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Recently it has been reported by the Associated Press that Casey Anthony is asking the Florida appellate court to dismiss her four convictions of lying to law enforcement.

Casey’s attorneys, along with Attorney Cheney Mason are appealing the misdemeanor convictions on the grounds that her statements were inadmissible at her murder trial since she hadn’t been Mirandized.  Go Cheney!!

Mr. Mason, a well-respected Florida attorney who joined Jose Baez to help Casey get a fair trial fought long and hard to keep this matter out of her murder trial and off of her record, however Judge Belvin Perry Jr. was far too devoted to his  prosecutors to let truth stand in his way.

Shamefully Judge Perry also allowed “heart sticker on the duct tape” into evidence even though he knew Lorie Gottesman of the FBI would testify that there were NO heart sticker or sticker residue on the duct tape. The lies told by the media and prosecutors far exceeded the lies told by Casey Anthony.

In my opinion this was simply a desperate maneuver to tarnish the jury’s impression of Casey because what juror would want to acquit a mother who would kill her daughter with chloroform and as the coup de gras slap a heart sticker on top of the duct tape that she supposedly used to cover the child’s mouth.

At trial, prosecutors Jeffrey Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick were unable to prove any cause of death and the duct tape placement was inconclusive.

With Casey Anthony’s latest appeal, hopefully the truth will finally come to light. Casey was not read her Miranda rights when she was taken by Orange County detectives for the Grand Tour of Universal Studios.

After discovering Casey hadn’t worked at Universal Studios since 2006, detectives Yuri Melich, John Allen and Appie Wells decided to take Casey there to force her into confessing to something she didn’t do and without her pesky attorney.

It was obvious their only intent was to make her confront her outlandish lies. Instead of the officers putting on their detective hats and giving some thought for the reason WHY would this seemingly intelligent girl tell such ridiculous lies when the lies were so incredibly easy to debunk.

These Keystone Kops were so inadequate they didn’t even remember to read Casey her Miranda Rights at Universal Studios. Within seconds after walking down the hallway, Casey turns back around and says, “I don’t work here.” So the Kops sit down at a desk in some unknown office at Universal Studios with the mother of a child who hasn’t been seen in nearly a month, who’s told them lie after lie yet the only way they believe to solve the mystery is to ask her more questions.  Surely this was a set up giving reason to arrest her.  They thought by putting Casey behind bars for a few days that she’d decide to finally to tell the truth.  Little did they know that it would take months for her own attorney to gain her trust and learn the real reason why she felt she had to lie.

Ironically, while at Universal Studios, one of the detectives got a phone call from Casey’s mother Cindy Anthony.  She tells them that the day she came home from work on June 16th she remembered finding the pool ladder attached to the pool which was odd because she was always so deligent about removing the ladder. Hint, hint..

The next day Cindy related this story to her co-workers adding that she thought that perhaps the neighborhood kids were using the family pool because the gate was opened as well.


The Appeal

As for the appeal, Casey Anthony’s attorneys will argue that because Casey had been handcuffed and placed in a squad car, she was effectively under arrest and should have had her Miranda rights read to her. They will also argue that all four of her convictions stem from one single encounter with police which represents double jeopardy which is a person’s constitutional protection from being punished multiple times for one offense.

Does anyone recall a case  when a suspect caught lying to detectives were brought up on charges?

The attorneys for the prosecutors are expected to argue that 110lb. Casey Anthony was free to go at anytime regardless of the 3 or 4 big burly cops blocking the doorway. They admit she was handcuffed but that was only because Casey’s mother thought that Casey might flee — besides a supervisor ordered a detective to take the cuffs off a few minutes later. So not only were the Keystone Kops screw-ups, their supervisor was there too and though he knew she shouldn’t have been handcuffed,  he didn’t read the Miranda Rights to her either.

Earlier this year, unsurprisingly Casey Anthony was back in the news at the behest of former assistant State attorney Jeff Ashton. Jeff Ashton aka “Laughing Man” who sat so arrogantly, smirking in court thinking he had won the biggest case of his career. Fortunately he did not win but due to the vast amount of media exposure from the Caylee Anthony case, he did manage to win a political seat as an Orange County State Attorney.


State Attorney Elect Jeff Ashton confirms to WESH 2 News that when he takes office, he plans to find out how a major piece of evidence in the Casey Anthony case was missed. 

This was in response to a Casey Anthony news report claiming that someone searched “foolproof suffocation” from the Anthony computer June 16 — this is not breaking news.  Why Mr. Ashton is so interested in this particular trial faux pas is beyond me.

Has he forgotten?

The State computer forensic expert John Bradley erroneously testified at trial that he found chloroform searches on the Anthony computer 84 times. The next day the expert alerted State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick that this was an error due to an inaccurate computer program he used.  The jury would not hear the expert admit this error. Judge Belvin Perry simply didn’t inform the jury of the error or state the correct number of searches was “one.”

For those interested in the truth, on pages 180-181, you’ll find that Jose Baez’s computer forensics team discovered several computer searches months before trial. In Baez’s book, “Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story” he revealed the “fool proof suffocation” computer search and more.

On the morning of June 16, the defense computer experts discovered computer activity. Someone logged in at 6:52am to 7:52am. This information jives with what Casey related to Baez — that she had woken up early that morning with Caylee.

The records also show someone later logged in at 9am to 10:59am. It was determined based on the type of searches made that the person behind the computer was Casey. Casey logged in to Facebook and MySpace. From there she searched for cute outfits for the shot girls. Being the shot girl manager, apparently she was trying to help her boyfriend Tony Lazarro who at the time was a promoter for Fusion Nightclub.

George Anthony

However, the computer records show another log in. At 1:50pm someone signed in to AOL Messenger. George had an AOL Messenger account, his user name was george4937. Right after someone logged in to Instant Messenger, someone searched “foolproof suffocation”. George, always a bad speller misspelled the term. Google automatically corrected the spelling and the first link clicked was “venturing into the pro-suicide pit”.

And as we all know, George Anthony attempted suicide January 22, 2009.

For those who want the truth and did not follow the Caylee Anthony case via television media and the internet, I suggest that you buy a copy of Jose Baez’s book.

Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story” is a riveting story as to how Jose Baez became Casey Anthony’s attorney and all of the trials and tribulations he faced trying to save her life.

The story that he and co-author Peter Golenbock tell is a shockingly true and sad story of family dysfunction at its highest level.

What’s Casey Anthony doing now no one really knows. She has been in hiding for the most part due to numerous death threats after her acquittal.

It’s been rumored that Casey is interested in attending law school so I imagine these unlawful charges of lying to cops during an un-mirandized interrogation may stand in the way of that if she is planning on becoming an attorney. I wish her the best of luck and pray that she finds happiness in her life.







Casey, Video Diary Released

Wow, what a crazy way to start the day, huh?


