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Friday, July 01, 2011

Until now I had forgotten a couple of rather interesting details regarding River Cruz aka Krystal Holloway and how she became a player in this high-profile case against Casey Anthony.
As I posted in a past article, this story broke on March 11, 2010 via WFTV.com of central Florida. Kathi Belich wrote an article claiming George Anthony had a year long affair with a woman named River Cruz aka Krystal Holloway. Sometime during the alleged affair, River Cruz confided to her twin sister Skye Benhaida that “George said Caylee’s death was an accident that snowballed out of control”

Apparently, Skye Benhaida who’s real name is Cecilia Holloway sold this story to the National Enquirer for $4000 which I understand she denied while being a guest on the Nancy Grace show.

Incidentally, I’m still toiling with the Benhaida/Zenaida coincidence.

Strange Chain of Events

==============George Anthony Suicide Attempt==============

Report:”911 Call ;Family Lawyer Reports George Anthony Missing”
George Anthony Suicide Story broke Jan 23, 2010

George Anthony left 5 page suicide note
Caylees grandfather hospitalized in attempted suicide
VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) — George Anthony has been admitted to the Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach after police say he left a five-page suicide note.

Earlier Friday, a hospital spokeswoman said George was first stabilized and was then admitted for medical evaluation. She said he has been fully cooperative with hospital officials, and it will be up to physicians to determine how long he will stay at the hospital.

A doctor determined that George was stable enough to be moved to a regular room at the hospital.

George Anthony is the father of 22-year-old Casey Anthony, who has been charged with the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

George Anthony failed to show up to a meeting with his family and their lawyer.

George and Cindy Anthony’s attorney Brad Conway called 911 Thursday night to report George missing.

An Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputy went to the home and spoke with Conway and Cindy Anthony.

Cindy told the deputy that she last saw George at 10:30 a.m. when he left home for what he told her was a job interview. Cindy told the officer what he was wearing and that he had been and depressed about the death of his granddaughter, Caylee Marie. She said she asked George on Wednesday to pick out some jewelry for Caylee for her funeral and beleives that doing so might have made him even more depressed.

Cindy says she made several calls and texts to George but he never responded and that his medications were missing from his nightstand. She said a picture of herself and their daughter Casey were also missing from the home.

Around 10:47 p.m. Cindy said George began send her and other friends text messages via cell phones stating that he wanted to be alone, did not want to live anymore, and wanted to make sure Caylee was in God’s arms.


==============River Cruz Suicide Attempt==============

Report: “Woman who says she was George Anthony’s mistress attempts suicide”
Krystal Holloway Suicide Story broke March 26, 2010

River Cruz, whose Twitter post says “SUICIDE PACT,” was rushed to Florida Hospital South, a TV station says.
March 26, 2010
A woman who claimed she had an affair with Casey Anthony’s father tried to kill herself by swallowing pills, WFTV.com is reporting.
River Cruz was rushed to Florida Hospital South, the report says. Her Twitter post says: “SUICIDE PACT.”
George Anthony’s attorney has said his client has not had an affair with River Cruz.
WFTV.com said the woman’s sister told the news station that Cruz was taken by ambulance to Florida Hospital South after Cruz ingested pills.
The Twitter page for Cruz also says this: “That whole family knew what happened with Caylee. I’m tired of all this. I never wanted any of this, so now it’s time.”



Something to ponder…






Here we are on Day 25 of the Trial of Casey Anthony hopefully on the path to truth.  Most of us who have followed this case for almost three years have formed an opinion.
From my experience as a person on the Other Side of The Fence, I feel it’s safe to say that 97% of Blogdom believed Casey Anthony was guilty of First Degree murder before the trial began. I say this because I have become the brunt of jokes, and accused of being Jose Baez himself. Of course none of that is true. From my perspective I see Mr. Baez as a very busy man since July 18, 2008 when he took on this case. To imagine he would have time for a blog is beyond ludicrous.
Unlike attorneys Bill Sheaffer or Richard Hornsby who have time on their hands to run a blog, Mr. Jose Baez Esq. is actually the lead attorney of the highest-profile case of this country since the trial of Orenthal James Simpson. The mere thought that he’s out cruising the blogs is about as factual as a heart sticker on the duct tape.
With that said, and the latest theory introduced in Jose Baez’s opening statement, I think prosecution supporters and defense supporters alike were taken aback. Not many saw this coming. I have to admit, I did kick around an accident that happened in the family home but I didn’t put George Anthony into my theory as the person who sexually abused Casey as an 8 year old child. But I did feel that, if anyone in the family would help dispose of a body it would be George, the ex-homicide detective.

