missing child Caylee Marie Anthony. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office Critical Incident Management Team (“CIMT”) evaluated the organization of the TES search effort and supplied the searchers with bottled water. Id. Cmdr Matthew Irwin, Sgt John Allen, and Det. Cpl. Yuri Melich represented CID. Id at 7.

On September 1, 2008, TES and law enforcement continued their search of “areas of interest” provided by OCSO. Id at 3. Sgt. Allen and Det. Melich represent CID. Id at 7.

On September 2, 2008, TES and law enforcement continued their search. CIMT set up a tent at TES’s command center. Id at 3. Cmdr. Irwin, Sgt. Allen, and Det. Melich represented CID. Id at 7.

On September 3, 2008, then-Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary provided TES with $5,000 of OCSO funds. See Appendix F. TES and law enforcement continued their search. See Appendix E at 3. Cmdr. Irwin, Sgt. Allen, and Det. Melich represented CID. Id at 7. Also on this date, Miss Anthony was released from custody following her August 29 arrest on economic charges.

On September 4, 2008, TES and law enforcement continued their search. Cmdr. Irwin, Sgt. Allen, Det. Melich, and Tanya DePalmo represented CID; a large team of CIMT and Agriculture personnel also participated in the joint search. Id at 7.

On September 5, 2008, TES and OCSO personnel continued their search. Id at3. Sgt. Allen and Det. Yurich represented CID. Id at 7.

On September 6, 2008, TES and OCSO personnel continued their search. Id at 3. Chief Ron Stucker, Det. Melich, and Investigator Kari Roderick represented CID. Id at 7.

On September 7, 2008, TES and OCSO continued their search. In the afternoon, investigative crime writer David Lohr posted to his website that he had searched The Wooded Area with TES, writing that “they [TES} were in the process of completing a thorough sweep of the area. “See Appendix G. That evening, TES called off their search for Caylee Marie Anthony. Amy L. Edwards, Heat, Bugs Don’t Deter Caylee Anthony Search Volunteers, Orlando Sentinel, Sept. 8, 2008, available at
http://www.orlandosentinel.com/com/community/news/wintergarden/orl-caylee0808sep08,0,311925.story. No remains were found.

In October of 2008, a former TES team leader informed Orange County Sergeant John Allen that, while searching with TES in September, she had searched the area where Caylee Anthony’s remains were ultimately found. See Appendix B at 2:25.

On October 14, 2008, Miss Anthony was indicted in the present case and taken into custody.

On November 8, 2008, TES began a new search. Orange County law Enforcement loaned TES a helicopter to use in the search. Updates from Search for Caylee Marie, WESH-2 Orlando, available at http://www.wesh.com/news/17929243/detail.html  TES searchers did not find Caylee Anthony.

On November 15, 2008, one Dominic Casey, a private investigator under contract to Miss Anthony’s parents, George and Cynthia Anthony, conducted a search of the Wooded Area accompanied by James Hoover, another private investigator. See Appendix H at 12.

On December 2, TES opened an Orlando chapter of Texas EquuSearch. Texas EquuSearch Opens Orlando Branch, CF News-13, available at http://www.chnews13.com/News/Local/2008/12/2equusearch_opens_orlando_branch.html

On December 11, 2008, law enforcement responded to a call from Roy Kronk stating that he had discovered a human skull at the edge of the Wooded Area, just off of Suburban Drive.  When law enforcement arrived on the scene, they found the skeletonized remains of a small child at the edge of the Wooded Area, just off of Suburban Drive. The State has since identified the remains as those of the child Caylee Marie Anthony.



I don’t dislike Tim Miller. I think his initial intentions were honorable but instead of him being mad at himself for not finding Caylee, I’d rather know that he’s pondering this and realizing that maybe, just maybe, her remains were not in that area when he searched. As for the money, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy if he’d only say it….

“maybe the child Caylee Anthony wasn’t in The Wooded Area when I searched”

And then I’d say “Pay The Man!








