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Casey Anthony 2013Not surprisingly, the Casey Anthony saga has not come to pass. Casey Anthony is back in the headlines after 3 years since Orange County Florida miserably failed to prove she murdered her beautiful, well-loved 2 ½  year old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony.

After the shocking verdict in July 2011 and after spending 3 years in solitary confinement awaiting trial, she solemnly attempted to regain her life as a free citizen.  True, she was acquitted of 1st degree murder but was found guilty of lying to law enforcement.  For that she was sentenced to four years in prison with credit for time served but she would have to spend another year of probation under the guidance of Orange County Corrections stemming from a 2010 check fraud conviction.  With all criminal debts paid, Casey Anthony then filed for bankruptcy.

Subsequent to the acquittal, Anthony was bombarded with several bogus lawsuits. On July 7, 2011, only 2 days after she was acquitted, Tim Miller owner of a non-profit organization Texas Equusearch posed a question to the public.  Should he or should he not file a lawsuit against Casey Anthony or her attorney Jose Baez? The public roared “yes!”

He claims he spent over $100,000 searching for Casey’s daughter Caylee. He’s claiming this because he says Casey Anthony or her attorney Jose Baez asked for his help.
Where are the records of this phone call? Where is the documentation, a letter, an email?

I’ve searched the documents released and haven’t found one correspondence between Casey Anthony and Tim Miller.

The only words Tim Miller ever said was that when he was leaving the Anthony home, Casey said to him, “Well thanks for being here, I know she’s alive out there somewhere… So please bring her back” so he says.

Of course, at the peak of this missing child investigation, while on the Nancy Grace Show, Miller was more than happy to repeat her response to solidify what the general public already wanted to believe, Casey Anthony didn’t care about Caylee.

Thanks to the Sunshine Laws and Orlando local media, it’s public knowledge that it was Casey’s mother Cindy Anthony who called Tim Miller, asking for his help. And she wanted Tim Miller to look for a live missing Caylee, not a body.

Apparently Tim Miller paid no attention to Cindy nor to Casey’s farewell to him because he in all of his searches for Caylee, he never searched for a live missing child. He only searched for a body, a body which he ironically failed to find that was only 14 or so houses from the Anthony home.  At that juncture, his only lost was a 4-wheel ATV which he damaged while searching the exact area where Roy Kronk would officially find her body on December 11, 2008.

The irony is rich

quote Judge Stan Strickland.

So why did Tim Miller and his attorney Marc Wites sue Casey Anthony and how did he win his case?

This may be the answer.  According to The Huffington Post…

“Bankruptcy trustee Stephen Meininger wanted her creditors to benefit from her story, but Anthony’s lawyers objected, raising constitutional and other issues.”

Tim Miller and his attorney Marc Wites settled the suit. Under the settlement, Anthony will not object to Texas EquuSearch being named as a $75,000 creditor in her bankruptcy case, and Texas EquuSearch will not object to Anthony’s bankruptcy petition for discharge. But it doesn’t end there for Casey.

Standing behind Tim Miller in line for a piece of the “Imaginary Casey Anthony Pie” is motel maid Zenaida Gonzalez and the suspicious finder of Caylee’s remains, meter-reader Roy Kronk.

Casey Anthony Fights Back

Earlier this month, Anthony’s lawyers filed 2 motions asking a Federal judge to throw out both defamation suits. Her new lawyers say that the lawsuits are “spurious” and fail to establish “willful and malicious” acts which are the only way they are lawful.

Anthony’s lawyers went on to say…

“This travesty has gone on long enough,” Ms. Anthony implores the Court to end this matter so she can begin the fresh start she is promised by the law.”

Certainly Casey Anthony deserves a fresh start both legally and morally. Her new lawyers are fighting vehemently to get her there.  No doubt, her most valuable asset is the rights to her life story.

As I recall in the earliest days of this strange disappearance of a child, Casey admonished the press for their harsh coverage of her case. In one of Casey’s truthful moments she swore when this was over that she’d never give them a press conference. She told the truth.


The JBMission~






That’s what her new attorney Charles Greene is predicting. Agreed, I do see the writing on the wall. Morgan & Morgan have the Really Big Show scheduled for early January 2013, that’s if we all don’t perish on December 21, 2012.
It’s a good thing that Judge Munyon didn’t schedule the trial a couple of weeks earlier or Casey would be blamed for that too.
I’ve been sitting back waiting for the next viable Anthony story. We’ve seen the Oh-So-Intriguing Casey Anthony video introducing her new dog, Smooch. We’ve been through the media fanfare of how the video was released and the mystery of who released it and most recently the latest announcement that Casey Anthony will soon be baptized all awhile she hides out from the hog wild investigators of Morgan & Morgan law firm.