One of our insightful readers blam has offered up her take of the latest theory. She’s broken it down into four parts Accident, Disposal of Body, Cover up, 911 call. Today, you’ll read Part I and Part II.
Blam has done an amazing job of putting a scenario together as to how this could have taken place.   She’s asked me to add her disclaimer:

This is submitted as speculation.  It is a thought, and Idea and open for comments.  This is MOO.

“my  own opinion”  Nothing more.


Part I& Part II :  https://thejbmission.wordpress.com/theory-part-i-deception/

Part III & IV :  https://thejbmission.wordpress.com/theory-part-iii-iv/



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Not long ago, ZubenElSchemali one of our long time commenters here at The JB Mission offered up her time and expertise dissecting Casey Anthony’s communication and digital forensics.

Zuben posted her findings and interpretations of Casey Anthony’s communications in a post titled “Casey Anthony, Digital Forensic Part 1” and later “Casey Anthony, Digital Forensic Part 2”

We seem to have amassed a plethora of digital information for Casey Anthony through the media and released documents since July 15, 2008, the day 2 ½ year old Caylee Marie Anthony was reported missing but not a word has been released as to the Google searches of George Anthony or his wife Cindy Anthony.

Since the unforgettable day of the defense’s opening statement much has changed in my viewpoint of this case.

Jose Baez’s jaw-dropping claim has changed my original thoughts of several events surrounding Caylee’s disappearance and subsequent death.  George Anthony who the media exalted as a good old Grandpaw called Jo-Jo is no longer realistic to me.

The defense claims he is not a Jo-Jo but an incestuous man who molested his daughter Casey beginning when she was 8 years old and carried on molesting her for an unmentioned amount of years afterwards. I couldn’t stop asking myself, “Is this possible?”  Who is Jo-Jo?

With some information ascertained from Zuben’s investigation, A newcomer to the JB Mission voluntarily offered up their expertise to give us a clue as to Jo-Jo’s daily computer activities.  As we all know computers searches are often indicative of the person in question.  Law enforcement routinely uses computer searches to study the suspect’s interest to see how it would tie into the crime.  With this in mind…

The following tidbits are from the IE cookie file. My assumption is George and Cindy both use IE based on the cookies. We know Casey prefers Firefox, so I’m assuming she has no IE cookies.

Interesting Findings

1. Adult Entertainment & Escorts
Literally 100s of visits to Adult Escort Services (every month — as late as July 12, 2008)
IMO, Strong engagement in this activity . George, I’m looking at you, you PERV. I think we know where all the money was going.

Just a sampling…
6/13/2008 0:18 passionatebeauty.rare-companion.com
5/30/2008 17:23 http://www.erosadultescorts.com
5/5/2008 23:11 maturehottiestephanie.rare-companion.com
4/10/2008 23:06 adultfriendfinder.com Sex Hookups For Adults
3/26/2008 12:02 texascindy2.sipsap.com
3/4/2008 9:26 meetcarla.rare-escort.com
3/4/2008 9:23 alt.com

2. Diamonds
At least 3 visits to Diamond jewelry sites in July 2008
George, who were you buying for?

7/14/2008 18:40 bluenile.com
As the largest online retailer of the highest quality certified diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry, we offer exceptional selection and value.

7/3/2008 23:11 http://www.ice.com
Diamond jewelry

3. Jobs
Lots of searches for jobs May – July 2008
As late as 7/12, George probably looking for work.

4. Toys
kbtoys.com on 7/15/2008 23:24
Teddy bear shopping the day before Cindy’s 911 call?

5. Grass problems
6/22/2008 23:18 sodsolutions.com
6/22/2008 23:13 http://www.crabgrassalert.com
6/22/2008 23:15 empireturf.com
6/22/2008 23:17 homedepot.com
What’s killing the grass?

6/27/2008 18:12 http://www.homedepotopinion.com casey@CustSat[2].txt
George complaining about service or quality of the grass fertilizer?

6. Kids Social Site
4/21/2008 22:28 weeworld.com
WeeWorld is an avatar-based computer game, chat, as well as a virtual world for 13+ year-olds.
Could just be a pre-teen visiting the Antony house.
Or a pedophile trolling for kids?

