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June 30, 2011 at 12:24 am

 What happens when the trial is over?

Dear jbmission,

First of all I would like to send you a big thank you, kudos for everything you have done here. If
it wasn’t for you, everyone here wouldn’t have a place to share their life experience,opinions or to even vent. The trial is winding down, you started this thread if KC should take the stand. At first I thought she should, explain what happened in her own words and set the record straight, go in blazin’, but then she could lose her best chance at appeal. Now I find myself thinking my goodness, she can’t win for losing. People won’t believe anything she says. The TH will chew her up and spit her out, yet will not find any fault with the people (parents) that were suppose to be there to guide her, teach her right from wrong, hell they don’t even know how to respect, tell the truth and treat others or the ones they say they love.

The PT has made this trial a mockery and confusing for this jury with all the objections, sidebars
and proffers, it has been a long road to climb for the DT. I pray that this jury will see the shenanigans the PT created, but I will say I’m scared, not just for the fate of KC, but for the judicial system that I see happening before my eyes. With all that said, we know she will do time for something what that will be… we’ll soon enough find out. When this goes to appellate court, I hope you will still be here with this beautiul open dialogue we have now.

With all sincerity,


((((HUGS)))) to you and EVERYONE who’s helped me get through this trial.  I was all alone for so long
until I opened this site TheJBMission. It was then I was able to post my viewpoints openly and control the ugly naysayers.  This opened the door and one by one more people came to post their opinions without ridicule.  Within due time, we had about 10 or so regulars who put together a massive amount of information, documents and theories.  Looking back, it is amazing!  And honestly I’m overwhelmed by the wonderfulness of ALL of you who have posted THE most insightful, intelligent comments to be read on the Casey Anthony case in all of Blogdom.

That is a fact!!

The hits on this site have  lets just say they are 20 times more than what they were when I started and it’s not because of my little diddly  I have no experience in writing anything except poetry and a letter to my sister.  It’s because of all of you!!

People come here to read your comments. All I’ve done is given you the platform and it’s my pleasure and honor to do so.  I have endured a lot of negative feedback, my computer may have been hacked, I’ve lost all of my documents and over 500 pictures of my family.  To this day, they write hate mail and call me and you names.  Haha! If you only knew.

I never signed up for this. I was just a person like all of you with a different perspective as to what happened to little Caylee Marie Anthony.  I’ve done everything in my power to hide my identity because the Haters seem dangerous to me.  I swore to my children if I ever felt in danger I’d delete this blog forever but now I have courage.  That little 1st amendment thingy is really cool. 😎

Wow..I’m tearing up. I just have to say I Heart all of you and thank you for reestablishing
my faith in humanity and possibly the justice system of our country. For awhile there I had lost hope because I’d never come across such hatred and hysteria as I have witnessed in this case. I’m writing like this is The End when in fact it is not.  I’ll keep this blog open for as long as I live.  Whatever the verdict may be, I’m sure there will be more.

So onward, forward till tomorrow when we may hear closing arguments.

Carpe Diem!!

Good night and Blog on…..


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