So I’ll bite.
This thread is open for more Casey Anthony drama as I’ll do what I can to keep us posted on updates. Stay tuned for the exciting prelude to “Casey Anthony Part 2!”


Meet Zenaida Gonzalez, the plaintiff

Before she heard of Casey

After she heard of Casey

That’s Zenaida Gonzalez without the middle name Fernandez. She’s the plaintiff suing Casey Anthony for defamation of character because in Casey’s first police report she stated that on June 16, 2008 she left Caylee at Sawgrass Apts. in the hands of a person named Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez. It just so happened that the plaintiff Zenaida Gonzalez visited Sawgrass Apartments on June 17, 2008, the day after. Due to over zealous investigators quick to make unfounded accusations released to the media the woman’s name and personal information as a potential suspect. No one would have seen a picture of the plaintiff had the investigators not jumped to conclusions.


Meet Keith Miknik, attorney for Gonzalez

Keith Miknik

He says “She has been sucked into it. She’s the one police came to and questioned

her about kidnapping and murder, for goodness sake”


Meet John Morgan, attorney for Gonzalez

John Morgan

A highly recognizable attorney of south-central Florida. Highways are cluttered with billboards along with his picture and advertisements as a personal injury lawyer. His motto “For the People”, especially people who can earn him money, fame, fortune and the national attention he plans to gain by representing Zenaida Gonzalez v. Casey Anthony in a defamation lawsuit.


Meet Matt Morgan, attorney for Gonzalez

Matt Morgan

Son of John Morgan of Morgan & Morgan law firm. As a courtesy to the Orlando Sentinel, Matt Morgan provided a picture of Zenaida Gonzalez’s new look.


Meet John Dill, attorney for Gonzalez

John Dill

He says “We’ll track her down. Again, she’s not in Nevada, Bob. We’re going to find her if we need to, and we will.”

As of March 24, 2012, Mr. Dill has not found the elusive Casey Anthony.

Note* Finding Casey Anthony is quite a conundrum for Zenaida Gonzalez’s attorneys. Without their star defendant, the “Really Big Show” might not be so big. Bill Sheaffer, legal analysts for WFTV says “If she’s served and that subpoena is a valid service of process, then she is required to be at this trial.”  Anthony’s attorney disagrees. He says that in any civil lawsuit, the defendant is not required by law to attend trial. Nonetheless the search goes on. “Where is Casey?”


Meet Casey Anthony, the defendant

Before being charged with murder of her daughter Caylee

After being acquitted of all charges associated with her daughter's death

Since July 5, 2011, the day Casey Anthony was acquitted of all charges involving with the death of her daughter, she has been bombarded with several civil lawsuits. She has since been forced to live in hiding due to death threats towards her and her attorneys.


Meet Charles Greene, attorney for Casey Anthony

Charles Greene

He says “This case is so expensive for Orange County because people are already lining up for tickets for Casey Anthony 2′ as the trial is now being billed” in an interview with Bill Sheaffer, legal analyst.  He goes on to say, “Casey’s notoriety is being hijacked for the civil court case brought by Gonzalez.”

Mr. Greene’s area of law and expertise is in criminal defense, civil litigation, trial practice and products liability. He is currently representing Casey Anthony in the upcoming civil trial Gonzalez v. Anthony.


Without a doubt, by the end of the year Morgan and Morgan will have pulled every publicity stunt and unexpected press conference known to man. 

Rest assured by Christmas 2012, we will be hyped and ready for

Casey Anthony Part 2!








One, two, three…Three civil lawsuits have been filed against Casey Anthony!
• Zenaida Gonzalez
• Tim Miller
• Leonard Padilla

Casey Anthony lawsuits are like first husbands, you always have to throw the first one out. This is how I feel about Zenaida Gonzalez’s pending lawsuit. Considering Judge Lisa Munyon seems to be a no-non-sense judge, I think Morgan & Morgan are going to have to pull some fat furry rabbits out of their hats in order to get a 15K settlement off of Casey Anthony. The M&M’s are going to have to prove damages caused by Casey.
The World Awaits, unlike like the judges before her, Judge Munyon is not likely to automatically rule against Anthony in order to gain popularity.

