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In this all-access pass, Baez reveals never-before-disclosed defense secrets and his experiences throughout the entire case—discovering evidence, his first Casey Anthony meeting, George and Cindy Anthony’s day after day behavior, leading defense strategy meetings and his weeks in closed door judge’s chambers.

Often described as a tenacious, “Bull-Dog attorney” Jose Baez has announced the soon to be released book “Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story” telling of his experiences while represeenting Casey Anthony.
Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story” is set to hit bookshelves this July, almost a year to the date she was found not guilty of murdering her 2 ½ year old daughter Caylee.

Jose Baez told People magazine he will reveal in the 352-page book how he came to be Casey’s lawyer and will give a behind-the-scenes look at their defense strategy along with graphic crime scene photographs introduced into evidence.


Baez emphatically adds “Casey will not financially benefit from this book in any way or form.” “This is my story, not hers.”

In February Baez officially resigned from being on Casey’s legal team and he says the reason why will be in his new book.

Jose Baez avers..

“I was there from day one.
Other than Casey, no one else was there from the beginning.”
These are my insights into what happened”.

Although Casey will not be profiting at all from the book, Jose claims she gave him the go ahead on releasing it. Casey has authorized me to write it he told People magazine and went on to say “I have my complete and total permission.”


Hopefully “Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story” will bring objectivity and insight into this highly controversial and unusual case.

For those who have asked themselves how could the media and so many people have been so wrong, perhaps this book will answer that question and more importantly understand why the jury got it right.

I predict Mr. Baez’s book to be in opposition to much of what ex-prosecutor Jeff Ashton released in his supposedly tell-all book released in November 2011, a mere 4 months after her acquittal.


Since Jose Baez has talked to People magazine, it’s been announced, he’ll soon visit “Dr. Drew” Pinsky’s show at 9 p.m. Monday, May 14th.on HLN. Be sure to tune in.



Casey, Video Diary Released

Wow, what a crazy way to start the day, huh?


Casey Anthony in real life video..WooHooo

As soon as I saw it, I knew it was going to be big in the media. Hell, it’s been televised here locally in N.O. in the midst of all of the football hoopla!!  Even though she’s been acquitted of 1st degree murder, the media seems to pretend that the trial didn’t happen. They just CAN’T GET ENOUGH of this chick! That’s the part that I find newsworthy. Casey Anthony, the woman the world loves to hate. There’s got to be a mortal sin in this somewhere, I just don’t know what it is.

Okay, so I watched it too. My first observation, she’s wearing sunglasses. Is that what a person does when they make a video diary, wear sunglasses? Okay, so I don’t think it’s an accident that this video surfaced. I think Casey feels totally isolated and was testing the waters to see if it’s safe to come out of hiding.

To Casey,
Well Casey, it’s not safe to come out and maybe never will be but since this video was released, whether it be an accident, intentional or otherwise, I hope you continue to share your thoughts with the world.
The more you do it, the less sensational your voice and face will become. You see Casey, you are an enigma. I don’t know if this is intentionally or if it’s because you really are that confused but whatever the case, keep up the good work. As a matter of fact, be more forthcoming. Be yourself and smile. It will get better.


By the way, does anyone remember this picture that was released early after her acquittal? It looks like she added highlights to her hair which is shown in the video. Maybe one of you techies out there could enlarge it.

Another frivolous lawsuit hot on the Anthony gravy train.

Today WFTV.com reported that Roy Kronk is now filing a defamation suit against Casey Anthony. His attorney Howard Marks claims that Anthony and/or those representing her suggested he might have been involved in Caylee Anthony’s death and hid her body.


Ex-meter reader who found Caylee’s remains suing Casey
Former Orange County meter reader Roy Kronk is suing Casey Anthony.
Kronk, the man who found the remains of two-year-old Caylee Anthony, has filed a defamation claim against Anthony, according to his attorney Howard Marks.
Kronk’s suit contends that statements made by Anthony, or those representing her, suggesting that Kronk might have taken Anthony’s young daughter, killed and hidden her body are defamatory. Marks said Anthony’s statements that Caylee drowned means she was trying to deflect the blame to others.
Anthony is the only defendant named in the lawsuit.
Anthony is also being sued in civil court by Zenaida Gonzalez and by Texas EquuSearch

Although I agree that Kronk has a legitimate case against the National Enquirer, I think this latest filing is about as valid as those weapons he supposedly found in Kingsport, Tennessee in 1997.
Doesn’t Kronk’s attorney Howard Marks know the reason for an opening statement? Perhaps the definition would ease Mr. Kronk’s mind because an opening statement doesn’t have to be proven or believed. It just has to be possible. I understand his frustration but whether he likes it or not, the finder of the dead body of any missing person much less a child is always a person of interest. It goes with territory of being the hero. Like it or lump it. Just as no one believes Zenaida Gonzalez had anything to do with Caylee’s death, no one believes Roy Kronk did either. Fear not Roy Kronk. Word on the web is Casey got away with murder. Okaaaaayyy..

Opening Statement:
A contest for the imagination of the jury. Get into their world.

It’s a pity Mr. Kronk couldn’t keep his story straight from the beginning. It’s also a pity that OCSO failed to follow through on his reports in mid-August of 2008. I’m positive had the right thing happened then, no one would have raised an eyebrow but being that he was at the crime scene no less than 3 different times before December 11, 2008, I wouldn’t be surprised if his own attorney had his suspicions.

It matters not that the local media had already tried, convicted and sentenced Casey Anthony to death when his call on the morning of December 11th to law enforcement was finally answered, he should never have assumed her attorneys wouldn’t use any of his inconsistencies against him.