One, two, three…Three civil lawsuits have been filed against Casey Anthony!
• Zenaida Gonzalez
• Tim Miller
• Leonard Padilla

Casey Anthony lawsuits are like first husbands, you always have to throw the first one out. This is how I feel about Zenaida Gonzalez’s pending lawsuit. Considering Judge Lisa Munyon seems to be a no-non-sense judge, I think Morgan & Morgan are going to have to pull some fat furry rabbits out of their hats in order to get a 15K settlement off of Casey Anthony. The M&M’s are going to have to prove damages caused by Casey.
The World Awaits, unlike like the judges before her, Judge Munyon is not likely to automatically rule against Anthony in order to gain popularity.

Here Comes Tim Miller

On July 6, 2011, one day after Casey Anthony was acquitted, Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch appeared on CNN asking for the opinion of the public as to whether or not to file a lawsuit against Casey Anthony and/or Jose Baez for the return of $100,000 he says he spent searching for Caylee Anthony.
He cites Jose Baez’s opening statement, claiming Caylee was never missing as just cause and that Casey Anthony and Jose Baez should reimburse him for money spent and time wasted. Tim Miller has no proof as to when Casey Anthony admitted to Jose Baez that Caylee died in an accidental drowning nor will he ever know since this is client/attorney privilege.

Apparently the opinions of the disgruntled masses said yes. Tim Miller served Casey Anthony while she was still in jail even though FOX 26 legal analyst Chris Tritico thinks that because TES is a volunteer organization that they will not have a right to ask for their money back since they work for free.

I say, if Texas Equuasearch were an incorporated profiting business and Casey had paid him 100K to find her daughter, dead or alive, he should reimburse her because Roy Kronk did the job that Tim Miller couldn’t, even with 4200 searchers, 32 of them at the “hot spot” as he called it. Roy Kronk obviously didn’t need a 4 wheeler either.

Incidentally, Roy Kronk is suing Leonard Padilla for 15K in a civil suit. Apparently Leonard Padilla let his mouth run a bit too much on the Nancy Grace Show and tweeted some not so nice tweets on Twitter. Personally, I’d prefer for him to sue Nancy Grace since she profited from Leonard Padilla appearances, therefore giving him a platform to spew his speculation and mild mistruths about Roy Kronk.

Padilla, whose website lists him as “World Famous Bounty Hunter & Godfather of Bail,” had this to say to Roy Kronk.

“Truth is a defense to any defamation suit filed,” Padilla said in a brief phone call this afternoon. “In my experience and knowledge of Roy Kronk, he’s a [expletive] liar. I will give them time to add that into their lawsuit.”

Padilla, obviously looking for a free trip to Orlando during the lingering national media blitz post acquittal, is said to have asked Kronk and his attorney to pay for his and his attorney’s round-trip airfare to Orlando so he could be served with the legal paperwork directly.
Perhaps theJBMission should meet in Orlando to attend the trial.

On September 1, 2011, Howard Marks representing his client Roy Kronk filed a lawsuit against the National Enquirer for $15million.

Orange County, Fla., meter reader Roy Kronk, who found the remains of two-year-old homicide victim Caylee Anthony, is suing the tabloid and its parent company, American Media, for defamation, due to a story that that the paper reported about Kronk in a Dec. 7, 2009 report.

Maybe he’ll send us the airfare after he wins this one.
In all fairness, Roy Kronk, unlike Padilla did not directly insert himself into this alleged murder. Although he did admit in one of his several interviews with law enforcement that he was interested in finding Caylee Anthony by telling his co-workers, paraphrasing, “I bet she’s in those woods”, what came after was not his fault and the National Enquirer should not have ran this story titled, “Casey Anthony Says Meter Reader Killed Caylee”. I’d like to see how the National Enquirer proves this statement.

Here Comes Leonard Padilla

Now Padilla is suing Anthony and her attorney, Jose Baez, for the cost of those services. The suit asks for about 200-thousand dollars. Padilla claims Anthony and Baez accepted his help looking for Caylee, even when they knew the child was dead.

