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Casey Anthony 2013Not surprisingly, the Casey Anthony saga has not come to pass. Casey Anthony is back in the headlines after 3 years since Orange County Florida miserably failed to prove she murdered her beautiful, well-loved 2 ½  year old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony.

After the shocking verdict in July 2011 and after spending 3 years in solitary confinement awaiting trial, she solemnly attempted to regain her life as a free citizen.  True, she was acquitted of 1st degree murder but was found guilty of lying to law enforcement.  For that she was sentenced to four years in prison with credit for time served but she would have to spend another year of probation under the guidance of Orange County Corrections stemming from a 2010 check fraud conviction.  With all criminal debts paid, Casey Anthony then filed for bankruptcy.

Subsequent to the acquittal, Anthony was bombarded with several bogus lawsuits. On July 7, 2011, only 2 days after she was acquitted, Tim Miller owner of a non-profit organization Texas Equusearch posed a question to the public.  Should he or should he not file a lawsuit against Casey Anthony or her attorney Jose Baez? The public roared “yes!”

He claims he spent over $100,000 searching for Casey’s daughter Caylee. He’s claiming this because he says Casey Anthony or her attorney Jose Baez asked for his help.
Where are the records of this phone call? Where is the documentation, a letter, an email?

I’ve searched the documents released and haven’t found one correspondence between Casey Anthony and Tim Miller.

The only words Tim Miller ever said was that when he was leaving the Anthony home, Casey said to him, “Well thanks for being here, I know she’s alive out there somewhere… So please bring her back” so he says.

Of course, at the peak of this missing child investigation, while on the Nancy Grace Show, Miller was more than happy to repeat her response to solidify what the general public already wanted to believe, Casey Anthony didn’t care about Caylee.

Thanks to the Sunshine Laws and Orlando local media, it’s public knowledge that it was Casey’s mother Cindy Anthony who called Tim Miller, asking for his help. And she wanted Tim Miller to look for a live missing Caylee, not a body.

Apparently Tim Miller paid no attention to Cindy nor to Casey’s farewell to him because he in all of his searches for Caylee, he never searched for a live missing child. He only searched for a body, a body which he ironically failed to find that was only 14 or so houses from the Anthony home.  At that juncture, his only lost was a 4-wheel ATV which he damaged while searching the exact area where Roy Kronk would officially find her body on December 11, 2008.

The irony is rich

quote Judge Stan Strickland.

So why did Tim Miller and his attorney Marc Wites sue Casey Anthony and how did he win his case?

This may be the answer.  According to The Huffington Post…

“Bankruptcy trustee Stephen Meininger wanted her creditors to benefit from her story, but Anthony’s lawyers objected, raising constitutional and other issues.”

Tim Miller and his attorney Marc Wites settled the suit. Under the settlement, Anthony will not object to Texas EquuSearch being named as a $75,000 creditor in her bankruptcy case, and Texas EquuSearch will not object to Anthony’s bankruptcy petition for discharge. But it doesn’t end there for Casey.

Standing behind Tim Miller in line for a piece of the “Imaginary Casey Anthony Pie” is motel maid Zenaida Gonzalez and the suspicious finder of Caylee’s remains, meter-reader Roy Kronk.

Casey Anthony Fights Back

Earlier this month, Anthony’s lawyers filed 2 motions asking a Federal judge to throw out both defamation suits. Her new lawyers say that the lawsuits are “spurious” and fail to establish “willful and malicious” acts which are the only way they are lawful.

Anthony’s lawyers went on to say…

“This travesty has gone on long enough,” Ms. Anthony implores the Court to end this matter so she can begin the fresh start she is promised by the law.”

Certainly Casey Anthony deserves a fresh start both legally and morally. Her new lawyers are fighting vehemently to get her there.  No doubt, her most valuable asset is the rights to her life story.

As I recall in the earliest days of this strange disappearance of a child, Casey admonished the press for their harsh coverage of her case. In one of Casey’s truthful moments she swore when this was over that she’d never give them a press conference. She told the truth.


The JBMission~






Headline News from the Orlando Sentinel…

Jose Baez Bar complaints explained
Discovery violations and Casey Anthony’s probation prompted complaints

“”For the  FIRST time, the Florida Bar is confirming the general nature of the two ongoing complaints lodged against Casey Anthony defense attorney Jose Baez.””

==================The Matter in Question=================

COMES NOW the Defendant, Casey Marie Anthony, by and through her undersigned attorney, and, pursuant to Florida Judicial Administration Rules 2.330(h), moves this Court for Reconsideration of the Court’s Order Granting State’s Motion for Sanctions/Motion to Compel, and Requests this Court to Vacate Findings of Contempt, and shows…
read here

The above link is no longer working. Below is what I saved on the matter in question.

In compliance with this Court’s order, counsel for the Defendant (Baez) and his office labored to provide all of the information requested. The documentation was approximately three hundred pages. Said defense wanted to fax the said documentation, but due to the fact that it was approximately three hundred pages in length, the Clerk’s office declined. As a result, Mr. William Slabaugh, Esq. of the Baez Law Firm drove from Kissimmee to Orlando in an effort to file the documentation before the deadline. He was thwarted by the Interstate 4 traffic, arriving at the Orange County Courthouse at two minutes after 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday evening the 14th of December of 2010. Mr Slabaugh was doing his best to substantially comply with the deadline, despite its volume. Please see Affidavit of William Slabaugh attached hereto as Exihibit “F”.

The traffic was heavy your Honor!!

