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Day 26 was the best day ever for the defense team in my perspective regardless of what the news media reports. Sometimes I wonder if we’re all watching the same trial.

As we expected, this trial would be a battle of the experts and not the battle of Casey Anthony’s character witnesses as prosecutors Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick had planned.

The Dastardly Duo totally underestimated their adversary Casey Anthony’s defense attorney Jose Baez. Apparently they wanted him to offer a plea of LWOP aka life without parole and make it easy. Little did they know that they would actually have to prove their case in order to convince the legal experts of America unlike convincing the general public via media sensationalism.
Sadly for the Dastardly Duo, they were fooled by popular opinion.
Setting up a timeline of circumstances and meshing them into Casey Anthony’s actions just doesn’t cut the mustard according to the legal pundits covering this trial. You see circumstances are a great when accompanied by solid evidence. It’s more of a validation feature of the case and not the case itself. It’s like putting on white pearls when wearing a black dress.

I believe it was Linda Drane Burdick who first thought if they looked on the family computers they’d come up with something and they did. They found chloroform. What a waste of tax payer money that was. If only I had a penny for every dollar the Dastardly Duo paid to investigate that I could afford to take the JB Mission on a trip to “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”. To think that they thought a weapon was needed to murder a toddler is not only sad but preposterous. And if the chloroform does fly then they always could check the adhesive of Henkel duct tape to see if that sticks.

Yesterday defense attorney Cheney Mason tried to present to the jury emails confirming that FBI agent Nick Savage questioned the involvement of duct tape and stated he was disappointed that Medical Examiner Jan Garavaglia hadn’t measured the strips of duct tape to scale. It seems Dr. Spitz was right, the autopsy was “shoddy”!

On cross-examination Cindy Anthony admitted she told Linda Drane Burdick in 2009 about her internet searches. She repeated “it’s in the deposition” as she explained how her search for “Chlorophyll” took her to searching “chloroform” indicating why LDB took this information and ran with it. Desperate prosecutors do desperate things.
When the media was begging for a bone, the Dastardly Duo lied claiming it was Casey who searched chloroform when in fact it was her mother Cindy who searched Chlorophyll.
Day after day, Jose Baez is tenaciously tearing down the State of Florida’s case making this trial not only the biggest case since Orenthal James Simpson but the most laughable case in history.

That’s all I have to say for now. Onward and forward to Day 27!



Here we are on Day 25 of the Trial of Casey Anthony hopefully on the path to truth.  Most of us who have followed this case for almost three years have formed an opinion.
From my experience as a person on the Other Side of The Fence, I feel it’s safe to say that 97% of Blogdom believed Casey Anthony was guilty of First Degree murder before the trial began. I say this because I have become the brunt of jokes, and accused of being Jose Baez himself. Of course none of that is true. From my perspective I see Mr. Baez as a very busy man since July 18, 2008 when he took on this case. To imagine he would have time for a blog is beyond ludicrous.
Unlike attorneys Bill Sheaffer or Richard Hornsby who have time on their hands to run a blog, Mr. Jose Baez Esq. is actually the lead attorney of the highest-profile case of this country since the trial of Orenthal James Simpson. The mere thought that he’s out cruising the blogs is about as factual as a heart sticker on the duct tape.
With that said, and the latest theory introduced in Jose Baez’s opening statement, I think prosecution supporters and defense supporters alike were taken aback. Not many saw this coming. I have to admit, I did kick around an accident that happened in the family home but I didn’t put George Anthony into my theory as the person who sexually abused Casey as an 8 year old child. But I did feel that, if anyone in the family would help dispose of a body it would be George, the ex-homicide detective.

One of our insightful readers blam has offered up her take of the latest theory. She’s broken it down into four parts Accident, Disposal of Body, Cover up, 911 call. Today, you’ll read Part I and Part II.
Blam has done an amazing job of putting a scenario together as to how this could have taken place.   She’s asked me to add her disclaimer:

This is submitted as speculation.  It is a thought, and Idea and open for comments.  This is MOO.

“my  own opinion”  Nothing more.


Part I& Part II :  https://thejbmission.wordpress.com/theory-part-i-deception/

Part III & IV :  https://thejbmission.wordpress.com/theory-part-iii-iv/



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After hearing Jose Baez’s opening statement, I find myself just as perplexed as I was on July 16, 2008.  I believe this is when I first heard the name Caylee Anthony, the missing Orlando, FL toddler who while under her mother, Casey Anthony’s care, was handed over to the child’s nanny and subsequently kidnapped.  There was much ado as to Casey’s party lifestyle and her propensity to tell lies.  Some of us dismissed this as a sign of guilt to murder and thought something else could have happened.  Others wanted to hang her without benefit of a fair trial and their protesting along with media sensationalism is the reason for having to find a jury outside of Orange County, FL.

Fortunately, this is America. The indictment is 1st degree murder with death penalty pending.  Casey Anthony has pled not guilty of the unclassified murder of her beautiful 2½ year old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony.

On Day One of testimony, Casey Anthony’s lead attorney Jose Baez changed the game in mid-field for Juror 209 ß MOI and Florida State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick when he announced Caylee Marie Anthony had died an accidental death on June 16, 2008.