“We feel that we were conned,” Padilla told FOX40 on Monday.

“(Baez) mislead us, obviously, because in his opening statement at the trial, he said that the child had never been missing, which obviously concludes that he and Casey knew what had happened to the child, and where the child was dead, and buried.”

I say, Leonard Padilla was never asked by anyone to help in the Anthony case. He directly inserted himself in to the Anthony case as he enjoyed the media fanfare and did he really think that a murder suspect was going to be honest with him? He’s a bail bondsman, he should be used to being lied to. Again, what and when Baez learned of what happened to Caylee will never be revealed to him, client/attorney privilege.

In addition, if in a court of law, jurors are asked not to consider an opening statement as truth so why would the same court rule in favor of litigious media pigs who are using it as grounds for a lawsuit? Isn’t an opening statement for a defense lawyer simply a scenario in order to raise reasonable doubt? These opening statements are not arguable as they would be argued and proved during the trials. This is because an effective opening statement establishes the facts of the case and sets forth a legal theory and explanation for why the attorney’s client should prevail which is exactly what the opening statement was in the Anthony case, a theory.

As the rest of the world sits back in repugnance, litigious media pigs are still trying to make a pay day off of the death of an innocent child.  Enough already!







Roy Kronk Lawsuit vs National Enquirer

TES Lawsuit



Suburban Drive



 Courtesy of Snoop

 Suburban Drive is probably the most controversial piece of puzzle when seeking answers to how and why innocent toddler Caylee Anthony’s decomposed body came to rest in a vacant lot in Orlando, Florida. 

 While most of Florida and the rest of the world has settled comfortably with the concept that her party loving mother Casey Anthony became bored with being a good mother therefore decided to rid herself of all responsibilities by applying Henkel duct tape to her child’s mouth, placing her in the trunk of her car and driving around with her daughter’s body for 2.6 days and on a whim of a genius idea decided to dispose of her lifeless body in her favorite childhood hangout 14 houses from her home. 

In my opinion based on my life experiences I find this concept ludicrous and this theory to be unbelievable.

 The belief of this theory is based on the premise Casey is a seasoned liar who steals from her family and has quite a few boyfriends. Adding the nationally televised Nancy Grace smearing expose’ of this case like an info-commercial, I surely understand why a hundred thousand people or more would believe such a ridiculous tale.  Although the circumstances which I won’t deny are damning, I still feel this case would have worked out differently had it not been for the attraction of the media.

 Lots of so-called information is fabricated to raise the ratings as it’s been a media competition to tout the most sensational story.  We’ve heard about Sex, Lies and Video Tape; Pictures, Lies, and speculation; Lies, libel, thievery and debauchery.

  Just as Judge Belvin Perry Jr. recently asserted, this case has dwarfed the OJ Simpson trial when speaking about the overwhelming media this case has garnered.

 Judge Belvin Perry has allowed any and all evidence the State Attorney’s Office has asked to present.  Their case largely based on circumstances will be allowed for the jurors to hear. What we the jury won’t know and what they should know will not be revealed at trial. The truth and the jury will be strangers.

Since defending Casey Anthony with all motions denied will be an exorbitant task, I have to wonder what’s left.  What is left that the Judge has no power to disallow?  What one piece of fact that can not be disputed. The answer to that would be Suburban Drive, the final resting place of the tiny victim. 

In most murder cases crucial evidence is recovered from the burial site. Usually there are fingerprints, hairs, fibers, DNA or some kind of physical evidence that links the victim to the assailant. In this case it was not.

What was found which should be forensically valuable was an unknown hair, an empty Gatorade bottle with a syringe said to have a small amount of chloroform (less than what’s found in tap water), a Disney World bag with an unknown hair near a sheet of heart stickers, a stained Winnie the Pooh blanket, a pink size 3T t-shirt, duct tape stuck in the hair of the skull, a pair of pink striped shorts size 2T and pieces of a child’s pull up diaper. 