Casey Anthony in real life video..WooHooo

As soon as I saw it, I knew it was going to be big in the media. Hell, it’s been televised here locally in N.O. in the midst of all of the football hoopla!!  Even though she’s been acquitted of 1st degree murder, the media seems to pretend that the trial didn’t happen. They just CAN’T GET ENOUGH of this chick! That’s the part that I find newsworthy. Casey Anthony, the woman the world loves to hate. There’s got to be a mortal sin in this somewhere, I just don’t know what it is.

Okay, so I watched it too. My first observation, she’s wearing sunglasses. Is that what a person does when they make a video diary, wear sunglasses? Okay, so I don’t think it’s an accident that this video surfaced. I think Casey feels totally isolated and was testing the waters to see if it’s safe to come out of hiding.

To Casey,
Well Casey, it’s not safe to come out and maybe never will be but since this video was released, whether it be an accident, intentional or otherwise, I hope you continue to share your thoughts with the world.
The more you do it, the less sensational your voice and face will become. You see Casey, you are an enigma. I don’t know if this is intentionally or if it’s because you really are that confused but whatever the case, keep up the good work. As a matter of fact, be more forthcoming. Be yourself and smile. It will get better.


By the way, does anyone remember this picture that was released early after her acquittal? It looks like she added highlights to her hair which is shown in the video. Maybe one of you techies out there could enlarge it.

Headline News from the Orlando Sentinel…

Jose Baez Bar complaints explained
Discovery violations and Casey Anthony’s probation prompted complaints

“”For the  FIRST time, the Florida Bar is confirming the general nature of the two ongoing complaints lodged against Casey Anthony defense attorney Jose Baez.””

==================The Matter in Question=================

COMES NOW the Defendant, Casey Marie Anthony, by and through her undersigned attorney, and, pursuant to Florida Judicial Administration Rules 2.330(h), moves this Court for Reconsideration of the Court’s Order Granting State’s Motion for Sanctions/Motion to Compel, and Requests this Court to Vacate Findings of Contempt, and shows…
read here

The above link is no longer working. Below is what I saved on the matter in question.

In compliance with this Court’s order, counsel for the Defendant (Baez) and his office labored to provide all of the information requested. The documentation was approximately three hundred pages. Said defense wanted to fax the said documentation, but due to the fact that it was approximately three hundred pages in length, the Clerk’s office declined. As a result, Mr. William Slabaugh, Esq. of the Baez Law Firm drove from Kissimmee to Orlando in an effort to file the documentation before the deadline. He was thwarted by the Interstate 4 traffic, arriving at the Orange County Courthouse at two minutes after 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday evening the 14th of December of 2010. Mr Slabaugh was doing his best to substantially comply with the deadline, despite its volume. Please see Affidavit of William Slabaugh attached hereto as Exihibit “F”.

The traffic was heavy your Honor!!

See Section 6

Incidentally, Mr. Mason did hand deliver the entire package to both the State Attorney’s Office and the Clerk of Court the next morning December 15th. Most importantly, this good faith performance included all of the documentation that was not due for another 8 days, December 23, 2010.

Cheney Mason, author of this motion, further asserted that the defense did comply to the clarification of the 5 provisions set by Judge Perry in his courtroom.

Here’s what the Defense sent:

DR. JANE H. BOCK (Expert)
University of Colorado
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Dept.
Boulder, Colorado 80309
1. Dr. Bock curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 1.
2. Dr Bock’s field of expertise or medical specialty is Forensic Botany.
3. If Dr Bock were called to testify, her specific subject area will be Forensic Botany.
4. The substance of the facts which Dr Bock would be called to testify, would depend on the following:
• Whether the State calls Dr. Hall as an expert witness.
• Whether Dr Hall’s opinions are approved by this court as being based on scientific principles (Frye
• Whether Dr Hall can effectively survive cross examination.
If this Court should allow Dr Hall to testify, Dr Bock would be called to rebut his findings dealing with the recovery site and his conclusions based on viewing photographs of the recovery site.
5. A summary of Dr Bock’s testimony can be obtained from viewing her affidavit as listed under exhibit 2. She would rebut Dr Hall’s where he claims that he can determine the growth rate of roots, when he doesn’t even know the type of plant and without having viewed the root and seeing them from un-scaled photographs.

Chair, Department of Forensic Science
Laurentian University
935 Ramsey Lake Road
F-323A, Third Floor, Science 2 Bldg.
Sudbury ON P3E 2C6
1. Dr Fairgrieve’s curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 3.
2. Dr Fairgrieve’s field of expertise or medical specialty is forensic anthropology.
3. If Dr Fairgrieve were called to testify his specific subject area will be that involving cadaver dogs.
4. If Dr Fairgrieve were called to testify would depend on the following:
• Will this Court for the first time in the history of this state admit testimony concerning cadaver dog “alerts” as substantive testimony.
• Will this Court allow a canine to testify, via a dog handler, given Miss Anthony’s 6th amendment rights to confront her accusers and despite the fact that all “alerts” in this case are unrecorded, and resulted in negative results for human remains?
The substance of Dr Fairgrieve’s testimony would depend on the above and to rebut the testimony of the cadaver dog handlers in this case.
5. Of course a dog cannot testify. In the event that the State attempts this unusual tactic, a summary of Dr Fairgrieve’s testimony is that cadaver dogs are a tool and nothing more, absent the finding of human remains in their searchers, very little can be ascertained from such alerts.

DR. HENRY LEE (Expert)
University of New Haven
Forensic Science Program
300 Orange Avenue
West Haven, Ct 05616
1. Dr Lee’s curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 4.
2. Dr Lee’s field of expertise is Criminalistics.
3. If Dr Lee were called to testify, the subjects that he will render opinions on are crime scene analysis, collection and preservation as well as recovery.
4. Dr Lee inspected the Pontiac Sunfire driven by Miss Anthony. Dr Lee also inspected the recovery site photographs and also inspected the recovery site.
5. If Dr Lee were called to testify, the substance of the facts that he would be expected to testify would be to rebut any false claims raised by CSI investigators in this case. Until that occurs it is difficult to give a complete summary of his opinions and the grounds for those opinions.

23001 Greater Mack
St. Clair Shores, Michigan 48080-1996
1. Dr Spitz’s curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 5.
2. Dr Spitz’s field of expertise is forensic pathology.
3. If Dr Spitz were called to testify, the subject that he would render opinions on are his autopsy findings and those of Dr Garavaglia.
4. The substance of the facts that Dr Spitz will testify is that on December 24, 2008, he conducted a second autopsy on the decedent and found no signs of trauma and could not find a cause of death.
5. The summary of Dr Spitz’s testimony would relate to the condition of Caylee Marie Anthony’s remains and her cause of death.