From the sound of Roy Kronk’s arrogance in his recorded interviews with law enforcement, he seems to perceive himself as a smart guy therefore he should know that this IS the name of the game for any good defense attorney who is trying to save the life of their client.
Roy Kronk was a gift to the defense team, not that it was his fault but certainly the circumstances of the finding of Caylee Anthony goes beyond the norm. Needless to say, Casey Anthony’s attorney Alan Greene will have a field day with deposing Roy Kronk.
I understand Kronk’s frustration with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office but this isn’t the way to make it right or make a living or as he vehemently claims in one of his interviews, “everybody has to eat“.


Luckily, I copied this report from ClickOrlando.com in June 2011 because the link is no longer working so here it is again just to keep it alive and kicking. I hate to see the facts of this case disappear. There were far too many hinky tidbits in this case.

Tidbit #3

Eleven years ago, in a 1997 report from Kingsport, Tennessee, Kronk called in a tip to investigators that they would find several stolen guns and other items in a wooded field but when officers searched the field they were unable to find any of the items Kronk had reported.
Incidentally, Jill Kerley lived only 2 hours from Kingsport, Tennessee. After reading this report, I think this validates Jill Kerley’s fear that Kronk was still intending to cause her harm. Jill Kerley told Jose Baez she had no idea that he was that close to her in 1997.
Considering this story is eerily similar to what Kronk did in Orlando, Florida, I can see where the Defense team or anyone would raise an eyebrow.
Find firearms report here:

The banalities of life are juxtaposed against
wildly alive scenarios that play in our minds.

So I say to Roy Kronk,

good luck and better luck with the National Enquirer.





“Casey Anthony and the “Conspiracy Factor”

Note*  Written Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When I heard the word conspiracy, last night on Nancy Grace having to do with the Caylee Anthony’s murder, I almost fell out of my chair. Not because it’s so unbelievable but because somewhere in the back of my mind, I’ve always considered this a possibility.


Clue #1
When I think back to the day and the first 911 call Cindy Anthony made on July 15th, it’s hard not to wonder what motivated her to call on this “particular” day.
Obviously, Cindy had concern for Caylee’s wellbeing as far back as July 3rd when she posted on My Space “My Caylee is Missing”. “Missing” is a strong word. True, this term could be meant as something else, but not likely. I would consider Cindy Anthony to have enough vocabulary to say what she means, so I’ll take it literally, she did indeed say missing.
She also went on to say that Casey was an ungrateful daughter, a liar, a thief, and a few other derogatory remarks and Cindy was the most unappreciated mother of the universe.
But as we all know now, this has changed, Casey is now the best mother a child could have. At least, that’s what Cindy Anthony says, now.

Let’s think about George. It’s been stated in a few interviews of friends and family, that he had a gambling habit, didn’t like to work much, did not approve of his daughter Casey’s lifestyle nor did he like her, if you ask Annie Downing. If you ask Shirley Plesea, she’d say he was lazy, had a bad temper and not much ambition or desire to be the bread winner of his family. Shirley would also tell you, Cindy, at some point was thinking of divorcing him, but quickly retreated when she found out that she’d lose her home and have to pay George alimony. George needed to be the kept man, he had become accustom. (Women have come so far in America)

This article came to mind because after yesterday’s developments; Leonard Padilla might testify that George lied about seeing Caylee on the 16th and Brad Conway’s remarks hinting, Casey Anthony may take the stand. The final comment, conspiracy, made me think this may be interesting considering we may hear about a conspiracy theory at trial,
So why not pose this question to the best minds around, the bloggers and see what other clues they think might points to a conspiracy.

So where’s the conspiracy? To even begin to fathom a conspiracy, you’d have to believe George lied to the Grand Jury. He lied when he said he saw his grand daughter the afternoon of June 16th. You would have to believe the neighbors Mark Fuhrman spoke with who said, yes, there was a loud argument coming from the Anthony home, Father’s Day 2008. You would have to believe Jim Hoover, who said Cindy took a baseball bat to a sacred holy cross and beat it to smithereens because she was angry. Yes, Cindy is violent.
Ask Lee Anthony. I noted how Cindy was willing to take on a protestor in front of her house. I might be a girly girl, but to me, Cindy sure showed me she wasn’t afraid of a fight. Cindy Anthony doesn’t back down easily. Ask Mr. Morgan. All of these small insignificant factors add up. Could a heated argument in this dysfunctional home turn into a violent fight? What if, in all of the mayhem there was an innocent child? What if, little Caylee got in the way? Who would be at fault then?
I can almost picture all of these selfish morons pointing fingers at each other. You did it, no you made me. What would they do? Would they call 911 for help and jeopardize their peachy keen persona they’ve worked so hard for in their community? Or would they go into protection mode. CYA?

I’m sorry I disappointed you.. I want to explain:
The point I’m trying to make is there’s a possibility of either the defense or the state may bring up a possible conspiracy. The conspiracy doesn’t necessarily have to involve the Anthony’s. I chose them because when mentioned on Nancy Grace, I didn’t know who else they could mean. Lee however, could easily have been an accomplice, after the fact.
I don’t think at any point there was a plan to murder this baby. I think it was either an accident or a moment of very bad anger or judgement on Casey’s part.

Please don’t misunderstand me because I’m talking about Cindy and George. But I don’t know of anyone else who would help Casey? It’s hard to believe she didn’t have help. How can Casey be so lucky?
Lucky meaning, not a witness in sight? Lucky meaning, she chose not to flee Orlando and actually have the nerve to face this case with all of this circumstancial evidence? Lucky to have a fairly impressive defense team. Let me say this, Casey is as lucky as OJ.  I’m hoping it’s not the same outcome but in my opinion, this case is going to be harder to prove than the public thinks.


And that’s what I had to say on June 17, 2009.  Yesterday I read..

