Day 26 was the best day ever for the defense team in my perspective regardless of what the news media reports. Sometimes I wonder if we’re all watching the same trial.

As we expected, this trial would be a battle of the experts and not the battle of Casey Anthony’s character witnesses as prosecutors Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick had planned.

The Dastardly Duo totally underestimated their adversary Casey Anthony’s defense attorney Jose Baez. Apparently they wanted him to offer a plea of LWOP aka life without parole and make it easy. Little did they know that they would actually have to prove their case in order to convince the legal experts of America unlike convincing the general public via media sensationalism.
Sadly for the Dastardly Duo, they were fooled by popular opinion.
Setting up a timeline of circumstances and meshing them into Casey Anthony’s actions just doesn’t cut the mustard according to the legal pundits covering this trial. You see circumstances are a great when accompanied by solid evidence. It’s more of a validation feature of the case and not the case itself. It’s like putting on white pearls when wearing a black dress.

I believe it was Linda Drane Burdick who first thought if they looked on the family computers they’d come up with something and they did. They found chloroform. What a waste of tax payer money that was. If only I had a penny for every dollar the Dastardly Duo paid to investigate that I could afford to take the JB Mission on a trip to “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”. To think that they thought a weapon was needed to murder a toddler is not only sad but preposterous. And if the chloroform does fly then they always could check the adhesive of Henkel duct tape to see if that sticks.

Yesterday defense attorney Cheney Mason tried to present to the jury emails confirming that FBI agent Nick Savage questioned the involvement of duct tape and stated he was disappointed that Medical Examiner Jan Garavaglia hadn’t measured the strips of duct tape to scale. It seems Dr. Spitz was right, the autopsy was “shoddy”!

On cross-examination Cindy Anthony admitted she told Linda Drane Burdick in 2009 about her internet searches. She repeated “it’s in the deposition” as she explained how her search for “Chlorophyll” took her to searching “chloroform” indicating why LDB took this information and ran with it. Desperate prosecutors do desperate things.
When the media was begging for a bone, the Dastardly Duo lied claiming it was Casey who searched chloroform when in fact it was her mother Cindy who searched Chlorophyll.
Day after day, Jose Baez is tenaciously tearing down the State of Florida’s case making this trial not only the biggest case since Orenthal James Simpson but the most laughable case in history.

That’s all I have to say for now. Onward and forward to Day 27!