It’s so nice to start my day and not have to think about what I need to write about or what bit of factual information I need to share with the public.  Everyday my objective was to get someone else to see this case for what it was.  It was a farce.  It was a lie.

I can accept lies from Casey Anthony but I can not accept lies from elected officials who are supposedly legally knowledgeable and trustworthy nor can I accept mistruths and exaggerations from televised news sources.

State Attorneys Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick knew they did not have a case against this lying skank yet they wasted tax-payer money in order to please the masses. This is not what our judicial system is about. Many suspects walk free because there is no case.  What about Drew Peterson, ex- cop who’s 2 of 4 wives mysteriously disappeared?  It took 5 years to build a case against him.  Today he sits in jail awaiting his day in court.

I’m happy to say that Jose Baez and his co-counsel troop, Cheney Mason, Dorothy Sims and a few other tenacious, law abiding defense attorneys have succeeded in their quest to prove Casey Marie Anthony innocent of all charges involving the death of her daughter Caylee Marie yet the media refuses to acknowledge their victory in a positive light.

Again the media is focusing on Casey’s counsel!  Again the media is making it a difficult decision for any attorney who is asked to represent a defendant whose crime is against a child or any other horrible deed.

We don’t have to like the defendant. We can despise the accused but to malign and disrespect the lawyers of our country who represent them is an atrocity and a direct slap in the face to our 6th Amendment right to fair trial.

There is no fair trial when trained prosecutors of the law accuse a person of a crime and the accused can not find a lawyer willing to take their case in fear of what the media will print in the press.  Are there lawyers who are willing to face the alienation of their friends and colleagues because of the person they represent?  Lawyers are now faced with this question.

If someone accuses you of a crime, why should the attorney you hire have to endure the wrath of what you are accused of?  This is not what our U.S. Constitution intended.  Instead of dishonoring,  the media should applaud the attorney who represents a despised client.  They should publicly thank him or her for their fortitude for taking on such a case.  The attorney is not on trial.  He is doing his or her job and in most cases, a very hard job.  Jose Baez’s job of defending Casey Anthony wasn’t hard!  His fight in the media and courtroom antics was near impossible but no one wants to see it that way.  They’d rather think that what they witnessed yesterday July 5, 2011 in Judge Perry’s court room was a miscarriage of justice.  Casey Anthony got away with murder. That was a misconception.

What we saw was the American judicial system at its finest. There was no evidence, therefore there was no conviction. Applaud.

Obviously Nancy Grace, the ex-prosecutor thinks it’s great to beat down and publicly assassinate the character of defense attorneys.  To Nancy Grace, defense attorneys are the enemy but should they be yours?  After all they’ve always been her adversaries. She claims she’s been a victim so she can relate to victims of crimes.  I think not!  She can not relate to Somer Thompson’s mother.  She can not relate to the father of Shaniya Davis.

Nancy Grace, an officer of the court is now critiquing the way Jose Baez celebrated his well-earned victory.  He has overcome a monumental amount of defamation of his character because of the hatred of his client Casey Anthony but Nancy Grace wants more. You should despise Jose Baez because he celebrated too close to the court house which happens to be directly next to Cheney Mason’s office.  I say enough to Nancy Grace!  Move on to another case that you can profit from.  Its okay Nancy, we know Jose Baez poetically speaking kicked your ass.

I’m appalled and afraid that if I or a member of my family are accused of a crime that finding a good lawyer to represent us will be impossible.

I’m appalled and afraid that the good people who worked hundreds of hours to win this case will be sought after by a few of the maladjusted fanatics who have religiously followed this case.  There have been warnings and death threats of what may happen to them if they make a step out of their homes.  This is the Monster that the news media created.

The people I saw standing outside of the Orange County Courthouse reminded me of a scene from the 1692 Salem Witch Trials.  The mob came but they left disappointed because the jurors decided there would be “No Lynching” today.  Casey Anthony was  acquitted of all murder charges of her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony. The mob chanted “Bull Shit” as Orange County sheriff’s tried to disperse the crowd and asked them to go home.

The story is not over.
There is talk of lawsuits in the making. Zenaida Gonzalez who happened to have visited Sawgrass Apartments on June 17, 2008 is waiting in the wings for Casey Anthony to walk out of the hoosegow.  Tim Miller is talking about suing Jose Baez because he contends “Caylee was never missing” but Tim Miller fails to realize it wasn’t Jose Baez who hired him.  It was Cindy Anthony, the mother of Casey Anthony.  Casey refused to put an X on the map to indicate the location of Caylee’s remains when Tim Miller asked. Perhaps Mr. Miller should’ve taken that as a sign that she really didn’t know.  Maybe he acted out of greed for the limelight.  As he said, there were lots of other people who were seeking out his help so what made the Anthony case so special?

From the onset of this debacle, I realized immediately that something wasn’t right about George and Cindy Anthony regardless of the 911 calls.  I take pride in heeding my Mother’s warning “never believe everything you hear and only half of what you see”.

I don’t blame the masses for being upset by the verdict after all they were lied to. Each and every hour of the day since July 15, 2008 they were force fed misleading information and media rhetoric adding more fuel to their fiery demand for justice for Caylee.

Who on God’s green earth wouldn’t want justice for a beautiful innocent 2 ½ year old little girl?
Who wouldn’t hate her mother depicted as a party girl out shaking her ass while her daughter was presumed missing?

I’ve been told that I’m hard to make friends with.  That’s true. When someone tries too hard to be my friend, I put up my hand and stop to think.  Why is this person trying so hard?

That’s similar to how I felt about the media.  Why are they befriending the public in a way I have never seen in any of the other murder cases I’ve read about?  Why is the media touting a one-sided story?  I knew there was a lie somewhere in the mix and I was right.  There was no heart sticker on the duct tape. That’s one lie and in due time we’ll find out more.

I hope something good can come out of case after the acquittal of Casey Anthony.  I hope we’ve all learned that the media can not be trusted. I hope the media in turn decides to become more objective and accountable in their journalism.  In this year of 2011, with blogs mistakenly being considered bonafide news sources that the actual news sources become more responsible.

I’d like to read stories from both sides.  I’d like to read objective journalism from every medium whether it be in print, over the World Wide Web or via television or radio.  I’d like to see less commentary from biased opinionated Talking Heads.

The media has under estimated the intellect of the general public.  We are able to absorb information and come to our own conclusions. Perhaps, the news media could be of more service by challenging the general public with facts and asking them to think instead of simply offering their own personal opinion which they assume will be popular.

I feel certain, had it not been for the Nancy Grace’s of the media, there would not have been so many disappointed people standing outside of Orange County Courthouse. Perhaps this was the lesson Caylee Marie Anthony was placed here on this Earth to teach.

God Bless her and May She Rest in Peace



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