1818 Craigmore Drive
Charlotte, NC 28226
1. Dr Reichs’ curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 6.
2. Dr Reichs’ field of expertise is forensic anthropology.
3. If Dr Reichs were called to testify, the subjects that she will render opinions on are forensic anthropology.
4. Dr. Reichs completed a full anthropological exam on Caylee Marie Anthony, she found no signs of antemortem trauma to Caylee Marie Anthony’s remains.
5. If Dr Reichs would be called to testify, the substance of the facts that she would be expected to testify to would be to rebut any false claims raised by the State’s forensic anthropologists. Until that occurs it is difficult to give a complete summary of her opinions and the grounds for those opinions.

Asst. Prof. of Biology
Concordia University, Nebraska
800 N. Columbia Ave.
Seward, NE 68434
1. Dr Huntington’s curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 7.
2. Dr Huntington’s field of expertise is forensic entomology.
3. If Dr Huntington were called to testify, the subject matter that he would render opinions to testify, the subject matter that he would render opinions on are forensic entomology.
4. The substance of the facts that Huntington would testify to are to rebut the claims made by Dr Haskill in his report and any testimony that he may provide in that regard. The only exceptions that Dr Huntington does agree with are the insect identification (including coffin flies) and he agrees with Dr Haskill that Caylee Marie Anthony’s body decomposed at another location and NOT the recovery site.
5. Dr Huntington’s opinions will agree with Dr Haskill that there were NO coffin flies found in the trunk of the Pontiac Sunfire, and that based on the insect activity her remains decomposed at another location. If Dr Huntington were called to testify, he would rebut any other claims that were not based on any scientific explanations.

University Medical & Forensic Consultants, Inc.
10130 Northlake Boulevard, Suite 214
West Palm Beach, Florida 33412
1. Dr Furton’s curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 8.
2. Dr Furton’s field of expertise is forensic chemistry.
3. If Dr Furton were called to testify the subject matter that he would render opinions on are forensic chemistry.
4. If Dr Furton were called to testify, the substance of facts that he would testify to would relate to the cadaver dog “alerts.” And those opinions rendered by the Oakridge laboratories.
5. The substance of Dr Furton’s testimony would if the were called to testify to are that the cadaver dog is a tool, not a witness. He will be able to testify about the procedures and limitations of cadaver dogs, as well as the odors of decomposition and the limitations in sound scientific principles currently used in decompositional odors.

National Medical Services, Inc.
3701 Welsh Road
Post Office Box 433A
Willow Grove, PA 19090
1. Dr Logan’s curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 9.
2. Dr Logan’s field of expertise is forensic chemistry.
3. If Dr Logan were called to testify the subject matter that he would testify to is forensic chemistry.
4. If Dr Logan were called to testify would depend on the Court admitting for the first time in any State air samples tested by Oakridge Laboratories.
5. The summary of Dr Logan’s testimony is that he disagrees with the methodology employed by Oakridge laboratories in their “Forensic Report.” That the science employed is not recognized in the scientific community.
1208 Wolverine Trail
Winter Springs, FL 32708
1. Dr Leeson’s curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 10.
2. Dr Leeson’s field of expertise is digital forensics.
3. If Dr Leeson were called to testify the subject matter that he would testify to is digital forensics.
4. Dr Leeson has reviewed the reports issued by State experts Sandra Cawn and Kevin Stenger.
5. If Dr Leeson would be called to testify, the substance of the facts that he would be expected to testify to would be to rebut any false claims raised by the State’s forensic computer experts. Until that occurs it is difficult to give a complete summary of his opinions and the grounds for those opinions.

16465 Old Frederick Rd.
Mt. Airy, MD 21771
1. Dr Rodriguez’s curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 11.
2. Dr Rodriguez’s field of expertise is forensic anthropology with an emphasis in taphonomy.
3. If Dr Rodriguez were called to testify the subject matter that he would testify to would be forensic taphonomy.
4. Dr Rodriguez has reviewed all reports dealing with the remains of Caylee Marie Anthony and those specifically discussing decomposition.
5. If Dr Rodriguez would be called to testify, the substance of the facts that he would be expected to testify to would be to rebut any false claims raised by the State’s forensic experts dealing taphonomy. Until that occurs it is difficult to give a complete summary of his opinions and the grounds for those opinions.

Poppeswegje 36, 8077 RT Hulshorst
The Netherlands
1. Richard Eikelenboom’s CV is attached as exhibit 12.
2. Mr. Eikelenboom’s field of expertise is DNA, crime scene analysis and trace recovery.
3. If Mr. Eikelenboom were called to testify, he would testify in the areas of DNA, crime scene analysis and trace recovery.
4. Mr. Eikelenboom has reviewed all of the reports and photographs taken at the recovery site and has personally inspected many of the items.
5. If Mr. Eikelenboom would be called to testify, the substance of the facts that he would be expected to testify to would be to rebut any false claims raised by the State’s forensic experts dealing with DNA, crime scene analysis or trace recovery. Until that occurs it is difficult to give a complete summary of his opinions and the grounds for those opinions.

1. Dr Freeman’s curriculum vitae is attached as exhibit 13.
2. Dr Freeman’s field of expertise is that of a forensic Epidemiologist.
3. If Dr Freeman were called to testify, he would testify in the area of forensic epidemiology.
4. Dr Freeman is still in the early stages of consultation, the defense has notified the State of this, he was listed in an abundance of caution to meet the deadlines set by this court. No further information can be provided at this time.

Jose Baez was sanctioned in January by Chief Judge Belvin Perry and made to pay a fine for this what THEY call “willful violation” of a court order. I see nothing willful about it and I definitely see no violation.

In my opinion, Jose Baez did an excellent job of compliance. Notice the 5 criteria’s are nicely listed just as Judge Perry ordered. Ex-State Attorney Jeff Ashton should have been a happy guy but in those days of heated debates and hearings, nothing was good enough when it came to Defense Attorney Jose Baez and his hated client Casey Anthony.
Nonetheless, I don’t recall reading a detailed expert probable testimony list coming from the State Attorney’s Office. Shouldn’t both sides have to comply to the judge’s order?


Judge leaves a big mess in wake of his resignation

On to Judge Strickland’s weary resignation speech. I can only speak on my own behalf but in my opinion, it was Judge Strickland’s choice, a very poor one at that which provoked his recusal from the Casey Anthony case.
He admitted he read the Casey Anthony blogs. He had his court deputy approach this blogger in his courtroom while the cameras were rolling. What was said between the blogger and he is not audible but be that as it may, he said he complimented the blogger which is all fine and dandy.
To take it a step further…
Weeks later, when Marinade Dave announced he was in the hospital for complications of diabetes, he posted  his phone number on his site asking his readers to call him. Judge Strickland, made another bad decision. He called the blogger.

This blogger was in every sense of the word Anti-Casey Anthony. Other than verbally slandering everyone else, the Defense attorneys included, his only rule was to protect the Anthony’s from verbal attacks. No Cindy or George bashing.  Other than that the blog was run of the mill meaning no different than the hundreds of other Casey Anthony blogsites.