Here Comes Tim Miller

On July 6, 2011, one day after Casey Anthony was acquitted, Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch appeared on CNN asking for the opinion of the public as to whether or not to file a lawsuit against Casey Anthony and/or Jose Baez for the return of $100,000 he says he spent searching for Caylee Anthony.
He cites Jose Baez’s opening statement, claiming Caylee was never missing as just cause and that Casey Anthony and Jose Baez should reimburse him for money spent and time wasted. Tim Miller has no proof as to when Casey Anthony admitted to Jose Baez that Caylee died in an accidental drowning nor will he ever know since this is client/attorney privilege.

Apparently the opinions of the disgruntled masses said yes. Tim Miller served Casey Anthony while she was still in jail even though FOX 26 legal analyst Chris Tritico thinks that because TES is a volunteer organization that they will not have a right to ask for their money back since they work for free.

I say, if Texas Equuasearch were an incorporated profiting business and Casey had paid him 100K to find her daughter, dead or alive, he should reimburse her because Roy Kronk did the job that Tim Miller couldn’t, even with 4200 searchers, 32 of them at the “hot spot” as he called it. Roy Kronk obviously didn’t need a 4 wheeler either.

Incidentally, Roy Kronk is suing Leonard Padilla for 15K in a civil suit. Apparently Leonard Padilla let his mouth run a bit too much on the Nancy Grace Show and tweeted some not so nice tweets on Twitter. Personally, I’d prefer for him to sue Nancy Grace since she profited from Leonard Padilla appearances, therefore giving him a platform to spew his speculation and mild mistruths about Roy Kronk.

Padilla, whose website lists him as “World Famous Bounty Hunter & Godfather of Bail,” had this to say to Roy Kronk.

“Truth is a defense to any defamation suit filed,” Padilla said in a brief phone call this afternoon. “In my experience and knowledge of Roy Kronk, he’s a [expletive] liar. I will give them time to add that into their lawsuit.”

Padilla, obviously looking for a free trip to Orlando during the lingering national media blitz post acquittal, is said to have asked Kronk and his attorney to pay for his and his attorney’s round-trip airfare to Orlando so he could be served with the legal paperwork directly.
Perhaps theJBMission should meet in Orlando to attend the trial.

On September 1, 2011, Howard Marks representing his client Roy Kronk filed a lawsuit against the National Enquirer for $15million.

Orange County, Fla., meter reader Roy Kronk, who found the remains of two-year-old homicide victim Caylee Anthony, is suing the tabloid and its parent company, American Media, for defamation, due to a story that that the paper reported about Kronk in a Dec. 7, 2009 report.

Maybe he’ll send us the airfare after he wins this one.
In all fairness, Roy Kronk, unlike Padilla did not directly insert himself into this alleged murder. Although he did admit in one of his several interviews with law enforcement that he was interested in finding Caylee Anthony by telling his co-workers, paraphrasing, “I bet she’s in those woods”, what came after was not his fault and the National Enquirer should not have ran this story titled, “Casey Anthony Says Meter Reader Killed Caylee”. I’d like to see how the National Enquirer proves this statement.

Here Comes Leonard Padilla

Now Padilla is suing Anthony and her attorney, Jose Baez, for the cost of those services. The suit asks for about 200-thousand dollars. Padilla claims Anthony and Baez accepted his help looking for Caylee, even when they knew the child was dead.

“We feel that we were conned,” Padilla told FOX40 on Monday.

“(Baez) mislead us, obviously, because in his opening statement at the trial, he said that the child had never been missing, which obviously concludes that he and Casey knew what had happened to the child, and where the child was dead, and buried.”

I say, Leonard Padilla was never asked by anyone to help in the Anthony case. He directly inserted himself in to the Anthony case as he enjoyed the media fanfare and did he really think that a murder suspect was going to be honest with him? He’s a bail bondsman, he should be used to being lied to. Again, what and when Baez learned of what happened to Caylee will never be revealed to him, client/attorney privilege.

In addition, if in a court of law, jurors are asked not to consider an opening statement as truth so why would the same court rule in favor of litigious media pigs who are using it as grounds for a lawsuit? Isn’t an opening statement for a defense lawyer simply a scenario in order to raise reasonable doubt? These opening statements are not arguable as they would be argued and proved during the trials. This is because an effective opening statement establishes the facts of the case and sets forth a legal theory and explanation for why the attorney’s client should prevail which is exactly what the opening statement was in the Anthony case, a theory.

As the rest of the world sits back in repugnance, litigious media pigs are still trying to make a pay day off of the death of an innocent child.  Enough already!







