Somebody save him!


Sean Hannity asked the good questions and defense attorney Mark O’Mara’s client GEORGE ZIMMERMAN answered. What is O’Mara thinking while he sits there like a potted plant?

Here’s an article from the Orlando Sentinel offering the overall opinions of local Florida lawyers regarding Boy George’s last night appearance on FNC “Hannity”.

Quote from Richard Hornsby;

“It’s really baffling what he thought he’d gain from it,” said Richard Hornsby, and Orlando defense lawyer, who added, “I really question who’s in charge of the defense strategy, whether it’s Zimmerman or O’Mara.”

Well Richard. Welcome to reality. I’m happy you finally caught on. Your guy George is a loose cannon who never perceives his actions as wrong and he never does the right thing which is why he’s in the predicament he’s in.
If common sense says to stay in your truck and don’t follow a possible dangerous person, why would he use good common sense in any other situation.
It’s all about control for GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. GEORGE ZIMMERMAN controlled his own actions on the night of February 26 and he’ll continue to do so as long as he can. It’s time to take GEORGE ZIMMERMAN’s control away. He’s dangerous to himself and more importantly he’s a danger to society. That’s the truth.

Do you think O’Mara should use his psychological disorder as a defense? It’s been documented on several occasions.

I look at O’Mara as lawyer who’s being led on a leash by a crazy man. Who’s next? Jose Baez? You?

Barbara Walters Backs Out

Snipped from Orlando Sentinel article..

After rumors Zimmerman would appear on “The View” by phone, host Barbara Walters said he called, but “if you could not do the interview yesterday, I don’t think we should do a quick one today.”

Let us take notice that it was George who originally reached out to Barbara Walters and not the other way around. According to ABC spokesman, Barbara Walters had actually made a recent trip to central Florida in hopes of getting an interview with GEORGE ZIMMERMAN but came to a snag.
GEORGE ZIMMERMAN ‘s obvious arrogance and self-serving agenda could not be more prevalent. Here’s the snag.

The New York Post cites a source who said that Zimmerman demanded that ABC put him and his wife up in a hotel for a month. At that point, an “appalled” Walters lost interest in the sit-down chat, the Post reports.

Everyone knows George Zimmerman is thrilled by the fact that he is now FAMOUS. He absolutely loves being in the media. Finally, he’s outdone his brother, the attorney.

WooHoo For George!

He just gave State Attorney Angela Corey another gift that’ll be used to convict him of murdering 17yo Trayvon Martin.  Inconsistent statements abound.


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begging the question..

“What will George do next?”