Besides the “Ode to Judge Strickland” plastered on his homepage and of course the bragging of the judge’s call to him, on March 18, 2010, Marinade Dave made another reference to Judge Strickland.  On an older post, not the current one most of his readers were using, under a comment I had made, he posted this.

Note the date, Nov-30-2009.


Marinade Dave // March 18, 2010 at 3:00 pm

  • I’m back. I had lunch. We all went out. Jose and gang, Linda Drane Burdick and
    company. I told them we wouldn’t all fit in Waffle House, but dang! We did.
    Cheney Mason even picked up the tab – plus, he left a big tip! Judge Strickland
    was telling funny jokes the whole time. I coughed in my coffee, it was so
    funny. The only sad part for me was that they all ate dessert, but I couldn’t.

What is a fine defense lawyer such as Cheney Mason to do?  Would it be ethical to have this knowledge and not ask for this judge’s recusal? If Casey, while being tried in Judge Strickland’s courtroom were found guilty of 1st degree murder and facing the death penalty, wouldn’t this be an enormous cause for appeal?

Jose Baez and Cheney Mason acted in the best interest of their client Casey Anthony. This judge had to go.
After the recusal, when it was announced that Judge Belvin Perry Jr. would preside over her case, the blogging community screamed with joy knowing Judge Belvin Perry’s death penalty record was a good one.

Of all of the judges in the Orange County Courthouse, he would be the one who would make sure the needle was stuck into Casey’s vein. The only thing standing in the way was the jury.
In a televised interview, after Casey’s acquittal, Judge Strickland tells Nancy Grace that the jurors had it wrong. The jurors were misguided because Juror #3 said she was sickened by the verdict.

In Judge Strickland’s interview with Nancy Graceless, clearly both seem misguided because “not guilty” does not mean innocent. It simply means there wasn’t enough evidence to prove her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. So be it.

Has anyone forgotten this is America?

And then there’s the matter of probation…

================Matter of Probation================

Not long after he made these statements, he corrected his sentencing order for Casey’s check fraud convictions and forced her to serve one year probation even though she was freed after her murder acquittal.  Even though Casey Anthony had a signed document from Orange County Corrections congradulating her on her completion of probation while she was in jail.

=================Matter of Timing================

On the same day, as the Florida Bar is confirming the general nature of the two ongoing complaints against Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez  there’s talk that Judge Strickland’s appearance on the Nancy Grace show has led to a Judicial Qualifications Committee complaint against the judge.


There another bombshell in waiting in the wings.  Yesterday, Judge Strickland announced through his counsel WFTV’s legal analyst, Bill Sheaffer that he will step down  after 17 years of service. December 31, 2011 will be his last day on the bench.


The JBMission~



I’m pleased to report today that Judge Belvin Perry Jr. of the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court has come to a decision regarding money allegedly owed to Orange County Florida by recently acquitted Casey Anthony.
Casey Anthony, mother of Caylee Anthony was acquitted July 5, 2011 of all major charges regarding the death of her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony.
Subsequently, then Assistant State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick who lost the case, quickly filed a motion holding Casey Anthony liable for all investigation and court costs. She contends, had Casey Anthony told the truth, they would not have wasted OCSO or the Orange County Court’s time and money.

This matter came before the Court for a hearing on September 2, 2011. Linda Drane Burdick presented an itemized statement totaling over $515,000.
Casey Anthony’s defense attorney Cheney Mason argued that the false statements, which led to the Defendant’s convictions for providing false information to a law enforcement officer, related to a missing person investigation, and testimony provided at the hearing indicated that as of September 30, 2008, there was no longer a missing person investigation but a homicide investigation.

For this, he contends that all investigative costs should have stopped as of September 30th since it was sworn by the lead detective Yuri Melich on the stand, during the trial that “they” meaning the investigators had officially stopped looking for a “live” Caylee so all monies spent from this point on was not to prosecute Anthony on her daughter’s disappearance but to prosecute her on first degree murder.
However the issue isn’t completely resolved.

Judge Perry added:
(snipped from Motion)

Further, upon review of the investigative costs expense reports filed by the OCSO, the Court found that several of these reports were not adequately broken down in order to determine the work performed during the time from July 15, 2008 through September 29, 2008. Therefore, in order to reimburse OCSO for additional investigative work performed during the applicable time period, OCSO is directed to file revised investigative costs expense reports that the state the investigative work performed from July 15, 2008 through September 29, 2008 for the below listed OCSO employees. The revised investigative costs expense reports shall be filed with the Court, by 4:00 p.m. on Monday, September 19, 2011.

These are the OCSO employees who inadequately broke down their reports.

John Allen, Yuri Melich, Tanya DePalmo, Awilda McBryde, Kelly DeGuzman, Sharon Clarke, Susan Hempfield, Darrell McCaskill, Samara Melich, Mike Erickson, Mark Hussey, Joy K. Mecabe, Thomas Manderville, Dale Mack, Melissa Harrielson, Carla Willis, Pedro Rivera, Charity Beasley, Katie Garlinghouse, Ricardo Lee, Eliu Muniz, Brenda Gregory, Susan Carver, Jerold White, Sandra Osbourne, Ronald Murdock, Mike Vincent, Christine Narkiewicz, Arthur Rubart.

Also added was Carolyne “Kari” Roderick who submitted 1,106.5 hours of work for a 15 day period as per her testimony at the hearing!!

She claimed in her report that from July 16, 2008 through July 31, 2008 she worked 1,106.50 hours. There’s only 360 hours in that time period. Yes, a definite revision is needed and perhaps an indictment for perjury, lying while under oath.

Thanks to the ever-so-insightful Cheney Mason, the finder of this huge discrepancy, OCSO was caught red handed with this blatant fraudulent attempt to garner money from an acquitted defendant.
This also raises doubt as to all reported expenses for which I’m sure Judge Perry took into consideration therefore requesting a more detailed expense reports from all OCSO employees previously mentioned.

Judge Perry denied request by the Office of the State Attorney for special costs incurred for the purpose of prosecuting on Counts 1 through 3, for which Casey Anthony was acquitted. However Casey Anthony does have to pay $50.00 for the costs of prosecution for the misdemeanor convictions, Count 4 through 7, just as Cheney Mason argued in the September 2nd hearing.

As of today, Judge Perry ordered Anthony to pay $97,676.98.
She will reimburse:

• Florida Department of Law Enforcement: $61,505.12
• Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation: $10,283.90
• Orange County Sheriff’s Office: $25,837.96
• State Attorney’s Office: $50

However Judge Perry said in his order he may require Anthony to pay back additional costs to OCSO. As mentioned earlier several members of the Sheriff’s Office inadequately broke down their expenses but Judge Perry, being the fairer judge as I originally thought is giving them till Monday, September 19th to get their numbers in order. Hopefully with America watching, they’ll double check their adding machines and abacuses and come to a reasonable amount.




