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I’m calling Bull**** on the media.
Does this document support the media allegation regarding Laura Buchanan’s tampering?
Is it on page 2 of 17, doc page 23471 of this link:

I noticed 2 dates, Sept 2nd and Sept 3rd. Did someone, possibly Laura Buchanan scribble 2 different dates on one sheet titled “Field Team Activity” because she wasn’t sure of the correct date?
Was this the sheet she should have turned in to Equusearch but didn’t? Or is Buchanan’s ominous crime revealed in another deposition from November 17th? I still haven’t found this document.

Is this what WESH used to base their claim “Volunteer Says She Took Form, Changed it?” From what factual document is WESH basing this allegation of tampering? In my quest to find the said document, I found the following WFTV article titled “New Ethics Complaint Could Cost Casey’s Lawyer”


Conway told Orange County sheriff’s investigators four months ago that Baez lied to Chief Judge Belvin Perry about how Conway had seen evidence showing Caylee’s body was not in the woods four months before her remains were found, but Conway told them, “I certainly did not see that, wasn’t aware of it.”
Conway said, at the time, he was thinking, “Bull****, it didn’t happen.”
The controversy swirls around Laura Buchanan, who had searched for Caylee’s body with the volunteer group EquuSearch. Conway said Baez kept pressing him to get EquuSearch documents from Buchanan, which Baez said proved Caylee’s body was not there in late summer, and Conway kept refusing.
Buchanan is under investigation for falsifying documents; she admitted to adding notes to EquuSearch documents she had taken home with her. During the time Baez pressed Conway to get the so-called important documents from Buchanan, Baez and Buchanan were in email communication.
The Florida Bar Association won’t say who filed the grievance or when, yet, but Sheaffer says you might now see Judge Perry ordering Baez to document any material claims he makes in court.

I’m thinking the same of Brad Conway….Bull****!! How does anyone know WHAT Jose Baez and Brad Conway talked about while in the cross hairs of Equusearch attorney Mark Nejame and Jose Baez’s fight for searcher documents! It sounds to me this is his word against Baez’s. No big deal.

Snipped from above article:

Buchanan is under investigation for falsifying documents; she admitted to adding notes to EquuSearch documents she had taken home with her.

Incidentally from the wording of the above snipplet, I’m beginning to believe this is the portentous tampered document which WESH considers tampering. Without ever having met Laura Buchanan, I could think of ten different reasons she would scribble a date on this sheet of paper. Perhaps if she’s on the phone with Baez or Kasper Jordan and she’s trying to answer questions and grasp some sort of recollection of the details from her searches as to which day did she search Suburban and which day she searched J. Blanchard Park, she may have been trying to remember the dates by remembering who was with her. There are a slew of reasons why she would write a date. As for her not returning the sheet to Equusearch, my question; whose responsibility was it to collect this Field Team Activity sheet? It didn’t become important to Equuasearch until Laura Buchanan became a possible witness for Casey Anthony’s defense. Then it was of major importance to EVERYBODY. It’s too obvious not to realize that Laura Buchanan’s testimony could cause considerable damage to the State’s theory and very likely useful for the defense.

Responding to the news story of yesterday “New Ethics Complaint Could Cost Casey’s Lawyer.” Legal analyst Bill Sheaffer calls Baez’s offense a possible ten, highest on a scale, on just how immoral Baez’s alleged conduct was.

Watch WFTV Bill Sheaffer video titled “Analysis Grievance Filed Against Baez”

And the timing couldn’t be any better. This little news tidbit follows a WESH report.
“Casey Defense Witness Admits She Altered Doc”
“Volunteer Says She Took Form, Changed it”


Yes, I see a definite pattern here. Anytime there’s a hint of supportive evidence or witness in Casey Anthony’s defense the media reaping in the ratings from this case automatically goes into panic mode and slams the internet with edgy misquoted updates. Positive publicity for Casey doesn’t sell advertising.

P.I. accused of Witness Tampering

Here’s another tampering claim. Jeremy Lyons, defense private investigator accused of witness tampering.  http://www.wftv.com/news/25455422/detail.html

Brett Churchill and Brett Reilly, both prosecution witnesses in Casey Anthony’s murder case, feel Lyons was trying to get them to change their testimony.