According to the defense’s opening statement, Casey Anthony and her father George Anthony premeditated an elaborate scheme to confuse law enforcement into believing this was a case of kidnapping. George blamed Casey for Caylee’s accidental drowning and is said to have shaken Casey’s psyche by threatening her with a life in prison for her negligence.

Since May 24th, opening day of the trial, The JB Mission went from searching for a babysitter/nanny named Zenaida Gonzalez, dissecting gobs of cell phone pings and computer forensics to now speculating the Anthony family dynamics and the possibility of incest/sexual and physical child abuse of the defendant Casey, in effort to make sense of the defense’s claim.

Most of us now are left wondering if this true?  But why was a “Zenaida Gonzalez” visiting Sawgrass  Apartments on June 17, 2008, one day after Casey Anthony claimed to have left Caylee?

I’m wondering what the seated jurors are thinking.  For me and other followers of this case, the defense has taken us from investigating the possibility of Casey Anthony’s innocence to seeing her as a victim of child abuse who participated in the cover-up of an accident so I ponder..

What are the Jurors thinking?

(List Courtesy of Investigation Discovery)

 Juror 1 — The Counselor:  White, female, age 65, married, two children.   Retired nurse and volunteer counselor.  Death penalty stance: “I value life.   I also value the criminal justice system.”  Has smelled decomposing bodies.  Capable of understanding, relating to others the scientific evidence in trial, her communication skills and education qualify her as a strong candidate for jury foreperson.

Juror 2 — The IT Worker: Black male, mid-thirties, married, two children: a daughter, 4 and son, 9.   Like defendant, Casey Anthony, juror’s mother was a single mom.  “My impression was that, ‘yes, I thought she did it.’ … If I had to return a verdict, I would say ‘not guilty’ right now.”  Death penalty stance:  Does not believe in the death penalty.  “God is the one that makes the final judgment.”

Juror 3 — The Weaver:  White, female, age 32, single, youngest of five children.  Nursing student, St. Petersburg College.  Crafty:  Hobby is weaving; works in fiber and is a member of a weavers’ guild.   Her pet dog is a rat terrier.  Said she has little knowledge of and is not following the case.  “I know my ignorance works in my favor at this point!”  Admitted she wanted to be on the jury.  On a scale of 1 to 10, she rates the death penalty at “a three or a five.”

Juror 4 — The Church Lady:  Black female, 40s, no children, lives alone. Unknown occupation.  Plays “Farmville” on Facebook.  “Most of the time, I play my computer games”  she notes. Quiet, unassuming, does not like to judge people by what other people say about them.

Juror 5 — The Retired Nurse’s Aid: White, female, late 50s, three children.  Has 11th grade education.  Had a driving under the influence arrest in 1998.  Lives with boyfriend, a retired plumber.  Was a juror for a criminal trial case.   Does not own a computer.  Works in yard, goes to gym.  Death penalty stance:  “I guess I believe in the death penalty.  I’d have to know a lot of facts before I really considered it.”

Juror 6 — The Chef:  White male, 33, married, two children, ages 6 and 21 months.  Sells restaurant equipment and is in Orlando on business once a week.  Has University of Florida business degree and owns a cat.  Did not want to be on the jury.  Could vote for the death penalty; “If the law dictated it, I would be able to follow it.”

Juror 7 — The Lawyer’s Daughter:  White female, 41, divorced with no children.  Once a victim of home invasion, but physically uninjured.  Works as administrative assistance in juvenile justice welfare.  She has limited knowledge of the case, maintaining that she could vote to recommend the death penalty.  “It would be — gosh — a solemn decision, but it is an option under the law.”

Juror 8 — Verizon Service Representative:  White, female, 50s, married, two sons approximately Casey Anthony’s age (mid-twenties).  Father worked in law enforcement.  She would have no problem with the death penalty if warranted, provided she had heard “all the facts.”

Juror 9 — The Logger:  White male, 53, never married.  Semi-retired; moved to Florida 4 years ago from Indiana because he was “sick of snow.”  The caregiver for a stroke sufferer; he also does odd jobs.  Watches PBS and the History Channel.  He believes Casey Anthony’s “whole story” has not come out; holds no bias, supports the death penalty, and could vote to recommend it “in the proper situation.”

Juror 10 — Verizon Retention Specialist:   White male, 57, never married, no children.  When asked what he knows about the case, he said, “I really don’t know any details …” and that he does believe “… everyone is innocent until proven guilty.”  Disclosed that his sister and her boyfriend committed a violent crime against their father.  He regards the death penalty as a “necessary option.”

Juror 11 — The Teacher:  White male, 30s, unmarried.  A high school physical education and health teacher who believes Casey Anthony is guilty, who also relates the opinion in the teachers’ lounge is that Casey is guilty.   In his profession as an educator, says he “had to learn to listen to differing opinions,” and could put aside his leanings in order to fairly judge Casey Anthony.  States the death penalty is a “necessary option.”

Juror 12 — The Publix Cook:  White female, 60s, married to Publix supermarket employee, two children and one young grandchild.  Has very little knowledge of the case, although she initially followed it.  No cable TV; “not that into” newspapers or TV.  She does not own a computer.  Rating the death penalty as ten on a scale of one to ten, she would have no problem deciding on LWOP (Life without Opportunity for Parole) or the death penalty.