 I’m shocked to find that none of these items were worthy of a smear of DNA except for the duct tape found hanging off of the victim’s hair. This DNA doesn’t match Casey or anyone in her family and there wasn’t a fingerprint to be found.

True, these items were exposed to the weather and elements for 5 months or less but in many cases DNA and fingerprints have survived several years in various climates so I’m not sure if that is the answer to my question. Why isn’t there one cell of physical evidence at the crime scene/burial ground on Suburban Drive that matches the accused Casey Anthony?  Also why wasn’t her remains found sooner in the “hot spot” that Texas Equuasearch’s Tim Miller claimed.  Before making a tropical storm the blame for not finding Caylee’s remains much sooner, there are several factors that we should know. 

It’s important to know Tropical Storm Fay did not reach Central Fl until Aug. 20th/2008.

It’s important to know Florida was in a long drought before Tropical storm Fay.

It’s important to know the area where the remains were found received 6-11 inches of rain.

It’s important to know in a nearby area where there were 22 inches of rain that all flooding had receded by September.

It’s important to know Suburban Drive could not possibly hold the amount of water as reported.  The amount of rain there was 6 inches at best.  Perhaps east toward the school would hold 6-11 inches but not in Area A where the remains were found.

It’s important to know it was dry on August 11th, the first time Roy Kronk is said to have seen something white in the “water” that looked like a skull.

It’s important to know the distance from the tree line to Area A is 6 feet which means if Officer Richard Cain just peered in and there was a visible skull as Roy Kronk claimed he would have seen it. 

It’s important to know that Cain walked in, poked around a bag of leaves and nothing was there. There is no way Cain could have not seen what Kronk saw.

It’s important to know this is not a jungle or Amazon. You don’t need a whacker to get through.

It’s important to know that in Dominick Casey’s video there was a television and a blanket that was photographed that is approximately 15 feet from Area A.  Dominick Casey was surely at some point in Area A or beyond it. 



On December 11th/2008, in one of the early reports after Roy Kronk came forward and officially found Caylee.  Then Sheriff Kevin Beary had a press conference.  In this press conference you’ll hear him say the remains were 60 feet into the woods.  This is not true.

Sheriff Kevin Beary news conference


“Who put the bag there?” is the question says Judge Andrew Napolitano



Here is a refresher of news reports involving searches and search attempts by LE and Tim Miller.  I found the dates and timing of these events interesting.

Posted: 8:15 am EST November 8, 2008Updated: 9:36 am EST November 8, 2008

Search teams will focus on four places in east Orange County: Jay Blanchard Park, Moss Park,” the woods near the home of Casey’s parents” George and Cindy, and an area of land near the Orlando International Airport. They’re searching those spots based on eyewitness reports and cell tower triangulations that show where Casey Anthony was around the time Caylee disappeared.

“The weather’s right, the water’s down, the vegetation’s down. We have the right equipment. With a little bit of luck, we’ll be able to find Caylee and bring closure to this community,” said EquuSearch founder Tim Miller.




Nov 9, 2008::Tim Miller calls off search……

“We have done all that we can do. We have thoroughly searched “every inch” of the targeted areas. 

Dominic Casey was there 6 days after Tim Miller. It was completely dry.

November 2008 Roy Kronk was back there, however the 11th was a holiday. So when was he there? 

Nov 14/2008..Dominic Casey was there

Nov 14/2008..Leonard Padilla had divers in the Econ River

Nov 20/2008..Mark Nejame resigns



Equusearch founder Tim Miller, who heads up a group that searches for bodies, said his volunteers had searched the area before but that it was full of water and an ATV had stirred up mud and muck and made visibility poor.


Tim Miller Dec 11 2008

Tim Miller says he is not sure where Suburban Dr. is??  Ironically Tim Miller just happened to be in Orlando on the day Caylee’s remains are found. 

