Long ago, I had a theory which I was afraid to post on the world wide web in fear of repercussion.  Now I’m learning the no-holds-barred of the trade and I’m going to state clearly that this article is nothing more than speculation and the information I will refer to has been previously discussed on other sites and are in public records.

My interest is in this Gonzalez family who lived at 8718 Brackenwood Dr, Orlando, FL. 

Parcel Id 13-23-30-1290-00-450

Location 8718 BRACKENWOOD DR


Millage Rate 16.4233 details

Property Use 0101

Owner Information

Owner Name(s):    GONZALEZ HERNAN

                              GONZALEZ ELSA I

Mailing Address: 8718 BRACKENWOOD DR

                              ORLANDO, FL  32829


1.First owner was Davis

2.sold to a single man by the name of Loda R. Moore, married to Lisa, who has power of atty over Loda. Docs on Loda R. Moore are found on the Orange County Site. He is stated to be part of US Military within his/wife/power of atty documents. He’s all over the internet so I’m thinking he must have been highly ranked.  There’s many articles of his military career.  Not a common name..Loda R. Moore.

3.Lisa Moore sells house to Noemi Gonzalez 11/90

4.Noemi sold the house to Hernan L. Gonzales/Elsa I. Gonzales (Elsa also has another middle initial Elsa A. Gonzalez.

5.Arnaldo Gonzalez-painter/misc has tax returns to that address up till 2004′ He born in 1986.  Is this him?


Considering Arnaldo Gonzalez’s and Casey are the same approx. age and the fact that he and his family lived in this house since 1990, I would assume that they were most likely school mates.  I have to wonder if Casey knows him. 

So “Where’s Waldo” ??  ( couldn’t resist )

The business Tax records show An Arnoldo Gonzales as a contractor, misc/ painting:
Last application 2004. Tax record #1816-582951 at 8718 brackenwood dr.

1816 1816-582951 GONZALEZ ARNALDO GONZALEZ ARNALDO 9/24/2004




( Caylee was born August 9, 2005) just a thought…

The flatbed truck named “zanny”?

Arnaldo Gonzalez owned a truck registered to Ponce Waste Service Inc.  The name on the truck (nick named zanny) is Ponce Waste Service Inc. The phone numebr on it is out of service as I would expect. After checking out the business name,  I”m almost sure the company originated in Puerto Rico. This division hauled junk and does hazardouse waste (Freon Evauacions?) I found where Ponce Waste was sued for breach of contract in 2004.  Is this why Arnaldo is MIA, missing in action?  Did the entire family flee to Puerto Rico?

Focusing on this house, I also came across two women associated with this address.  One DOB = 05-07-1978, the other is DOB = 10-19-1986.  Again, I find a female (no name) but close to Casey’s age.  

The only things so far is on Mr. Hernan L. Gonzales, his name came up on a Federal site. This Hernan l. Gonzales has an alias and has been banned from entering the US in for Drug trafficking. Info here:
U.S. Treasury – Recent OFAC Actions: 06/01/2004
ZEVALLOS GONZALES, Fernando Melciades (a.k.a. GONZALES, Hernan; a.k.a. ZEVALLOS In addition, all property and interests in property that are owned or controlled by the following and that are in, or come within, the United States (“U.S.”) or that are in, or come within, the possession or control of any U.S. person, including a foreign branch, have been blocked pending further investigation pursuant to the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Sanctions Regulations, 31 C.F.R. Part 598, and the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act, Pub.L. 106-120, title 8, 113 Stat. 1606, 1626-1636 (codified at 21 U.S.C. 1901-1908, 8 U.S.C. 1182(a)(2)(C). Although they are not now SDNTKs, their names have been integrated into OFAC’s SDN list with the descriptor “[BPI-SDNTK]” to indicate that their property and interests in property are currently blocked: 

One of his aliases is Fernando Melciades. So now we have Hernan-dez and Fernan-dez. Also: ZEVALLOS GONZALES.

Whether or not Casey went to this house or not, whether there’s a fence separating this property from the school, across the street from the burial site, is not the issue.   For whatever reason Dominick Casey was curious enough to take a look and so was Kathi Belich.   After searching around on different sites and reading the comments, it seems there was once a new bicycle parked outside of the house in 2008 and fresh garbage bags with red ties outside.  This could be an indication of some activity happening around the time Caylee went missing.  And then there’s the flatbed truck named “Zanny” said to be parked there at some time along with a boat and several Pepsi machines.  The rumors were rampant but along with them I found a few curious facts along the way.   This house is also in close proximity to Lee Anthony’s house, so maybe Casey did visit there once or twice.  Just a thought…


Here’s a link of legal analyst Bill Sheaffer who says Dom Casey staged the house search on 8718 Brackenridge Dr.