~Juror 209~

Juror 209 —  From what I’ve seen so far the defense said the child died in an accidental drowning on June 16th.  This was an accident cover-up, not a murder and the defendant Casey didn’t tell anyone or call 911 because her father told her she’d go to jail for life.  I wondered why she would believe her father.  The defense alleges the defendant was a victim of sexual and physical abuse and because of this her father had instilled fear in Casey which gave him an abundance of control over his daughter. The defense claimed the defendant had endured sexual abuse beginning when she was only 8 years old.

 So far the State gave me a timeline and quite a few witnesses/friends and family who all say Casey acted like nothing was wrong.  Her boyfriend at the time, Tony Lazarro said he didn’t know anything was wrong either. Most of the State witnesses said that the defendant lied a lot.  Most of them all say she was a good, attentive mother, except for a girl who she met over the July 4th weekend. Melissa England said she saw the child Caylee on an apartment balcony without her mother attending to her. She also said the defendant bragged about how good she could lie. 

 The father George Anthony has taken the stand a couple of times and he denies sexually abusing his daughter Casey. The mother Cindy Anthony seems like she’s standing behind her husband George Anthony.  She seems somewhat believable but too much display of emotion considering this happened almost 3 years ago.  Her husband George looks like he has something to hide because when he found Casey’s car at the tow yard, even though the trunk smelled like a dead body, he didn’t call 911 or call his daughter to see if she was alright. 

 Simon Birch, the tow yard guy says that when he and George Anthony got to the car both of them immediately thought the car smelled like a dead body had been in it. Then he and George discovered a bag of garbage in the trunk that they threw over the fence.  I wonder if that could have caused the bad odor.

I thought Mallory Parker, Casey’s brother Lee’s fiancé was believable when she broke down in tears saying Casey and Caylee’s relationship was amazing and that they had a very special bond. 


In my opinion as a blogger, knowing there’s much more to come, I’m leaning towards an acquittal to the charge of first-degree murder.

Onward and Forward!  Till tomorrow…




For the Newbies, here’s a 20 question quiz Courtesy of Investigation Discovery.

How Much Do You Know About the Casey Anthony Case?



In another segment of “The Real Attorneys of OCC” sits Honorable Judge Belvin Perry, wearing his black robe, gavel in hand, ten minutes till 9:00am for Day 3 of the Frye hearings in preparation of the 1st Degree Murder Trial of Casey Anthony.
Casey Anthony, wearing a pink, scoop-necked sweater, and her hair tied back in a ponytail sits quietly taking notes. Casey, the star of this show is seated at the table with her defense attorneys Jose Baez, Cheney Mason and Dorothy Sims as they do the job they were hired to do which is to defend the most sensationalized, criticized suspect the United States has seen since the Orenthal James Simpson trial in 1995.

Part 3 of the Frye hearing originally scheduled one week earlier began on a good note as Officer McBride took the stand to testify to the smell of a garbage bag that was once in Casey Anthony’s trunk. She explained the changing of hands as to how the garbage bag was retrieved to where it was brought to the bay area of the OCSO for inspection.

It was defense attorney Jose Baez who during questioning had her acknowledge that the smell of the garbage bag reeked with a foul odor but when SAO Jeff Ashton cross examined her, she also agreed the car was there in the bay as well and it could have been the car that she was smelling and not the bag. All went well and then Cindy Anthony, Casey’s mother took the stand.

Cindy Anthony the Surprise Witness of the Day, admitted to Jose Baez that on the afternoon of July 15, 2008, after her husband George retrieved the car from the tow yard she opened the windows, hood and trunk of the car because of a horrible odor. She said she found Caylee’s backpack and her Mama doll in the back of the car.

Of course Cindy being Cindy had much more to add so Jeff Ashton being Jeff Ashton, began with the first of many by objecting to Cindy’s testimony. He shamelessly objected and called her testimony a “narrative” which rendered no objection from the defense.