Did one of these witnesses use a tape recorder like Joe Jordan to prove their allegations?  Yet WFTV thought this was newsworthy.  The obvious reason WFTV ran this article is because it paints the entire defense team as unsavory criminals.  I call Bull**** on WFTV!

Whatever P.I. Jeremy Lyons did to intimidate Churchill and Reilly it couldn’t compare to the entrapment game that was played on Laura Buchanan by the highly respectable OCSO with the help of Kasper Jordan.  LE calls it a “controlled phone call”, I call it entrapment which by the way did not result in what the detectives were hoping for.

I would bet thousands of dollars had Ms Buchanan called any of these news circuits to complain about the treatment she endured by LE and the State Attorney’s Office they wouldn’t touch her story with a ten foot pole.

Reminiscent of another malicious allegation from the Orlando news circuit; the horrific “heart sticker” story. Although Lorie Gottesman of the FBI noted in her report there were no fragments or residue from a heart sticker supposedly found on the duct tape, this story was never retracted. Coincidentally, defense attorneys Jose Baez and Cheney Mason have both been accused of possibly tainting the jury pool whenever they make claims of progress for Casey Anthony. However I find a vicious rumor such as the one alluding to a mother sending off her murdered daughter by slapping a heart sticker on top of the duct tape supposedly used to kill her much more prejudicial to this case.

Read the malicious article here.
“Heart Sticker Was Placed On Duct Tape On Caylee”

Casey Defense Wants Heart Sticker Thrown Out

View doc page 5583, in FBI report under questioned document examination, Lorie Gottesman clearly states Q62-Q64 Tape pieces were examined for presence of any stickers. No sticker fragments were observed.

Ironically on December 30, 2010, Linda Drane Burdick, Assistant State Attorney for Orange County filed this motion.

There’s 6 listed criteria’s in all that LDB hopes Judge Perry will rule on in her favor. I’m not aware of his ruling yet.
She asked that the Defense not talk or mention anything to the Media that may point to Casey Anthony’s innocence and she wants Jose Baez to refrain from referring to some people as liars.
Here’s two criteria’s that I found interesting considering the latest news.
Snipped from Motion:

4. Any testimony or argument that unidentified members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Office of the State Attorney, or any other government agency “leaked” information to the media, or any third party.
shhh..it’s a secret

5. Any testimony or argument that members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office arranged for the Defendant to be video recorded upon learning that her daughter’s remains were found.
Yes, it’s true but shhh..the jury can’t know about this either

But it’s okay for the jury to read all of this negative news coverage against Casey Anthony and her Defense team because it’s beneficial to the State.

My new mantra when it comes to the news coverage of this case, “Consider the source”



Let’s take a look..
Dominic Casey
“You can call me crazy,” says Dominic, who has been a private investigator for 20 years. “Everyone is calling me crazy. I get death threats on a daily basis.”
Dominic Casey, the Anthony family private investigator and one time bodyguard for Casey Anthony has never wavered in his belief 2yo Caylee Anthony was alive and worked hundreds of hours trying to find her.
However in mid-November almost a month before Caylee’s remains were found, he searched an area on Suburban Drive, 14 houses away from the Anthony home. Some people speculated that he did find her and failed to report it. Since then he has vehemently denied finding Caylee’s remains before she was officially found on December 11, 2008. Another PI Jim Hoover working for the Anthony’s tagged along in the search.
It was later rumored in the media that it was Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez who had actually sent Dominic Casey to this area and was told to call him first if he found Caylee’s remains.
Dominic Casey answered the rumor with this statement to the media:

“Had I the misfortune of stumbling across any remains the first thing I would have done is, I would have prayed, the second thing I would have done is stayed at the location and called 911.”