“Casey Anthony Gets Her Own ‘E! True Hollywood Story”

Written by Catherine Lawson, posted Oct 14th 2011 7:15AM


Casey Anthony, the Florida mom who was sensationally acquitted
of the 2008 murder of her young daughter Caylee, became a familiar face to TV
viewers during the intense media coverage of the case.

Now it’s been reported that Anthony’s become the latest “celebrity”
to get the ‘E!
True Hollywood Story’
treatment, in a special premiering next week.

According to the ‘Orlando Sentinel,’ producers got the inside scoop by
interviewing journalists covering the case, Anthony’s ex-boyfriends, a former
high school friend, former defense attorneys and Zenaida Gonzalez, who is suing
Anthony for defamation.

Gonzalez says her life was ruined when Anthony linked her to
the disappearance of two year-old Caylee: “It started going down like,
‘You’re a baby killer, you killed that baby.’ They were going to kidnap my
daughters and see how I like [it] and then they started saying that they [were]
going to kill them and they [were] going to send them to me in pieces in a box
to my house and yeah. … I hate that part.”

Brandon Snow, Anthony’s former boyfriend who is now in hiding, is quoted as
saying “If you wanted to hang out [or] go party she was always down.”

Anthony’s defense attorney, Dorothy Clay Sims, says that media coverage of the
case portrayed her client in a poor light. “You follow someone around,
let’s say 24/7, and then you only play one or two hours of their most difficult
time, that does not define who that individual is. That was an unfair portrayal
of her.”

There’s been no word yet if Anthony’s TV nemesis, Nancy Grace,
will feature in the hour-long special. She
covered the case
for years in her single-minded pursuit of the
“truth” about Caylee’s death, and her intense, often controversial,
scrutiny produced record ratings for CNN’s Headline News.

Grace’s outraged disbelief — “somewhere out there, the devil is dancing
tonight” — at the “not guilty” verdict handed down this summer
sparked headlines around the world.

E! True Hollywood Story: Casey Anthony’ premieres Wednesday Oct. 19, 10PM ET on E!



Cyrus Casby

Cyrus Casby of Marrero, LA was acquitted in 2008 of killing 4 people including his 19-month old daughter. On November 10, 2004 he set the apartment on fire after stabbing his 17yo girlfriend Cynthia Carto 21 times and slashing 3 other victims, 19 mo Cyanna Carto, 33yo Janice Carto and Janice Carto’s 11yo son Cleveland McGinnis. He also injured her 10yo son Jarvis Carto. The boy was left with irreversible brain damage due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Casby was also charged with injury to a firefighter Walter Allen.

At his trial, Jefferson Parish prosecutors presented evidence showing a witness spotted Casby fleeing the scene of the fire. Prosecutors said Casby went to his parents’ home in Marrero, and in a neighbor’s backyard, they found Casby’s clothing soiled with gasoline and blood matching one of the victims. Casby returned to the fire scene later, where he was arrested and confessed to detectives that he acted in self defense.

Casby claimed during four hours of interrogation, he was beaten, choked and shocked with a Taser. He gave three recorded statements. The jury never got a clear explanation of what happened when the tape recorder was off. Defense attorney Jim Williams questioned it and asked detectives why there was no video which may have been problematic for the jurors. However, it is not the policy of Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office to use video to record interrogations, only audio.

Nevertheless, among the 325 pieces of evidence, a confession, an eyewitness and victim’s DNA on clothing linking Casby to the November 10, 2004 stabbing and arson, this was not enough. A jury deliberated an hour and 40 minutes before acquitting him of all four counts of second degree murder. Surprisingly, only two jurors voted for conviction.

Cyrus Casby’s freedom was short lived. In late July 2011, he was paid a visit by the Feds.
In a rarely used maneuver prosecutors reserve for cases that “cry out for another prosecution” the Federal authorities have re-indicted Cyrus Casby. He was found living in another state when he got the good news.
His attorney, Jim Williams said he was shocked to find out he had been indicted by the Federal court.

Prior to Casby’s trial, defense attorney ex-prosecutor, Jim Williams represented another young defendant charged with multiple murders named Troy DeRosa.

Troy DeRosa

Troy DeRosa was accused of killing 3 people and attempting to kill a 4th during a home invasion on Nov. 23, 2003. Jim Williams, with lawyer Brian Evans won an acquittal for DeRosa eight months earlier which was one of the reasons the Casby family hired him. Both Casby and DeRosa claimed they were beaten, coerced confessions with threats and physical abuse.

Mr. DeRosa’s freedom didn’t last 24 hours. One day after being acquitted of the Metairie triple murder, Troy DeRosa was booked with a 2000 killing of a disabled man in his Kenner home. The city of Kenner is also part of Jefferson Parish.
Kenner police filed a first-degree murder charge against DeRosa in the death of Howard Delahoussaye, a horse trainer who was shot five times in the head and shoulders. Delahoussaye, who had no legs, was found slumped over a chair in his living room at 632 Ronson Drive on April 8, 2000. Police think it was a drug-related homicide.
But in March 2008, prosecutors, apparently faced with witnesses who were jailed, were unable to bring the case to a grand jury, leading a judge to order DeRosa released on the charge.

Jefferson Parish much like Orange County, were not prepared for these scandalous acquittals especially when Casby’s trial in May 2008 came to an end. Both of these cases were high-profile, multiple-murders. Both were lost within an eight month period of September 2007- May 2008.

Orange County felt the burn much like Jefferson Parish when the city of Kenner immediately charged DeRosa with a 7 year old murder case after his acquittal. After Anthony’s acquittal, Orange County immediately went to miscounting her days to freedom subsequent her July 5th acquittal. Even though she had served nearly 3 years in a locked cell, in solitary confinement, they refused to allow her to walk out of the front door of the courthouse as her attorney Cheney Mason predicted. As I recall, it was first announced her release date would be July 13th but the next day it changed to July 17th.