Jose Baez’s questioning was concise, then Jeff Ashton took over on cross examination. His intention was solely to set the record that Cindy had first said in deposition that she didn’t use air freshener sheets and now she says she had. Cindy explained she was under duress and understandably had forgotten many things that she’d done during this traumatic time. Jeff Ashton was not impressed and was smug as he returned to his chair thinking I just made Cindy Anthony look like a liar. Cindy Anthony was dismissed.
Things took a turn for the worst when Kenneth Furton, professor of forensic biology took the stand. Jose Baez began his line of questions in the usual format. Dr. Kenneth Furton provided to the court his notable educational background, the fact he’d authored 120 publications focused on complex chemical mixtures, publications in the Journal of Chromatographic Science and mentioned the FBI had also funded some of his research. Furton added that he studies the capabilities of K-9s and that he was an early researcher in the study of odor signature of decomposition and its variables. There is much more to his resume but briefly stated, it was impressive.
His job for the defense team was basically to dispute the State’s expert witness, Dr. Arpad Vass and his “Labrador” the hand-held Clandestine Grave Sniffer Machine and give some testimony to cadaver dog capabilities.
The rest of his testimony didn’t not fare as well.
As Jose Baez was doing a stellar job in establishing Dr Furton as an expert scientist in his field of studies he was annoyingly interrupted by Jeff Ashton’s unfounded and obnoxious objections which by the way, Jose Baez has a wonderful way with words that makes scientific terms easy for a layman to understand such as myself. During the Baez’s questioning of Dr Furton and Jeff Ashton feverishly objecting to every other statement, the hearing began to fall apart. It was apparent that Judge Perry was slowly losing his patience.
As the examination of Dr Furton went on, things got uglier when Jeff Ashton inferred a part of Dr Furton’s testimony wasn’t in the report Jeff Ashton had demanded from the defense. This is the report that Ashton had fought so vehemently for through various motions he had filed to the Court months earlier. He wanted every expert witness to specify exactly what they would testify to. He complained to Judge Perry that Baez was “ambushing” him. Ashton continued to whine to Judge Perry that “his testimony has changed and so has his opinion”. Judge Perry disagreed and over ruled his objection warning him, “next time don’t be so specific”.
I can’t help but wonder if the recent motion filed by Cheney Mason claiming bias from Judge Perry and asking for a re-hearing set off the fireworks which helped to turn this hearing from informative and pleasant to an all out war.
This is a good example of Judge Perry’s attitude and many disparaging remarks towards Defense Attorney Jose Baez.
Is Perry simply showing favoritism towards Ashton or is he really bias towards the Defense team? By Judge Perry making Ashton his favorite pet in a courtroom could easily be perceived as being an unfair and unreasonable judge. Because of this, any and all rulings against the defense are looked upon as being biased even if Judge Perry is making rulings with the best of his knowledge as a Judge.
In the outburst below, notice how Judge Perry yells “Everyone be quiet” only when Jose Baez tried to object to Ashton badgering his witness.

A professor of forensic biology, Kenneth Furton, took the stand next.
Ashton became frustrated when he accused Furton of not answering his question.
“That wasn’t my question to you sir!” stated Ashton. “Sir, that was not my question.”
At that point, Judge Belvin Perry said, “Just a second.”
However, when Baez tried to object to Ashton’s questioning, Perry became frustrated.
“Just a second! Everyone be quiet!” Perry hollered. “You can rephrase the question.”

This act of favoritism cannot be denied and I need to say it since the media hasn’t the guts to call it they way they REALLY see it.

It means nothing to me that Jeff Ashton became frustrated as WFTV tried to excuse Ashton’s behavior. The bottom line of this particular incident is that Perry only stopped Ashton when Baez rightfully attempted to object. At that point, he admonishes both of them and warns that he’ll fine them $100 if they speak to each other in the court room.
Doesn’t this sound like a kindergarten classroom?
This is not my opinion. This is a fact. Jeff Ashton has been the Golden Boy of the courtroom whereas Jose Baez has been the bad boy. If Jeff Ashton is getting his panties in a wad for not having his way in a few motions, how is he going to handle himself during trial? Is Judge Perry giving in to his tantrums to avoid a scene like what a mother does to a brat acting out at the mall? When things get out of hand then Baez becomes the Whipping Boy.


Notice how Judge Perry’s tone changes when he sustains one of Ashton’s numerous objections as to the Frye issue, Baez politely says “I think it does” yet he respectfully complies and tries to get on with the questioning then you’ll hear Judge Perry retort, “well unfortunately I don’t so move on.” Listening to that doesn’t make me think Judge Perry is bias but it does seem he’s favoring prosecutor Jeff Ashton over particularly defense attorney Jose Baez. What solidifies my belief is that I’ve never heard him use that tone with Jeff Ashton.
True, I feel childish as I write this article because this isn’t about the feelings of a couple of grown men who are degreed, educated attorneys, This is about a Court of Law which his trying a capital murder case and no, I won’t add “death penalty” because that doesn’t’ matter. I agree it really doesn’t because I’d expect respectful professional behavior even if this were a shoplifting case.
From the media, I’ve heard enough excuses for Jeff Ashton’s behavior and only cruel denunciation for Jose Baez’s errors. This is unfair.

If we can’t excuse Cindy Anthony because she says she forgot that she laid out air freshener sheets in Casey’s car because she was emotional, how can we accept this excuse for a professional prosecutor who deals in emotions everyday when person’s freedom or possibly life are held in the balance?

It wouldn’t be a victory for either side if Judge Perry were recused but if he’s unable to control his prosecutor and insist on respect from all attorneys in the courtroom, then perhaps this case requires another judge who can.





In midst of ennui as most are awaiting the Anthony trial some have the proclivity to incite rumors in hopes of a tad bit of excitement to fill the void. Unfortunately today’s 16 minute hearing provided little enthusiasm as Judge Perry forced Jose Baez’s hand to provide State prosecutor Jeff Ashton with a list of his expectations to his ruling in the matter of disclosure of forensic expert testimony.

Of the thirteen defense experts, he ordered Baez & Co. to comply by sending Ashton written statements from each expert stating their qualifications, field of expertise, specific subject matter, substance of facts and a summary & grounds for their opinion. In totality the hearing was mundane at best.