Read more: http://www.wesh.com/casey-anthony-extended-coverage/29195304/detail.html#ixzz1Y3nJ1Gs7

Read more: http://www.wesh.com/casey-anthony-extended-coverage/29195304/detail.html#ixzz1Y3ncv3Z0

Judge Perry’s Order


It’s official. The opinionates have reached a verdict. According to Judge Stan Strickland, Nancy Grace and the majority of the general public, it’s been decided.  The 12 seated jurors of the Casey Anthony trial are Guilty of reaching a false verdict after only 2 days of deliberation. Some claim that the jurors were more interested in having a fun filled 4th of July holiday than deliberating the droves of circumstantial evidence and junk science. Some go as far as to say that the jurors were paid by the wealthy defense lawyer Jose Baez and his high powered defense team which Casey Anthony luckily found written on the wall of the Orange County jailhouse.

So Sayeth the shepherd, So Sayeth the Flock

Apparently, the American judicial system which is said to be the best the world, has taken 180 degree turn in the opinion of the popular realm because shockingly the Casey Anthony verdict was not the slam dunk as most expected. On July 5th, she was found not guilty of First Degree murder, Manslaughter and Felony Child Abuse. However, she was found guilty of 4 counts of Lying to LE.

Yesterday, Chief Judge Perry the Chief of his Circuit Court and the Chair of the Florida Innocence Commission, a group designed to look at the causes of wrongful convictions and design reforms for preventing wrongful convictions in the future is back on the proverbial hot seat.

Friday’s Hearing

Judge Belvin Perry held a hearing yesterday to determine how much money Casey Anthony may have to pay back for costs in the investigation of her daughter’s disappearance.

Prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick called several witnesses to testify about the hours detectives worked and other investigative costs.

Prosecutors in the hearing on Friday said that they have all the right to demand the money back from Anthony because she was convicted for lying to detectives in the disappearance of her daughter in 2008.

However Defense attorney, Cheney Mason, accused the State Attorney’s Office of trying to punish Anthony by ordering her to pay the full cost of the murder investigation and prosecution – even though she was acquitted in July.
Mason argued, “I think it is time [prosecutors] accept the fact that they lost this case,”
He added that the reimbursement request had “nothing to do with justice.”

Judge Belvin Perry said he expected to rule by Sept. 22.

Judge Perry has made several decisions in regards to Casey Anthony. During her trial he allowed wishy-washy chloroform evidence, the invisible heart sticker, police K-9s, the lone hair with possible death band and the illusory trunk stain.

However on February 10, 2011 Judge Perry did rule favorably for the Defense on a few key motions.

 Motions Ruled February 10th

02/10/2011 Order Granting
Motion in Limine to Preclude the Use, in Any Fashion Whatsoever, of a Certain “Jib Jab” Cartoon

02/10/2011 Order Granting
Motion in Limine to Preclude Testimony or Alleged Statements of Witness Anthony Rosciano Connected to Inquiries, Conversations, or Interrogations by Corporal William Edwards Related to Sexual Relations with Defendant

02/10/2011 Order Denying
Motion in Limine Regarding Any Testimony That the Defendant has a History of Lying or Stealing

02/10/2011 Order Denying
Motion in Limine to Prohibit the Use, in Any Fashion, of Internet Myspace References Attributable to the Defendant as “Diary of Days”

02/10/2011 Order Denying
Motion in Limine Regarding Testimony of Neighbor Brian Burner in Reference to Shovel

02/10/2011 Order Denying
Motion in Limine to Exclude Irrelevant Evidence of Tattoo

02/10/2011 Order Granting
in Part and Denying in Part Motion in Limine to Preclude Testimony or Alleged Statements of Witness Anthony Lazaro Connected to Inquiries, Conversations, or Interrogations by Corporal William Edwards Related to Sexual Relations with Defendant

Of course, one of the of motions JibJab cartoon was an easy denial but interestingly he denied motions allowing testimony of Casey’s history of lying, reference to Casey borrowing a shovel from her neighbor, reference to a poem written on Myspace “Diary of Days”, her past sexual relationships and the “Bella Vita” tattoo she had done during the mysterious 31 days prior to reporting her daughter Caylee missing. Is it possible this evidence would have changed the verdict?

What Will Judge Perry Do?

Almost 2 months after the acquittal, Judge Belvin Perry will have to decide if Casey Marie Anthony IS responsible for all costs of investigation and WILL she be ordered to reimburse $517,000 to Orange County Florida.  That is the question.







Read more: http://www.wesh.com/casey-anthony-extended-coverage/29058334/detail.html#ixzz1WrrNPVLf




Incidentally, A hearing is also slated for Sept. 28 on whether to release a sealed jail video taken on the day Caylee Anthony’s remains were found.
Officials said the video showed Casey Anthony doubled over while watching news reports of the discovery.
The video was sealed two years ago by Judge Stan Strickland. Strickland said the video was too inflammatory and could affect Anthony’s right to a fair trial.
Hmm…probably not..

Lisabeth Fryer, defense attorney and associate of Cheney Mason has signed an emergency motion that could stop Casey Anthony’s questionable probation. Casey Anthony is the mother acquitted of murdering her 2 1/2 year old daughter Caylee Anthony on July 5, 2011. The document was filed Wednesday, August 17, 2011 with the 5th District Court of Appeals in Daytona Beach.

The emergency motion is to quash, vacate and set aside the recent Court’s Order to have Casey Anthony return to Orlando on August 26th to begin probation.
Lisabeth Fryer listed in part of the motion Basis For Invoking Jurisdiction based on lack of jurisdiction and in violation of double jeopardy.

Under Part II, Statement Of The Facts,
Ms. Fryer reminds the 5th District Court of Appeal that The Honorable Stan Strickland was the original judge presiding over two cases involving the Defendant
On page 7 of 18 the motion points out Judge Strickland’s unusual and in my opinion inappropriate behavior regarding Casey Anthony. She states..

In the intervening time period between the between the filing of the Motion to Disqualify (App. A) on April 18, 2010 and the present the Judge’s subsequent public behavior has only stood to verify and reaffirm the fears of the Defendant as
to the Judge’s bias and prejudice. In particular, The Honorable Stan Strickland has
engaged in televised interviews with tabloid entertainment programs, such as “The
Nancy Grace Show,” in which he stated on national television that that he was
“shocked at the result” of the trial in which the defendant was acquitted of First
Degree Murder, Aggravated Child Abuse, and Aggravated Manslaughter of a
Child. App. D. This interview occurred after the verdict, but before sentencing.

