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Most people know me as JB of www.theJBMission.com, the person who blogged the Casey Anthony Case with the intention of giving the “opposing side” a voice. During that saga of sharing questionable documents and alternate theories, I strove to be true to myself and at the same time not cater to those who came to my blog to malign the non-believers of the “Casey Killed Caylee” campaign that was being force fed to me by the media and touted by the majority of Casey Anthony forums. I also tried my best to keep politics out of our discussion, keeping in mind that discussion of politics and religion generally provoke heated discussions even amongst friends. At Blogs much like bars and family gatherings, topics of politics and religions can be risky if not dangerous.

I feel very proud of what was accomplished at TheJBMission.com, along the way I met the most wonderful virtual friends Blogdom had to offer and savored the most gratifying feeling that came to be on July 5, 2011 when Casey Anthony was acquitted of all charges having to do with the death of her beautiful, beloved child Caylee Marie Anthony.

With the Anthony case behind me, my thoughts have moved onto other happenings in America. Two of my pet peeves are discrimination in the American workforce and the American focus on physical appearance. It’s became apparent to me that the basic right to be true to one’s self in this nation, to enjoy all of the amenities this country has to offer is in jeopardy.

No longer are we free to be ourselves and at the same time have a viable job in America. With the jobless rate as of April 2012 at 8.2 percent, it’s a struggle to land a job for anyone much less the cute and cuddly chubby girl, or the long haired philosophical Hippie guy, or the all knowing grandmother who’s been through it all and has valuable life lessons to share. That workforce doesn’t exist anymore.

I see the workforce today in its earliest stage of development to be hostile and unfair. Today all that employers generally ask is that you don’t smoke and that you’re not obese. As a premise for these requirements, the issue of health and insurance comes into play. It’s based on junk studies, junk science and the presumption that smokers and people who are overweight have more health issues than the non-smokers and the weight proportioned individuals.

Thinking back to when I first went into the workforce, these things were never considered. As a matter of fact, for an employer to openly state these preferences would be grounds for a discrimination lawsuit so today I ask myself, “what happened while I was busy working 40 hour weeks and sending 3 children to school?” “What happened while I had my nose to the grind, not paying attention to county/parish meetings and state legislation?” “What was happening in our country before CSPAN and CNN?” I really don’t know what happened but I do know that my rights today are not the same as my rights in 1972 when I went out on my first job interview that I found in the classified ads of the Times Picayune and landed that job, that day without a resume before I reached home.

Wake up America,

Our Rights are Slowly Disappearing!

As I’ve stated before, I never paid much attention to politics. I just assumed that the majority of people in America who did read the small print in the campaign brochures knew the candidate was right for the job. Who knows? Maybe the candidate was right for the job initially but changed his agenda when he reached Washington D.C.? Maybe he saw that there was money to be made from lobbyist, maybe he had to play a game of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” in order to see his campaign promises come to fruition?

There’s a disturbing trend here and no, this trend will not affect me but this trend may affect my grandchildren or yours. The reality is we all came into this world with genes from our parents which don’t change because they worked out a gym or ran 2 miles a day. These genes are genetic and stay with us and are passed on to generations. I don’t like the thought of my grandchildren struggling to be physically perfect. I prefer  thinking of them expanding their minds, enjoying all that life has to offer without fear of not being accepted.


Today bullying is more prevalent than ever. Why is that? Is it because society is faced with the reality that not all are born equally beautiful and that society is promoting intolerance by its constant focus of physicality and that brains nor pleasant personality are  acceptable?

Not all of our children who were born physically attractive home free. They fear losing their attractiveness and possibly becoming the ugly troll on the school bus and one day become the “bullied one” and not the “bullier.” That’s an adolescent’s painful reality.

When thinking adolescence, the word “acne” comes to mind. Heaven forbid they hit a stage in puberty, wake up one morning with a pimple on their nose! Its not hard for me to imagine this could be a tragic and suicidal situation. I’ll address bullying in my upcoming article because there is a connection to America’s focus on the beautiful to bullying.  From there we’ll go to McDonalds.. stay tuned.





*Note: This is a sample of the type of topics for my new blog  www.thejbmission2.wordpress.com.  As you all know I tried to avoid political discussions here because the main topic was Casey and Caylee Anthony.   With that case practically out of the media, I wanted to share other things that bother me.   Check it out and share your point of view.  If you’ve written an article on other topics, you can share your thoughts there too.  So lets get political!