In search of noteworthy information I came across a staggering rumor in blogdom concerning DNA results and an impending scandalous shocker. While attempting to get to the crux of the rumor I came across a blog authored by Seamus Oriley.blogspot.com.

The heading of his site reads;

Statement Analysis – Statement Analysis of famous cases including Casey Anthony, Misty Croslin, OJ, Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods, and others. All parties are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. All opinions expressed here are personal opinions and represent only the author of these opinions and not any business, government agency, or individual person other than the author.

To his credit, he admits his site is based on opinion which says to me “for entertainment purposes only” as I’m sure most will agree. If not for the fact that he’s made quite a derogatory accusation in which he could be held liable if Jose Baez sought  retribution I would say it’s comical.  Although I must admit, I do find the mention of Jesse Grund somewhat intriguing.

DNA Rumor

December 8, 2010



Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Casey Anthony Defense DNA Scandal Shocker?

Authored by http://seamusoriley.blogspot.com/2010/12/casey-anthony-defense-dna-scandal.html

In what appears to be the worst possible attempt on the part of the Casey Anthony “dream turned nightmare team” to falsely accuse yet another innocent person, an uncomfirmed report says that a scandal may be emerging, that if true, will have long term ramifications for the defense.

There is no confirmation yet from WFTV, WESH, or other news agencies. Internet rumor?

We will update.

In an uncomfirmed report, it may be that someone on the defense team or within the family, perhaps private investigator, Dominic Casey, (or Lee Anthony?) under the direction of Jose Baez and/or Cindy Anthony, sought to plant DNA evidence from Jesse Grund, on to the body of Caylee Anthony, while her remains were yet to be found.

The report says that either Baez, or the family, sent the private investigator to to the place where Casey dumped Caylee in order to taint the body with some collected DNA evidence from Jesse Grund, former fiance of Casey Anthony.

This tells us that not only did they know where the body was (Statement Analysis previously concluded that Cindy Anthony knew where the body was the day she kicked Tim Miller out of her home), but that their planning was, perhaps, the reason why Lee Anthony refused to be polygraphed and urged his family to do the same.

Question: Are there any linguistic indicators to suggest that this report may be true?

Answer: See Cindy Anthony’s statement on The Today Show:

Cindy Anthony mentioned FAMILY and DNA at crime scene:


Is this credible?

Cindy Anthony from The Today Show:

“They must by saying that Casey must have been so calculated that she was able to put Caylee’s remains down there without any any any link to her. There’s no fibers, there’s no hair, there’s no DNA there’s no fingerprints of Caseys or anyone in our family. ”

Why did “family” and “DNA” enter into Cindy Anthony’s vocabulary while talking about the location of Caylee’s remains?

In light of the latest report, the inclusion of DNA on Caylee’s remains is haunting.

Note also that within this statement by Cindy is amazing details of what likely is exactly what Casey did. It shows an acute awareness of fibers, hair and DNA. Recall that Cindy Anthony boasted that she gave the FBI the wrong hairbrush, deliberately, in order to throw them off Casey’s trail. Our words reveal us; Cindy is no exception.

What if the report is true?

If the report turns out to be true, we can expect to see blame everywhere: beginning with Dominic Casey blaming Cindy Anthony or Jose Baez, and should move on to Baez blaming others. Eventually, investigators will speak to Casey Anthony, herself.

Who would Casey choose?

Casey Anthony’s hatred of Cindy Anthony is part of the comlex motive of the murder, but what has become of her relationship with Jose Baez?

When Baez was on Geraldo, he was asked if he had an “inappropriate relationship” with Casey Anthony.

He refused to answer the question.


Regardless of who she might choose, prosecutors will not likely believe her and will have to verify anything and everything Casey Anthony says.

Many have long felt that Cindy Anthony would face justice, one day, in her part of covering up, lying, and destroying evidence in attempts to save her daughter. These attempts include testifying under oath that Caylee is alive (and living in Brooklyn, NY) and that Jesse Grund was the killer. Richard Grund, Jesse’s father, has struggled to maintain his composure in light of false accusations against his son.

Bloggernews.net should have more information as it breaks, and we will continue to cover the analysis of any statements.

Posted by Seamus O Riley at 12:55 PM

Shout out to the Law Biz!!

I have a new found respect for the ones in the law biz.  Not just the lawyers, but the ones who make it happen such as the private investigators, researchers and clerical staff of all the law firms of the land. I can imagine a room, similar to telemarketers, making calls, jotting notes, fingers burning up the keys of laptops.  Gathering the information is a tedious task but putting it all together takes a brilliant mind, especially in the murder trial of Casey Anthony.  The hours it’ll take to put this case together is astounding!   Simply stated: I’m in awe.   “Thank you” to all in the lawyers who protect our rights and the ones who enforce the laws. 


In my quest to find the obscure Leonard Padilla statement that I’m so curious about, I came across bits and pieces of transcript of one of the George and Cindy jailhouse visits with Casey. 