For reference purposes Snoop a tenacious, informative blogger here at theJBMission who also lives in the Orlando area shot quite a few photos and video recordings.  When comparing both videos I noticed in a freeze frame the television and also a blanket which can be seen in Dominick Casey’s video that he shot in mid-November/2008. Both are seen in freeze frame at 6:23, 6:24, 7:19 and 7:37.  At 8:43 you will see a fallen tree in Dominick Casey’s video. This is the same tree I saw in Snoop’s photographs so this verifies the same area he searched. 

Please take note just how close the remains were from the tree line.  Not nearly as far into the woods or street as Sheriff Kevin Beary first reported.  This is one of many discrepancies in reports regarding Suburban Drive.

*Note: PI Dominic Casey’s video was taped by another PI, Jim Hoover

It’s an unknown fact that there were hundreds of people who searched on their own, not belonging to any official search team who had combed this area as you will notice in Gale St. John’s Blind Drive. 

They’re making comments about all of the searches.  Hear them say “this area has been searched”   Hear them mention, “all the people out here”.  Hear them say “this area was covered by 2 cadaver dogs!” 

Some of the people Gale St John was referring to were K-9 officers from other counties.

Here’s an interesting headline:“Psychic Comes To Orlando To Look For Caylee”


read more http://www.wesh.com/news/17160869/detail.html#ixzz1LJRVQNvY
Ironically, the date of this video shoot is August 11th, the first time Roy Kronk is said to have seen something white in the “water” that looked like a skull. 

While I’m focusing on the only undisputable fact of this case, Suburban Drive, I’m reminded of another article I wrote November 15, 2010 titled “Close But No Caylee”.  In this article I attempted to list the many known players who actually searched this corner of Suburban and Hopespring Drive who had no luck. 

There were cadaver dogs, trained LE with K-9s, there were 32 Texas Equaasearch volunteers, and of course there was Roy Kronk who claims he found Caylee’s remains on August 11th/2008 which was disproved by Sgt Richard Cain.

Knowing this information, I think there’s a good possibility that Casey Anthony was not the one who placed little Caylee’s body in this area now called “Area A”.

Dominic Casey, the private investigator hired by Cindy and George Anthony along with his camera man fellow PI, Jim Hoover video.

Here’s a few others who searched very close to Area A. There’s Keith Williams, Laura Buchanan, Joe Jordan, Deputy Jason Forgey and  32 Texas Equusearch Volunteers

Special Thanks to Snoop!!

Snoop’s photobucket


Default album and sub folders are on the right-All the pictures and videos are at this site, Also all Jose Baez and InSession interviews.


Reference Links:

Snoop’s photobucket


Dominic Casey




Let’s take a look..
Dominic Casey
“You can call me crazy,” says Dominic, who has been a private investigator for 20 years. “Everyone is calling me crazy. I get death threats on a daily basis.”
Dominic Casey, the Anthony family private investigator and one time bodyguard for Casey Anthony has never wavered in his belief 2yo Caylee Anthony was alive and worked hundreds of hours trying to find her.
However in mid-November almost a month before Caylee’s remains were found, he searched an area on Suburban Drive, 14 houses away from the Anthony home. Some people speculated that he did find her and failed to report it. Since then he has vehemently denied finding Caylee’s remains before she was officially found on December 11, 2008. Another PI Jim Hoover working for the Anthony’s tagged along in the search.
It was later rumored in the media that it was Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez who had actually sent Dominic Casey to this area and was told to call him first if he found Caylee’s remains.
Dominic Casey answered the rumor with this statement to the media:

“Had I the misfortune of stumbling across any remains the first thing I would have done is, I would have prayed, the second thing I would have done is stayed at the location and called 911.”


PI Jim Hoover

On November 15, 2008, while Dominic Casey was poking and prodding the dense woods of 8905 Suburban Drive with a stick in one hand and a cell phone in the other, Jim Hoover video taped the entire ordeal. On the other end of the cell phone was Psychic Ginnette Maticia Lucas who had a vivid dream the night before and had described a wooded area to Dominic.
Dominic Casey says this was the first and only time he had ever looked for a deceased Caylee. In my opinion, Ginnette Lucas’s description matched the area where childhood friend Kio Cruz claimed she and Casey Anthony used to hang out in their early teens. This explains why Dominic Casey hurriedly went to this particular area. As we know through documents, he was seeking help through psychics to find Caylee.
It is also a known fact that PI Jim Hoover later tried to sell footage of this video tape to various media outlets. If in fact, Caylee’s remains were found, no doubt Jim Hoover would have been the first to report their finding. As noted in the video above, and later validated by Dominic Casey, they were close, but no Caylee.