From there it went to her having Casey Anthony serve a second probation even though there were documents proving she served probation while in jail for unrelated check fraud charges.
Judge Stan Strickland, a recused judge of her case claimed his orders were misunderstood. He claimed he ordered Casey to start probation on the day she was released from jail. Her acquittal was something he obviously did not consider. This order was fought in court. This order was lost in court. Casey Anthony is now in her 2nd month of one-year probation.
What seems like more vindictiveness, Casey Anthony now has to pay over $217,000 to Orange County Florida. This is for the time and money spent used to search for her daughter Caylee when she lied to detectives before being informed of her Miranda rights.

What are those magic words?

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to be speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you at government expense.”

I wonder if Casey Anthony had heard those words at Universal Studios, if she would have continued to talk to that nice cop Appie Wells? Or those two mean cops Melich and Allen? Probably not, I think hearing those words, Casey Anthony would have used her good sense and kept her mouth shut. She was playing nice girl because she thought they were being nice to her but I think they knew Caylee Anthony was already dead because of the smell of the car. If I believe that the detectives were telling the truth when they were on the stand and swore Casey’s car trunk smelled like human decomposition then I have to believe the reason for bringing Casey Anthony to Universal Studios was to confront her with her lies and garner a confession. It was supposed to be a really Big Day for OCSO.

Yes, it is human nature to be vindictive. No one likes to lose. Everyone despises murderers, particularly those that involve defenseless children. We all want justice for those whose lives were viciously cut short because of the evil intentions of another individual/s. We are outraged when our judicial system seems to fail us but did it really fail or did it work in the Anthony case?

After those two shocking acquittals, Jefferson Parish justice authority pondered the questions “why” and “how” did this happen in 2007-2008. They checked the percentages of the past few years.
In 2007, 81% were found guilty. In 2006, there was a 93% conviction rate, a spike from 2005 when the courts operated only 8 months of the year because of Hurricane Katrina. In 2005, juries convicted 82%. In 2004, it was 88% conviction.

Presently, there’s another threat lurking in the wings of this never ending Casey Anthony saga. There’s a petition with thousands of signatures begging the Federal government to try her again for the same crime. With news of Cyrus Casby upcoming Federal trial, the petitioners are hopeful Anthony will be retried as well.

Today Anthony is facing various frivolous lawsuits stemming from her “lie” told to detectives during interrogation. Casey Anthony in a recent interview with People Magazine explained she fears for her life while living in the United States and may have to move out of the country.

Although both Anthony and Casby were accused and acquitted of horrendous crimes and both high-profile cases, in Casby’s case there is physical evidence unlike Anthony’s.
As for Casey Anthony, although some are hopeful that the Outcry Petition will be fruitful, I beg to disagree. In the Cyrus Casby quadruple murder case there’s a confession, there’s victim DNA on his clothing, and an eye witness who saw him fleeing the scene. In the Anthony case there is none of the above, only a heart wrenching story of a beautiful child who is no longer with us, Caylee Anthony. There seems to be no end in sight for Casey Anthony.

Citizens Beware; Being acquitted isn’t as sweet as it seems

If you are accused of a crime against a child regardless of shoddy evidence, lack of DNA, fingerprints or eye witnesses it seems you’re doomed to suffer a lifetime of hatred. I’m not sure if that’s fair to any United States citizen.

The justice system should be accountable for their indictments and ensure that when they accuse someone of a crime that they have it right the first time and not hinge on the coattails of the victim’s innocence to garner sympathy and outrage in order to attain a conviction.


District Attorney Paul Connick Jr. alludes to what prosecutors call the “CSI Effect,” in which some people have skewed views of the criminal justice system based on what they see in popular television crime dramas.
Mr Connick, (cousin to Harry Connick Jr) added, “They develop what I would say are unrealistic expectations with regard to the collection and examination of evidence in cases,” he said. “And it could be one or two jurors who sway others who don’t watch the show. It’s not what’s supposed to happen.”

Incidentally, I most likely would be one of those two jurors.
Here we are in 2011 and with a ridiculous amount of scientific studies and forensic methodology, getting away with murder isn’t simply getting rid of witnesses and changing the color of your hair. Eye witness testimony is one of the major reasons that the Innocence Project exist. Being an eye witness can be a self serving act if the individual is in need of a favor. No one wants to go to prison, so things can be worked out. It’s the nature of the business.

Before the “CSI Effect” there were fictional law enforcement characters such as Dirty Harry and Popeye Doyle when we sat in movie theaters and applauded their actions. We all suffered from “The ends justified the means” mentality. In that era we were joyful and happy feeling all warm cozy, thinking we got the Bad Guy.
Thanks to Frank Serpico and his underground investigation into the NYPD, I can’t help but wonder how many possible innocent individuals went to prison in the 70s and 80s on false confessions and lying eye witnesses. We haven’t a clue but with the Innocence Project working hard in every state, we’re slowing finding out.

As of October 27, 2010 there have been 138 exonerations in 26 different States.

Florida 23 Oklahoma 10 Ohio 5 Mississippi 3 Kentucky 1
Illinois 20 North Carolina 7 New Mexico 4 South Carolina 2 Maryland 1
Texas 12 Pennsylvania 6 California 3 Indiana 2 Nebraska 1
Louisiana 8 Alabama 5 Massachusetts 3 Tennessee 2 Nevada 1
Arizona 8 Georgia 5 Missouri 3 Idaho 1 Virginia 1
Washington 1

There has to be a happy medium somewhere, we just haven’t found it yet.