Roy Kronk Lawsuit vs National Enquirer

TES Lawsuit



Such as “What is your legal name?”

According to WESH.com Zenaida Gonzalez will be deposed today. As expected, there is no public outcry or court petitions to have it aired on the public airways.
There are no updates coming from the Morgan & Morgan website to report and none from Casey Anthony’s lawyer, Charles Greene.

Obviously, Mr. Greene’s intentions are clear. Zenaida Gonzalez is not his hired clown to entertain us. Nor is a legal deposition in a civil lawsuit his personal 3-ring circus to garner fame and fortune.


It is the American judicial system at work.


ORLANDO, Fla. — The woman who filed a lawsuit against Casey Anthony for defamation will be deposed Tuesday despite attempts to keep her from answering questions.

Attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez wanted her deposition pushed back until Anthony answered questions without invoking her Fifth Amendment right.
A judge denied that request.
Gonzalez claims Anthony ruined her reputation by claiming a woman with the same name kidnapped her daughter, Caylee Anthony.




Original Card

Doctored Card


Casey Anthony Deposition

For Casey Anthony
CHARLES M. GREENE, ESQUIRE (via videoconference)
Charles M. Greene, P.A.
28 East Washington Street
Orlando, Florida 32801

ANDREW J. CHMELIR, ESQUIRE (via videoconference)
Jacobson, McClean, Chmelir & Ferw
351 East State Road 434 — Suite A
Winter Springs, Florida 32708

For Zenaida Gonzalez
Morgan and Morgan, P.A.
20 North Orange Avenue — Suite 1600
Orlando, Florida 32801


Let the Dissecting Begin

Page 5 of 51

Thank you. Are you familiar with the person by the name of Zenaida Gonzalez?

On behalf of Miss Anthony and pursuant to the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article 1 of the Florida Constitution, I instruct her not to answer that question, and I object on the grounds it could tend to incriminate.

MR. MORGAN: Chuck, she’s going to have to invoke that right herself, so I’m going to ask —

MR. GREENE: No, she’s not. I’ve just invoked it.


And so it begins, John Morgan needed Charles Greene to explain the 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article 1 of the Florida Constitution! He wasn’t too happy about Casey’s attorney answering for her. He wanted Casey to take the 5th in her own voice which proves to me that he planned to have this video conference released in the press for fame and fortune in hopes of winning this case in the court of public opinion.
John Morgan should reflect on just how effective this worked out for Orange County in the first degree murder trial of Casey Anthony. Thankfully the presiding Judge Lisa Munyun of this civil matter denied Morgan & Morgan’s motion to have this video conference released to the media.

This is a typical response coming from Casey Anthony’s counsel said to be heard over 60 times

We object and assert Miss Anthony’s privileges against civil self-incrimination pursuant to the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article 1 of the Florida Constitution and instruct her not to answer.



The Objections

Objection One

Mr Greene:  On behalf of Miss Anthony, we assert her privileges against self-incrimination pursuant to the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article 1 to Florida Constitution and instruct her not to answer.

Objection Two

Mr. Greene: I assert the attorney-client privilege on behalf of Miss Anthony and instruct her not to answer the question to the extent anything she knows came from communications from her counsel.

Mr. Morgan: Thank you.


Casey Anthony took the 5th when asked…

Mr. Morgan:
Miss Anthony, was there ever a person named “Zanny” or “Zenaida” who was a nanny to your child Caylee Anthony?

Mr. Greene:

When asked this question, Mr. Greene objected, attorney-client privilege

MR. MORGAN: And you heard José Baez in his opening statement state that you had made up the story of Zenaida Gonzalez; isn’t that true?

MR. GREENE: Just a moment while we discuss whether to assert a privilege.
(Off-the-record discussion was had.)

It was decided by Casey’s counsel that this was an attorney-client privilege issue.

Mr. Green allowed Casey to answer in her own voice. She said yes. Mr. Morgan then asked, “Was he being truthful when he said that or was he lying to the court?
Mr. Greene quickly objected on two accounts, one this was a compound question, two, this fell under attorney-client privilege.
Obviously, Mr. Morgan was attempting to slander Jose Baez for defending his client. Everyone knows, including “Mr. John Morgan” that the opening statement does not have to be proven in court.

At this juncture, Mr. Morgan retreated, “All right, Let me – let me -”

Page 20 of 51
Mr. Morgan asked “And, Miss Anthony, you’re aware that Zenaida Gonzalez filled out an application to live at Sawgrass Apartments, are you not?”