I was specifically looking for child porn sites but found none (so far).


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After hearing Jose Baez’s opening statement, I find myself just as perplexed as I was on July 16, 2008.  I believe this is when I first heard the name Caylee Anthony, the missing Orlando, FL toddler who while under her mother, Casey Anthony’s care, was handed over to the child’s nanny and subsequently kidnapped.  There was much ado as to Casey’s party lifestyle and her propensity to tell lies.  Some of us dismissed this as a sign of guilt to murder and thought something else could have happened.  Others wanted to hang her without benefit of a fair trial and their protesting along with media sensationalism is the reason for having to find a jury outside of Orange County, FL.

Fortunately, this is America. The indictment is 1st degree murder with death penalty pending.  Casey Anthony has pled not guilty of the unclassified murder of her beautiful 2½ year old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony.

On Day One of testimony, Casey Anthony’s lead attorney Jose Baez changed the game in mid-field for Juror 209 ß MOI and Florida State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick when he announced Caylee Marie Anthony had died an accidental death on June 16, 2008.

According to the defense’s opening statement, Casey Anthony and her father George Anthony premeditated an elaborate scheme to confuse law enforcement into believing this was a case of kidnapping. George blamed Casey for Caylee’s accidental drowning and is said to have shaken Casey’s psyche by threatening her with a life in prison for her negligence.

Since May 24th, opening day of the trial, The JB Mission went from searching for a babysitter/nanny named Zenaida Gonzalez, dissecting gobs of cell phone pings and computer forensics to now speculating the Anthony family dynamics and the possibility of incest/sexual and physical child abuse of the defendant Casey, in effort to make sense of the defense’s claim.

Most of us now are left wondering if this true?  But why was a “Zenaida Gonzalez” visiting Sawgrass  Apartments on June 17, 2008, one day after Casey Anthony claimed to have left Caylee?

I’m wondering what the seated jurors are thinking.  For me and other followers of this case, the defense has taken us from investigating the possibility of Casey Anthony’s innocence to seeing her as a victim of child abuse who participated in the cover-up of an accident so I ponder..

What are the Jurors thinking?

(List Courtesy of Investigation Discovery)

 Juror 1 — The Counselor:  White, female, age 65, married, two children.   Retired nurse and volunteer counselor.  Death penalty stance: “I value life.   I also value the criminal justice system.”  Has smelled decomposing bodies.  Capable of understanding, relating to others the scientific evidence in trial, her communication skills and education qualify her as a strong candidate for jury foreperson.

Juror 2 — The IT Worker: Black male, mid-thirties, married, two children: a daughter, 4 and son, 9.   Like defendant, Casey Anthony, juror’s mother was a single mom.  “My impression was that, ‘yes, I thought she did it.’ … If I had to return a verdict, I would say ‘not guilty’ right now.”  Death penalty stance:  Does not believe in the death penalty.  “God is the one that makes the final judgment.”

Juror 3 — The Weaver:  White, female, age 32, single, youngest of five children.  Nursing student, St. Petersburg College.  Crafty:  Hobby is weaving; works in fiber and is a member of a weavers’ guild.   Her pet dog is a rat terrier.  Said she has little knowledge of and is not following the case.  “I know my ignorance works in my favor at this point!”  Admitted she wanted to be on the jury.  On a scale of 1 to 10, she rates the death penalty at “a three or a five.”

Juror 4 — The Church Lady:  Black female, 40s, no children, lives alone. Unknown occupation.  Plays “Farmville” on Facebook.  “Most of the time, I play my computer games”  she notes. Quiet, unassuming, does not like to judge people by what other people say about them.

Juror 5 — The Retired Nurse’s Aid: White, female, late 50s, three children.  Has 11th grade education.  Had a driving under the influence arrest in 1998.  Lives with boyfriend, a retired plumber.  Was a juror for a criminal trial case.   Does not own a computer.  Works in yard, goes to gym.  Death penalty stance:  “I guess I believe in the death penalty.  I’d have to know a lot of facts before I really considered it.”

Juror 6 — The Chef:  White male, 33, married, two children, ages 6 and 21 months.  Sells restaurant equipment and is in Orlando on business once a week.  Has University of Florida business degree and owns a cat.  Did not want to be on the jury.  Could vote for the death penalty; “If the law dictated it, I would be able to follow it.”