If Casey is silent, the bloggers are mad. If Casey is heard, the bloggers go ape.
What’s wrong with hearing a few sentences from Casey?
In my opinion, some folks are just plain mad. They just don’t hate Casey Anthony, they hate anyone who doesn’t hate Casey Anthony.
According to Merriam-Webster dictionary the word hate is defined as an intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury; extreme dislike or antipathy or an object of hatred. Casey Anthony has become an object of hatred. Casey Anthony has been dehumanized.

Hate is a strong word.
Hate deriving from fear may also apply to the Hate Casey Anthony campaign.  Was the Anthony household so American typical that others could so easily relate? I wonder how many households have had a loafer/bum in their family, one able bodied relative who chooses to live off of other family members who do work. Did this touch home with people in general? Yes, I think a lot of people could relate.

First impressions count!

What was your first impression when you saw the Anthony family? They looked wholesome, healthy, middleclass, suburban, hard working, run of the mill people who looked like they just stepped off the set of the latest CBS drama,
“Leave it to the Anthony’s” “We’re the Anthony’s” “What’s Our Line?” Take your pick, they were going to represent middle class America and Casey was going to be the trouble maker. She was going to go out one night, get drunk, get pregnant and have a child out of wedlock, bring a beautiful baby into the Anthony family which she’d use as a meal ticket for as long as she wanted.
Yes, we can relate. Many of us know of such a situation, daughter or son, living off of their parents. It’s not me, it might be you but what does it matter.
Why do the parents take it? “Because of the baby” Here’s a good television drama that will rake in the ratings because I know that many people could relate to this situation.
How do I know so many people could relate? Because I know that the death of baby Caylee Anthony was the most followed case in American history, maybe only second to OJ Simpson. That’s how!

Yes, Casey Anthony was soon depicted as the villain of the perfect little family. Or was she? Her baby was dead. Yes she was.

Little baby Caylee remains were found in an empty lot fourteen houses from the Anthony home in Orlando, Florida. This followed 4 and half months after Casey finally admitted to her mother Cindy, that she hadn’t seen Caylee for 31 days after leaving her with a babysitter, Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez. The world went “What!”
Myself, a person who always looks for the other slant, the mystery behind the obvious said “hmm” Interesting, who on God’s green earth does this? Who on God’s green earth thinks that this explanation was going to be accepted by law enforcement or the rest of the world? “There’s something else going on here”, I said to myself so I headed to my computer and did a Google search, “Casey Anthony”.

Yes, the rest of the world isn’t buying it hook, line or sinker. They’re angry as all get out and they’re ready to hang this bitch, but I’m not so sure.
As I’m reading, it seems that the media is reporting that Casey is a known liar, duh and law enforcement isn’t finding a Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez who will soon be referred to as ZG. Many hours of my time and others tried to find ZG. Did we? Not really, but it was worth the effort because nothing about Casey’s story was making sense even if she was guilty.

At trial, her attorney Jose Baez debunked the ZG story, saying she didn’t exist. She was made up by his client, onward, forward but it certainly is odd that his client was able to fabricate this person in such detail for so many years. ZFG first appeared to me as real in Richard Grund’s testimony to law enforcement. He said Casey told him her new babysitter was named Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez and this was said by Casey to Richard Grund at least a year before Caylee disappeared.  Obviously Casey wasn’t planning on offing her kid for this amount of time. If she had, she would have certainly come up with a better plan than this.

Sadly more mothers than I ever imagined have killed their young but never like this, never this complex. Again, there’s something else going on here and I feel this is the reason why so many followed and searched for answers much like I did.

The ones who wanted to share information and ideas were not welcomed on many blogsites. We had to converse with many people who were full of hatred and who had no desire for the truth. These people found their enemy and they liked it. They like the camaraderie of the Casey Anthony Haters after all they were all alike.

I never intended on making enemies in my quest for the truth to what happened to little Caylee Anthony. I don’t apologize for seeing things differently or having this blog.
I’m sadly shocked and amazed that because of a few people who delved deeper and came to a different opinion were considered a baby killer lover. I always thought they could have at least been more creative with the mnemonic for their description of me.
I don’t love a baby killer. I don’t have a problem with law enforcement. I do know of corruption in law enforcement because unfortunately I lived in New Orleans in the 1990’s.


