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“Denied, Denied, Denied” were the harmonious words heard over and over again”

After filing mutiple motions in a last ditch effort to build a reasonable defense for George Zimmerman, defense attorneys Mark O’Mara and Don West walked gloomily out of the courtroom today. Without much help from Judge Nelson, their day was a wash.

Circuit Judge Debra Nelson ruled that defense attorneys will not be able to mention Trayvon Martin’s school suspension, alleged participation in fights or his past use of marijuana.

Trayvon Martin

As any first-year law student would know, Mark O’Mara’s strategy to post online photos and text messages from Trayvon’s cellphone was not only a way to victimize Zimmerman’s victim again but a blatant sleazy attempt to tarnish the jury pool. As expected, O’Mara’s request to have such garbage entered into evidence was quickly denied.

In other rulings, the judge refused to allow jurors to travel to the crime scene predicting that the excursion would be “a logistical nightmare” and she also refused the defense request to have jurors sequestered.  As for the defense’s request to delay the start of the trial, that was denied too. As Judge Debra Nelson previously ruled, the trial will begin June 10, 2013.

As the 2 hour hearing continued, the prosecution won another victory. Judge Nelson granted their request to withhold information as to why it took so long for Zimmerman to be charged with second-degree murder. She ruled that no dialogue or information will be allow from officers of Sanford Police Dept. or State attorneys as to why they originally decided not to arrest George Zimmerman.
GZ hearing 5 28
However, she granted the defense team’s request to hold a hearing as to whether the prosecution failed to turn over evidence.  A former attorney in the State’s office has charged the prosecution with withholding Trayvon’s cellphone photographs and text messages.  From my understanding this issue will be handled sometime after the trial.

Judge Nelson announced she will hold a Frye hearing on June 6th to hear arguments about whether to admit testimony from state audio expert, Alan Reich.  In this report sent to prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda, Mr. Reich says the audio of a 911 call has the voice of Trayvon Martin in a screaming trembling voice, “I’m begging you.”

After the Hearing

Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Trayvon’s family, said his family was pleased with the judge’s rulings. “Trayvon Martin is not on trial,” Mr. Crump said.

After the hearing, Robert Zimmerman, George’s brother, called on the state to drop the second-degree murder charges.  He added “In this country. You don’t charge someone with any crime solely to assuage the concerns of misinformed masses,” he said, according to CNN.

News Conferences

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Next hearing scheduled June 6



To the chagrin of Mark O’Mara, it was recently announced — State of Florida v. Zimmerman is set to commence on the 10th day of June 2013. I could not be happier as I am quickly tiring of smear campaigns waged against young Trayvon Martin as well as GZ’s attorney conducting a pseudo-trial in the realm of public opinion. Soon it will be time to put up or shut up for Mark O’Mara.

Only hours after O’Mara learned Judge Debra Nelson set a date for trial, he complained to the press that the prosecutors were making it difficult for him to obtain evidence and how he’s hoping that this case won’t make it to trial.

Meanwhile, the Zimmerman family are still claiming they receive death threats daily, yet no one has seen a police report. Robert Zimmerman Jr. has gone hog wild in the media protesting the public perception that they (the Zimmerman Family) are racists.

Within 2 days of the Robert Jr. nationwide “We’re-Not-Racists” campaign, George’s attorney jumped on the same bandwagon as O’Mara began imploring State Attorney Angela Corey for an FBI report, the one investigating the possibility that George Zimmerman’s actions were a hate crime however this investigation is ongoing, no answer yet for anxious O’Mara.

The Hearing

On October 19 in order to build a defense for his client, Mark O’Mara asked Judge Nelson for Trayvon Martin’s school records and Twitter account Tweets which isn’t probative evidence in this case. This leads me to believe — O’Mara is simply seeking for ammunition to slander the reputation of the victim which is a definite sign of weakness. He’s also implying a cover-up on the part of state prosecution staff stemming from cell phone forensics. Nonetheless, the hearing went well for the defense team.

At the hearing it was decided the defense will get Martin’s school records and O’Mara will subpoena Twitter for Trayvon Martin’s tweets. The State however is asking for George Zimmerman’s medical records. They were handed over to Asst. State Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda at the hearing but does this manilla folder have all of them?

O’Mara wryly suggested that he’d agree to give the State Zimmerman’s medical records from “30 days before the shooting and 30 days after” Judge Nelson answered, perhaps she should give the defense only “30 days before and 30 days after” Martin’s school records and Tweets.  O’Mara didn’t bite.

As usual, during the entire hearing, Mark O’Mara spoke with endless sentences as he muttered on and on attempting to convince the Zimmerman minions that he really does have a defense when the NEN call says he does not. We shall see.

Lastly, Judge Debra Nelson will also take up an emergency motion filed Thursday by O’Mara that asks the court to grant depositions of several Sanford police officers, including former Chief Bill Lee.

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In regards to the emergency motion, O’Mara said in the filing he learned during a recent deposition of police Sgt. Joseph Santiago that investigators held several meetings in the weeks after the shooting and reached a consensus that Zimmerman should not be charged with a crime.

O’Mara contends that information was only learned through a question during the deposition of Santiago and that the state never disclosed the existence of the meetings or what was discussed during them.

“If all those witnesses had a similar opinion, I’m very concerned of what the basis for the prosecution is,” O’Mara said. “We’re certainly now have a lot more to look into. I didn’t know we’d be going down this path. Now it’s been opened up to us, we’re going to investigate it to wherever it leads us.”

