It was reported on April 10, 2012, a mere 10 days before GEORGE ZIMMERMAN’S bond hearing that he called Sean Hannity to tell his side of the story. Sean Hannity is a well known television host, author, and conservative commentator and he is the host of “Hannity” on Fox News Channel.

Critics have asserted that Fox News Channel promotes conservative political positions and biased reporting. Commentators, news anchors, and reporters at Fox News Channel have responded that news reporting and political commentary operate independently of each other and deny any bias in the news reporting.

 Here’s what Sean Hannity had to say regarding Zimmerman’s call..

Before continuing with his segment about the case, Hannity wanted to set the record straight:
One of the reasons cited in the press conference was an alleged conversation that George Zimmerman had with me. Before we continue tonight, I want to set the record straight about a couple of things. Now, for a few weeks we have been pursuing an interview with Mr. Zimmerman to give him a chance to tell his side of the story. Yesterday, I was contacted by an individual we believe was George Zimmerman. He reached out to me and we spoke on the phone about his case, and I agreed not to report on the contents of that conversation. That’s it. I know nothing about his relationship with his now former attorneys.
Getting that out of the way, he commenced his discussion about the case.

Now who’s making this case political? Not just Tracey Martin! Soon after GEORGE ZIMMERMAN pulled this inane stunt, his original attorneys withdrew from his case.
 This was reported April 10, 2012

On Tuesday afternoon, Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig, attorneys for George Zimmerman, held a press conference to announce they are withdrawing as his counsel after “losing contact” with their client. They noted that they still consider his actions the night of Trayvon Martin‘s death to have been in self-defense.
The two attorneys shared that they last spoke with their client on Sunday and have since “lost contact” with him after daily contact, adding that, if Zimmerman would like to retain them as counsel, he knows where to reach them.
They added that they had not approved of the way he handled a website created without their consent, and that they “believe,” although cannot confirm, that Zimmerman had reached out to Fox News’ Sean Hannity off the record, later refusing to tell them what he’d shared.

And The Final Straw..

The “final straw” was finding out that Zimmerman had reached out to the Special Prosecutor Corey’s office directly, without first consulting them. “We were a bit astonished,” they noted, adding that the Special Prosecutor’s office had refused to speak to Zimmerman without his counsel, only to have been told by Zimmerman that he merely had “legal advisers,” not attorneys.
Have a look, via CNN:

Onward to the 1st Bond Hearing April 20, 2012
George apologizes to the Martin Family

Huh? What was that??!!

Luckily for his lawyer Mark O’Mara, a highly-respected attorney, GEORGE ZIMMERMAN was granted a reasonable, affordable bail bond set at $150,000. GEORGE ZIMMERMAN ‘s “out-of-donations” cost was a meager $15,000. The bond was paid. GEORGE ZIMMERMAN was released from jail on April 22 with little fanfare. There was no protesting or outrage reported by Seminole County reports or Sanford Police Dept. Everything went swimmingly.
George was free to leave jail and into the arms of his loving wife Shellie, into the safe confines of his hidden hideout, amongst his family and friends. The solitude must have been deafening.

George could count his donations everyday, surf the web, throw in a jab every once in awhile on the Trayvon Martin blogs or maybe give a high-five to the conservatives who exult him. Life was grand. His name was now and forever in history books. George was on the map and on his way to great accomplishments that he had always dreamt of.
He’ll always be known as the Neighborhood Watch Captain who stood his ground when he was getting his butt kicked by a young man, barely into his 17th year of life and who he outweighed by 36lbs. Yes, he’ll go down in infamy as the guy who protected Retreat Townhomes from an unarmed teenager who was visiting a family friend who also resided in his community where he rented a townhouse.

 “Hey, Not So Fast!”

That’s what Prosecutor Bernie de la Riondio was thinking. A few savvy Seminole County court investigators came bearing gifts to de la Riondio’s office. They came to report some intriguing phone calls being made at John E. Polk Correctional Facility.
It seems that GEORGE ZIMMERMAN was in the process of wheeling and dealing several large sums of money from a PayPal account aka “Peter Pan” and moving funds daily in increments of $9,999 a pop, everyday, as many times allowed, George instructed his wife Shellie to keep the funds moving. These funds were being transferred into Shellie and George sister’s bank accounts.  Some money was being hidden into Shellie’s safety deposit box.
George even made sure Shellie threw a few bucks to his mother. He nefariously spoke in code when referring to the amount as $9 dollars just under 10. All references of the money were implied as tens and hundreds, not thousands.