See Section 6

Incidentally, Mr. Mason did hand deliver the entire package to both the State Attorney’s Office and the Clerk of Court the next morning December 15th. Most importantly, this good faith performance included all of the documentation that was not due for another 8 days, December 23, 2010.

Cheney Mason, author of this motion, further asserted that the defense did comply to the clarification of the 5 provisions set by Judge Perry in his courtroom.

Here’s what the Defense sent:

DR. JANE H. BOCK (Expert)
University of Colorado
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Dept.
Boulder, Colorado 80309
1. Dr. Bock curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 1.
2. Dr Bock’s field of expertise or medical specialty is Forensic Botany.
3. If Dr Bock were called to testify, her specific subject area will be Forensic Botany.
4. The substance of the facts which Dr Bock would be called to testify, would depend on the following:
• Whether the State calls Dr. Hall as an expert witness.
• Whether Dr Hall’s opinions are approved by this court as being based on scientific principles (Frye
• Whether Dr Hall can effectively survive cross examination.
If this Court should allow Dr Hall to testify, Dr Bock would be called to rebut his findings dealing with the recovery site and his conclusions based on viewing photographs of the recovery site.
5. A summary of Dr Bock’s testimony can be obtained from viewing her affidavit as listed under exhibit 2. She would rebut Dr Hall’s where he claims that he can determine the growth rate of roots, when he doesn’t even know the type of plant and without having viewed the root and seeing them from un-scaled photographs.

Chair, Department of Forensic Science
Laurentian University
935 Ramsey Lake Road
F-323A, Third Floor, Science 2 Bldg.
Sudbury ON P3E 2C6
1. Dr Fairgrieve’s curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 3.
2. Dr Fairgrieve’s field of expertise or medical specialty is forensic anthropology.
3. If Dr Fairgrieve were called to testify his specific subject area will be that involving cadaver dogs.
4. If Dr Fairgrieve were called to testify would depend on the following:
• Will this Court for the first time in the history of this state admit testimony concerning cadaver dog “alerts” as substantive testimony.
• Will this Court allow a canine to testify, via a dog handler, given Miss Anthony’s 6th amendment rights to confront her accusers and despite the fact that all “alerts” in this case are unrecorded, and resulted in negative results for human remains?
The substance of Dr Fairgrieve’s testimony would depend on the above and to rebut the testimony of the cadaver dog handlers in this case.
5. Of course a dog cannot testify. In the event that the State attempts this unusual tactic, a summary of Dr Fairgrieve’s testimony is that cadaver dogs are a tool and nothing more, absent the finding of human remains in their searchers, very little can be ascertained from such alerts.

DR. HENRY LEE (Expert)
University of New Haven
Forensic Science Program
300 Orange Avenue
West Haven, Ct 05616
1. Dr Lee’s curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 4.
2. Dr Lee’s field of expertise is Criminalistics.
3. If Dr Lee were called to testify, the subjects that he will render opinions on are crime scene analysis, collection and preservation as well as recovery.
4. Dr Lee inspected the Pontiac Sunfire driven by Miss Anthony. Dr Lee also inspected the recovery site photographs and also inspected the recovery site.
5. If Dr Lee were called to testify, the substance of the facts that he would be expected to testify would be to rebut any false claims raised by CSI investigators in this case. Until that occurs it is difficult to give a complete summary of his opinions and the grounds for those opinions.

23001 Greater Mack
St. Clair Shores, Michigan 48080-1996
1. Dr Spitz’s curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 5.
2. Dr Spitz’s field of expertise is forensic pathology.
3. If Dr Spitz were called to testify, the subject that he would render opinions on are his autopsy findings and those of Dr Garavaglia.
4. The substance of the facts that Dr Spitz will testify is that on December 24, 2008, he conducted a second autopsy on the decedent and found no signs of trauma and could not find a cause of death.
5. The summary of Dr Spitz’s testimony would relate to the condition of Caylee Marie Anthony’s remains and her cause of death.

1818 Craigmore Drive
Charlotte, NC 28226
1. Dr Reichs’ curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 6.
2. Dr Reichs’ field of expertise is forensic anthropology.
3. If Dr Reichs were called to testify, the subjects that she will render opinions on are forensic anthropology.
4. Dr. Reichs completed a full anthropological exam on Caylee Marie Anthony, she found no signs of antemortem trauma to Caylee Marie Anthony’s remains.
5. If Dr Reichs would be called to testify, the substance of the facts that she would be expected to testify to would be to rebut any false claims raised by the State’s forensic anthropologists. Until that occurs it is difficult to give a complete summary of her opinions and the grounds for those opinions.

Asst. Prof. of Biology
Concordia University, Nebraska
800 N. Columbia Ave.
Seward, NE 68434
1. Dr Huntington’s curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 7.
2. Dr Huntington’s field of expertise is forensic entomology.
3. If Dr Huntington were called to testify, the subject matter that he would render opinions to testify, the subject matter that he would render opinions on are forensic entomology.
4. The substance of the facts that Huntington would testify to are to rebut the claims made by Dr Haskill in his report and any testimony that he may provide in that regard. The only exceptions that Dr Huntington does agree with are the insect identification (including coffin flies) and he agrees with Dr Haskill that Caylee Marie Anthony’s body decomposed at another location and NOT the recovery site.
5. Dr Huntington’s opinions will agree with Dr Haskill that there were NO coffin flies found in the trunk of the Pontiac Sunfire, and that based on the insect activity her remains decomposed at another location. If Dr Huntington were called to testify, he would rebut any other claims that were not based on any scientific explanations.

