After being ill for so long and away from the Trayvon Martin murder case,  it was good to return just in time to watch the George Zimmerman April 30th hearing.  For the most part,  I think now, “I’m all caught up!”

Wow! Thank you Trent!  He’s my hero, without Trent, owner of I would be lost.  After following murder trials for most of my life, I can honestly say — “I’ve never seen anything like this one”.   A prosecutor questions the defense attorney on the stand!  What can I say?

For those who missed it, I’ll lead you to YouTube.

Here are the first few videos of the 13 Trent posted.  Be ready to grit your teeth.  Mark O’Mara and Don West’s pitiful desperation is so thick you can cut it with a knife.  The fact is, “George Zimmerman has NO defense.”

George Zimmerman-4/30 Pt. 1

George Zimmerman-4/30 Pt. 2

George Zimmerman-4/30 Pt. 3

Trent is so funny. “Twinkies in the car”


 See YouTube, StateoftheInternet for the all 13 videos.