Lisabeth Fryer listed a couple of other televised interviews Judge Strickland engaged in including an interview to discuss the Defendant’s trial, the jury, and resulting verdict with local NBC affiliate WESH.
“Full Interview: Former Casey Judge Talks Verdict, Jury” available at

“The Other Judge: Stan Strickland Shocked at Casey Anthony’s Acquittal” available at
Reporter Jacqueline Fell sits down with Stan Strickland, the original judge in the Casey Anthony case, to talk about the trial and his recusal in 2010.

Ms. Fryer adds on page 8 of 18

After the Defendant was released from her sentence on four misdemeanor charges imposed by the Honorable Belvin Perry, Judge Strickland, sua sponte, amended his original order to reflect that the Defendant serve her probation on her release in the present case. However, this action was taken 562 days after the Defendant’s probation began and without request from the State of Florida, with no notice to the Defendant or her counsel, and without regard for the fact that the Defendant had successfully completed the
terms of her probation. (App. A). Further, this action was taken after the
previously disqualified judge participated in multiple media interviews in which demonstrating unquestionable bias against the Defendant. Judge Strickland made statements related to his actions to the press then was unavailable for immediate legal issues on this matter, as he went on vacation. The Defendant was given 72 hours to report to supervised probation in Orange County. On August 2, 2011, Judge Strickland recused himself before the Defendant had an opportunity to file her Motion to Disqualify Previously Disqualified Judge. The same day, Defendant
filed a Motion for an Emergency Hearing to Quash, Vacate, and Set Aside the Order. (App. E).

Ms. Fryer addresses “Double Jeopardy”

“Three basic protections emanate from the Double Jeopardy Clauses of the
Federal and the Florida Constitutions:
1) protection against a subsequent
prosecution for the same offense;
2) protection against a subsequent prosecution
for the same offense after conviction; and
3) protection against multiple
punishments for the same offense.”

She cites several cases. One I like in particular is Hunsicker v. State, 881 So. 2d 1166 (Fla. 5th DCA 2004).
In the present case, Ms. Anthony has formally served her probationary period. A second period of probation would violate her protections against multiple punishments for the same offense. U.S. Const., amends. V & XIV; Fla. Const., art. I, § 9.

“Formally” is the operative word which in my opinion is hard to argue considering Anthony does have documentation signed and stamped by the Orange County Dept of Corrections.


In other news, George and Cindy Anthony will be guests on the Dr Phil Show airing on September 12th.

cfnews13 reported that the show is not compensating the Anthonys for the interview, according to the release, and is only being asked to donate to a charity organization that has been set up to advocate for the rights of grandparents of missing children.




Emergency Petition on Probation

Read more: http://www.wesh.com/casey-anthony-extended-coverage/28896300/detail.html#ixzz1VN0HDKEC

Read more: http://www.wesh.com/casey-anthony-extended-coverage/28896300/detail.html#ixzz1VN0n65t5

Read more: http://www.wesh.com/casey-anthony-extended-coverage/28896300/detail.html#ixzz1VN07JGik

Cindy & George Anthony to Appear on Dr Phil September 12th

No one knows where Casey Anthony is, but America’s most notorious recent murder defendant doesn’t have to fret about her legal bills reaching her so says Chris Lehmann, editor of Yahoo News.
That’s because $119,000 in defense fees racked up during her trial which produced a shocking not-guilty verdict in her home jurisdiction of Orlando, Fla., earlier this month have been picked up by Florida taxpayers. The same is true for another spending $5,800 in fees that Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez has billed to his client’s case, putting the overall taxpayer tab at just shy of $125,000.
This is an incredible amount of money, especially when you add $200,000, the amount ABC paid to Casey Anthony for pictures of her daughter Caylee Anthony, the 2 ½ year old victim of the alleged crime that Orange County Florida indicted, making this entire disaster a $325,000 waste of tax-payer money so far. Obviously first degree murder with possible death penalty doesn’t come cheap.


According to an article titled “The Costs of Capital Punishment” by J. Rank, provider of thousands of free legal articles;
In 1989, the state of Florida executed 42-year-old Ted Bundy. Bundy confessed to 28 murders in four states. During his nine years on death row, he received three stays of execution. Before he was put to death in the electric chair, Bundy cost taxpayers more than $5 million.

In the good old days of 2003, the cost of a proper execution without the bothersome appeals was minuscule. In 2003 the state of Florida paid $150 to the executioner, $20 for the last meal, $150 for a new burial suit, and $525 for the undertaker’s services including a coffin, the cost on a decent execution was less than $1,000.

But thanks to a Supreme Court decision, Furman V. Georgia, 408 U.S. 238, 92 S. Ct. 2726, 33 L. Ed. 2d 346 (1972), states found it necessary to introduce a complex appeals process that would guarantee the rights of death row inmates.
Apparently capital trials are much more expensive to carry out than are their non-capital counterparts because of the price at stake, a human life.
Evidence gathering is also more expensive. Evidence must be collected not only to determine the guilt or innocence of the accused but also to support or contradict a sentence of death. All sentences of death face a mandatory review by the state supreme court, at an additional cost of at least $70,000. If a case advances further in the state or federal appeals process, the costs are likely to jump to $275,000 or more for each appeal. Incidentally these figures are those of 2003, not 2011.

Perhaps, the good citizens of Florida should send out a big “Thank You” card to Jose Baez and the entire defense team for their hard work in getting Casey Anthony acquitted of first degree murder relieving them of the cost and the expense of several hundred thousand dollars for each of her appeals.
Had she received the death penalty another $275,000 bill would surely come their way. The tax-payers wouldn’t be delighted and possibly remorseful after hearing that the State had withheld evidence that proved Casey Anthony only searched “chloroform” once and not 84 times as Linda Drane Burdick claimed. They would most likely wonder if it was worth the price to execute someone on unreliable evidence.

Instead, I would suggest that the tax-payers of Florida should spare no expense in getting answers and possibly financial retribution from their own State Attorney’s who erroneously over-indicted Casey Anthony without solid evidence or proof of premeditation and for withholding exculpatory evidence that perhaps would have stopped the trial before it began had they doubled checked CacheBack’s reliability.


I recall Cheney Mason’s plea to Judge Perry for acquittal during the course of trial on June 16, 2011. Cheney Mason argued for acquittal, but nonetheless Judge Belvin Perry rejected this motion. Judge Perry claimed “the state has established substantial competent evidence for the jury which is the trier of fact in the case to decide.”
Defense attorney Cheney Mason vehemently shot back that the State has not even proved that a murder occurred. The cause of death is unknown. Only the manner of death was established, to rule Caylee`s death as a homicide. The cause of death “homicide” was an opinion of medical examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia.

In any first degree murder indictment, one of the criteria is premeditation. Suspicious internet searches were deemed premeditation thus manufacturing more ammunition in their quest to charge Casey Anthony with First Degree Murder and possible death penalty.
Considering the latest revelation and the computer evidence now debunked thanks to the State’s own computer expert John Bradley and his software, CacheBack’s erroneous calculations, there’s a few flies in the ointment that needs tending to.