University Medical & Forensic Consultants, Inc.
10130 Northlake Boulevard, Suite 214
West Palm Beach, Florida 33412
1. Dr Furton’s curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 8.
2. Dr Furton’s field of expertise is forensic chemistry.
3. If Dr Furton were called to testify the subject matter that he would render opinions on are forensic chemistry.
4. If Dr Furton were called to testify, the substance of facts that he would testify to would relate to the cadaver dog “alerts.” And those opinions rendered by the Oakridge laboratories.
5. The substance of Dr Furton’s testimony would if the were called to testify to are that the cadaver dog is a tool, not a witness. He will be able to testify about the procedures and limitations of cadaver dogs, as well as the odors of decomposition and the limitations in sound scientific principles currently used in decompositional odors.

National Medical Services, Inc.
3701 Welsh Road
Post Office Box 433A
Willow Grove, PA 19090
1. Dr Logan’s curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 9.
2. Dr Logan’s field of expertise is forensic chemistry.
3. If Dr Logan were called to testify the subject matter that he would testify to is forensic chemistry.
4. If Dr Logan were called to testify would depend on the Court admitting for the first time in any State air samples tested by Oakridge Laboratories.
5. The summary of Dr Logan’s testimony is that he disagrees with the methodology employed by Oakridge laboratories in their “Forensic Report.” That the science employed is not recognized in the scientific community.
1208 Wolverine Trail
Winter Springs, FL 32708
1. Dr Leeson’s curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 10.
2. Dr Leeson’s field of expertise is digital forensics.
3. If Dr Leeson were called to testify the subject matter that he would testify to is digital forensics.
4. Dr Leeson has reviewed the reports issued by State experts Sandra Cawn and Kevin Stenger.
5. If Dr Leeson would be called to testify, the substance of the facts that he would be expected to testify to would be to rebut any false claims raised by the State’s forensic computer experts. Until that occurs it is difficult to give a complete summary of his opinions and the grounds for those opinions.

16465 Old Frederick Rd.
Mt. Airy, MD 21771
1. Dr Rodriguez’s curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 11.
2. Dr Rodriguez’s field of expertise is forensic anthropology with an emphasis in taphonomy.
3. If Dr Rodriguez were called to testify the subject matter that he would testify to would be forensic taphonomy.
4. Dr Rodriguez has reviewed all reports dealing with the remains of Caylee Marie Anthony and those specifically discussing decomposition.
5. If Dr Rodriguez would be called to testify, the substance of the facts that he would be expected to testify to would be to rebut any false claims raised by the State’s forensic experts dealing taphonomy. Until that occurs it is difficult to give a complete summary of his opinions and the grounds for those opinions.

Poppeswegje 36, 8077 RT Hulshorst
The Netherlands
1. Richard Eikelenboom’s CV is attached as exhibit 12.
2. Mr. Eikelenboom’s field of expertise is DNA, crime scene analysis and trace recovery.
3. If Mr. Eikelenboom were called to testify, he would testify in the areas of DNA, crime scene analysis and trace recovery.
4. Mr. Eikelenboom has reviewed all of the reports and photographs taken at the recovery site and has personally inspected many of the items.
5. If Mr. Eikelenboom would be called to testify, the substance of the facts that he would be expected to testify to would be to rebut any false claims raised by the State’s forensic experts dealing with DNA, crime scene analysis or trace recovery. Until that occurs it is difficult to give a complete summary of his opinions and the grounds for those opinions.

1. Dr Freeman’s curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 13.
2. Dr Freeman’s field of expertise is that of a forensic Epidemiologist.
3. If Dr Freeman were called to testify, he would testify in the area of forensic epidemiology.
4. Dr Freeman is still in the early stages of consultation, the defense has notified the State of this, he was listed in an abundance of caution to meet the deadlines set by this court. No further information can be provided at this time.

Jose Baez was sanctioned in January by Chief Judge Belvin Perry and made to pay a fine for this what THEY call “willful violation” of a court order. I see nothing willful about it and I definitely see no violation.

In my opinion, Jose Baez did an excellent job of compliance. Notice the 5 criteria’s are nicely listed just as Judge Perry ordered. Ex-State Attorney Jeff Ashton should have been a happy guy but in those days of heated debates and hearings, nothing was good enough when it came to Defense Attorney Jose Baez and his hated client Casey Anthony.
Nonetheless, I don’t recall reading a detailed expert probable testimony list coming from the State Attorney’s Office. Shouldn’t both sides have to comply to the judge’s order?


Judge leaves a big mess in wake of his resignation

On to Judge Strickland’s weary resignation speech. I can only speak on my own behalf but in my opinion, it was Judge Strickland’s choice, a very poor one at that which provoked his recusal from the Casey Anthony case.
He admitted he read the Casey Anthony blogs. He had his court deputy approach this blogger in his courtroom while the cameras were rolling. What was said between the blogger and he is not audible but be that as it may, he said he complimented the blogger which is all fine and dandy.
To take it a step further…
Weeks later, when Marinade Dave announced he was in the hospital for complications of diabetes, he posted  his phone number on his site asking his readers to call him. Judge Strickland, made another bad decision. He called the blogger.

This blogger was in every sense of the word Anti-Casey Anthony. Other than verbally slandering everyone else, the Defense attorneys included, his only rule was to protect the Anthony’s from verbal attacks. No Cindy or George bashing.  Other than that the blog was run of the mill meaning no different than the hundreds of other Casey Anthony blogsites.