It’s official. The opinionates have reached a verdict. According to Judge Stan Strickland, Nancy Grace and the majority of the general public, it’s been decided.  The 12 seated jurors of the Casey Anthony trial are Guilty of reaching a false verdict after only 2 days of deliberation. Some claim that the jurors were more interested in having a fun filled 4th of July holiday than deliberating the droves of circumstantial evidence and junk science. Some go as far as to say that the jurors were paid by the wealthy defense lawyer Jose Baez and his high powered defense team which Casey Anthony luckily found written on the wall of the Orange County jailhouse.

So Sayeth the shepherd, So Sayeth the Flock

Apparently, the American judicial system which is said to be the best the world, has taken 180 degree turn in the opinion of the popular realm because shockingly the Casey Anthony verdict was not the slam dunk as most expected. On July 5th, she was found not guilty of First Degree murder, Manslaughter and Felony Child Abuse. However, she was found guilty of 4 counts of Lying to LE.

Yesterday, Chief Judge Perry the Chief of his Circuit Court and the Chair of the Florida Innocence Commission, a group designed to look at the causes of wrongful convictions and design reforms for preventing wrongful convictions in the future is back on the proverbial hot seat.

Friday’s Hearing

Judge Belvin Perry held a hearing yesterday to determine how much money Casey Anthony may have to pay back for costs in the investigation of her daughter’s disappearance.

Prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick called several witnesses to testify about the hours detectives worked and other investigative costs.

Prosecutors in the hearing on Friday said that they have all the right to demand the money back from Anthony because she was convicted for lying to detectives in the disappearance of her daughter in 2008.

However Defense attorney, Cheney Mason, accused the State Attorney’s Office of trying to punish Anthony by ordering her to pay the full cost of the murder investigation and prosecution – even though she was acquitted in July.
Mason argued, “I think it is time [prosecutors] accept the fact that they lost this case,”
He added that the reimbursement request had “nothing to do with justice.”

Judge Belvin Perry said he expected to rule by Sept. 22.

Judge Perry has made several decisions in regards to Casey Anthony. During her trial he allowed wishy-washy chloroform evidence, the invisible heart sticker, police K-9s, the lone hair with possible death band and the illusory trunk stain.

However on February 10, 2011 Judge Perry did rule favorably for the Defense on a few key motions.

 Motions Ruled February 10th

02/10/2011 Order Granting
Motion in Limine to Preclude the Use, in Any Fashion Whatsoever, of a Certain “Jib Jab” Cartoon

02/10/2011 Order Granting
Motion in Limine to Preclude Testimony or Alleged Statements of Witness Anthony Rosciano Connected to Inquiries, Conversations, or Interrogations by Corporal William Edwards Related to Sexual Relations with Defendant

02/10/2011 Order Denying
Motion in Limine Regarding Any Testimony That the Defendant has a History of Lying or Stealing

02/10/2011 Order Denying
Motion in Limine to Prohibit the Use, in Any Fashion, of Internet Myspace References Attributable to the Defendant as “Diary of Days”

02/10/2011 Order Denying
Motion in Limine Regarding Testimony of Neighbor Brian Burner in Reference to Shovel

02/10/2011 Order Denying
Motion in Limine to Exclude Irrelevant Evidence of Tattoo

02/10/2011 Order Granting
in Part and Denying in Part Motion in Limine to Preclude Testimony or Alleged Statements of Witness Anthony Lazaro Connected to Inquiries, Conversations, or Interrogations by Corporal William Edwards Related to Sexual Relations with Defendant

Of course, one of the of motions JibJab cartoon was an easy denial but interestingly he denied motions allowing testimony of Casey’s history of lying, reference to Casey borrowing a shovel from her neighbor, reference to a poem written on Myspace “Diary of Days”, her past sexual relationships and the “Bella Vita” tattoo she had done during the mysterious 31 days prior to reporting her daughter Caylee missing. Is it possible this evidence would have changed the verdict?

What Will Judge Perry Do?

Almost 2 months after the acquittal, Judge Belvin Perry will have to decide if Casey Marie Anthony IS responsible for all costs of investigation and WILL she be ordered to reimburse $517,000 to Orange County Florida.  That is the question.







Read more: http://www.wesh.com/casey-anthony-extended-coverage/29058334/detail.html#ixzz1WrrNPVLf




Incidentally, A hearing is also slated for Sept. 28 on whether to release a sealed jail video taken on the day Caylee Anthony’s remains were found.
Officials said the video showed Casey Anthony doubled over while watching news reports of the discovery.
The video was sealed two years ago by Judge Stan Strickland. Strickland said the video was too inflammatory and could affect Anthony’s right to a fair trial.
Hmm…probably not..

As Casey Anthony is preparing for the much awaited return to Orange Co, FL in order to complete her sentence for check fraud handed down by Judge Stan Strickland, much ado has been brought to the surface by the Orange County Courthouse stemming from an elaborate hearing held in Judge Strickland’s courtroom which has prompted this question,

“Did Casey Anthony serve probation in jail as proven by documents from the DOC?”
Orange County says NO.

Judges Stan Strickland and Belvin Perry Jr. insist that 412 days of jail time and one year supervised probation is a reasonable sentence for any first-time offender convicted of writing fraudulent checks totaling less than $700 including victim compensation.
After a 6-week laconic courtroom battle with Orange County Courts, Casey Anthony’s defense team failed to become the victor as I expected.
Orange County and the state of Florida alike apparently are suffering withdrawal pangs from their addiction to the limelight that their favorite “most hated woman” brings to their little town of Orlando.
It didn’t take long for Orange County to realize that without Casey Anthony, there is no diversion from Orlando, Florida’s inability to convict her of 1st Deg Murder. Everyday that passed without Casey Anthony in jail, the local media and national news pundits focused heavily on what went wrong and why did the state of Florida fail to garner the guilty verdict so many thought was cut, dried and literally in the bag.

