Apparently Casey Anthony’s defense team has spent thousands of dollars interviewing Texas EquuSearch volunteers who searched the same location where Caylee’s remains were found 5 ½ months later by Roy Kronk.
After a long and hard fight put up by the Defense, they were finally allowed to view and take notes from TES records. Once allowed to take notes and actually investigate, they found 32 volunteers who searched this location without finding Caylee’s remains. Just recently, defense attorney Cheney Mason has found 150 other volunteers who may have searched this location as well. It seems like PI Jeremy Lyons has a lot of work to do and is asking for a measly $8,000. Let’s do the math. That’s $53.33 per interview, which is reasonable considering $60 per hour is the average rate for PI’s in the state of Florida. Obviously any investigation of the TES volunteers by the defense is a reason for conflict.
More conflict should be expected at tomorrow’s status hearing. We can expect Judge Belvin Perry to rule on another  motion filed by prosecution asking for records of financial agreements between the Anthony defense team and its expert witnesses. Check out the motion below.

Attorney Richard Hornsby of had this to say regarding this motion.
“It’s going to give them ammunition. It’s also putting the defense and these witnesses on notice to be prepared to answer these questions,” He went further to say the information the prosecution is asking for could help undermine an expert’s credibility. “If they’re not getting paid a standard rate or they came into the case under questionable circumstances, then suddenly they’re in the case for exposure and any of their findings are suspect.”

There’s also another motion Judge Perry may rule on. Defense attorney Ann Finnell has filed a motion asking that information disclosed during the possible penalty phase be sealed. She argues in the motion that the intense media scrutiny has a “chilling effect, with some witnesses becoming reluctant to come forward with information for fear of harassment and stalking. Check out the motion below.

The hearing is scheduled for 1:00pm Monday. will stream the hearing live.