December 8, 2008 TRANSCRIPT:

GEORGE ANTHONY, MISSING TODDLER`S GRANDFATHER: We`ve got to bring you and we`ve got to bring Caylee home. And we know where you`re at. I don`t want to see you here. I don`t want you here. But…

CASEY ANTHONY, MISSING TODDLER`S MOTHER: Yes, but in some ways, I almost feel more protected here than if I were on the outside.

GEORGE ANTHONY: Well, I guess there`s some truth in that. But you know, once we get that little girl home, which I hope is today, you know, the stuff with you is not going to be easy to get through, but at least we`ll have you out also. And that`s…

CASEY ANTHONY: As long as we have Caylee home, everything else with me we`ll deal with as we can. Lee made a good point. Getting Caylee home is our priority. Everything else will fall into place after that. And that`s the truth.

Note here:

“”As long as we have Caylee home, everything else with me we`ll deal with as we can. Lee made a good point. Getting Caylee home is our priority. Everything else will fall into place after that. And that`s the truth.””

Casey isn’t saying she’s innocent.  She’s saying we’ll deal with as we can. Everything else will fall into place after that. 


Jailhouse_Parents visit August 14, 2008

Part 1 of 4


Part 2 of 4


My comments:

They’re offering her an opportunity to talk, and KC is not talking.

I find this to be an act of innocence, perhaps.  She’s been in jail a month and they are hoping she will talk. 

She keeps saying she has to keep her mouth shut?

Part 3 of 4


 My comments:

Who’s this man that just drops in on the Anthony’s on Caylee’s birthday.  Really nice, just wanted to get to know him??  Strange, little tidbit, Did Caylee’s father drop in or a  paternal relative?  Remember how many times Caylee’s Birthday is mentioned.  I’ve never heard of any other Missing Child case where the parents are worried about a birthday. 

KC thinks this jailhouse video won’t be released. 

I know in my gut she’s okay.  She’s coming home.  What can I say to her on the air?

What can I tell Zanny?

Part 4 of 4


Tell her we forgive her.  I just want my baby back. 

Casey says she’s just as much a victim. 


Here’s an earlier video*  Cindy and George visit Casey _ July 25, 2008


My comments:

Notice how Cindy handles Casey, like she was an 8 year old child caught in a lie.

Cindy asks two interesting questions:

How come she never got to get the car?  Is Cindy implying this was the reason Casey dumped the car at Amscot?

Cindy asks, “Someone else been in our house?”   

Cindy interrogates KC.  Cindy keeps telling her to look into her eyes.

This was a couple of weeks before Caylee’s birthday, AGAIN mentioning Caylee’s birthday??

With all due respect, kidnappers don’t care about birthdays, do they?  Well, except in this case, on Caylee’s birthday a nice man “stranger” did drop by the Anthony’s on Caylee’s Birthday. I found it odd that George made a point of telling this to Casey. 



Notice here; Again Casey doesn’t say she’s completely innocent.  It was after this video when the death penalty was taken off. 

Here’s George Anthony visits Casey _August 3, 2008


Notice here, how Casey cries so easily when she talks to George.

Poor George talks about going into protective custody. 

Well, that’s all I have for now, folks.  

 Happy Halloween Everybody!!

Parody of Taped Conversation Between Cindy & Casey Anthony

April 4, 2010 4:07 pm

610 days since Caylee was last seen by anyone.

I'm working Mom..

CA: answer the phone KC you little b&#ch !!!
KC: Mom, I’m at work at Universal Studios, you know that..
CA: Where’s Caylee KC ??
KC: Mom, I told you yesterday, she’s with the nanny.
CA: KC that’s what you’ve told me over a year ago!!!
KC: She’s doing fine Mom, I’m in a meeting…(background; one sec Juliette)
CA: Okay KC, I’m sorry you left home so angry. We miss Caylee so much..(crying)
KC: Yeah, yeah, yeah.. ok, gotta go Mom, byeee.

This is sick I know, but was this Casey’s great plan to get away with murder? The damning question I often read is why did KC wait 31 days before reporting Caylee missing? She didn’t report anyone missing, Cindy did. (that is the deepest darkest thought you’ll ever read in this case) Proof that Caylee was not missing when Casey is out and about shaking her ass at Fusions and serving up shots of booze for a bounty of $1.00.  The Zanny the Nanny story was fabricated by a scared stupid girl who probably left her precious daughter Caylee with some seedy ass, possibly very dangerous people whom she dared to question.

I never forgot the infamous wild goose chase to Universal Studios. Casey proudly walks up the stairs to her fictitious office. When the detectives called her on the bold faced lie, they ask, “How is this helping to find your daughter?” Casey replied, “It is in a backwards sort of way”.  

Back to the dumb ass pretend phone call:
Was this phone call the plan of a sociopath trying to get away with murder? She’s planning on telling her mother this story for years. She must have planned on telling her boyfriend, friends and family this same lie for over a year too. To me, Casey seems to be a reasonably intelligent young woman. Her plan had to be better than this. As a 12yo, I could think of something far better than to hang around Orlando and keep spewing the same lie over and over again. This tells me and anyone else with an open clear mind, “something else is going on”. This shit isn’t right.