A person’s freedom
A person’s reputation
A person’s ability to earn a living
A person who will forever live in fear because she is in the scope of lunatics who want her dead

She did not premeditate murder as Asst. State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick alleged.


In retrospect, the State of Florida is also responsible for sentencing Casey Anthony unreasonably as a first offender on check fraud charges stemming from checks she had written from Amy Huizenga’s checking account during the time she failed to report Caylee’s death.

By making Casey Anthony a 6-time convicted felon which was a legal maneuver on the part of the prosecution meant to add drama for the media and create doubt of Casey’s credibility if she were sentenced to death and put on the stand to testify in her own behalf.
Another possible reason the State Attorneys wanted Casey Anthony to be a 6-time convicted felon was to further her eligibility for the death penalty.

However, even though she was found not guilty of all major charges the fact remains, she is still a convicted felon which now impedes on her right to earn a decent living. Many employers look down upon convicted felons and refuse to hire them.

Since Casey Anthony was acquitted of first degree murder, first degree child abuse, first degree child neglect and with the check fraud charges still hanging over her, I’m hoping after 5 years of good behavior, that there’s an extraordinary attorney out there who’ll be willing to fight to have those charges expunged from her record.

Linda Drane Burdick perhaps?


As an Afterthought..
What I’ve learned from the Casey Anthony case is that law enforcement is not always honest and that if the crime a person is accused of is against a child or another helpless human being that any zealous prosecutor in need of help at the polls or some other nefarious reason could build a case against anyone with the right amount of help.
In this case, the crime was against a child and the suspect’s own family did the helping.

Given the right amount of dysfunction and public outcry, the worst almost happened yet miraculously our judicial system worked through it all proving hate and revenge is not the answer.
Sadly, what I witnessed was by and large an egregious violation of trust from some elected officials. The state of Florida deserves better.


Headline: Taxpayers foot bill for Casey Anthony defense

 Editor, Chris Lehmann of Yahoo news


Read more: Law Library – American Law and Legal Information http://law.jrank.org/#ixzz1SsTDfgJZ


Was Casey Anthony prosecuted with inaccurate data?

Video from Day 46



Jose Baez Points this out to Judge Perry!

 Let’s cross the bridge! 



MIAMI — Assertions by the prosecution that Casey Anthony conducted extensive computer searches on the word “chloroform” were based on inaccurate data, a software designer who testified at the trial said Monday.

The designer, John Bradley, said Ms. Anthony had visited what the prosecution said was a crucial Web site only once, not 84 times, as prosecutors had asserted. He came to that conclusion after redesigning his software, and immediately alerted prosecutors and the police about the mistake, he said.

The finding of 84 visits was used repeatedly during the trial to suggest that Ms. Anthony had planned to murder her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, who was found dead in 2008. Ms. Anthony, who could have faced
the death penalty, was acquitted of the killing on July 5.

According to Mr. Bradley, chief software developer of CacheBack, used by the police to verify the computer searches, the term “chloroform” was searched once through Google. The Google search then led to a Web site, sci-spot.com, that was visited only once, Mr. Bradley added. The Web site offered information on the use of chloroform in the 1800s.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office had used the software to validate its finding that Ms. Anthony had searched for information about chloroform 84 times, a conclusion that Mr. Bradley says turned out to be wrong. Mr. Bradley said he immediately alerted a prosecutor, Linda Drane Burdick, and Sgt. Kevin Stenger of the Sheriff’s Office in late June through e-mail and by telephone to tell them of his new findings. Mr. Bradley said he conducted a second analysis after discovering discrepancies that were never brought to his attention by prosecutors or the police.

Read More http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/43807133/ns/us_news-the_new_york_times/?GT1=43001

It’s so nice to start my day and not have to think about what I need to write about or what bit of factual information I need to share with the public.  Everyday my objective was to get someone else to see this case for what it was.  It was a farce.  It was a lie.

I can accept lies from Casey Anthony but I can not accept lies from elected officials who are supposedly legally knowledgeable and trustworthy nor can I accept mistruths and exaggerations from televised news sources.

State Attorneys Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick knew they did not have a case against this lying skank yet they wasted tax-payer money in order to please the masses. This is not what our judicial system is about. Many suspects walk free because there is no case.  What about Drew Peterson, ex- cop who’s 2 of 4 wives mysteriously disappeared?  It took 5 years to build a case against him.  Today he sits in jail awaiting his day in court.

I’m happy to say that Jose Baez and his co-counsel troop, Cheney Mason, Dorothy Sims and a few other tenacious, law abiding defense attorneys have succeeded in their quest to prove Casey Marie Anthony innocent of all charges involving the death of her daughter Caylee Marie yet the media refuses to acknowledge their victory in a positive light.

Again the media is focusing on Casey’s counsel!  Again the media is making it a difficult decision for any attorney who is asked to represent a defendant whose crime is against a child or any other horrible deed.

We don’t have to like the defendant. We can despise the accused but to malign and disrespect the lawyers of our country who represent them is an atrocity and a direct slap in the face to our 6th Amendment right to fair trial.

There is no fair trial when trained prosecutors of the law accuse a person of a crime and the accused can not find a lawyer willing to take their case in fear of what the media will print in the press.  Are there lawyers who are willing to face the alienation of their friends and colleagues because of the person they represent?  Lawyers are now faced with this question.

If someone accuses you of a crime, why should the attorney you hire have to endure the wrath of what you are accused of?  This is not what our U.S. Constitution intended.  Instead of dishonoring,  the media should applaud the attorney who represents a despised client.  They should publicly thank him or her for their fortitude for taking on such a case.  The attorney is not on trial.  He is doing his or her job and in most cases, a very hard job.  Jose Baez’s job of defending Casey Anthony wasn’t hard!  His fight in the media and courtroom antics was near impossible but no one wants to see it that way.  They’d rather think that what they witnessed yesterday July 5, 2011 in Judge Perry’s court room was a miscarriage of justice.  Casey Anthony got away with murder. That was a misconception.

What we saw was the American judicial system at its finest. There was no evidence, therefore there was no conviction. Applaud.

Obviously Nancy Grace, the ex-prosecutor thinks it’s great to beat down and publicly assassinate the character of defense attorneys.  To Nancy Grace, defense attorneys are the enemy but should they be yours?  After all they’ve always been her adversaries. She claims she’s been a victim so she can relate to victims of crimes.  I think not!  She can not relate to Somer Thompson’s mother.  She can not relate to the father of Shaniya Davis.