How would Casey know this? ZG filled out an application supposedly on June 17, 2008, not on June 16th, the date Casey claimed she dropped off Caylee, unless of course Casey is psychic.
As we would expect, Charles Greene objected on Casey’s behalf, asserting the 5th Amendment.

Mr. Morgan posed the next question. “Miss Anthony, the application that Zenaida Gonzalez filled out at Sawgrass Apartments enabled you to know a lot about her personal life, did it not?

Is this what ZG’s attorneys are contending, that Casey somehow had access to this information and that’s how she knew the names of Zenaida’s daughters? I’m not able to follow this logic because, firstly, the guest card was dated the day after Casey claimed to visit Sawgrass Apts, secondly, the only way that Casey would have access to her information is if she knew someone who worked at the Sawgrass office. Does Casey know Amanda Macklin?

When Morgan asked this, “Miss Anthony, are you aware that the police knew specific things about Ms. Gonzalez, including her children, the type of car she had that only have been provided to them by you?
Mr. Greene objected to the question’s form asserting; calls for hearsay, assumes facts not in evidence and that cannot be proven. In addition, calls for attorney-client privilege and the 5th.
I seem to recall that the police were feeding Casey with information at this time.
Mr. Morgan follows up with “Miss Anthony, are you aware that Ms Gonzalez was kicked out of her apartment complex because of the false information you gave to the police?
It was always my understanding that ZG lived in a motel room, not an apartment. I hope Mr. Morgan has proof to back up this claim.
Mr. Morgan should also be able to prove that ZG lost her job because of this misunderstanding which shouldn’t be very hard to do. I’m sure the Judge would accept a notarized statement from ZG’s employer stating the reason for her dismissal.

Mr. Morgan then asked, ” Miss Anthony, are you aware that the result of your false information to the police that Ms Gonzalez received phone calls threatening to kill her children, her two little girls? Were you aware of that, Miss Anthony?”
This assertion begs the question; does Ms Gonzalez have proof of this allegation? Are there phone records and reports to law enforcement that this occurred?

On page 26 of 51
“Let’s talk a little bit about the description you gave to the police of Ms Gonzalez. Miss Anthony, could you describe for us today what the description of Zenaida Gonzalez was that you gave to the police?”

“Objection. The statements of Miss Anthony speak for themselves. In addition, we
object and assert Miss Anthony’s privileges against self-incrimination pursuant to the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article 1 of the Florida Constitution and instruct her not to answer.”

In my unprofessional opinion, I was thinking the same because this information is easily found in documented transcripts from the murder trial. Why would Mr. Morgan want to ask a question that he already has the answer to unless he’s trying to invoke an answer from Casey in order to discriminate her if she were to give a different description. A simple error in the description would make Casey seem untruthful which is ridiculous because this is the reason for the civil suit so I’m sure this was his intention. Yes Mr. Morgan, we all know she’s a liar. Remember the jury found her guilty on 4 charges of lying to law enforcement.

On page 28 of 51
In the deposition Casey again exercised her right under the 5th Amendment and did not answer this question,
“Have you ever seen this person before?”
as he pointed to a picture of his client, Zenaida Gonzalez.

After this response, Mr. Morgan comes back with this question.

So, Miss Anthony, in fact that is the Zenaida Gonzalez you were referring to when you made the false statements to police, is it not?

MR. GREENE: Objection to the form, among other things, compound and argumentative.

Indicative of Mr. Morgan’s propensity to badger Casey Anthony as she did not say that this was the person she was referring to when she spoke with the police.

However, Mr. Morgan did quote Casey statement, “that girl down in Kissimee” which I found strange. I’m now left wondering if Casey has seen this woman before.  Mr. Greene quickly objected to the form, compound and improper predicate and again took 5th on behalf of his client.

Interesting Questions that went unanswered that MORGAN asked:

    • .Miss Anthony, isn’t it true that there was a time in this murder investigation that the police met with you and you had the opportunity to exonerate Zenaida Gonzalez if you had wanted to?
      • Miss Anthony, isn’t it true that behind closed doors with the police and outside the view of the media you had this opportunity but decided not to take this opportunity and exonerate our client, Zenaida Gonzalez?
      • Miss Anthony, after you saw a picture of Zenaida Gonzalez shown to you by police, you then spoke to your mother about that, did you not?
      • Miss Anthony, have you ever been to Jay Blanchard Park?
      • Miss Anthony, what does timer 55 mean?