Juror 7 — The Lawyer’s Daughter:  White female, 41, divorced with no children.  Once a victim of home invasion, but physically uninjured.  Works as administrative assistance in juvenile justice welfare.  She has limited knowledge of the case, maintaining that she could vote to recommend the death penalty.  “It would be — gosh — a solemn decision, but it is an option under the law.”

Juror 8 — Verizon Service Representative:  White, female, 50s, married, two sons approximately Casey Anthony’s age (mid-twenties).  Father worked in law enforcement.  She would have no problem with the death penalty if warranted, provided she had heard “all the facts.”

Juror 9 — The Logger:  White male, 53, never married.  Semi-retired; moved to Florida 4 years ago from Indiana because he was “sick of snow.”  The caregiver for a stroke sufferer; he also does odd jobs.  Watches PBS and the History Channel.  He believes Casey Anthony’s “whole story” has not come out; holds no bias, supports the death penalty, and could vote to recommend it “in the proper situation.”

Juror 10 — Verizon Retention Specialist:   White male, 57, never married, no children.  When asked what he knows about the case, he said, “I really don’t know any details …” and that he does believe “… everyone is innocent until proven guilty.”  Disclosed that his sister and her boyfriend committed a violent crime against their father.  He regards the death penalty as a “necessary option.”

Juror 11 — The Teacher:  White male, 30s, unmarried.  A high school physical education and health teacher who believes Casey Anthony is guilty, who also relates the opinion in the teachers’ lounge is that Casey is guilty.   In his profession as an educator, says he “had to learn to listen to differing opinions,” and could put aside his leanings in order to fairly judge Casey Anthony.  States the death penalty is a “necessary option.”

Juror 12 — The Publix Cook:  White female, 60s, married to Publix supermarket employee, two children and one young grandchild.  Has very little knowledge of the case, although she initially followed it.  No cable TV; “not that into” newspapers or TV.  She does not own a computer.  Rating the death penalty as ten on a scale of one to ten, she would have no problem deciding on LWOP (Life without Opportunity for Parole) or the death penalty.

~Juror 209~

Juror 209 —  From what I’ve seen so far the defense said the child died in an accidental drowning on June 16th.  This was an accident cover-up, not a murder and the defendant Casey didn’t tell anyone or call 911 because her father told her she’d go to jail for life.  I wondered why she would believe her father.  The defense alleges the defendant was a victim of sexual and physical abuse and because of this her father had instilled fear in Casey which gave him an abundance of control over his daughter. The defense claimed the defendant had endured sexual abuse beginning when she was only 8 years old.

 So far the State gave me a timeline and quite a few witnesses/friends and family who all say Casey acted like nothing was wrong.  Her boyfriend at the time, Tony Lazarro said he didn’t know anything was wrong either. Most of the State witnesses said that the defendant lied a lot.  Most of them all say she was a good, attentive mother, except for a girl who she met over the July 4th weekend. Melissa England said she saw the child Caylee on an apartment balcony without her mother attending to her. She also said the defendant bragged about how good she could lie. 

 The father George Anthony has taken the stand a couple of times and he denies sexually abusing his daughter Casey. The mother Cindy Anthony seems like she’s standing behind her husband George Anthony.  She seems somewhat believable but too much display of emotion considering this happened almost 3 years ago.  Her husband George looks like he has something to hide because when he found Casey’s car at the tow yard, even though the trunk smelled like a dead body, he didn’t call 911 or call his daughter to see if she was alright. 

 Simon Birch, the tow yard guy says that when he and George Anthony got to the car both of them immediately thought the car smelled like a dead body had been in it. Then he and George discovered a bag of garbage in the trunk that they threw over the fence.  I wonder if that could have caused the bad odor.

I thought Mallory Parker, Casey’s brother Lee’s fiancé was believable when she broke down in tears saying Casey and Caylee’s relationship was amazing and that they had a very special bond. 


In my opinion as a blogger, knowing there’s much more to come, I’m leaning towards an acquittal to the charge of first-degree murder.

Onward and Forward!  Till tomorrow…




For the Newbies, here’s a 20 question quiz Courtesy of Investigation Discovery.

How Much Do You Know About the Casey Anthony Case?