Whether it was promised or not, surprisingly seldom, if at all, did any pundit dare to speculate with words such as “there really isn’t any solid evidence”.
And so the hatred of Casey Anthony began. The lynch mob who chanted “bullshit” outside of the courthouse July 5th after the verdict was read and are now chanting “Yessss” because of yesterday’s decision. Regardless as to how mundane the probation issue really is, to the lynch mob, this means there’s a good chance that one of the renegade members can achieve what 12 jurors could not; a death sentence.


Meet Jessica Beagley

Part I

Jessica Beagley, a 36-year-old mother of six who punished her 7-year old adopted son by pouring hot sauce down his throat while warning him not to swallow or spit it out. While an older sibling followed orders to video tape the ordeal, Mrs Beagley instructedthe child to strip down naked and forced him into the bathtub for the dreaded cold shower.

 He’s being punished for getting “three cards pulled,” three infractions at school.
The boy can be heard screaming when Beagley forces him to take a cold shower.

 On video she’s heard saying, “When [he] gets a cold shower, I am at the end of my rope,” “Nothing’s gotten the results that I want.”

As a guest on a Dr Phil Show titled “Mommy Confessions”, Mrs Beagley, wife of a patrol officer, also admitted to spanking the boy and forcing him to do jumping jacks until he’s exhausted.

Jessica Beagley

She says she stopped using hot sauce & cold showers

I’m not a person who has hates easily but if I have a choice of hating someone for something that can not be proven as opposed to hating someone who video taped her own abusive punishments on a 7yo child for an entertainment show, I’ll chose what can be proven by video and admission each and every time.
In my opinion, Ms Beagley’s actions towards this child are demoralizing!! No only to him but his twin brother who has knowledge and possibly witnessed this abuse towards his twin brother. These two little boys spent 5 years in a Russian orphanage before being adopted by the Beagleys.
I have no way of knowing for a fact what the boys endured in the Russian orphanage but from what I’ve read, they were more than likely mistreated. I can only imagine how joyfully excited they were when they learned they were being adopted by an American family. It must have been a major disappointment when they were faced with such a military style environment and such an unloving mother.
This child Kristoff is now emotionally scarred for life and for that I HATE Jessica Beagley. I’m appalled and ashamed as an American that people like this are allowed to adopt children.

Snipped from an article released today August 24, 2011 | 11:03am

A jury in Anchorage convicted Jessica Beagley, 36, on a misdemeanor child abuse charge after viewing a videotape that Beagley had made. In the video, the boy — one of two 5-year-old twins she and her husband adopted from Russia in 2008 — is seen first being force-fed hot sauce and then crying loudly in a cold shower…

Sentencing is set for Monday. Beagley could face up to a year in prison and a $10,000 fine. Authorities have not said whether the boy, one of six children, will be removed from the home.

Needless to say I hate Jessica Beagley



Story released August 24, 2011
‘Hot sauce mom’ convicted of child abuse in Alaska

Story released Jan 30, 2011
By JESSICA HOPPER (@jesshop23)

“Alaska Woman Charged With Child Abuse After Appearing on ‘Dr. Phil’ Show”

Another Mother I Hate
Story: Mom Forces 12yo son to kill pet hamster for bad grades

What ARE my intentions?? hmm..

Today Monday, August 01, 2011, WESH.com reports:


After Anthony’s acquittal on murder and manslaughter charges, the conditions of her probation were apparently misinterpreted by the Department of Corrections, paving the way for Anthony’s release.
Since she was released from jail, her whereabouts have been unknown.
The state attorney’s office spokesman said the Department of Corrections policy allows defendants to serve probation while still in jail and not under sentence.

“I read the order,” said state attorney’s spokesman Randy Means. “The order said she was supposed to begin when she was released from her sentence.”

Strickland’s office told WESH 2 News on Friday afternoon that it was his intent that Anthony serve a year of probation after her release from jail.

January 25, 2010

Forgery of checks: Counts 3, 6, 9, 12, adjudication of guilt, sentenced 412 Days, Time Served

Count 2, ID fraud (fraudulent use of personal indentification) adjudication of guilt, 412 Days, Time Served

Count 1, Grand theft (total of all, over $300), adjudication of guilt, 412 Days, Time Served

“And That Will Be It!”

Really? What was Judge Strickland’s intent? No one seems to know. Dept of Corrections didn’t know and more importantly neither did Hon. Judge Belvin Perry Jr.

Judge Perry initially set Casey Anthony’s day of release to July 13th but went back and reevaluated and changed the date to July 17th which tells me everyone was looking really hard to find a way to keep Casey Anthony in jail.

Judge Perry, his staff and the Dept of Corrections worked diligently in the 12 days post Casey Anthony’s acquittal to add, subtract, multiply and divide each and everyday Casey Anthony spent in the Orange County Jail.

Without a doubt, there was NO RUSH to release Casey Anthony, the most hated woman in Florida, yet not one person could understand Judge Strickland’s check fraud sentence until a week ago.

The Chicago Tribune says:

“”The Orange County Clerk of Courts office confirmed Friday that it was working to amend the wording in one of Anthony’s sentencing documents to more accurately reflect Strickland’s intentions.””

The Orange County Clerk of Courts is working to “AMEND”the wording
in one of Anthony’s sentencing documents!!

Ironically Judge Stan Strickland,

 the Embarrassment is Richer!




Chicago Tribune

With October just 2 months away and Casey Anthony gallivanting the universe, enjoying sun, sand and life others are eagerly awaiting her return to Orlando, Florida to face off with Zenaida Gonzalez and her pending defamation lawsuit. Gonzalez’s attorney Keith Mitnik is chomping at the bit to ask her questions while under oath.