Besides the “Ode to Judge Strickland” plastered on his homepage and of course the bragging of the judge’s call to him, on March 18, 2010, Marinade Dave made another reference to Judge Strickland.  On an older post, not the current one most of his readers were using, under a comment I had made, he posted this.

Note the date, Nov-30-2009.


Marinade Dave // March 18, 2010 at 3:00 pm

  • I’m back. I had lunch. We all went out. Jose and gang, Linda Drane Burdick and
    company. I told them we wouldn’t all fit in Waffle House, but dang! We did.
    Cheney Mason even picked up the tab – plus, he left a big tip! Judge Strickland
    was telling funny jokes the whole time. I coughed in my coffee, it was so
    funny. The only sad part for me was that they all ate dessert, but I couldn’t.

What is a fine defense lawyer such as Cheney Mason to do?  Would it be ethical to have this knowledge and not ask for this judge’s recusal? If Casey, while being tried in Judge Strickland’s courtroom were found guilty of 1st degree murder and facing the death penalty, wouldn’t this be an enormous cause for appeal?

Jose Baez and Cheney Mason acted in the best interest of their client Casey Anthony. This judge had to go.
After the recusal, when it was announced that Judge Belvin Perry Jr. would preside over her case, the blogging community screamed with joy knowing Judge Belvin Perry’s death penalty record was a good one.

Of all of the judges in the Orange County Courthouse, he would be the one who would make sure the needle was stuck into Casey’s vein. The only thing standing in the way was the jury.
In a televised interview, after Casey’s acquittal, Judge Strickland tells Nancy Grace that the jurors had it wrong. The jurors were misguided because Juror #3 said she was sickened by the verdict.

In Judge Strickland’s interview with Nancy Graceless, clearly both seem misguided because “not guilty” does not mean innocent. It simply means there wasn’t enough evidence to prove her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. So be it.

Has anyone forgotten this is America?

And then there’s the matter of probation…

================Matter of Probation================

Not long after he made these statements, he corrected his sentencing order for Casey’s check fraud convictions and forced her to serve one year probation even though she was freed after her murder acquittal.  Even though Casey Anthony had a signed document from Orange County Corrections congradulating her on her completion of probation while she was in jail.

=================Matter of Timing================

On the same day, as the Florida Bar is confirming the general nature of the two ongoing complaints against Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez  there’s talk that Judge Strickland’s appearance on the Nancy Grace show has led to a Judicial Qualifications Committee complaint against the judge.


There another bombshell in waiting in the wings.  Yesterday, Judge Strickland announced through his counsel WFTV’s legal analyst, Bill Sheaffer that he will step down  after 17 years of service. December 31, 2011 will be his last day on the bench.


The JBMission~



Cyrus Casby

Cyrus Casby of Marrero, LA was acquitted in 2008 of killing 4 people including his 19-month old daughter. On November 10, 2004 he set the apartment on fire after stabbing his 17yo girlfriend Cynthia Carto 21 times and slashing 3 other victims, 19 mo Cyanna Carto, 33yo Janice Carto and Janice Carto’s 11yo son Cleveland McGinnis. He also injured her 10yo son Jarvis Carto. The boy was left with irreversible brain damage due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Casby was also charged with injury to a firefighter Walter Allen.

At his trial, Jefferson Parish prosecutors presented evidence showing a witness spotted Casby fleeing the scene of the fire. Prosecutors said Casby went to his parents’ home in Marrero, and in a neighbor’s backyard, they found Casby’s clothing soiled with gasoline and blood matching one of the victims. Casby returned to the fire scene later, where he was arrested and confessed to detectives that he acted in self defense.

Casby claimed during four hours of interrogation, he was beaten, choked and shocked with a Taser. He gave three recorded statements. The jury never got a clear explanation of what happened when the tape recorder was off. Defense attorney Jim Williams questioned it and asked detectives why there was no video which may have been problematic for the jurors. However, it is not the policy of Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office to use video to record interrogations, only audio.

Nevertheless, among the 325 pieces of evidence, a confession, an eyewitness and victim’s DNA on clothing linking Casby to the November 10, 2004 stabbing and arson, this was not enough. A jury deliberated an hour and 40 minutes before acquitting him of all four counts of second degree murder. Surprisingly, only two jurors voted for conviction.

Cyrus Casby’s freedom was short lived. In late July 2011, he was paid a visit by the Feds.
In a rarely used maneuver prosecutors reserve for cases that “cry out for another prosecution” the Federal authorities have re-indicted Cyrus Casby. He was found living in another state when he got the good news.
His attorney, Jim Williams said he was shocked to find out he had been indicted by the Federal court.

Prior to Casby’s trial, defense attorney ex-prosecutor, Jim Williams represented another young defendant charged with multiple murders named Troy DeRosa.

Troy DeRosa

Troy DeRosa was accused of killing 3 people and attempting to kill a 4th during a home invasion on Nov. 23, 2003. Jim Williams, with lawyer Brian Evans won an acquittal for DeRosa eight months earlier which was one of the reasons the Casby family hired him. Both Casby and DeRosa claimed they were beaten, coerced confessions with threats and physical abuse.

Mr. DeRosa’s freedom didn’t last 24 hours. One day after being acquitted of the Metairie triple murder, Troy DeRosa was booked with a 2000 killing of a disabled man in his Kenner home. The city of Kenner is also part of Jefferson Parish.
Kenner police filed a first-degree murder charge against DeRosa in the death of Howard Delahoussaye, a horse trainer who was shot five times in the head and shoulders. Delahoussaye, who had no legs, was found slumped over a chair in his living room at 632 Ronson Drive on April 8, 2000. Police think it was a drug-related homicide.
But in March 2008, prosecutors, apparently faced with witnesses who were jailed, were unable to bring the case to a grand jury, leading a judge to order DeRosa released on the charge.