Assistant State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick’s monophonic recital of the timeline immediately escaped my thoughts as soon as the defense team’s lead attorney Jose Baez took the podium.  Needless to say, this trial is off to a fiery start thanks to Baez’s shocking opening statement.  He reminded me of a younger F. Lee Bailey when he answered the most baffling questions of the case; When and how did little Caylee Anthony die.  He was succinct and maybe a bit graphic as he told a completely different story from what we’ve read and heard from the news media everyday for the past 3 years. 

His story was compelling and believable.

Jeff Ashton was quick to put George Anthony on the stand to basically candy coat George Anthony in a pretty color of red because I could almost feel his embarrassment through my computer screen. 

On cross examination, Jose Baez was terse but polite with George as he tried to get him to admit how foolish he was to claim he didn’t know when his 19yo daughter Casey Anthony was 7 ½ months pregnant at his brother-in-law’s wedding in 2005.

During most of the Baez’s cross examination, Jeff Ashton bounced up and down like he was on a pogo stick with his moronic objections to each and every question that Jose Baez posed to George Anthony.  He then annoyingly tried to monopolize Judge Perry and the Jury’s time with several sidebars.  In all, it was a despicable display from an officer of the court whom has the respect and trust of the good people of Orange County Florida.  I can almost pity them but I won’t.

Contrary to popular belief, Jose Baez was brilliant on his first day of the most important case of his career and I was pleased to hear that most of the members of TruTV’s InSession panel agreed.

As for Day One, it was a good day for the defense yet a somber one.  I felt Casey’s tears were real for all of the right reasons and I pray that the jurors saw the truth in her eyes.

So, onto Day Two!! Set to begin at 9:00am later this morning.  See you then!

Shout out to the Law Biz!!

I have a new found respect for the ones in the law biz.  Not just the lawyers, but the ones who make it happen such as the private investigators, researchers and clerical staff of all the law firms of the land. I can imagine a room, similar to telemarketers, making calls, jotting notes, fingers burning up the keys of laptops.  Gathering the information is a tedious task but putting it all together takes a brilliant mind, especially in the murder trial of Casey Anthony.  The hours it’ll take to put this case together is astounding!   Simply stated: I’m in awe.   “Thank you” to all in the lawyers who protect our rights and the ones who enforce the laws. 


In my quest to find the obscure Leonard Padilla statement that I’m so curious about, I came across bits and pieces of transcript of one of the George and Cindy jailhouse visits with Casey. 


December 8, 2008 TRANSCRIPT:

GEORGE ANTHONY, MISSING TODDLER`S GRANDFATHER: We`ve got to bring you and we`ve got to bring Caylee home. And we know where you`re at. I don`t want to see you here. I don`t want you here. But…

CASEY ANTHONY, MISSING TODDLER`S MOTHER: Yes, but in some ways, I almost feel more protected here than if I were on the outside.

GEORGE ANTHONY: Well, I guess there`s some truth in that. But you know, once we get that little girl home, which I hope is today, you know, the stuff with you is not going to be easy to get through, but at least we`ll have you out also. And that`s…

CASEY ANTHONY: As long as we have Caylee home, everything else with me we`ll deal with as we can. Lee made a good point. Getting Caylee home is our priority. Everything else will fall into place after that. And that`s the truth.

Note here:

“”As long as we have Caylee home, everything else with me we`ll deal with as we can. Lee made a good point. Getting Caylee home is our priority. Everything else will fall into place after that. And that`s the truth.””

Casey isn’t saying she’s innocent.  She’s saying we’ll deal with as we can. Everything else will fall into place after that. 


Jailhouse_Parents visit August 14, 2008

Part 1 of 4


Part 2 of 4


My comments:

They’re offering her an opportunity to talk, and KC is not talking.

I find this to be an act of innocence, perhaps.  She’s been in jail a month and they are hoping she will talk. 

She keeps saying she has to keep her mouth shut?

Part 3 of 4


 My comments:

Who’s this man that just drops in on the Anthony’s on Caylee’s birthday.  Really nice, just wanted to get to know him??  Strange, little tidbit, Did Caylee’s father drop in or a  paternal relative?  Remember how many times Caylee’s Birthday is mentioned.  I’ve never heard of any other Missing Child case where the parents are worried about a birthday. 

KC thinks this jailhouse video won’t be released. 

I know in my gut she’s okay.  She’s coming home.  What can I say to her on the air?

What can I tell Zanny?

Part 4 of 4


Tell her we forgive her.  I just want my baby back. 