After Judge Jose Rodriguez recused himself from the long awaited Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez civil lawsuit, the reassigned Judge Lisa Munyon scheduled Casey’s deposition to October 8, 2011. But now the attorney defending Casey Anthony in the defamation lawsuit does not want her questioned under oath as previously scheduled.
Civil attorney Charles Greene filed a request Wednesday for the court to strike the notice of deposition and the related subpoena because Fernandez-Gonzalez “has again publicly announced the purported location of the defendant’s deposition.”

He has petitioned for another date because the time and place of the deposition has been revealed to the public again.
Understandably, with the press still hot on the Casey Anthony Trail and the multitude of threats against his client’s life, as her lawyer, he insists on confidentiality and now is asking Judge Lisa Munyon for another date to question Casey.
Charles Greene also claims the opposing side is “using the judicial system as a platform for publicity stunts.”
Keith Mitnik, one of Zenaida Gonzalez’s attorney cried foul and argued, “When we try to protect small people who have been crushed by somebody’s lies and you call that self aggrandizing, then you’re missing the boat.”
Keith Mitnik is a lawyer with Morgan & Morgan Law Firm which is a major law firm that specializes in personal injuries. Their grandiose advertisements can be seen on many billboards through out the state of Florida.

Snipped from Orlando Sentinel:

Green said Fernandez-Gonzalez will be required to depose Anthony where ever she lives, “which should also not be disclosed to the public due to bona fide safety issues.”
The attorney wants to take the issue up at a case-management conference.
Greene said in his motion that these matters should be raised at the case management conference.

Greene wants Fernandez-Gonzalez to answer questions
Greene also filed a “defendant’s request for admissions.” In that filing, he asks Fernandez-Gonzalez to “admit the truth” of a series of “facts.”
One of those is that “On July 16, 2008, your legal name was not ‘Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez’ and you did not use ‘Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez’ as an alias.”

It also asks her to admit she never met Jeffrey Michael Hopkins; never met Casey Anthony; never met her before July 16, 2008; never lived at Sawgrass Apartments before that date; and never lived with her mother in a home or apartment off Michigan Avenue before that date.
It also asks her to admit her mother’s name is not Gloria; she is not originally from New York State; did not attend University of Florida and never babysat for a boy named Zachary Hopkins, son of Jeffery Michael Hopkins.
These items relate to statements Anthony made to investigators and family members about her so-called nanny Zenaida Gonzalez.

Shockingly, this law firm that’s going after Casey Anthony also wants her psychological records as reported by The Palm Beach Post. This has nothing to do with Zenaida Gonzalez’s alleged loss wages and reputation.
In a request filed last Wednesday, July 20th, the attorneys suing Casey Anthony not only wants her psychological evaluations, diagnoses, treatment plans and prescriptions; the greedy lawyers also want to know what type of offers she’s received for television appearances and book deals. The also want Casey Anthony to produce all documents related to offers of “any type” made to her or her representatives for “interviews, television show appearances, movies, books, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, literature..” The document requests Anthony produce these items within 30 days.


“The People’s Governor” joins “The People’s Law Firm”

 Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist has joined Morgan & Morgan. While serving in office, Crist was often referred to as “the People’s Governor.” His dedication and commitment to the people of Florida will remain the same as he works with the firm’s mass tort and class action department, fighting “for the people.” Crist said, “It’s truly a privilege for me to have this opportunity to work all over our beautiful state. John Morgan has set up an incredible firm of very gifted people and it’s truly an honor and a privilege to have this day come.”
Morgan & Morgan was founded in 1988 with a single office and three attorneys; the firm has since grown into one of the largest in the southeast with 13 offices and over 170 lawyers, with a staff of more than 500 people. The growth and success of the firm can be attributed to a steadfast commitment to representing the people, not the powerful. It is this focus that appealed to Crist: “It’s really such a natural transition for me; to be with Morgan & Morgan and work with my dear friend John Morgan… he really is all about the people. That’s what I’ve always tried to do and aspire to do as a public servant. Now I’ll do it in the private sector.
Crist has been a full-time politician since 2000; he served as Florida Education Commissioner (2001-2003) and Attorney General (2003-2007) before being elected Governor (2007-2011). Crist stated that his work as Attorney General will be an asset as he assists Morgan & Morgan in handling major class action lawsuits: “Having had the privilege of being Attorney General and working ‘for people, against the powerful,’ as John [Morgan] would say, I think is certainly going to bode well for the future.”

Crist who was governor in July 2008 when Casey was first arrested, is now working in one of the largest law firms of central Florida. He was governor when Zenaida Gonzalez hired Keith Mitnik of Morgan & Morgan. What are the chances of Casey Anthony getting a fair deal in this civil case when the ex-governor is now part of her opposition? What political favors will come Mr. Mitnik’s way with the ex-gov as a partner in his firm?


Perhaps it was decided that “The Casey Anthony Gravy Train” the gift that keeps on giving is worth more than a guilty verdict to a few politicians.
What’s to come in the years ahead? How did the death of an innocent child become so political? Inquiring minds want to know.

So not to be left at the station…
Texas EquuSearch attorneys also want to depose Casey Anthony on October 8th.



By Anthony Colarossi and Amy Pavuk, Orlando Sentinel
2:59 p.m. EDT, July 27, 2011

POSTED: Friday, July 15, 2011
UPDATED: 4:27 pm EDT July 15, 2011



No one knows where Casey Anthony is, but America’s most notorious recent murder defendant doesn’t have to fret about her legal bills reaching her so says Chris Lehmann, editor of Yahoo News.
That’s because $119,000 in defense fees racked up during her trial which produced a shocking not-guilty verdict in her home jurisdiction of Orlando, Fla., earlier this month have been picked up by Florida taxpayers. The same is true for another spending $5,800 in fees that Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez has billed to his client’s case, putting the overall taxpayer tab at just shy of $125,000.
This is an incredible amount of money, especially when you add $200,000, the amount ABC paid to Casey Anthony for pictures of her daughter Caylee Anthony, the 2 ½ year old victim of the alleged crime that Orange County Florida indicted, making this entire disaster a $325,000 waste of tax-payer money so far. Obviously first degree murder with possible death penalty doesn’t come cheap.


