I’m pleased to report today that Judge Belvin Perry Jr. of the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court has come to a decision regarding money allegedly owed to Orange County Florida by recently acquitted Casey Anthony.
Casey Anthony, mother of Caylee Anthony was acquitted July 5, 2011 of all major charges regarding the death of her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony.
Subsequently, then Assistant State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick who lost the case, quickly filed a motion holding Casey Anthony liable for all investigation and court costs. She contends, had Casey Anthony told the truth, they would not have wasted OCSO or the Orange County Court’s time and money.

This matter came before the Court for a hearing on September 2, 2011. Linda Drane Burdick presented an itemized statement totaling over $515,000.
Casey Anthony’s defense attorney Cheney Mason argued that the false statements, which led to the Defendant’s convictions for providing false information to a law enforcement officer, related to a missing person investigation, and testimony provided at the hearing indicated that as of September 30, 2008, there was no longer a missing person investigation but a homicide investigation.

For this, he contends that all investigative costs should have stopped as of September 30th since it was sworn by the lead detective Yuri Melich on the stand, during the trial that “they” meaning the investigators had officially stopped looking for a “live” Caylee so all monies spent from this point on was not to prosecute Anthony on her daughter’s disappearance but to prosecute her on first degree murder.
However the issue isn’t completely resolved.

Judge Perry added:
(snipped from Motion)

Further, upon review of the investigative costs expense reports filed by the OCSO, the Court found that several of these reports were not adequately broken down in order to determine the work performed during the time from July 15, 2008 through September 29, 2008. Therefore, in order to reimburse OCSO for additional investigative work performed during the applicable time period, OCSO is directed to file revised investigative costs expense reports that the state the investigative work performed from July 15, 2008 through September 29, 2008 for the below listed OCSO employees. The revised investigative costs expense reports shall be filed with the Court, by 4:00 p.m. on Monday, September 19, 2011.

These are the OCSO employees who inadequately broke down their reports.

John Allen, Yuri Melich, Tanya DePalmo, Awilda McBryde, Kelly DeGuzman, Sharon Clarke, Susan Hempfield, Darrell McCaskill, Samara Melich, Mike Erickson, Mark Hussey, Joy K. Mecabe, Thomas Manderville, Dale Mack, Melissa Harrielson, Carla Willis, Pedro Rivera, Charity Beasley, Katie Garlinghouse, Ricardo Lee, Eliu Muniz, Brenda Gregory, Susan Carver, Jerold White, Sandra Osbourne, Ronald Murdock, Mike Vincent, Christine Narkiewicz, Arthur Rubart.

Also added was Carolyne “Kari” Roderick who submitted 1,106.5 hours of work for a 15 day period as per her testimony at the hearing!!

She claimed in her report that from July 16, 2008 through July 31, 2008 she worked 1,106.50 hours. There’s only 360 hours in that time period. Yes, a definite revision is needed and perhaps an indictment for perjury, lying while under oath.

Thanks to the ever-so-insightful Cheney Mason, the finder of this huge discrepancy, OCSO was caught red handed with this blatant fraudulent attempt to garner money from an acquitted defendant.
This also raises doubt as to all reported expenses for which I’m sure Judge Perry took into consideration therefore requesting a more detailed expense reports from all OCSO employees previously mentioned.

Judge Perry denied request by the Office of the State Attorney for special costs incurred for the purpose of prosecuting on Counts 1 through 3, for which Casey Anthony was acquitted. However Casey Anthony does have to pay $50.00 for the costs of prosecution for the misdemeanor convictions, Count 4 through 7, just as Cheney Mason argued in the September 2nd hearing.

As of today, Judge Perry ordered Anthony to pay $97,676.98.
She will reimburse:

• Florida Department of Law Enforcement: $61,505.12
• Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation: $10,283.90
• Orange County Sheriff’s Office: $25,837.96
• State Attorney’s Office: $50

However Judge Perry said in his order he may require Anthony to pay back additional costs to OCSO. As mentioned earlier several members of the Sheriff’s Office inadequately broke down their expenses but Judge Perry, being the fairer judge as I originally thought is giving them till Monday, September 19th to get their numbers in order. Hopefully with America watching, they’ll double check their adding machines and abacuses and come to a reasonable amount.




Read more: http://www.wesh.com/casey-anthony-extended-coverage/29195304/detail.html#ixzz1Y3nJ1Gs7

Read more: http://www.wesh.com/casey-anthony-extended-coverage/29195304/detail.html#ixzz1Y3ncv3Z0

Judge Perry’s Order