As for the cell phone debacle — the cell phone, belonging to victim, Trayvon Benjamin Martin was found at the crime scene and is listed as Item #11 and Object Marker #7 in discovery. It was found near the body of the victim in the middle of the courtyard and verified by Martin’s father Tracy Martin, as belonging to his son Trayvon.

Why is the cell phone important?

On the night of the shooting, February 26, 2012, Trayvon Martin was visiting his father Tracy at his girlfriend’s condo. On this rainy evening, Trayvon was watching a NBA playoff game when he decided to go to the store and buy snacks for the younger son of Brandy Green. There is a video proving just that. Trayvon Martin bought a bag of Skittles and a can of Arizona Tea.

The store video shows a normal teenager who doesn’t seem suspicious in any way. Had he behaved obnoxiously or showed any sign of being high on drugs, the store clerk would have remembered him but he did not.

On this night, Trayvon was wearing khaki pants, white sneakers and a black hooded sweatshirt.

It was raining as he’s nonchalantly walking back from the 7-11 convenience store talking to his girlfriend DeeDee on his cell phone, he stopped for a moment at the condominium mail shed to get out of the downpour.

He stood there for a short while chatting with DeeDee before heading onward to the apartment. It’s important to know that all of the apartments look alike so it’s likely Trayvon was looking around to get his bearings. After all it was dark and rainy and he’d only been staying at Brandy Green’s for a week, so it’s possible he may have thought he was lost and that’s why he was looking around as George Zimmerman described, not casing the area to commit a burglary. According to lead investigator Chris Serino, Trayvon Martin has no criminal record so it’s only fair that we give him the benefit of doubt that he had no nefarious intentions.

Apparently, while Zimmerman was intently scrutinizing Trayvon Martin’s every move and working himself into a frenzy unbeknownst to him, Trayvon was talking on his cell phone to his 15 year old girlfriend DeeDee.  As a matter of fact, the phone records show, DeeDee called Trayvon before Zimmerman called NEN 911 and according to DeeDee, Trayvon was well aware of Zimmerman scoping him out.  He told her about the creepy guy who was staring at him.

Listen to DeeDee’s statement to State investigators.

And here lies the problem for George Zimmerman. True, DeeDee may not be the most literate, and maybe doesn’t have the vocabulary to perfectly express herself but she is truthful and I can hear the sadness in her voice. In fact, she is the last person to hear his voice.

In essence she is Trayvon Martin’s voice and for that, DeeDee will speak for Trayvon.

To counter DeeDee’s impact on the jury, she must be debunked at trial by Zimmerman’s attorneys. In doing so, it would not be in O’Mara’s best interest to play word games with her. The jury may not take kindly to an educated legal scholar badgering the smittened 15yo girl who is deeply devastated by the lost of her friend whom she described in a word as being “funny”.

Although DeeDee’s statement is important to give Trayvon Martin; a life after death, that he existed and was loved, I still believe the strongest evidence against George Michael Zimmerman is the 911 non-emergency call made at 7:11pm the night of the shooting.

At the onset of the call, Zimmerman begins by setting the stage for the dispatcher in the most buddy-buddy, good ole-boy fashion as if he were a Sanford police officer. When you listen to the NEN call, its obvious George speaks Cop and he also speaks Criminal-Law-Student.

The transcript reads:



Zimmerman: Hey we’ve had some break-ins in my neighborhood, and there’s a real suspicious guy, uh [near] Retreat View Circle, um, the best address I can give you is 111 Retreat View Circle. This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.

George Zimmerman says Trayvon Martin is walking around and looking about which is real suspicious to him, why?

Because he’s had some break-ins in his neighborhood.?

*Never mind the fact that he can’t possibly know everyone in his neighborhood.

*Never mind the fact that it can’t be because the real suspicious person is black and so is 40% of his neighbors.

*Never mind the fact that it’s only 7:11pm, not close to curfew or odd that a black teenage boy would be there.

*Never mind the fact that it was raining and he needed to raise the hood of his sweatshirt.

MotherJones.com has posted 5 audio recordings of earlier calls to 911 made by Zimmerman. Listen to earlier calls to 911 here:
Listen closely to Call 1 – 4:10 minutes. Could this person have been GEORGE ZIMMERMAN’s victim too?

Mark Osterman, George Zimmerman’s best friend and avid supporter is seen in surveillance video at the M&I Bank directly across from Retreat View Circle at about 6:38PM. M&I Bank is in very close proximity to the crime scene.

There’s been talk as to whether GEORGE ZIMMERMAN was working as Neighborhood Watch Captain on this night or whether he was simply a concerned citizen, driving his vehicle on his way to do weekly grocery shopping as he claims.

Another discrepancy — George Zimmerman has always claimed that he spotted Martin when driving in route to Targets but this report says something different.

Page 137 or 183 Discovery; Medical Examiner Report

At approximately 1910 hours on 02/26/2012, 911 dispatchers received a call from a resident of the complex. The resident advised of a B/M who was at the complex between the townhouses. The caller stated that the male should not have been in the area and he observed the male while walking his neighborhood watch. Shortly after the call the resident confronted the male and the two began to physically fight. Witnesses observed the two fighting in the yard and then the resident fired a handgun at the male striking him in the chest. The male fell to the ground, SPD and SFD arrived on scene. The male was pronounced at 1930 hours. The identity of the male was unknown.

Is George lying again or is this a case of misinformed medical examiner?




Trayvon Martin phone records


FDLE – Florida Dept of Law Enforcement report


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