Casey says she’s just as much a victim. 


Here’s an earlier video*  Cindy and George visit Casey _ July 25, 2008


My comments:

Notice how Cindy handles Casey, like she was an 8 year old child caught in a lie.

Cindy asks two interesting questions:

How come she never got to get the car?  Is Cindy implying this was the reason Casey dumped the car at Amscot?

Cindy asks, “Someone else been in our house?”   

Cindy interrogates KC.  Cindy keeps telling her to look into her eyes.

This was a couple of weeks before Caylee’s birthday, AGAIN mentioning Caylee’s birthday??

With all due respect, kidnappers don’t care about birthdays, do they?  Well, except in this case, on Caylee’s birthday a nice man “stranger” did drop by the Anthony’s on Caylee’s Birthday. I found it odd that George made a point of telling this to Casey. 



Notice here; Again Casey doesn’t say she’s completely innocent.  It was after this video when the death penalty was taken off. 

Here’s George Anthony visits Casey _August 3, 2008


Notice here, how Casey cries so easily when she talks to George.

Poor George talks about going into protective custody. 

Well, that’s all I have for now, folks.  

 Happy Halloween Everybody!!

gas can 1[/caption]

Anthony gas can

Anthony gas can

After a year and a half of debates and discussions surrounding Casey Anthony’s motives, means and operandi, I’ve been able to form an opinion or explanation on just about everything. But there are a few things that still need explaining. If there were only a way to ask the one person who has the answers.
I have often wondered if Casey would ever be so kind. Would she ever just have a nationally televised sit-down interview with Ann Coulter or Katie Couric? And if during this interview, would Casey answer questions from “call in viewers”? Now I know I’m dreaming. But if you had a chance to ask just ONE question, what would it be?
Mine would be, “what’s with the effing gas cans?!!”
Most of us would say the gas cans are not of any real importance to this case, but are they? On July 22nd, Tony Lazzaro and Casey broke into George Anthony’s shed. They pried it open like a can of sardines to get to them. According to Tony, it seemed Casey was always running out of gas. She didn’t have a problem writing checks for party food and bras, just gas for her car. Amy Huizenga had even drove her a department store to buy gas cans on June 28th.
Gas cans? Ironically, the duct tape used to bound poor Baby Caylee is be part of the physical evidence. It seems the gas cans found at the Anthony property have Henkel brand duct tape covering the spout.  Henkel is said to be an unusual brand and is more often used in the industrial field and is rarely found in homes. Interesting.
Gas cans? As I recall, George confronted Casey about stealing his gas cans on June 24th. She angrily returned them to her disgruntled dad. “Here’s your effing gas cans!” Tony Lazzaro has sworn to LE that it was Casey who actually poured the gas into her Pontiac Sunbird. Logically thinking, Casey’s fingerprints should be on the duct tape covering the spout of the gas cans. I wonder about gas cans…
If you had one question for Casey Anthony, what would it be?

It seems like there’s a lot going on with the Anthony family from June 13 thru June 17th.
I find this odd. 17/18/19 – KC stops by to see CS at his parents’ home. KC is driving TL’s jeep. KC tells CS her parents are getting a divorce. KC tells CS her car is broke down and she was borrowing the jeep from a friend.

Monday, June 16- This is Monday after Father’s day, George says @12:50pm, KC and Caylee were dressed and packed to leave. KC is wearing what he thinks is work clothes. KC tells George she’s going to work late, Caylee is going to the nanny’s and both of them are spending the night @ the nanny’s. KC tells him Cindy knows. Note: George has to be at work @ 3pm. 2:52-3:04 pm KC has 12 minute phone conversation with JG
@ 2:52-3:04pm, KC is on the phone with Jesse Grund. She is telling him her parents are getting a divorce and she has to move out.
From 4:24pm till 6:31pm there is no phone activity.
@ 6:31pm, KC attempts to make 2 interesting phone calls. One is to Cindy’s cell phone and the other is to her brother, Lee, then she checks her voice mail.
@ 7:06pm, she calls Lee and talks for 2mins, or possibly leaves a msg. Records aren’t definite.
@ 7:20 and 7:22pm, there’s one 2-min call to Amy Huizenga and one attempted call. Again, records aren’t definite if actual contact was made.
This was KC last phone activity for June 16.
@ 7:58pm KC and Tony are seen on video in Blockbuster’s, NO CAYLEE! My question, where is Caylee?? Where did KC take her? When did KC kill her? Was it between 4:24pm and 6:31pm when she NOT on the phone? If so, why does she feel the need to call her mother Cindy and her brother Lee, right after?? This doesn’t seem likely to me, but maybe..