PI Jim Hoover

On November 15, 2008, while Dominic Casey was poking and prodding the dense woods of 8905 Suburban Drive with a stick in one hand and a cell phone in the other, Jim Hoover video taped the entire ordeal. On the other end of the cell phone was Psychic Ginnette Maticia Lucas who had a vivid dream the night before and had described a wooded area to Dominic.
Dominic Casey says this was the first and only time he had ever looked for a deceased Caylee. In my opinion, Ginnette Lucas’s description matched the area where childhood friend Kio Cruz claimed she and Casey Anthony used to hang out in their early teens. This explains why Dominic Casey hurriedly went to this particular area. As we know through documents, he was seeking help through psychics to find Caylee.
It is also a known fact that PI Jim Hoover later tried to sell footage of this video tape to various media outlets. If in fact, Caylee’s remains were found, no doubt Jim Hoover would have been the first to report their finding. As noted in the video above, and later validated by Dominic Casey, they were close, but no Caylee.

Keith Williams

On August 18, 2008, Keith Williams who also had a psychic’s hunch found himself searching a similar area of Suburban Drive. He politely knocked on the door of George and Cindy Anthony to show them what he had found in an empty lot just down the street from their home. He had found a Father’s Day balloon, a few pieces of children’s clothing, stuffed animals and a sandal. After the Anthony family showed no interest in these items, he later called law enforcement and a police report was made. Ironically Officer Richard Cain was the responding officer to both Keith Williams and Roy Kronk 911 calls in mid-August. Keith was close, but no Caylee.

Laura Buchanan

Searcher: Caylee’s Body Not In Woods
Defense Team Claims Body Dumped After Jailing POSTED: Monday, November 23, 2009
UPDATED: 11:27 pm EST November 23,2009

One of the volunteers, Laura Buchanan, of New Jersey, submitted a sworn statement that may provide ammunition for Casey Anthony’s defense.
In the statement, Buchanan wrote:

“On Sept. 3, 2008 … I personally searched near the privacy fence and worked my way towards, and then the spot, where the body was found.
I did not notice anything unusual. I did not notice a strange smell. I noticed no buzzards, nor unusual animal or insect activity.
It is my opinion that the remains of Caylee Anthony were not there during the time of our search.”

Signed statement:

Apparently, Laura Buchanan has a document to prove her claim however another TES searcher who was assigned with LB said they were on the Blanchard Park search team and not Suburban Drive. According to Lela Radojevic, Laura Buchanan was with her the entire day and did not leave when asked by Kathi Belich of WFTV.
Since this story broke, State investigators are intensely trying to dismiss her claim calling her records a fabrication.
Putting all the negative press aside, Defense attorney Cheney Mason is said to have a legitimate copy of it in the Equusearch records that proves she is telling the truth.
Considering no one knows for sure as of yet and I have no reason to believe she’s a liar, I’ll add her to the list. Close but no Caylee, which brings me to Joe Jordan.

Joe Jordan

Joe Jordan, another TES searcher made the following statement to Casey Anthony’s Defense team.

a. On September 1, 2008, I was a volunteer member for Texas Equu Search (TES).

b. On September 1, 2008, I and a group of approximately 30 TES volunteers went to the area of Suburban and Hope Springs Streets in Orlando, Florida. We went to that area to search for the remains of Caylee Anthony.

c. Although I was in the area with over 30 people, only five to six volunteers and I searched the area by the stockade fence along the south side of Suburban Street near Hope Springs Street. Among the five to six volunteers with me were Danny Ibison and his dog and a Panama City Sheriff’s Deputy with one of his two dogs.

d. All of the information concerning the search was reduced to writings which were placed on specific forms provided to me by TES. I am a very detailed person and I kept a detailed list of the items I saw and there (sic) location which I believed were important to a missing person investigation. All of this information was provided to TES.

The very same day that he signed this statement, Joe Jordan called the OCSO and spoke to Cpl Eric Edwards. He told Cpl Edwards that he was interviewed by a defense investigator that morning and had surreptitiously recorded the interview which is in violation of Florida Law. Since it was illegally recorded, SAO Drane Burdick couldn’t listen to it.

Subsequently, she was present for an interview with Jordan and states in the motion that

Based upon representations made during the course of that interview, the illegally recorded statement may materially conflict with the subsequent interview.

The OCSO and the defense team both refused to press charges against Jordan and Drane Burdick asks the court to not allow it to be released as it was illegally obtained.