Jefferson Parish much like Orange County, were not prepared for these scandalous acquittals especially when Casby’s trial in May 2008 came to an end. Both of these cases were high-profile, multiple-murders. Both were lost within an eight month period of September 2007- May 2008.

Orange County felt the burn much like Jefferson Parish when the city of Kenner immediately charged DeRosa with a 7 year old murder case after his acquittal. After Anthony’s acquittal, Orange County immediately went to miscounting her days to freedom subsequent her July 5th acquittal. Even though she had served nearly 3 years in a locked cell, in solitary confinement, they refused to allow her to walk out of the front door of the courthouse as her attorney Cheney Mason predicted. As I recall, it was first announced her release date would be July 13th but the next day it changed to July 17th.

From there it went to her having Casey Anthony serve a second probation even though there were documents proving she served probation while in jail for unrelated check fraud charges.
Judge Stan Strickland, a recused judge of her case claimed his orders were misunderstood. He claimed he ordered Casey to start probation on the day she was released from jail. Her acquittal was something he obviously did not consider. This order was fought in court. This order was lost in court. Casey Anthony is now in her 2nd month of one-year probation.
What seems like more vindictiveness, Casey Anthony now has to pay over $217,000 to Orange County Florida. This is for the time and money spent used to search for her daughter Caylee when she lied to detectives before being informed of her Miranda rights.

What are those magic words?

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to be speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you at government expense.”

I wonder if Casey Anthony had heard those words at Universal Studios, if she would have continued to talk to that nice cop Appie Wells? Or those two mean cops Melich and Allen? Probably not, I think hearing those words, Casey Anthony would have used her good sense and kept her mouth shut. She was playing nice girl because she thought they were being nice to her but I think they knew Caylee Anthony was already dead because of the smell of the car. If I believe that the detectives were telling the truth when they were on the stand and swore Casey’s car trunk smelled like human decomposition then I have to believe the reason for bringing Casey Anthony to Universal Studios was to confront her with her lies and garner a confession. It was supposed to be a really Big Day for OCSO.

Yes, it is human nature to be vindictive. No one likes to lose. Everyone despises murderers, particularly those that involve defenseless children. We all want justice for those whose lives were viciously cut short because of the evil intentions of another individual/s. We are outraged when our judicial system seems to fail us but did it really fail or did it work in the Anthony case?

After those two shocking acquittals, Jefferson Parish justice authority pondered the questions “why” and “how” did this happen in 2007-2008. They checked the percentages of the past few years.
In 2007, 81% were found guilty. In 2006, there was a 93% conviction rate, a spike from 2005 when the courts operated only 8 months of the year because of Hurricane Katrina. In 2005, juries convicted 82%. In 2004, it was 88% conviction.

Presently, there’s another threat lurking in the wings of this never ending Casey Anthony saga. There’s a petition with thousands of signatures begging the Federal government to try her again for the same crime. With news of Cyrus Casby upcoming Federal trial, the petitioners are hopeful Anthony will be retried as well.

Today Anthony is facing various frivolous lawsuits stemming from her “lie” told to detectives during interrogation. Casey Anthony in a recent interview with People Magazine explained she fears for her life while living in the United States and may have to move out of the country.

Although both Anthony and Casby were accused and acquitted of horrendous crimes and both high-profile cases, in Casby’s case there is physical evidence unlike Anthony’s.
As for Casey Anthony, although some are hopeful that the Outcry Petition will be fruitful, I beg to disagree. In the Cyrus Casby quadruple murder case there’s a confession, there’s victim DNA on his clothing, and an eye witness who saw him fleeing the scene. In the Anthony case there is none of the above, only a heart wrenching story of a beautiful child who is no longer with us, Caylee Anthony. There seems to be no end in sight for Casey Anthony.

Citizens Beware; Being acquitted isn’t as sweet as it seems

If you are accused of a crime against a child regardless of shoddy evidence, lack of DNA, fingerprints or eye witnesses it seems you’re doomed to suffer a lifetime of hatred. I’m not sure if that’s fair to any United States citizen.

The justice system should be accountable for their indictments and ensure that when they accuse someone of a crime that they have it right the first time and not hinge on the coattails of the victim’s innocence to garner sympathy and outrage in order to attain a conviction.


District Attorney Paul Connick Jr. alludes to what prosecutors call the “CSI Effect,” in which some people have skewed views of the criminal justice system based on what they see in popular television crime dramas.
Mr Connick, (cousin to Harry Connick Jr) added, “They develop what I would say are unrealistic expectations with regard to the collection and examination of evidence in cases,” he said. “And it could be one or two jurors who sway others who don’t watch the show. It’s not what’s supposed to happen.”

Incidentally, I most likely would be one of those two jurors.
Here we are in 2011 and with a ridiculous amount of scientific studies and forensic methodology, getting away with murder isn’t simply getting rid of witnesses and changing the color of your hair. Eye witness testimony is one of the major reasons that the Innocence Project exist. Being an eye witness can be a self serving act if the individual is in need of a favor. No one wants to go to prison, so things can be worked out. It’s the nature of the business.