During this crucial time, June 17, 18 & 19, Chris Stutz is at his parents home which is down the street from the Ant’s. KC drives by in Tony Lazaro’s jeep. HMM..She says her car is broke. This is the near the same time KC borrows a shovel from Brian Burner, the neighbor. This is the time most think she did something to Caylee. My question, why is she driving Tony’s jeep and where is HER CAR??
Note* there is NOT a definite date.

Tuesday, June 17- 2 days after Father’s Day, 1 day after George says he last saw Caylee in a pinkish top, jean skirt, monkey backpack and sunglasses, Tony L. states he skipped school so he and KC could sleep in late. It is said that after June 16th, KC stayed with him non-stop without Caylee. Yet on June 17th, other things are going on.
George calls KC from his job @ 2:30-2:38pm.
@ 4:04pm and 4:05pm, KC is trying to locate Tony L. Websleuth’s investigation says there was no phone activity for 6hrs, 18mins after these two calls. @ 10:23pm, KC checks her voice mail. At some point in the day, KC posts on mySpace to Amy H.,
“cheer me up me lady, I love u & I can’t wait to finally get u moved in”
My question, Moved in where and what’s with this I love you stuff?? Lots of mixed messages being sent to different people. Hmm..I don’t get it. On one hand she’s Tony’s live-in GF and then she’s pretending to Amy H, she’s going to live with her @ the Anthony home. WHY???

June 17 – TL states he skipped school this day and that KC sleeps in late.

So this is the supposed “day after or day of” the murder??  What changed Casey from the young proud mother who brags to her brother about her adorable child.  Read this:

April 24, 2008

Lee 9:28 AM “your niece is a genius.not only is she counting in spanish to 32…but she’s vacuuming too! dude. she’s up to my belly button. i swear to god. she’ll be taller than me when she starts kindergarten. you’re next!” “haha i meant that she’ll be taller than you too, buddy. oh you know i could take ya…strep throat and all.

April 25 2008
Casey to Lee 3:47 PM, “caylee is sitting on the bed, playing with mom’s pandas, you know, the ones with names…Sam, Dick & Harry. HI-larious. she’s giving them panda babies. seriously. make it stop! ” “i’m sure mom is planning a trip to mt. dora this weekend…possibly for tomorrow. if i tell her you guys are coming tomorrow afternoon, they can always go on sunday. i’ll mention it tonight when she comes home. i doubt there will be a problem.”

End of April/Beginning of May Casey starts talking to Anthony Rusciano again

Note* Please feel free to add any other events for June 17th if you have something I missed. Thanks. I love the Sunshine Law!

