What does Judge Perry Have to Do?
After 37 minutes into Day 28, Judge Perry begrudgingly announced “court will be in recess until Monday 8:30 AM”, leaving myself and the Talking Heads in a state of confusion.
Why would Judge Perry cancel a valuable day of trial at this juncture? You be the judge.

Part I



Part II

Note in Part II, after Judge Perry gets both sides to agree that there’s a legal matter unrelated to Dr. Furton he says “Madam court reporter, there’s something we gotta do”

Incidentally I observed as the camera pans the courtroom, the guy with the blue open collar shirt, jacket and ID hanging around his neck standing behind Ashton. Notice the guard approach him very briefly and looks like he’s reaching behind his back? Did the guard put something into his hand?   Just an incidental observation…

Enjoy your day!