Before the “CSI Effect” there were fictional law enforcement characters such as Dirty Harry and Popeye Doyle when we sat in movie theaters and applauded their actions. We all suffered from “The ends justified the means” mentality. In that era we were joyful and happy feeling all warm cozy, thinking we got the Bad Guy.
Thanks to Frank Serpico and his underground investigation into the NYPD, I can’t help but wonder how many possible innocent individuals went to prison in the 70s and 80s on false confessions and lying eye witnesses. We haven’t a clue but with the Innocence Project working hard in every state, we’re slowing finding out.

As of October 27, 2010 there have been 138 exonerations in 26 different States.

Florida 23 Oklahoma 10 Ohio 5 Mississippi 3 Kentucky 1
Illinois 20 North Carolina 7 New Mexico 4 South Carolina 2 Maryland 1
Texas 12 Pennsylvania 6 California 3 Indiana 2 Nebraska 1
Louisiana 8 Alabama 5 Massachusetts 3 Tennessee 2 Nevada 1
Arizona 8 Georgia 5 Missouri 3 Idaho 1 Virginia 1
Washington 1

There has to be a happy medium somewhere, we just haven’t found it yet.










As Casey Anthony is preparing for the much awaited return to Orange Co, FL in order to complete her sentence for check fraud handed down by Judge Stan Strickland, much ado has been brought to the surface by the Orange County Courthouse stemming from an elaborate hearing held in Judge Strickland’s courtroom which has prompted this question,

“Did Casey Anthony serve probation in jail as proven by documents from the DOC?”
Orange County says NO.

Judges Stan Strickland and Belvin Perry Jr. insist that 412 days of jail time and one year supervised probation is a reasonable sentence for any first-time offender convicted of writing fraudulent checks totaling less than $700 including victim compensation.
After a 6-week laconic courtroom battle with Orange County Courts, Casey Anthony’s defense team failed to become the victor as I expected.
Orange County and the state of Florida alike apparently are suffering withdrawal pangs from their addiction to the limelight that their favorite “most hated woman” brings to their little town of Orlando.
It didn’t take long for Orange County to realize that without Casey Anthony, there is no diversion from Orlando, Florida’s inability to convict her of 1st Deg Murder. Everyday that passed without Casey Anthony in jail, the local media and national news pundits focused heavily on what went wrong and why did the state of Florida fail to garner the guilty verdict so many thought was cut, dried and literally in the bag.

Whether it was promised or not, surprisingly seldom, if at all, did any pundit dare to speculate with words such as “there really isn’t any solid evidence”.
And so the hatred of Casey Anthony began. The lynch mob who chanted “bullshit” outside of the courthouse July 5th after the verdict was read and are now chanting “Yessss” because of yesterday’s decision. Regardless as to how mundane the probation issue really is, to the lynch mob, this means there’s a good chance that one of the renegade members can achieve what 12 jurors could not; a death sentence.


Meet Jessica Beagley

Part I

Jessica Beagley, a 36-year-old mother of six who punished her 7-year old adopted son by pouring hot sauce down his throat while warning him not to swallow or spit it out. While an older sibling followed orders to video tape the ordeal, Mrs Beagley instructedthe child to strip down naked and forced him into the bathtub for the dreaded cold shower.

 He’s being punished for getting “three cards pulled,” three infractions at school.
The boy can be heard screaming when Beagley forces him to take a cold shower.

 On video she’s heard saying, “When [he] gets a cold shower, I am at the end of my rope,” “Nothing’s gotten the results that I want.”

As a guest on a Dr Phil Show titled “Mommy Confessions”, Mrs Beagley, wife of a patrol officer, also admitted to spanking the boy and forcing him to do jumping jacks until he’s exhausted.

Jessica Beagley

She says she stopped using hot sauce & cold showers

I’m not a person who has hates easily but if I have a choice of hating someone for something that can not be proven as opposed to hating someone who video taped her own abusive punishments on a 7yo child for an entertainment show, I’ll chose what can be proven by video and admission each and every time.
In my opinion, Ms Beagley’s actions towards this child are demoralizing!! No only to him but his twin brother who has knowledge and possibly witnessed this abuse towards his twin brother. These two little boys spent 5 years in a Russian orphanage before being adopted by the Beagleys.
I have no way of knowing for a fact what the boys endured in the Russian orphanage but from what I’ve read, they were more than likely mistreated. I can only imagine how joyfully excited they were when they learned they were being adopted by an American family. It must have been a major disappointment when they were faced with such a military style environment and such an unloving mother.
This child Kristoff is now emotionally scarred for life and for that I HATE Jessica Beagley. I’m appalled and ashamed as an American that people like this are allowed to adopt children.

Snipped from an article released today August 24, 2011 | 11:03am

A jury in Anchorage convicted Jessica Beagley, 36, on a misdemeanor child abuse charge after viewing a videotape that Beagley had made. In the video, the boy — one of two 5-year-old twins she and her husband adopted from Russia in 2008 — is seen first being force-fed hot sauce and then crying loudly in a cold shower…

Sentencing is set for Monday. Beagley could face up to a year in prison and a $10,000 fine. Authorities have not said whether the boy, one of six children, will be removed from the home.

Needless to say I hate Jessica Beagley



Story released August 24, 2011
‘Hot sauce mom’ convicted of child abuse in Alaska

Story released Jan 30, 2011
By JESSICA HOPPER (@jesshop23)

“Alaska Woman Charged With Child Abuse After Appearing on ‘Dr. Phil’ Show”

Another Mother I Hate
Story: Mom Forces 12yo son to kill pet hamster for bad grades

Lisabeth Fryer, defense attorney and associate of Cheney Mason has signed an emergency motion that could stop Casey Anthony’s questionable probation. Casey Anthony is the mother acquitted of murdering her 2 1/2 year old daughter Caylee Anthony on July 5, 2011. The document was filed Wednesday, August 17, 2011 with the 5th District Court of Appeals in Daytona Beach.

