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Here we are on Day 25 of the Trial of Casey Anthony hopefully on the path to truth.  Most of us who have followed this case for almost three years have formed an opinion.
From my experience as a person on the Other Side of The Fence, I feel it’s safe to say that 97% of Blogdom believed Casey Anthony was guilty of First Degree murder before the trial began. I say this because I have become the brunt of jokes, and accused of being Jose Baez himself. Of course none of that is true. From my perspective I see Mr. Baez as a very busy man since July 18, 2008 when he took on this case. To imagine he would have time for a blog is beyond ludicrous.
Unlike attorneys Bill Sheaffer or Richard Hornsby who have time on their hands to run a blog, Mr. Jose Baez Esq. is actually the lead attorney of the highest-profile case of this country since the trial of Orenthal James Simpson. The mere thought that he’s out cruising the blogs is about as factual as a heart sticker on the duct tape.
With that said, and the latest theory introduced in Jose Baez’s opening statement, I think prosecution supporters and defense supporters alike were taken aback. Not many saw this coming. I have to admit, I did kick around an accident that happened in the family home but I didn’t put George Anthony into my theory as the person who sexually abused Casey as an 8 year old child. But I did feel that, if anyone in the family would help dispose of a body it would be George, the ex-homicide detective.

One of our insightful readers blam has offered up her take of the latest theory. She’s broken it down into four parts Accident, Disposal of Body, Cover up, 911 call. Today, you’ll read Part I and Part II.
Blam has done an amazing job of putting a scenario together as to how this could have taken place.   She’s asked me to add her disclaimer:

This is submitted as speculation.  It is a thought, and Idea and open for comments.  This is MOO.

“my  own opinion”  Nothing more.


Part I& Part II :  https://thejbmission.wordpress.com/theory-part-i-deception/

Part III & IV :  https://thejbmission.wordpress.com/theory-part-iii-iv/



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Misty said June 11, 2011 at 8:22 pm

I am still trying to figure out where she came up with the names of the children, make , model and tag number of the car she drove, and so forth. About Zenaida Fenandez’ Gonzalez.

Thank you Misty for bringing this topic to discussion. I’m still trying to figure this out! To me, this is the most baffling part of this case and even more so since hearing the Defense’s opening statement.
The person Casey described to Yuri Melich was not Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez. The car and children’s names belonged to “Lawsuit Zenaida Gonzalez”.

“ZFG” is the full name Casey gave to Richard Grund, father of ex-boyfriend Jesse Grund.
As I recall from Richard Grund’s transcript this took place when Jesse and Casey were engaged, the Grunds babysat Caylee while Casey and Jesse went to work. “Real Work”? I don’t know for sure but it may have been in between jobs.

As I recall, Richard Grund worked from home. Jesse Grund has a younger brother who was about 13-14years old at the time. Casey more or less gave him the job of watching Caylee but as you would expect, Richard Grund did most of the babysitting. He eventually grew tired of the responsibility and told Casey she’d have to make other arrangements for Caylee.
Richard Grund said within a week Casey was thrilled to tell him she had found someone to watch Caylee and her name was Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez.
In Richard Grund’s documented statement he said this occurred in 2006 when Caylee was about a year old so this indicates Casey had the name ZFG a year and half before Caylee disappeared in June 2008.

It’s a mystery how any Zenaida Gonzale (z or s) would just happen to visit Sawgrass Apts. on June 17th. June 17th is the day she told law enforcement that she dropped Caylee off near the stairs of the building. Casey knew the car “Lawsuit ZG” drove and the names of two of her children. Is this a coincidence?

In my opinion, River Cruz and Lawsuit ZG have a close resemblance. They look alike and I wonder if they are related. They have the same physique, hair type and skin coloring.

What if it was George who found Casey the new babysitter but Casey had to hide this information from Cindy for obvious reasons. Forget for a minute, River Cruz’s claim that she had first met George in a grocery store parking at a “Find Caylee” booth but don’t forget Henkel duct tape was used to tape up posters at this time too. Kathy Belich made this discovery.

It’s important to remember that George left Cindy shortly after Caylee was born. Perhaps he met River Cruz during this time period. Maybe they had a short lived affair while he was away from Cindy.

Through computer forensics, we know someone in the Anthony home visited “Alt-dot-com” a site that I’ve heard about but will not dare visit. I’ve been told it is a XXX extreme alternative sex site. Could he have met River Cruz there? Who else did Mr. Nice Guy meet on this website? We also know George through his own testimony indulged in internet gambling and pyramid schemes.

While on the stand, Detective Osborne’s computer forensic testimony focused only on key words that point to Casey’s guilt and no mention of gambling or pornographic sites although AltDotCom was found. I’m suspecting the defense may have done their own research and have learned more. I’m sure Baez isn’t done with George yet.

In my opinion, Cindy is the type of person who cares what other people think of her. She insists that everyone and everything around her are perfect. I think we’ll hear this from her brother Rick Plesea who was appalled by Cindy’s denial that her 95-lb petite daughter Casey was pregnant when they attended his wedding in May-June of 2008.

What else would Cindy hide to save face in her family? There’s an obvious tension and possible competition between Cindy and her brother. With that said, I think Cindy closed her eyes to a lot of things in the Anthony home, with the help of Xanax she could cope. Cindy’s use of Xanax was mentioned by Annie Downing in her transcript.

From court testimony we’ve learned of three different theories. Two from the State of Florida and one from Casey Anthony’s defense team. The first theory the State threw on the wall says Casey gave Caylee an overdose of chloroform. The second theory the State slings on the wall is the less-popular “murder by duct tape” method.
The Defense has a doozey too. They say Caylee died accidentally in the pool and George helped Casey in the cover-up. George helped Casey because he molested Casey for years beginning when she was 8 years old. Casey acted out in “ugly coping” mode due to the fact she’s a victim of child molestation. George may have helped her because he didn’t want Casey to tell her lawyer, LE or Cindy that he is a sexual deviate who preys on children.

I’ve always believed there’s a bit of truth in lies. I believe there is some truth in the middle of all of these theories.
For the sake of the Little Victim, Caylee Marie Anthony, it is imperative that the truth come forth. She above all, deserves it. Maybe there’s a 4th theory we haven’t heard yet. It’s called the TRUTH.

 Carpe Diem!



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