“Casey Anthony and the “Conspiracy Factor”

Note*  Written Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When I heard the word conspiracy, last night on Nancy Grace having to do with the Caylee Anthony’s murder, I almost fell out of my chair. Not because it’s so unbelievable but because somewhere in the back of my mind, I’ve always considered this a possibility.


Clue #1
When I think back to the day and the first 911 call Cindy Anthony made on July 15th, it’s hard not to wonder what motivated her to call on this “particular” day.
Obviously, Cindy had concern for Caylee’s wellbeing as far back as July 3rd when she posted on My Space “My Caylee is Missing”. “Missing” is a strong word. True, this term could be meant as something else, but not likely. I would consider Cindy Anthony to have enough vocabulary to say what she means, so I’ll take it literally, she did indeed say missing.
She also went on to say that Casey was an ungrateful daughter, a liar, a thief, and a few other derogatory remarks and Cindy was the most unappreciated mother of the universe.
But as we all know now, this has changed, Casey is now the best mother a child could have. At least, that’s what Cindy Anthony says, now.

Let’s think about George. It’s been stated in a few interviews of friends and family, that he had a gambling habit, didn’t like to work much, did not approve of his daughter Casey’s lifestyle nor did he like her, if you ask Annie Downing. If you ask Shirley Plesea, she’d say he was lazy, had a bad temper and not much ambition or desire to be the bread winner of his family. Shirley would also tell you, Cindy, at some point was thinking of divorcing him, but quickly retreated when she found out that she’d lose her home and have to pay George alimony. George needed to be the kept man, he had become accustom. (Women have come so far in America)

This article came to mind because after yesterday’s developments; Leonard Padilla might testify that George lied about seeing Caylee on the 16th and Brad Conway’s remarks hinting, Casey Anthony may take the stand. The final comment, conspiracy, made me think this may be interesting considering we may hear about a conspiracy theory at trial,
So why not pose this question to the best minds around, the bloggers and see what other clues they think might points to a conspiracy.

So where’s the conspiracy? To even begin to fathom a conspiracy, you’d have to believe George lied to the Grand Jury. He lied when he said he saw his grand daughter the afternoon of June 16th. You would have to believe the neighbors Mark Fuhrman spoke with who said, yes, there was a loud argument coming from the Anthony home, Father’s Day 2008. You would have to believe Jim Hoover, who said Cindy took a baseball bat to a sacred holy cross and beat it to smithereens because she was angry. Yes, Cindy is violent.
Ask Lee Anthony. I noted how Cindy was willing to take on a protestor in front of her house. I might be a girly girl, but to me, Cindy sure showed me she wasn’t afraid of a fight. Cindy Anthony doesn’t back down easily. Ask Mr. Morgan. All of these small insignificant factors add up. Could a heated argument in this dysfunctional home turn into a violent fight? What if, in all of the mayhem there was an innocent child? What if, little Caylee got in the way? Who would be at fault then?
I can almost picture all of these selfish morons pointing fingers at each other. You did it, no you made me. What would they do? Would they call 911 for help and jeopardize their peachy keen persona they’ve worked so hard for in their community? Or would they go into protection mode. CYA?

I’m sorry I disappointed you.. I want to explain:
The point I’m trying to make is there’s a possibility of either the defense or the state may bring up a possible conspiracy. The conspiracy doesn’t necessarily have to involve the Anthony’s. I chose them because when mentioned on Nancy Grace, I didn’t know who else they could mean. Lee however, could easily have been an accomplice, after the fact.
I don’t think at any point there was a plan to murder this baby. I think it was either an accident or a moment of very bad anger or judgement on Casey’s part.

Please don’t misunderstand me because I’m talking about Cindy and George. But I don’t know of anyone else who would help Casey? It’s hard to believe she didn’t have help. How can Casey be so lucky?
Lucky meaning, not a witness in sight? Lucky meaning, she chose not to flee Orlando and actually have the nerve to face this case with all of this circumstancial evidence? Lucky to have a fairly impressive defense team. Let me say this, Casey is as lucky as OJ.  I’m hoping it’s not the same outcome but in my opinion, this case is going to be harder to prove than the public thinks.


And that’s what I had to say on June 17, 2009.  Yesterday I read..

“Casey Anthony Gets Her Own ‘E! True Hollywood Story”

Written by Catherine Lawson, posted Oct 14th 2011 7:15AM


Casey Anthony, the Florida mom who was sensationally acquitted
of the 2008 murder of her young daughter Caylee, became a familiar face to TV
viewers during the intense media coverage of the case.

Now it’s been reported that Anthony’s become the latest “celebrity”
to get the ‘E!
True Hollywood Story’
treatment, in a special premiering next week.

According to the ‘Orlando Sentinel,’ producers got the inside scoop by
interviewing journalists covering the case, Anthony’s ex-boyfriends, a former
high school friend, former defense attorneys and Zenaida Gonzalez, who is suing
Anthony for defamation.

Gonzalez says her life was ruined when Anthony linked her to
the disappearance of two year-old Caylee: “It started going down like,
‘You’re a baby killer, you killed that baby.’ They were going to kidnap my
daughters and see how I like [it] and then they started saying that they [were]
going to kill them and they [were] going to send them to me in pieces in a box
to my house and yeah. … I hate that part.”

Brandon Snow, Anthony’s former boyfriend who is now in hiding, is quoted as
saying “If you wanted to hang out [or] go party she was always down.”

Anthony’s defense attorney, Dorothy Clay Sims, says that media coverage of the
case portrayed her client in a poor light. “You follow someone around,
let’s say 24/7, and then you only play one or two hours of their most difficult
time, that does not define who that individual is. That was an unfair portrayal
of her.”

There’s been no word yet if Anthony’s TV nemesis, Nancy Grace,
will feature in the hour-long special. She
covered the case
for years in her single-minded pursuit of the
“truth” about Caylee’s death, and her intense, often controversial,
scrutiny produced record ratings for CNN’s Headline News.

Grace’s outraged disbelief — “somewhere out there, the devil is dancing
tonight” — at the “not guilty” verdict handed down this summer
sparked headlines around the world.

E! True Hollywood Story: Casey Anthony’ premieres Wednesday Oct. 19, 10PM ET on E!