The emergency motion is to quash, vacate and set aside the recent Court’s Order to have Casey Anthony return to Orlando on August 26th to begin probation.
Lisabeth Fryer listed in part of the motion Basis For Invoking Jurisdiction based on lack of jurisdiction and in violation of double jeopardy.

Under Part II, Statement Of The Facts,
Ms. Fryer reminds the 5th District Court of Appeal that The Honorable Stan Strickland was the original judge presiding over two cases involving the Defendant
On page 7 of 18 the motion points out Judge Strickland’s unusual and in my opinion inappropriate behavior regarding Casey Anthony. She states..

In the intervening time period between the between the filing of the Motion to Disqualify (App. A) on April 18, 2010 and the present the Judge’s subsequent public behavior has only stood to verify and reaffirm the fears of the Defendant as
to the Judge’s bias and prejudice. In particular, The Honorable Stan Strickland has
engaged in televised interviews with tabloid entertainment programs, such as “The
Nancy Grace Show,” in which he stated on national television that that he was
“shocked at the result” of the trial in which the defendant was acquitted of First
Degree Murder, Aggravated Child Abuse, and Aggravated Manslaughter of a
Child. App. D. This interview occurred after the verdict, but before sentencing.

Lisabeth Fryer listed a couple of other televised interviews Judge Strickland engaged in including an interview to discuss the Defendant’s trial, the jury, and resulting verdict with local NBC affiliate WESH.
“Full Interview: Former Casey Judge Talks Verdict, Jury” available at

“The Other Judge: Stan Strickland Shocked at Casey Anthony’s Acquittal” available at
Reporter Jacqueline Fell sits down with Stan Strickland, the original judge in the Casey Anthony case, to talk about the trial and his recusal in 2010.

Ms. Fryer adds on page 8 of 18

After the Defendant was released from her sentence on four misdemeanor charges imposed by the Honorable Belvin Perry, Judge Strickland, sua sponte, amended his original order to reflect that the Defendant serve her probation on her release in the present case. However, this action was taken 562 days after the Defendant’s probation began and without request from the State of Florida, with no notice to the Defendant or her counsel, and without regard for the fact that the Defendant had successfully completed the
terms of her probation. (App. A). Further, this action was taken after the
previously disqualified judge participated in multiple media interviews in which demonstrating unquestionable bias against the Defendant. Judge Strickland made statements related to his actions to the press then was unavailable for immediate legal issues on this matter, as he went on vacation. The Defendant was given 72 hours to report to supervised probation in Orange County. On August 2, 2011, Judge Strickland recused himself before the Defendant had an opportunity to file her Motion to Disqualify Previously Disqualified Judge. The same day, Defendant
filed a Motion for an Emergency Hearing to Quash, Vacate, and Set Aside the Order. (App. E).

Ms. Fryer addresses “Double Jeopardy”

“Three basic protections emanate from the Double Jeopardy Clauses of the
Federal and the Florida Constitutions:
1) protection against a subsequent
prosecution for the same offense;
2) protection against a subsequent prosecution
for the same offense after conviction; and
3) protection against multiple
punishments for the same offense.”

She cites several cases. One I like in particular is Hunsicker v. State, 881 So. 2d 1166 (Fla. 5th DCA 2004).
In the present case, Ms. Anthony has formally served her probationary period. A second period of probation would violate her protections against multiple punishments for the same offense. U.S. Const., amends. V & XIV; Fla. Const., art. I, § 9.

“Formally” is the operative word which in my opinion is hard to argue considering Anthony does have documentation signed and stamped by the Orange County Dept of Corrections.


In other news, George and Cindy Anthony will be guests on the Dr Phil Show airing on September 12th.

cfnews13 reported that the show is not compensating the Anthonys for the interview, according to the release, and is only being asked to donate to a charity organization that has been set up to advocate for the rights of grandparents of missing children.




Emergency Petition on Probation

Read more: http://www.wesh.com/casey-anthony-extended-coverage/28896300/detail.html#ixzz1VN0HDKEC

Read more: http://www.wesh.com/casey-anthony-extended-coverage/28896300/detail.html#ixzz1VN0n65t5

Read more: http://www.wesh.com/casey-anthony-extended-coverage/28896300/detail.html#ixzz1VN07JGik

Cindy & George Anthony to Appear on Dr Phil September 12th

ZubenElSchemali submitted on 2011/08/12 at 6:47 pm https://thejbmission.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/a-gentle-reminder/#comment-38866

This order has one huge flaw that jumped out at me. First he says that probation is not a punishment, but a rehabilitation. Then on page 9 he says, to not allow the judge to correct this clerical error

“…would clearly thwart society’s interest in extracting a full, fair and just punishment for a crime”.

Perry seems a little confused or perhaps is talking out both sides of his mouth. Then this…

…This court is very mindful that it is a high probability that there are many that would like to see physical harm visited upon the defendant.

THEREFORE IT IS ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that the Emergency Motion to Quash, Vacate and Set Aside the Court’s order is DENIED.

Sounds like a Freudian slip on Perry’s part, Zuben.