On page 33 of 51
Mr. Morgan asked, “Miss Anthony, when you spoke to your mother, you told her, in fact, that that was Zenaida Gonzalez, didn’t you?” Obviously Mr. Morgan misuses the word “fact”. There are no documents that support this accusation that I’ve found.
He continues to elaborate on the issue with the next question, “Miss Anthony, when you spoke to your mother and told her that that was the nanny for Caylee Marie Anthony, you knew, Miss Anthony, that your mother was then going to go out and publish your false statements to the media, to the press and to the public, did you not?

Apparently, Mr. Morgan believes that this is the “money shot”. This is the point that he’s hoping will bring in the dough but in reality, Casey’s mother, Cindy Anthony has never reported to the media that this particular Zenaida Gonzalez was the nanny, although, it is a fact that there are several women living in Florida who are named Zenaida Gonzalez. The fact is, Casey did inform law enforcement that this Zenaida was not the person she left Caylee with at the Sawgrass Apartments. Had she not told them this, I’m sure the police would have pursued and investigated this Zenaida Gonzalez much more than they did. Remember this Zenaida Gonzalez was exonerated by Yuri Melich within 3 days. Once the police discovered that this ZG wasn’t a suspect, that’s when law enforcement went full force on Casey Anthony as the murderer. Just as most of us know now, law enforcement spent very little time looking for a live Caylee.
I’m almost certain that the smell of decomposition in the Casey’s car that was parked in the driveway of the Anthony home, told them that Caylee Anthony was deceased.

On page 43 of 51
Mr. Morgan asks, “Miss Anthony, do you consider yourself a good mother to Caylee Marie Anthony? Mr. Greene’s objection to this question was stellar. Not only did he object as it as being self-incriminating, he asserted the question was argumentative designed solely for harassment.
Mr. Greene used the same basis for objection when Mr. Morgan asked, “Did your daughter die as a result of drowning?” Not only was it outside the scope and not in form, it was designed solely for harassment, much like the entire deposition. Quite frankly, there were only a handful of questions posed to Casey Anthony that actually pertained to his client Zenaida Gonzalez inability to earn a living which I thought was the basis for her civil suit.

Mr. Morgan ironically ended the deposition on this note

“Miss Anthony, because we do plan to have motions before a court and because out motives here are not to harass you or to embarrass you or to turn this proceeding into a circus, I conclude and suspend – not end – I’m going to go ahead and suspend this deposition taken of you. I hope that you and your counsel understand that we did not ask questions that many people wished we did concerning your employment history then and now, where you live, where you stay. We did not do this – we did this, this deposition, in pursuit of truth and not in pursuit of sensation.

There were two words that struck me in his closing. The word “circus” because as we all know the George, Cindy and Lee Anthony depositions were in fact a hilarious, colossal, ridiculous circus and the word “people” and the word “sensation” in the same sentence is a Freudian slip because in reality that is precisely what Mr. Morgan wanted, a “sensational circus for the people.”
Unfortunately for Morgan & Morgan, the Judge squashed his big idea and decided that the video of Casey Anthony’s deposition was not necessary for public viewing.

Judge Lisa Munyon is one smart lady.


*Note: John Morgan filed an “Emergency Motion For Protective Order Regarding And Objection To Taking Deposition Of Plaintiff, Zenaida Gonzalez, Before Casey Anthony’s Deposition Is Completed” yesterday, November 7, 2011 to stop Casey Anthony’s attorney Charles Greene from deposing his client Zenaida Gonzalez claiming Casey Anthony refused to answer most of John Morgan’s questions. The Zenaida Gonzalez’s deposition is scheduled for November 22, 2011 @ 9:00 am.
*oops, In the motion, John Morgan misquoted the date of Casey Anthony’s deposition as November 8, 2011. The correct date of her deposition was October 8, 2011.
Apparently, even seasoned, experienced attorneys are not always perfect in writing motions to the court.

*Note: Casey Anthony denied speaking to her brother Lee Anthony within the last 6 months and she has not spoken with her parents George and Cindy Anthony since October 14, 2008.

*Note: Andrew Chmelir is co-counsel to Mr. Greene. He and Charles Greene were in the room with Casey Anthony during this deposition via video conference.

*Note: John Morgan was asking the questions, his law partners, Matthew Morgan and John Dill were also in the room during this deposition via video conference.

*Note: As to be expected, on November 4, 2011, Matthew Morgan filed a Motion to Compel Answers to Deposition Questions. No ruling as of this date, Monday, November 07, 2011.






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