Keith Williams

On August 18, 2008, Keith Williams who also had a psychic’s hunch found himself searching a similar area of Suburban Drive. He politely knocked on the door of George and Cindy Anthony to show them what he had found in an empty lot just down the street from their home. He had found a Father’s Day balloon, a few pieces of children’s clothing, stuffed animals and a sandal. After the Anthony family showed no interest in these items, he later called law enforcement and a police report was made. Ironically Officer Richard Cain was the responding officer to both Keith Williams and Roy Kronk 911 calls in mid-August. Keith was close, but no Caylee.

Laura Buchanan

Searcher: Caylee’s Body Not In Woods
Defense Team Claims Body Dumped After Jailing POSTED: Monday, November 23, 2009
UPDATED: 11:27 pm EST November 23,2009

One of the volunteers, Laura Buchanan, of New Jersey, submitted a sworn statement that may provide ammunition for Casey Anthony’s defense.
In the statement, Buchanan wrote:

“On Sept. 3, 2008 … I personally searched near the privacy fence and worked my way towards, and then the spot, where the body was found.
I did not notice anything unusual. I did not notice a strange smell. I noticed no buzzards, nor unusual animal or insect activity.
It is my opinion that the remains of Caylee Anthony were not there during the time of our search.”

Signed statement:

Apparently, Laura Buchanan has a document to prove her claim however another TES searcher who was assigned with LB said they were on the Blanchard Park search team and not Suburban Drive. According to Lela Radojevic, Laura Buchanan was with her the entire day and did not leave when asked by Kathi Belich of WFTV.
Since this story broke, State investigators are intensely trying to dismiss her claim calling her records a fabrication.
Putting all the negative press aside, Defense attorney Cheney Mason is said to have a legitimate copy of it in the Equusearch records that proves she is telling the truth.
Considering no one knows for sure as of yet and I have no reason to believe she’s a liar, I’ll add her to the list. Close but no Caylee, which brings me to Joe Jordan.

Joe Jordan

Joe Jordan, another TES searcher made the following statement to Casey Anthony’s Defense team.

a. On September 1, 2008, I was a volunteer member for Texas Equu Search (TES).

b. On September 1, 2008, I and a group of approximately 30 TES volunteers went to the area of Suburban and Hope Springs Streets in Orlando, Florida. We went to that area to search for the remains of Caylee Anthony.

c. Although I was in the area with over 30 people, only five to six volunteers and I searched the area by the stockade fence along the south side of Suburban Street near Hope Springs Street. Among the five to six volunteers with me were Danny Ibison and his dog and a Panama City Sheriff’s Deputy with one of his two dogs.

d. All of the information concerning the search was reduced to writings which were placed on specific forms provided to me by TES. I am a very detailed person and I kept a detailed list of the items I saw and there (sic) location which I believed were important to a missing person investigation. All of this information was provided to TES.

The very same day that he signed this statement, Joe Jordan called the OCSO and spoke to Cpl Eric Edwards. He told Cpl Edwards that he was interviewed by a defense investigator that morning and had surreptitiously recorded the interview which is in violation of Florida Law. Since it was illegally recorded, SAO Drane Burdick couldn’t listen to it.

Subsequently, she was present for an interview with Jordan and states in the motion that

Based upon representations made during the course of that interview, the illegally recorded statement may materially conflict with the subsequent interview.

The OCSO and the defense team both refused to press charges against Jordan and Drane Burdick asks the court to not allow it to be released as it was illegally obtained.

