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This order has one huge flaw that jumped out at me. First he says that probation is not a punishment, but a rehabilitation. Then on page 9 he says, to not allow the judge to correct this clerical error

“…would clearly thwart society’s interest in extracting a full, fair and just punishment for a crime”.

Perry seems a little confused or perhaps is talking out both sides of his mouth. Then this…

…This court is very mindful that it is a high probability that there are many that would like to see physical harm visited upon the defendant.

THEREFORE IT IS ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that the Emergency Motion to Quash, Vacate and Set Aside the Court’s order is DENIED.

Sounds like a Freudian slip on Perry’s part, Zuben.

After reading a slew of awesome insightful intelligent comments from the previous article which I totally agree with everyone’s viewpoint, I don’t have much to add but one thing that came to mind which is similar to the Salem Witch Trial analogy as it applied to the Casey Anthony saga, here’s another analogy to ponder. . Has anyone read the book
“The Scarlet Letter”?
It’s about a woman falsely accused of adultery in the 1700’s during the Puritanical era. She was forced to wear the letter “A” everyday in public so to be ridiculed by society. It was later found that she was not an adulterer. Is this Judge Perry’s intention?

Last Wednesday when we all gathered around the television while eagerly awaiting “oh how, oh how will Judge Perry rule?” subconsciously I knew he would deny Casey’s motion. It was obvious to me that he knew damn well what he would rule but was too embarrassed to announce it while America watched.

I’m disappointed but not shocked by Judge Belvin Perry’s decision to agree with Judge Strickland’s ridiculous complaint claiming Casey Anthony didn’t serve her probation for check fraud charges while in jail. I KNOW she did. The Florida Dept of Corrections knows she did. There are papers to prove it yet documentation hasn’t meant much to these two judges who swore to uphold the American Constitution.

After following this case for the last 3 years, it was laughable to think that Casey Anthony would prevail. There’s no way in hell that she could possibly be given a fair and positive ruling when going up against these two men, Belvin Perry Jr and his sidekick
Stan Strickland.

Unlike the jurors, their agenda is not to weigh evidence and come to a judicially fair conclusion. These elected officials have popular opinion to attend to. Popular opinion screams for revenge therefore they will get it regardless of what the Constitution dictates.
Unlike the jurors who have no political agenda to tend, they’re free to impose whatever suits their fancy and in this case it’s a bitter vendetta.

No matter how hard I tried, I could not imagine any other ruling when it comes to Casey Anthony. This is the SAME judge who allowed junk science, incorrect computer forensics, an odd shaped stain in the trunk which had absolutely no forensic value and my all-time favorite, the “amazing invisible heart sticker” evidence into a court of Law, in a capital murder case.

I wouldn’t express my views so strongly, if it was “just us” a few rogue believers in truth and justice but it’s not! There are a slew of lawyers and judges who agree that Casey did indeed serve out her probation while in jail.

Having said that with all conviction, I hope in two weeks when she arrives back in Orlando, FL that the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the Dept of Corrections are readily prepared to protect her but honestly, I don’t have much faith in that so I suppose we can just sit back and watch this travesty play out and hope that someone doesn’t die in the process.

Will Casey Anthony survive her 2nd probation obligation to Orange County, Florida without harm to her or those around her? From the aura of my crystal ball, the vibes tell me that the OCSO or some fanatical individual so-called “justice seeker” will make sure that Casey somehow violates probation just to see her return to jail. From there, she’ll be right smack in the middle of The System where they can control her fate. Perhaps even implicate her in another murder case just for laughs. We are now well aware of what they are capable of. THEY have no shame when it comes to abusing the power they hold because they are The Law.

I had hoped on July 5, 2011 that after the acquittal that perhaps this case would slowly find its way into the history books but now it seems the Mission will carry on for at least another year therefore I’ll continue to cover each and every injustice Casey Anthony will face. Someone here @ theJBMission said,

“Injustice for Casey Anthony is injustice for All”
I concur!



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