There was one point where we had four New Orleans police officers who were charged with first-degree murder. We had two police officers on death row. Len Davis was the first police officer in the history of the United States who was convicted and sentenced to die for the murder of a citizen who had complained about civil rights violations under the federal criminal rights statute. He remains on death row today.

Len Davis was a police officer with New Orleans Police Department who, ironically, had more commendations and awards and merit recognition than any other officer in the department and simultaneously had more complaints from citizens. …

This is a must-read article which may give some insight as to why I’m not so trusting.

No, this isn’t what I learned about Orlando Florida but I did learn through research that Florida is a haven for child pornography. It’s also a haven for escort services. A few escort service searches were found on the Anthony home computer. There are a few racy pictures that were found on the Anthony computer that have yet to be revealed to the public as mentioned in one of George Anthony’s interviews with law enforcement.

Where I’d like to take this article is a place where I dare not go. Lets just say, “its been implied” with no proof at least not from me but if you want to believe the prosecution’s theory, why not believe another theory because that’s all that prosecutors Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick had, a theory, a theory that the jurors didn’t buy.

To say we at theJBMission were ecstatic with the verdict isn’t entirely true although it was somewhat surprising to a lot of people but personally, I was happy that an American citizen wasn’t condemned to death without solid evidence.  I was content knowing that we were right and all our research and hard work was not for naught.  There was a different story to tell.  It was Casey’s story, the one Jose Baez promised.
Whether folks agree with me or not, it was 2011 when this not guilty verdict was read and we should expect forensic proof in capital murder cases. That’s the nature of the beast for forensic sciences. When in some solved murder cases a simple finding of DNA, 20 years after the fact convicts a man to life in prison without one mention of his name ever being a suspect or ever involved with the victim, forensic science convicts him. This happens and we accept it in 2011 and 2012. So be it.

In the midst of ennui, we now find ourselves, 6 months post-verdict, focusing on a video tape of Casey Anthony talking about her new dog. It’s laughable to me that this is actually newsworthy! And for this I get 3 or 4 hate comments even though I really have no comment.
The most sensational story to me is that THIS BS IS A STORY and that so many news sources including The Today show are mentioning it. I expected Nancy Grace, Jane Velez Mitchell and Dr Drew but not The Today Show.
And now I learn today, the word on Blog Street is the haters know where Casey Anthony is hiding. Yes, I did say hiding.

 “A United States Citizen is in Hiding!”

She’s not hiding from the police or her in-laws or husband, she’s hiding from people she doesn’t know.

That to me this is a story. Those who force this person to hide because of death threats and those who condone and protect these people should be found and charged with stalking.

Where is local law enforcement? Where is the FBI?




What kind of children are we as a society raising in this new era of “bullying”? We see it everyday here on TheJBMission. There are people who try and I say try because they have not succeeded, to bully me with their lies and scandalous accusations. Their actions are silly and childish yet their words can hurt, if I allow it. Fortunately, I’m a self-assured adult who’s lived long enough to shake off their insults like a drop of water on the back of a well oiled duck but what about children. Are these the parents of the new wave bullies?

Bullying doesn’t get any worst than this!!

Recently, a 12year old boy viciously smashes the face of an 11year old boy into the pavement to steal an iPhone that he borrowed from his dad. Mitchell Wilson’s teeth and face were severely injured as a result of this unbelievable attack. He was defenseless and unable to run away from the bully who simply wanted something that Mitchell had.

This young warrior, Mitchell Wilson is undoubtedly more courageous and heroic than the monster child who attacked him. Mitch, as his family called him, is a victim of a horrible disease, muscular dystrophy. Nonetheless, he bravely attended Westcreek Public School in Pickering, Ontario. With the help of his walker and with a spark in his eye he struggled to be a normal kid and to get an education in hopes of not being a burden to society. Handicapped children often strive harder than most healthy normal children. All that they ask is to be accepted by their peers.

Mitchell’s doctor strongly recommended that he take daily walks for exercise to stave off this crippling disease. Since muscular dystrophy weakens the musculoskeletal system and progressively gets worst, activities such walking and climbing stairs were a difficult task for him, something most of us take for granted but being this optimistic kid, he was exercising, taking his daily walk when suddenly he was viciously attacked by one of his fellow students.  After the attack, he was never the same.