Well, it depends, if Casey had been able to make a clean break from Florida and started over in a different state then there would not have been much that Cindy could do. She could have probably pulled it off completely given the distance between her and her mother. Its scary but I think that she could have even kept Cindy from calling police if Cindy knew that she wasn’t anywhere near her anymore.
If Casey “had Caylee” out of state and just kept making excuses as to why grandma could not speak to her and she didn’t tell her mom where she was, or if she did she gave her a different location as she was would to do from time to time, then what would Cindy have been able to tell police aside from “my ADULT daughter has left home with her child and won’t let me talk to her anymore….this is where she said she is…..” and when the police checked it out, either Casey was not even there or she was living under a different name or something.

There’s a scenario that would have possibly worked. Naysayers would say, sociopath Casey wouldn’t have the backbone to go out into the world all alone and start a new life. But I would beg to differ…if Casey wanted to get away with murder she’d sure as hell try. Beats sitting behind bars for life or worst face the death penalty.

There is a method to my madness. It’s called common sense. All anyone has to do is place themselves in the shoes of the accused and think like they would. It’ll all make much more sense. If that’s not possible than it is not likely you’ll be able to produce any probable theory at all. Without a theory, there’s no case because there’s NO EVIDENCE except for circumstantial and a rancid car trunk. The smell of death has never been canned for comparison. The Tennessee Body Farm can only give us inconclusive findings as to what the chemical compound should be. This is not good enough science to find a conviction, not to mention an unknown DNA finding on the duct tape.

If anyone doubts my impression of Casey Anthony, bring it on. Believe me, the state prosecutors are being coerced by the public into the trumped up charges of murder in the first degree with death penalty. Anything less could cause them to lose the next election. Their careers hinge on this case. Even the skeptical dog hound Leonard Padilla has suddenly admitted he thinks Caylee died from an accidental event.
I won’t even go that far. The evidence doesn’t say that to me. The evidence says a very evil person has done a very awful thing. This person has motive and hatred in their heart. This person watches the news and therefore knew exactly where to place poor baby Caylee’s remains. The remains were not there when Tim Miller searched or did the cadaver dogs who were searching the Anthony home find their way to the end of the block. Common sense tells me, once a dog is hitting on a scent, they’ll follow it wherever it goes. The dogs didn’t pick up a scent to lead them 11 houses down the street.

Here’s a weird ass thing to do. Who kills someone and borrows a shovel from the neighbor? Is this a sign of a smart person? Is this a sign of a scheming sociopath?
But let’s go there:
Casey borrows a shovel from Brian Burner. He notices her car is backed up to the garage. He never says he saw the car leave. Marc Fuhrman states on Greta Van Sustern’s show, “well that says a lot, she only borrowed the shovel for an hour. The child should be close by”. Yes Mark, she’s down Hopespring Dr. right across from the elementary school. Gee thanks “Mr. Former Detective”.

Lets go to the day Caylee’s remains were found, December 11, 2008. Remembering by this time, everybody and their Grandma had been to this site. Kids riding their bikes, people jogging by, protestors doing their dirty work, looky-loos doing a drive by and Roy Kronk and pals. In fairness to all, yes Hoover, Dominic Casey and their gang had even paid a visit to this area. This is the area that Leonard Padilla and Tim Miller couldn’t find in all of their efforts to find little Caylee. How lucky for Roy Kronk. He’s just a meter man on his route, needs to pee and spots something strange. Wow, is he Irish?

He’s well aware of this case, just as all of Floridians are, so he goes to take a look. Oh, oh, it looks suspicious to Roy so he calls 911, 3 times within 3 days, August 11, 12, and 13th. Of course, everyone knows now, this incredible finding was never followed thru as thoroughly as it should have been. Can you say cadaver dogs?

For reasons unknown, patrol men didn’t find it important enough, even though it was only a block down the street from Caylee Anthony’s home. Again, common sense tells me, this isn’t right. And what does Roy Kronk say when he finally goes back to take a look at the suspicious bag he said he saw in August? “I’m down the street from the home of Caylee Anthony…” He mentions her name! Now, 5 months after this beautiful baby is missing, he putting it together that this might be her. Get out of here.
Another thing that can’t be ignored. Why does he happen to go there when it’s all over the news that George and Cindy are in California doing the Larry King show. That’s right, no one’s home. Sounds like a good time to find a body and get an automatic search warrant to the Anthony home. Let’s go team. This is our big chance to get some evidence. Good plan by the way, just a little too obvious to me.
By the way, not much was found, but at least they could get what they wanted without the interference of the family and their pesky attorneys. The duct tape didn’t match which was the most important piece of evidence they wanted to find.
Oh well.
If I stop right here for the moment, I think I’ve made my point. The things that should fit together don’t. Lying daughter is not a sociopath. The placing of the body doesn’t fit either. The way Caylee’s body was found is a sham to say the least. And most importantly, there’s NO CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE after all the hard work these wonderful FBI forensic scientist have done. Go figure. I don’t know why this is so hard, but I will stand by my convictions until there’s a fingerprint or DNA that belongs to Casey Anthony. Until then …Carpe Diem!