 Here are the calls in question:
April 12

April 15

April 16 – Part 1 @ 1:34

April 16 – Part 2 @ 2:26

April 16 – Part 3 @ 4:32

April 17

After listening to these calls, Prosecutor Bernie De la Riondio immediately reflected upon the April 20th bond hearing when Shellie Zimmerman, George’s wife swore that the couple were indigent. It was this fact that the Zimmerman’s were indigent that persuaded Judge Lester to hand down a $150,000 bond instead of $1Million as prosecutor Bernie de la Riondio had requested.
As a bonus, in one of the conversations between Shellie and George, it was revealed that she had ANOTHER passport for George in a safety deposit box. This one was current and didn’t expire until March 2014 unlike the passport he handed over to the court which expired in May 2012.
When de la Riondio brought this passport revelation and the money transfers to Judge Lester’s attention, he immediately sought to revoke GEORGE ZIMMERMAN’s bond. On June 3, George Zimmerman returned to jail to await another bond hearing scheduled June 29, 2012. Until then GEORGE ZIMMERMAN was placed on “no bond status” by Judge Lester.

June 1, 2012
Motion to Revoke George Zimmerman’s Bond

At the hearing June 1st, defense Attorney Mark O’Mara tried to explain away to Judge Lester, that George was a confused 28-year old man who had trust issues. As for the passport, O’Mara claimed he had given him the second passport but he (O’Mara) forgot to give it to the court earlier. At the time it seemed Judge Lester was satisfied with the explanation and set another Bond Hearing for June 29.

Bond Hearing June 29

For all of Mark O’Mara’s hard work, putting on a mini-trial to favor George Zimmerman, and even asking if George could get on the stand to explain without prosecutor Bernie de la Riondio cross examining his client, it was quickly denied. For all the preparation for the lengthy hearing apparently Judge Lester was not impressed.
Judge Kenneth Lester expounded on the passport issue in his bond order stating that George and his wife could have been preparing to leave the country with $130,000 and a passport in hand. Judge Lester upped the original bond to $1Million.

 Order Setting Bail Zimmermandocs/documents/bond_order/doc20120705113028.pdf

 Thanks to contributions donated to the George Zimmerman Legal Fund, he had $211,000. Mark O’Mara, his attorney who has control of the funds was able to pay $100,000, 10% of $1Million which was enough to bail him out of jail for the second time. He is now beseeching more money for George because George just cost his donators $100,000 for no other reason but being dumb, not to mention George lost the first bail deposit of $15,000, 10% of $150,000.

 According to Reuters..

On July 6, 2012 at 2:49pm EDT , Zimmerman walked out of the John E. Polk Correctional Facility in Sanford, Florida, and is expected to be moved to a temporary safe house secured by his lawyer.

In setting the $1 million bond on Thursday, Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester said he believed Zimmerman and his wife Shellie had intended to flee the country but were thwarted by the judge’s requirement that Zimmerman wear an electronic monitoring device.

Shawn Vincent, who manages the website for O’Mara, told Reuters on Friday the largest donation overnight was $1,000, and that most contributions ranged between $10 and $25.
Since May 3, when O’Mara took control of Zimmerman’s defense fundraising, donations have averaged $500 to $1,000 per day, he said.

What Will George Do Next?

I suggest a reality show, “Reckless George“. George is like a bad kid that you just can’t leave alone too long because you never know what he’ll do. Mark O’Mara best be ready. GEORGE ZIMMERMAN has been thinking and we all know what that can lead to, another huge screw up for Poor Boy George.

How do you stop him? Jail couldn’t stop him! I’m sure his daddy Robert Zimmerman Sr. has asked himself this question on several occasions throughout his lifetime. “What will George do next? This unruly child, mischievous, hyperactive and sometimes gloomy kid was a handful, I’m sure. And now as a gun-toting adult, it must have been of great concern for PaPa Zim.

This perceivably meek man, with a soft voice, who wants to be a judge so badly that he played judge, jury and unfortunately executioner on February 26, 2012. His teenage victim fought a good fight. First he ran from him then he bravely confronted the strange pursuer to ask a perfectly logical question, “Do you have a problem?”

Trayvon Martin barely 17 years old, only 11 days into his 17th year of life, was scoped out and aimed upon by a so-called 28-year old man named George Michael Zimmerman, the self-proclaimed Neighborhood Watch Captain. When asked if he had a problem, instead of replying “Yes I do have a problem, I’m the Neighborhood Watch Captain and you seem to be acting suspicious” No, that was too hard for George to say because it was the truth and “The Truth and George Zimmerman are strangers”, quoting Judge Stan Strickland as applied to Casey Anthony.

I’m getting me a big bag of Skittles and tall can of Arizona Ice Tea
just to watch as the George Zimmerman
Saga unfolds.’s getting good.