It sounds to me as though Mr. Jordan tried to do the right thing for himself and went about it in the wrong way. Did he have a concern that somehow. the interviewer phrased questions in such a way as to paint his actions differently than they really were? Anyway, this leaves Mr. Jordan pretty much out of the equation to support the defense motion!


For the purpose of this article, I’m adding Joe Jordan to the list. Joe Jordan was close but no Caylee.

Deputy Jason Forgey

After Caylee Anthony’s remains were found December 11th on the west side of Suburban Drive, it was imperative for Det. Yuri Melich to interview Deputy Jason Forgey, a cadaver dog handler for OCSO.

pulled from pg 12 of 18

Detective Yuri Melich wrote this report.

Deputy Jason Forgey and his cadaver dog had checked the east end of Suburban Drive in July so it was presumed that this area was also checked. This tip was cleared based on this. As a note, Deputy Forgey responded to the area where the body was found after its discovery and I asked if he had ever deployed his cadaver dog there. He said he had not, and they had focused their efforts to the east end of Suburban Drive and the area of the school, Corporal Edwards later interviewed Detective Jerald White regarding clearing this tip.

This was a CYA maneuver by LE. It seems this area was ruled out because it was “presumed” it was cleared or at least, that’s what they want the general public to believe. I’m not one who does. Look what happened to Officer Richard Cain. He was fired for not finding Caylee so Deputy Forgey certainly knew what to say. “No, he didn’t clear the west side of Suburban Drive.” That’s his story and he’s sticking to it. It’s my opinion, that only an inept investigator would check one side of the street and not the other so I believe he did and came up empty handed. No Caylee.

Sgt. Richard Cain

When Sgt. Richard Cain responded to one of three calls Roy Kronk made to LE in August 08, he didn’t see anything even though he was only 6 feet away according to Kronk. Cain was fired after the discovery of Caylee Anthony’s remains on December 11, 2008 for not following through.
Two of Roy Kronk’s buddies who were with him in at the crime scene in August 08, David Deen and Chris Gibson didn’t see anything either. No Caylee.

32 Texas Equusearch Volunteers

Thirty-two TES volunteers who searched this area of Suburban Drive in early September 2008, will all attest to one thing. They searched and didn’t find Caylee. The excuse will be water that inundated the area left by Hurricane Fay. Tim Miller did lose a 4-wheeler while attempting the search. He also said this was a “hot spot” which makes me wonder why it was never searched again by anyone, local law enforcement or the FBI.

Roy Kronk

Roy Kronk is the meter reader who officially found the remains of Caylee Anthony on December 11, 2008. Kronk called law enforcement with tips in August 08 when he claimed he saw a partially submerged bag in the same area where the remains were found.
Two LE officers responded to Roy Kronk’s tips in August. One was Sgt Richard Cain and later, a female officer who only talked with Roy Kronk. She left because she figured Cain has already cleared the area and found nothing.
Roy Kronk stands alone.

Questions I’d Like to Ask Roy Kronk:

1. When you first discovered the suspicious bag on Suburban, what did you think when LE dismissed your finding?
2. After 3 consecutive days of reporting the suspicious bag with no results, did you think you were wrong?
3. Did you know Tim Miller searched this area Sept. 3, 2008?
4. If you would have known, would you have gone to the area to point it out to them?
5. What made you go back December 11, 2008?
6. Did you contact Leonard Padilla at any time during November 2008 for the possibility of getting the reward?
7. Did the reward ever cross your mind?

It should be an embarrassment to LE that Caylee wasn’t found in August 2008 if in fact she was there. So much information and forensics were lost. I can’t believe how lucky this was for Casey, Hurricane Fay, the lazy police officer, a corpse of a snake and a few other coincidences that have worked in her favor, forensically speaking of course. But maybe she isn’t lucky at all. Her beautiful daughter is dead, presumed murdered, she’s facing the death penalty and perhaps Caylee’s precious little body wasn’t there on Suburban Drive from mid-June 2008 as it is speculated by so many. Just maybe there’s something else going on in this case that no one saw coming.

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