The Real George Zimmerman EXPOSED!!

It’s a time of truth. It’s a time of revelation. It’s a time for narrow-minded phonies to face the truth. To expose the real GEORGE ZIMMERMAN is to expose the mentality of his supporters.

“Show Me Your Friends and I’ll Tell You Who You Are”

In the mind set of some individuals, in a desperate attempt to counter their trepidations, there are no boundaries, no equanimity, no conscience, just like their hero, GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. is GEORGE ZIMMERMAN ‘s last resort.  There are no more rabbits to pull out of his hat.  The smoke has cleared and the mirrors are raised, who do we see?

As if a deadly gunshot to the heart and lung of their 17 year old son TRAYVON MARTIN, was not a high enough price to pay, the Martin family has been forced to endure overwhelming vilification of their son via racially slanted and political antagonist websites.

With nothing to counter, with nothing to say, their defense of GEORGE ZIMMERMAN is to tear down the reputation of TRAYVON MARTIN which is moot. For all intents and purpose, a minor’s reputation is not the person he is. He is not over 21 years old. His identity is not yet developed. He has 4 years to develop into the person/man he’ll eventually become and basically not a Tweet nor a Facebook page entry has a thing to with what took place on the evening of February 26, 2012.


If TRAYVON MARTIN was a thugged out high-schooler or a mix martial arts flag pole fighter is not relevant. If TRAYVON MARTIN was an 8 time convicted burglar out on a stroll to canvas his new found territory is not relevant because that was not the reason for GEORGE ZIMMERMAN ‘s call to non-emergency 911. He called because in his sick and simple-minded opinion, TRAYVON MARTIN appeared suspicious.


To know the real GEORGE ZIMMERMAN is to know his followers. A simple click to this website exposes their sick mentality. The video below is their depiction of “Baby Tray” as a 9 year old.

17 year old TRAYVON MARTIN is dead. All that’s left is his memory so bullies hopelessly attack his memory by associating his name with an obvious mentally and physically abused 9 year old boy.

The Fear is so thick,
You can cut it with a knife.