Cheney Mason request for a judgment of acquittal

If Judge Perry’s ruling was good for you, well I must have higher standards.

The fact that Judge Perry denied it means nothing to me because he’s proven time and again that his interest is to get a conviction no matter what as indicated when he denied Casey Anthony a “genuine change of venue.”  That is apparent.

I found the trial in totality a travesty of justice and mockery of the American judicial system as we first witnessed when Casey Anthony was denied her 6th Amendment right to a fair trial.  The violation above is apparent.

Whether Judge Perry denied the four motions for mistrial or not means NOTHING to me because I already know where Judge Perry’s head is at; squarely implanted in the anus of Jeffrey Ashton.  That is apparent.

George Anthony, the Accuser who testified to the Grand Jury to have his daughter Casey Anthony indicted was proven beyond a reasonable doubt X2, to be liar, a bum and an adulterer which makes any and all testimony coming from him null and void.

George Anthony’s lame attempt at suicide is a direct indication of guilt as compared to that of Casey Anthony.  There were no suicide attempts for Casey. In fact her behavior was the exact opposite almost as if she knew her days were numbered taking into consideration her tattoo “Bella Vita”.  Why is it that an immature 22yo is able to accept her punishment?  It’s because her crime was not murder as her father wanted her to believe.  Maybe negligence but maybe not, if both George and Casey were the only two adults who were home when Caylee accidentally drowned in the family pool.

I laugh in the face of the State Attorneys Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick with both middle fingers waving in the air as I hear their rebuttal witness Dr Michael Warren admit he did not read Dr Garavaglia’s 23 page report nor Dr Goldberg’s.  Here’s a State rebuttal witness who was suppose to disprove Dr Spitz’s strong assertion “the autopsy was shoddy!” yet Dr Warren didn’t even read the autopsy report.

Without George Anthony’s testimony to the Grand Jury, Judge Belvin Perry presiding, Casey Anthony may not have been indicted.

Without Roy Kronk’s tampering with the body there may have been more forensic findings as to who put Caylee’s body on Suburban Drive.

Both of these witnesses were thoroughly impeached by the defense.

I trust defense attorney Cheney Mason’s knowledge of the law explicitly!  I do NOT trust Judge Perry or Jeff Ashton!  Judge Perry has proven to me that he’d do anything in his power to help the State prove their desperate case by allowing invisible heart sticker evidence into trial which defense attorney Jose Baez fought so vehemently to disallow.

Defense attorney Jose Baez, the Tiger, the tenacious Pit Bull who stood alone at the onset of this case did a remarkable job against not 3 but 5 adversaries, one of which was the presiding judge himself and the other was the media.

I laugh out loud with both middle fingers waving as I heard Judge Perry use the term imagined or unimagined as for the extra time Jose Baez needed to gather information to defend his client Casey Anthony from a possible death sentence.  It must have been a Freudian slip because the only thing imaginary is Judge Perry’s imaginary deadline he artfully set as a date for the end of trial which audaciously happens to be the 4th of July, again making a mockery of Casey Anthony’s Constitutional 6th Amendment right to a fair trial.


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