Tainted Duct Tape & More

Six months ago it was reported from the FBI that there was some crucial mishaps in the processing of the duct tape found on poor little innocent Caylee’s skull. It seems while processing the infamous heart residue that was found on the duct tape, the tape was destroyed. Of course this was story one. Then came the bombshell, the duct tape was contaminated with DNA from a lab tech. Believable enough, I suppose. The FBI identified the lab tech and this happens from time to time was the response from them. Not a problem, but what is a problem is the 3rd finding on the duct tape. It seems there’s DNA on the duct tape that doesn’t belong to the Anthony family. It was not reported to come from another lab tech either.
So Linda Drake Burdick has a problem, in my humble opinion.
As I’ve been posting and commenting on various blogsites since the beginning of the Caylee Anthony case, I’m confused why this isn’t of any importance to many of the bloggers but I assure you this is pertinent information to Baez & Company, Casey Anthony’s defense team. This could be the deciding factor and Casey could walk free. Not that I’d like to see this, but since the state has decided to go “all-in” on this case and charge her with 1st degree murder with the death penalty, I can certainly see a not-guilty verdict. Manslaughter would have been sufficient in my opinion because whatever happened to Caylee, direct murder or not, Casey did not protect her. There’s a charge right there. Felony Neglect. We’ll see what transpires at trial.
With this crucial information, I’m back to square one and I still feel Caylee’s paternity is the key to this crime. Annie Downing, Casey’s good friend will tell you that Casey liked to wander. Annie says she considered herself one of Casey’s “base friends”. A home girl whom Casey could always come back to when things didn’t work out right with her “new” friends. I can relate to that. I think many of us have “base friends”, but here lies the problem. No one knows who these new friends are. Casey got herself pregnant from a new friend. He didn’t stick around. Casey has never divulged who he is for a reason no one knows. I, for one would like to know the reason. I’d like to know why this deadbeat dad was allowed to take off into the sunset, leaving his child behind. So here I go again. I’m back looking for daddy.
I’m not sure if anyone wants to check this information out, but I find this interesting enough that we might just want to take a peak at this again. As I was reading the dump doc, Part 1, page 29, I nearly choked when I saw a picture of this Zenaida Gonzalez. It seems CA and DC were doing their research as well. Back in Aug 08, I found most of the same. There is a ZG whose sister Samantha Gonzales who married Pedro Carlos Ortiz on June 02, 2008. Interesting enough since I recall the name Jesus Ortiz was the guy who died in a car crash in May of 2007, so there’s the connection. I found the newspaper article about his tragic death. In the article there’s a comment from one of Ortiz’s friends, Stephanie Kostakis saying he was one of the best people she ever knew. It just so happens that Stephanie Kostakis is on Casey’s visitor list. She didn’t’ actually visit her, but she’s on her list nonetheless.
above is link to Jesus Ortiz’s tragic car crash
below is the visitor log for Casey Anthony:

The problem with Casey is she is a poor murderess. Her murdering skills are under par in my opinion. I’ll admit Casey is a good liar, a fairly good thief, she does have some embezzling skills, but murder isn’t her forte.
Yes, I know how awful this sounds. Yes, I know I’m referring to the death of an innocent child, Caylee. I’m a mother of three children and I think it’s this fact that makes me wonder “how could a mother do this?” I know Casey wouldn’t be the first to do this horrible deed but there’s something different about Casey’s background that doesn’t make her a candidate to murder her child. Compared to Diane Downing, she was much more desperate. Susan Smith, she was weak, unattractive, lacked confidence and didn’t have the support system that Casey had. If Casey were any way like Susan Smith she would have broke down and confessed within 4 days. Why doesn’t Casey confess? I expected her to by now. I expected her to confess after she took LE on a joyride to Universal Studios. Nope, not even when she would have been given partial immunity. When Caylee was found on December 11, 2008, 11 houses from her swimming pool and her playhouse, I cried. I cried out of sadness but mostly anger at little Miss Casey.
To think I actually would have hired her to be my kid’s nanny. Look at her, really. Wholesome girl, beautiful smile, likable personality, polite, well spoken. Really, what’s wrong with Casey? I might have fixed her up with my son and he would have been happy. (okay, I’m lying. I would have caught her in her first lie and she would have been out the door) But other than that, she seems like a nice girl. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t know how to get away with murder.
A person who wants to get away with murder doesn’t borrow a shovel from a neighbor to use for burying bodies. They don’t stick around for 31 days after the fact when they’re holding a good checkbook to buy groceries and sexy clothes to look pretty for their boyfriend. Casey seems to be of reasonable intelligence. This sh*t doesn’t make sense.

Maybe she should have bought some hair dye and a bus ticket to Hot Springs, Arkansas. I think she would have fit in just fine. Maybe from there, she could have continued her lie to Cindy, but this time make it a long distance call. What could Cindy do then? Call the PoPo? Tell them her adult daughter moved away and took her grandchild. Stomp her feet and scream “I want to talk to my grand daughter right now!!” but my mean daughter won’t let me!”. What would the police do then? Yes, they might want to trace Casey down just in case, but it would have taken months before they got around to it. I’m sure they’ve run into this problem before. It sounds like a typical family dispute.
Nope, Casey’s not a good enough criminal in my mind.  So this is why, I’m in for the long haul. There’s something very strange about this one.  The whole damn thing stinks.  I’ll be back with more on that.

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