His father, Craig Wilson said his son had lost that spark in his eye on that day in November when he was attacked. After the attack, that spark in eye was forever lost. Craig Wilson told CTV’s Canada AM “He had huge anxiety attacks about going outside and going for his walks and going to school by himself.”
Craig Wilson said his son felt tormented by bullies at school who picked on him because of disability. He said his son grew uncharacteristically moody and irritable after the attack and stopped going on walks unless someone was with him. He also said his son was embarrassed and apologized to him because he could not stop the attacker beating him up.

Mitchell Wilson suffered other solemn misfortune in the last few years of his life. He had lost his mother three years before to skin cancer and he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy only one year ago.

Mitchell had spent part of his summer with his grandmother Pam Wilson at her summer cottage. While there, he swore to his grandmother, if he had to go back to that school he’d kill himself.

On Labour Day, the eve of the first day of school, he said good night to his father and his stepmother then laid down in his bed with a plastic bag over his heard. He suffocated. His father found him dead the next morning. It was also one day after he received a subpoena to testify against his alleged attacker, who cannot be identified for legal reasons.
The subpoena read that Mitchell was due in court in 3 weeks to testify against his 12 year old assailant. Due to the circumstances, the prosecutors have reset the date because it was too soon after the suicide.
Now there appears to be nobody to testify at the trial and the charge of assault could be dropped. A new trial date has been set for November 21.  Mitchell’s grandmother Pam Wilson said his family ‘don’t want to be a lynch squad’ and are only trying to help the attacker have a better life.  The 11-year-old’s death is the latest in a string a recent teen suicides.



Phoebe Prince – January 2010
The 15-year-old Irish immigrant was racially taunted for three months by classmates in Massachusetts after she dated a popular boy. She was found by her sister hanging in the stairwell of her home.

Tyler Clementi – September 2010
The Rutgers University freshman’s roommate used secret cameras to record the 18-year-old kissing another man and stream it over the internet. He jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge.

Jamey Rodemeyer – September 2011
The gay 14-year-old thanked Lady Gaga in a YouTube video in which he talked about suffering incessant homophobic bullying. He was found dead outside his Buffalo home.

Eric Mohat – March 2009
In 2009, Eric Mohat, 17, was harassed so mercilessly in high school that when one bully said publicly in class, “Why don’t you go home and shoot yourself, no one will miss you,” he did.

His parents, William and Janis Mohat of Mentor, Ohio, have filed a lawsuit in federal court, saying that their son endured name-calling, teasing, constant pushing and shoving and hitting in front of school officials who should have protected him.


The National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center estimates that nearly 30 percent of American youth are either a bully or a target of bullying.
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which established the resource center after the Columbine shootings in 1999, every day an estimated 160,000 kids nationwide stay home from school because they are afraid of being bullied.

In addition, researchers at the Yale School of Medicine, in a new review of studies from 13 countries, have found signs of an apparent connection between bullying, being bullied and suicide.
Almost all found connections between being bullied and suicidal thoughts among children. Five reported that bullying victims were two to nine times more likely to report suicidal thoughts than were other children.

Fight Against Bullying

Time Warner has joined Facebook’s ongoing battle against bullying subsequent to the bullying of Phoebe Prince. The anti-bullying campaign is called “Stop Bullying: Speak Up” Lady GaGa has stepped up to the plate by speaking out on the suffering of homosexual teens and young adults.
Bullying has nothing to do with whether you condone someone’s life style or way of thinking. It’s meant to crush the spirit of an innocent person that some rogue troubled, insecure young person perceived as a weak link.  Once this person proves that its okay to hurt others, the other insecure young people join in. These misfits in fact have internalized their pain from being called out on their own inadequacies.  To relieve themselves of their suffering, they in turn bestow it on another in hopes of making themselves feel superior.


I wept when I read this story. This adorable little boy, suffering from a horrid disease, unable to walk on his own or participate in sports; while striving to build a bit of self-confidence, to have other children shoot him down in my opinion is deplorable.
It wasn’t as if he was born with this affliction. It was new to him. He was adjusting to his mother’s death, his new step-mother along with the crippling effects of muscular dystrophy. He had a spark in his eye and a beautiful face that someone tried to take away from him.
If the attacker were my 12 year old son who mugged a disabled boy, I would be gravely concerned. If a parent has a child who is cruel to younger children or animals, it should be a wake up call for them. Not that I’m saying this is fact regarding this 12 year old, I’m just saying there had to be a sign.

Parents should take a good look at their children’s behavior pattern before it’s too late.
Muscular dystrophy didn’t kill Mitchell Wilson. A bully killed Mitchell Wilson.









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