No, not George Anthony, ex-homicide dick? It’s the newest chapter of the world’s worst investigated murder case of the century, the murder investigation of Caylee Marie Anthony.
This story broke on March 11,2010 via WFTV.com of central Florida. Kathi Belich, the so-called Goddess of the station, wrote the article claiming George Anthony who is father of Casey Anthony, had a year long affair with a chubby, not too attractive, 37 year old named River Allen aka River Cruz. Who is River? Well, she’s the twin sister of Skye Benhaida. Skye is the person who spilled the beans on Georgie and her sister, River. River Cruz is so ashamed of being an adulteress, she now cries herself to sleep because in Blog World, she’s a slut. Oh my! Now why is this news worthy, you may ask. You see, it’s because while Georgie was canoeing his boat up River, he casually mentioned that Caylee’s death was an accident that snowballed. Oh, oh. Did George just admit he knew Caylee was dead all along? Did Georgie the Gigolo blab this information to his GF, River? Now, that may be a problem. OR it may be the truth.
I find it refreshing. Actually, I find it possible. I’d like to play the tape through. I’ll pretend Caylee Anthony’s death was an accident that snowballed in a cover up. Makes some sense when you think of what was happening at the Anthony home at the time of Caylee’s “disappearance”.
During the months prior to June 16, 2008,
1. Cindy had sought out counsel to divorce her husband George. She was advised that because George hadn’t worked in the last few years and Cindy had been the sole provider in the home, she would have to pay him alimony and leave him the house. Cindy was not happy.
2. George had been home bound for about a year collecting workman’s comp. While he was home nursing his “injury” he liked to play on the internet, losing money gambling and partaking in Nigerian Pyramid schemes. According to Casey’s friend Annie Downing, he also was cheating on his wife. This is what Casey told Annie Downing. For the sake of this play-out, lets say its true. I have reason to believe it is because emails to Shirley Pleasea (Cindy’s mom) confirmed this.  Also River Cruz has now surfaced proving George is a cheater. Cindy was not happy.
3. Casey was being her usual thieving self. She started off using Cindy’s credit cards, maxing them out and graduated to stealing from her Grandma Pleasea and her infirmed Grandpa Pleasea’s nursing home account. From some rumored reports the stealing reached over $40,000. This is not confirmed, but for the sake of the play-out, lets say $10,000. Casey has been riding the Cindy-Gravy-Train for the last 2years using her daughter Caylee as her meal ticket. Cindy adored Caylee and put up with Casey’s spending, lying and laziness because she couldn’t bear to lose her precious Caylee. During the spring of 2008, this was about to change. Cindy had consulted with a family counselor who advised her to use tough love on Casey. I believe during this time Cindy did just that.  She gave Casey a deadline and an ultimatum. Get a “better” job and support yourself and daughter OR I’m going to kick you out. Hmm…Maybe things were heating up in the Anthony home. Maybe on the verge of explosion. After all, Cindy was not happy.
4. Casey was telling everyone Cindy was moving and leaving her & Caylee the house. Of course, Cindy’s thinking Casey has a real job at Universal and if Casey got a roommate, she might just be able to handle the mortgage payment. This is why Amy Huizenga is planning on moving to 4937 Hopespring Dr. (the Anthony home)
Doesn’t this sound more believable than “Totmom Kills Daughter to Enjoy the Night Life”??
I think at this time, Casey and George were at each other’s throats. Each one pointing the finger at the other, “it’s your fault Mom’s so upset” “I’m not the problem, you are” Ironically, during this time George did finally land a job as a security guard. Looks like Cindy’s complaints are not being ignored. I’m suspecting George is not too happy with trouble maker Casey. He’s thinking if Casey would just move out, he wouldn’t be put on the hot seat. Casey was thinking the same thing. Note: Annie Downing told investigators “George didn’t seem to like Casey”. I believe this is why.
At this time, Casey is on the fast track trying to land a live-in boyfriend. She didn’t care who. It could be Tony Lazzaro, Tony Rusciano, Jesse Grund, Ric Morales, Will Waters or the boy down the street. She needed a place for her and Caylee, ASAP. Or at least another room mate to live at Hopespring Drive.  Needless to say, George and Casey were two desperate individuals.
During this time, Cindy’s co-workers confirmed this. George and Casey were fighting while Cindy was at work.
Is it possible that Casey and George got into a vicious argument the late morning of June 16, 2008?   It may have got physical and in the exchange of blows, Caylee got into the middle of it. She accidentally may have been killed during the melee.  This would make George and Casey both responsible and neither one of these cowards wanted to take the blame.  So George convinced Casey to follow his lead in the cover up. George being an ex-homicide cop knew the ins and outs of a murder case. Between both of these lying, conniving people they went through with the nanny-kidnapper story. Cindy wasn’t in on it until after she called 911 on July 15th. Sometime after George was able to tell her the truth and that’s when she changed her statement from smelling like a “dead body in the damn trunk” to “rotten pizza in the damn trunk”. And yes..the story would have snowballed, indeed.
This would explain something that’s always bothered me. The duct tape. Poor baby Caylee is said to have duct tape over her little mouth in my opinion to look like a bonafide kidnapping.  This leads me to believe that Caylee was deceased prior to the duct tape being applied. This was overlooked by George. I remember Lee testified that it was George who always cleaned their cars. Maybe meticulous George cleaned the car trunk. He would know what chemicals to use, hence the presence of chloroform. Other than one hair with a death band, he did a remarkable job of cleaning the trunk.
Another tell tale sign that this could have happened was the very first court appearance. When George takes the stand, it’s the first time I saw Casey cry. And what does George later say about his daughter Casey? He says she’s the bravest woman he knows. This is a far cry from not liking Casey. What could have changed?  Are they now co-conspirators in the cover-up of Caylee’s death?
Just a thought…

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