Nancy Grace, an officer of the court is now critiquing the way Jose Baez celebrated his well-earned victory.  He has overcome a monumental amount of defamation of his character because of the hatred of his client Casey Anthony but Nancy Grace wants more. You should despise Jose Baez because he celebrated too close to the court house which happens to be directly next to Cheney Mason’s office.  I say enough to Nancy Grace!  Move on to another case that you can profit from.  Its okay Nancy, we know Jose Baez poetically speaking kicked your ass.

I’m appalled and afraid that if I or a member of my family are accused of a crime that finding a good lawyer to represent us will be impossible.

I’m appalled and afraid that the good people who worked hundreds of hours to win this case will be sought after by a few of the maladjusted fanatics who have religiously followed this case.  There have been warnings and death threats of what may happen to them if they make a step out of their homes.  This is the Monster that the news media created.

The people I saw standing outside of the Orange County Courthouse reminded me of a scene from the 1692 Salem Witch Trials.  The mob came but they left disappointed because the jurors decided there would be “No Lynching” today.  Casey Anthony was  acquitted of all murder charges of her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony. The mob chanted “Bull Shit” as Orange County sheriff’s tried to disperse the crowd and asked them to go home.

The story is not over.
There is talk of lawsuits in the making. Zenaida Gonzalez who happened to have visited Sawgrass Apartments on June 17, 2008 is waiting in the wings for Casey Anthony to walk out of the hoosegow.  Tim Miller is talking about suing Jose Baez because he contends “Caylee was never missing” but Tim Miller fails to realize it wasn’t Jose Baez who hired him.  It was Cindy Anthony, the mother of Casey Anthony.  Casey refused to put an X on the map to indicate the location of Caylee’s remains when Tim Miller asked. Perhaps Mr. Miller should’ve taken that as a sign that she really didn’t know.  Maybe he acted out of greed for the limelight.  As he said, there were lots of other people who were seeking out his help so what made the Anthony case so special?

From the onset of this debacle, I realized immediately that something wasn’t right about George and Cindy Anthony regardless of the 911 calls.  I take pride in heeding my Mother’s warning “never believe everything you hear and only half of what you see”.

I don’t blame the masses for being upset by the verdict after all they were lied to. Each and every hour of the day since July 15, 2008 they were force fed misleading information and media rhetoric adding more fuel to their fiery demand for justice for Caylee.

Who on God’s green earth wouldn’t want justice for a beautiful innocent 2 ½ year old little girl?
Who wouldn’t hate her mother depicted as a party girl out shaking her ass while her daughter was presumed missing?

I’ve been told that I’m hard to make friends with.  That’s true. When someone tries too hard to be my friend, I put up my hand and stop to think.  Why is this person trying so hard?

That’s similar to how I felt about the media.  Why are they befriending the public in a way I have never seen in any of the other murder cases I’ve read about?  Why is the media touting a one-sided story?  I knew there was a lie somewhere in the mix and I was right.  There was no heart sticker on the duct tape. That’s one lie and in due time we’ll find out more.

I hope something good can come out of case after the acquittal of Casey Anthony.  I hope we’ve all learned that the media can not be trusted. I hope the media in turn decides to become more objective and accountable in their journalism.  In this year of 2011, with blogs mistakenly being considered bonafide news sources that the actual news sources become more responsible.

I’d like to read stories from both sides.  I’d like to read objective journalism from every medium whether it be in print, over the World Wide Web or via television or radio.  I’d like to see less commentary from biased opinionated Talking Heads.

The media has under estimated the intellect of the general public.  We are able to absorb information and come to our own conclusions. Perhaps, the news media could be of more service by challenging the general public with facts and asking them to think instead of simply offering their own personal opinion which they assume will be popular.

I feel certain, had it not been for the Nancy Grace’s of the media, there would not have been so many disappointed people standing outside of Orange County Courthouse. Perhaps this was the lesson Caylee Marie Anthony was placed here on this Earth to teach.

God Bless her and May She Rest in Peace



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More about Drew Peterson:


1692 Salem Witch Trial


Cheney Mason request for a judgment of acquittal

If Judge Perry’s ruling was good for you, well I must have higher standards.

The fact that Judge Perry denied it means nothing to me because he’s proven time and again that his interest is to get a conviction no matter what as indicated when he denied Casey Anthony a “genuine change of venue.”  That is apparent.

I found the trial in totality a travesty of justice and mockery of the American judicial system as we first witnessed when Casey Anthony was denied her 6th Amendment right to a fair trial.  The violation above is apparent.

Whether Judge Perry denied the four motions for mistrial or not means NOTHING to me because I already know where Judge Perry’s head is at; squarely implanted in the anus of Jeffrey Ashton.  That is apparent.

George Anthony, the Accuser who testified to the Grand Jury to have his daughter Casey Anthony indicted was proven beyond a reasonable doubt X2, to be liar, a bum and an adulterer which makes any and all testimony coming from him null and void.

George Anthony’s lame attempt at suicide is a direct indication of guilt as compared to that of Casey Anthony.  There were no suicide attempts for Casey. In fact her behavior was the exact opposite almost as if she knew her days were numbered taking into consideration her tattoo “Bella Vita”.  Why is it that an immature 22yo is able to accept her punishment?  It’s because her crime was not murder as her father wanted her to believe.  Maybe negligence but maybe not, if both George and Casey were the only two adults who were home when Caylee accidentally drowned in the family pool.

I laugh in the face of the State Attorneys Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick with both middle fingers waving in the air as I hear their rebuttal witness Dr Michael Warren admit he did not read Dr Garavaglia’s 23 page report nor Dr Goldberg’s.  Here’s a State rebuttal witness who was suppose to disprove Dr Spitz’s strong assertion “the autopsy was shoddy!” yet Dr Warren didn’t even read the autopsy report.

Without George Anthony’s testimony to the Grand Jury, Judge Belvin Perry presiding, Casey Anthony may not have been indicted.

Without Roy Kronk’s tampering with the body there may have been more forensic findings as to who put Caylee’s body on Suburban Drive.

Both of these witnesses were thoroughly impeached by the defense.

I trust defense attorney Cheney Mason’s knowledge of the law explicitly!  I do NOT trust Judge Perry or Jeff Ashton!  Judge Perry has proven to me that he’d do anything in his power to help the State prove their desperate case by allowing invisible heart sticker evidence into trial which defense attorney Jose Baez fought so vehemently to disallow.

Defense attorney Jose Baez, the Tiger, the tenacious Pit Bull who stood alone at the onset of this case did a remarkable job against not 3 but 5 adversaries, one of which was the presiding judge himself and the other was the media.

I laugh out loud with both middle fingers waving as I heard Judge Perry use the term imagined or unimagined as for the extra time Jose Baez needed to gather information to defend his client Casey Anthony from a possible death sentence.  It must have been a Freudian slip because the only thing imaginary is Judge Perry’s imaginary deadline he artfully set as a date for the end of trial which audaciously happens to be the 4th of July, again making a mockery of Casey Anthony’s Constitutional 6th Amendment right to a fair trial.


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