It sounds to me as though Mr. Jordan tried to do the right thing for himself and went about it in the wrong way. Did he have a concern that somehow. the interviewer phrased questions in such a way as to paint his actions differently than they really were? Anyway, this leaves Mr. Jordan pretty much out of the equation to support the defense motion!


For the purpose of this article, I’m adding Joe Jordan to the list. Joe Jordan was close but no Caylee.

Deputy Jason Forgey

After Caylee Anthony’s remains were found December 11th on the west side of Suburban Drive, it was imperative for Det. Yuri Melich to interview Deputy Jason Forgey, a cadaver dog handler for OCSO.

pulled from pg 12 of 18

Detective Yuri Melich wrote this report.

Deputy Jason Forgey and his cadaver dog had checked the east end of Suburban Drive in July so it was presumed that this area was also checked. This tip was cleared based on this. As a note, Deputy Forgey responded to the area where the body was found after its discovery and I asked if he had ever deployed his cadaver dog there. He said he had not, and they had focused their efforts to the east end of Suburban Drive and the area of the school, Corporal Edwards later interviewed Detective Jerald White regarding clearing this tip.

This was a CYA maneuver by LE. It seems this area was ruled out because it was “presumed” it was cleared or at least, that’s what they want the general public to believe. I’m not one who does. Look what happened to Officer Richard Cain. He was fired for not finding Caylee so Deputy Forgey certainly knew what to say. “No, he didn’t clear the west side of Suburban Drive.” That’s his story and he’s sticking to it. It’s my opinion, that only an inept investigator would check one side of the street and not the other so I believe he did and came up empty handed. No Caylee.

Sgt. Richard Cain

When Sgt. Richard Cain responded to one of three calls Roy Kronk made to LE in August 08, he didn’t see anything even though he was only 6 feet away according to Kronk. Cain was fired after the discovery of Caylee Anthony’s remains on December 11, 2008 for not following through.
Two of Roy Kronk’s buddies who were with him in at the crime scene in August 08, David Deen and Chris Gibson didn’t see anything either. No Caylee.

32 Texas Equusearch Volunteers

Thirty-two TES volunteers who searched this area of Suburban Drive in early September 2008, will all attest to one thing. They searched and didn’t find Caylee. The excuse will be water that inundated the area left by Hurricane Fay. Tim Miller did lose a 4-wheeler while attempting the search. He also said this was a “hot spot” which makes me wonder why it was never searched again by anyone, local law enforcement or the FBI.

Roy Kronk

Roy Kronk is the meter reader who officially found the remains of Caylee Anthony on December 11, 2008. Kronk called law enforcement with tips in August 08 when he claimed he saw a partially submerged bag in the same area where the remains were found.
Two LE officers responded to Roy Kronk’s tips in August. One was Sgt Richard Cain and later, a female officer who only talked with Roy Kronk. She left because she figured Cain has already cleared the area and found nothing.
Roy Kronk stands alone.

Questions I’d Like to Ask Roy Kronk:

1. When you first discovered the suspicious bag on Suburban, what did you think when LE dismissed your finding?
2. After 3 consecutive days of reporting the suspicious bag with no results, did you think you were wrong?
3. Did you know Tim Miller searched this area Sept. 3, 2008?
4. If you would have known, would you have gone to the area to point it out to them?
5. What made you go back December 11, 2008?
6. Did you contact Leonard Padilla at any time during November 2008 for the possibility of getting the reward?
7. Did the reward ever cross your mind?

It should be an embarrassment to LE that Caylee wasn’t found in August 2008 if in fact she was there. So much information and forensics were lost. I can’t believe how lucky this was for Casey, Hurricane Fay, the lazy police officer, a corpse of a snake and a few other coincidences that have worked in her favor, forensically speaking of course. But maybe she isn’t lucky at all. Her beautiful daughter is dead, presumed murdered, she’s facing the death penalty and perhaps Caylee’s precious little body wasn’t there on Suburban Drive from mid-June 2008 as it is speculated by so many. Just maybe there’s something else going on in this case that no one saw coming.

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