After reading a slew of awesome insightful intelligent comments from the previous article which I totally agree with everyone’s viewpoint, I don’t have much to add but one thing that came to mind which is similar to the Salem Witch Trial analogy as it applied to the Casey Anthony saga, here’s another analogy to ponder. . Has anyone read the book
“The Scarlet Letter”?
It’s about a woman falsely accused of adultery in the 1700’s during the Puritanical era. She was forced to wear the letter “A” everyday in public so to be ridiculed by society. It was later found that she was not an adulterer. Is this Judge Perry’s intention?

Last Wednesday when we all gathered around the television while eagerly awaiting “oh how, oh how will Judge Perry rule?” subconsciously I knew he would deny Casey’s motion. It was obvious to me that he knew damn well what he would rule but was too embarrassed to announce it while America watched.

I’m disappointed but not shocked by Judge Belvin Perry’s decision to agree with Judge Strickland’s ridiculous complaint claiming Casey Anthony didn’t serve her probation for check fraud charges while in jail. I KNOW she did. The Florida Dept of Corrections knows she did. There are papers to prove it yet documentation hasn’t meant much to these two judges who swore to uphold the American Constitution.

After following this case for the last 3 years, it was laughable to think that Casey Anthony would prevail. There’s no way in hell that she could possibly be given a fair and positive ruling when going up against these two men, Belvin Perry Jr and his sidekick
Stan Strickland.

Unlike the jurors, their agenda is not to weigh evidence and come to a judicially fair conclusion. These elected officials have popular opinion to attend to. Popular opinion screams for revenge therefore they will get it regardless of what the Constitution dictates.
Unlike the jurors who have no political agenda to tend, they’re free to impose whatever suits their fancy and in this case it’s a bitter vendetta.

No matter how hard I tried, I could not imagine any other ruling when it comes to Casey Anthony. This is the SAME judge who allowed junk science, incorrect computer forensics, an odd shaped stain in the trunk which had absolutely no forensic value and my all-time favorite, the “amazing invisible heart sticker” evidence into a court of Law, in a capital murder case.

I wouldn’t express my views so strongly, if it was “just us” a few rogue believers in truth and justice but it’s not! There are a slew of lawyers and judges who agree that Casey did indeed serve out her probation while in jail.

Having said that with all conviction, I hope in two weeks when she arrives back in Orlando, FL that the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the Dept of Corrections are readily prepared to protect her but honestly, I don’t have much faith in that so I suppose we can just sit back and watch this travesty play out and hope that someone doesn’t die in the process.

Will Casey Anthony survive her 2nd probation obligation to Orange County, Florida without harm to her or those around her? From the aura of my crystal ball, the vibes tell me that the OCSO or some fanatical individual so-called “justice seeker” will make sure that Casey somehow violates probation just to see her return to jail. From there, she’ll be right smack in the middle of The System where they can control her fate. Perhaps even implicate her in another murder case just for laughs. We are now well aware of what they are capable of. THEY have no shame when it comes to abusing the power they hold because they are The Law.

I had hoped on July 5, 2011 that after the acquittal that perhaps this case would slowly find its way into the history books but now it seems the Mission will carry on for at least another year therefore I’ll continue to cover each and every injustice Casey Anthony will face. Someone here @ theJBMission said,

“Injustice for Casey Anthony is injustice for All”
I concur!



The Scarlet Letter

More comments on Judge Perry’s decision pertaining to probation

Probation Order pdf

Judge Perry Rules on Casey’s Probation

What ARE my intentions?? hmm..

Today Monday, August 01, 2011, WESH.com reports:


After Anthony’s acquittal on murder and manslaughter charges, the conditions of her probation were apparently misinterpreted by the Department of Corrections, paving the way for Anthony’s release.
Since she was released from jail, her whereabouts have been unknown.
The state attorney’s office spokesman said the Department of Corrections policy allows defendants to serve probation while still in jail and not under sentence.

“I read the order,” said state attorney’s spokesman Randy Means. “The order said she was supposed to begin when she was released from her sentence.”

Strickland’s office told WESH 2 News on Friday afternoon that it was his intent that Anthony serve a year of probation after her release from jail.

January 25, 2010

Forgery of checks: Counts 3, 6, 9, 12, adjudication of guilt, sentenced 412 Days, Time Served

Count 2, ID fraud (fraudulent use of personal indentification) adjudication of guilt, 412 Days, Time Served

Count 1, Grand theft (total of all, over $300), adjudication of guilt, 412 Days, Time Served

“And That Will Be It!”

Really? What was Judge Strickland’s intent? No one seems to know. Dept of Corrections didn’t know and more importantly neither did Hon. Judge Belvin Perry Jr.

Judge Perry initially set Casey Anthony’s day of release to July 13th but went back and reevaluated and changed the date to July 17th which tells me everyone was looking really hard to find a way to keep Casey Anthony in jail.

Judge Perry, his staff and the Dept of Corrections worked diligently in the 12 days post Casey Anthony’s acquittal to add, subtract, multiply and divide each and everyday Casey Anthony spent in the Orange County Jail.

Without a doubt, there was NO RUSH to release Casey Anthony, the most hated woman in Florida, yet not one person could understand Judge Strickland’s check fraud sentence until a week ago.

The Chicago Tribune says:

“”The Orange County Clerk of Courts office confirmed Friday that it was working to amend the wording in one of Anthony’s sentencing documents to more accurately reflect Strickland’s intentions.””

The Orange County Clerk of Courts is working to “AMEND”the wording
in one of Anthony’s sentencing documents!!

Ironically Judge Stan Strickland,

 the Embarrassment is Richer!




Chicago Tribune

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