What follows here is speculation, merely opinion.  It is MOO and the opinion of two others.  It, in no way implies fact and is open to comments and additions.

Part III: The Coverup

Cast:  Two Teams:       Team A:  GA and CA

                                    Opposing Team: KC

The coverup begins almost immediately with a rough idea which was:  stage this to look like a kidnapping, that way no one will go to jail.  That’s why the car was left at Amscot, to look like they were both kidnapped.  Purse and doll in the car.  At least, that is MHO.  Initially, the plan was,  I’ll help you and not tell your Mother, if you don’t.  We will keep this between us thing.  No one will know, bec I don’t want to see YOU in prison.  In reality he didn’t want to see himself in prison.  However, that was the leverage he was holding over her head.  Shortly, the teams will change.

When Ca arrives home on 6/16, GA is at work.  When he does comes home, he tries to act normal.  His mind is racing, but he knows he must display a normal exterior.  Not too difficult as she sleeps early bec she gets up early, and he stays up later.  So he can pull this off for a couple days while he thinks, plans and calculates.  Whenever she asks questions, he is evasive.  Purposely so.  He is stalling for time. 

On 6/24 he calls and reports the gas cans missing.  This brings a police report into the situation to validate that something was amiss here at this residence.  GA is distancing himself from the crime and w/ the argument (did it really happen?) sets up KC.  He implies she didn’t want him to go into the Pontiac to get the blocks to set behind the tires so he could change the oil.  Then he states that their conversation turned into more ”funny business”, implying an argument and she gets angry for no apparent reason and says, “here’s your fu..in’ gas cans.”  He is setting her up to the police by making her appear to be tempermental, unstable, etc., not to mention a thief.  He is throwing her under the bus.

On 6/27 when the car is left at Amscot, supposedly bec she ran out of gas, this was supposed to be the stage for the planned kidnapping, IMHO.  However, for some reason, (CA is suspecting too many things?) GA had changed the plan, unbeknownst to KC and now he and soon  CA will factor in the car as part of the A’s own escape/ distancing plan.

On 6/30, after not seeing or speaking with her granddaughter for 2 weeks, after reporting that someone was swimming in their pool, CA and GA decide to redo the backyard area of their home either w/ pavers or concrete.  She said in sworn testimony that the grass would not grow back there.  Potentially extensive project to do 5 days before the 4th of July weekend. Have they in their talks discovered something that they know they need to cover up back there?  Why won’t the grass grow?

(Misty) And perhaps Casey was supposed to do something on July 3rd and she didn’t show up. Or maybe during one of those cell phone calls CA confronted KC over the phone after hearing the truth from GA.  With that KC knew that CA knows what happened and says to herself “game over.”  She gets a tattoo. She feels betrayed by GA, because he had promised that he would not tell CA, but he reneged on the deal.  (This is why GA is begging LE to talk to KC alone.   That he doesn’t really like JB.  The real reason is so he can her back into the circle. He knows KC will tell her lawyer about the sexual abuse. In essence, she will tell on GA.)

(NTS) Or, was there supposed to be a trip to California where she would report a kidnapping but they waited too long?  Did KC not want to leave TL?  Exactly what happened to foil the original plan, I am not sure, but the moment CA  becomes aware of what has happened, the game does change.  Except KC is left out in left field with only the original plan.

After 7/3/08, for sure, CA knows what has happened.  She is frantic but somehow must regain control.  She sends Lee to find KC.  Finally on 7/15, only after finding AH’s #, contacting her is she finally able to go get KC.  KC amazingly returns to the A’s home.

Here’s we go now.  Are we ready.  The 911 call.

Part IV

The 911 Call

When KC returns home w/ CA, the situation is tense to say the least.  CA, as always, has to be the dominant.  KC doesn’t know what is going on.  There are words between them, but no real communication.  In the absence of direct communication between GA and KC,  the original plan is no more.   KC is reluctant to talk to CA and this makes CA even more furious.  Where is Caylee? 

Finally, CA makes the calls that I admit I have wrestled with.  Were they genuine?  Or were they staged?  I have come to rest on the spot that both GA and CA planned them.  KC stuck to the story line as was originally laid out by GA, but he has switched sides.  And she is out there on a limb with no way to get home.  Because they had not communicated, their stories don’t sync up.  (Editorial comment:  But you see, how great God is.  It is a good thing that they did not, because if they had synced up, think what could have happened.)

CA will later testify that the she said that about the “car smells like a dead body” just to get the cops to come out there quicker.  On the phone you can hear that KC sounds flatline.  She realizes that she has been offered up as the lamb to the slaughter.  She knows she has no body to prove her story.  She knows that her father, who had said he would protect her, has betrayed her.  She knows that she has a bad history of taking money from her parents.  She knows she has lied in the past, and she knows that no one is going to believe her.  And she knows that others don’t know.  She knows that there is a huge secret in the A household behind Door #1, and that no one is going to come from behind that door to save her.  That is until she meets JB. 

This has been my attempt to piece together all these disparate pieces floating around prior to the phone call.  After this call, all hell breaks loose and the media will arrive in their circus and they will be worse than sharks in a feeding frenzy.  I have not tried to decipher all the scientific evidence, bec I amnot a science person.  I am more of a character type.  I never bought the idea that she would duct tape her mouth.  Nope.  Not on day 1.  In order for me to believe that story, you have to give me some more reasoning.  So, armed with that first notion and a huge questioning of LE and SAO’s, I questioned things closely.