According to an article titled “The Costs of Capital Punishment” by J. Rank, provider of thousands of free legal articles;
In 1989, the state of Florida executed 42-year-old Ted Bundy. Bundy confessed to 28 murders in four states. During his nine years on death row, he received three stays of execution. Before he was put to death in the electric chair, Bundy cost taxpayers more than $5 million.

In the good old days of 2003, the cost of a proper execution without the bothersome appeals was minuscule. In 2003 the state of Florida paid $150 to the executioner, $20 for the last meal, $150 for a new burial suit, and $525 for the undertaker’s services including a coffin, the cost on a decent execution was less than $1,000.

But thanks to a Supreme Court decision, Furman V. Georgia, 408 U.S. 238, 92 S. Ct. 2726, 33 L. Ed. 2d 346 (1972), states found it necessary to introduce a complex appeals process that would guarantee the rights of death row inmates.
Apparently capital trials are much more expensive to carry out than are their non-capital counterparts because of the price at stake, a human life.
Evidence gathering is also more expensive. Evidence must be collected not only to determine the guilt or innocence of the accused but also to support or contradict a sentence of death. All sentences of death face a mandatory review by the state supreme court, at an additional cost of at least $70,000. If a case advances further in the state or federal appeals process, the costs are likely to jump to $275,000 or more for each appeal. Incidentally these figures are those of 2003, not 2011.

Perhaps, the good citizens of Florida should send out a big “Thank You” card to Jose Baez and the entire defense team for their hard work in getting Casey Anthony acquitted of first degree murder relieving them of the cost and the expense of several hundred thousand dollars for each of her appeals.
Had she received the death penalty another $275,000 bill would surely come their way. The tax-payers wouldn’t be delighted and possibly remorseful after hearing that the State had withheld evidence that proved Casey Anthony only searched “chloroform” once and not 84 times as Linda Drane Burdick claimed. They would most likely wonder if it was worth the price to execute someone on unreliable evidence.

Instead, I would suggest that the tax-payers of Florida should spare no expense in getting answers and possibly financial retribution from their own State Attorney’s who erroneously over-indicted Casey Anthony without solid evidence or proof of premeditation and for withholding exculpatory evidence that perhaps would have stopped the trial before it began had they doubled checked CacheBack’s reliability.


I recall Cheney Mason’s plea to Judge Perry for acquittal during the course of trial on June 16, 2011. Cheney Mason argued for acquittal, but nonetheless Judge Belvin Perry rejected this motion. Judge Perry claimed “the state has established substantial competent evidence for the jury which is the trier of fact in the case to decide.”
Defense attorney Cheney Mason vehemently shot back that the State has not even proved that a murder occurred. The cause of death is unknown. Only the manner of death was established, to rule Caylee`s death as a homicide. The cause of death “homicide” was an opinion of medical examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia.

In any first degree murder indictment, one of the criteria is premeditation. Suspicious internet searches were deemed premeditation thus manufacturing more ammunition in their quest to charge Casey Anthony with First Degree Murder and possible death penalty.
Considering the latest revelation and the computer evidence now debunked thanks to the State’s own computer expert John Bradley and his software, CacheBack’s erroneous calculations, there’s a few flies in the ointment that needs tending to.

A person’s freedom
A person’s reputation
A person’s ability to earn a living
A person who will forever live in fear because she is in the scope of lunatics who want her dead

She did not premeditate murder as Asst. State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick alleged.


In retrospect, the State of Florida is also responsible for sentencing Casey Anthony unreasonably as a first offender on check fraud charges stemming from checks she had written from Amy Huizenga’s checking account during the time she failed to report Caylee’s death.

By making Casey Anthony a 6-time convicted felon which was a legal maneuver on the part of the prosecution meant to add drama for the media and create doubt of Casey’s credibility if she were sentenced to death and put on the stand to testify in her own behalf.
Another possible reason the State Attorneys wanted Casey Anthony to be a 6-time convicted felon was to further her eligibility for the death penalty.

However, even though she was found not guilty of all major charges the fact remains, she is still a convicted felon which now impedes on her right to earn a decent living. Many employers look down upon convicted felons and refuse to hire them.

Since Casey Anthony was acquitted of first degree murder, first degree child abuse, first degree child neglect and with the check fraud charges still hanging over her, I’m hoping after 5 years of good behavior, that there’s an extraordinary attorney out there who’ll be willing to fight to have those charges expunged from her record.

Linda Drane Burdick perhaps?


As an Afterthought..
What I’ve learned from the Casey Anthony case is that law enforcement is not always honest and that if the crime a person is accused of is against a child or another helpless human being that any zealous prosecutor in need of help at the polls or some other nefarious reason could build a case against anyone with the right amount of help.
In this case, the crime was against a child and the suspect’s own family did the helping.

Given the right amount of dysfunction and public outcry, the worst almost happened yet miraculously our judicial system worked through it all proving hate and revenge is not the answer.
Sadly, what I witnessed was by and large an egregious violation of trust from some elected officials. The state of Florida deserves better.


Headline: Taxpayers foot bill for Casey Anthony defense

 Editor, Chris Lehmann of Yahoo news


Read more: Law Library – American Law and Legal Information http://law.jrank.org/#ixzz1SsTDfgJZ

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