Such as “What is your legal name?”

According to Zenaida Gonzalez will be deposed today. As expected, there is no public outcry or court petitions to have it aired on the public airways.
There are no updates coming from the Morgan & Morgan website to report and none from Casey Anthony’s lawyer, Charles Greene.

Obviously, Mr. Greene’s intentions are clear. Zenaida Gonzalez is not his hired clown to entertain us. Nor is a legal deposition in a civil lawsuit his personal 3-ring circus to garner fame and fortune.


It is the American judicial system at work.


ORLANDO, Fla. — The woman who filed a lawsuit against Casey Anthony for defamation will be deposed Tuesday despite attempts to keep her from answering questions.

Attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez wanted her deposition pushed back until Anthony answered questions without invoking her Fifth Amendment right.
A judge denied that request.
Gonzalez claims Anthony ruined her reputation by claiming a woman with the same name kidnapped her daughter, Caylee Anthony.




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