Not long ago, ZubenElSchemali one of our long time commenters here at The JB Mission offered up her time and expertise dissecting Casey Anthony’s communication and digital forensics.

Zuben posted her findings and interpretations of Casey Anthony’s communications in a post titled “Casey Anthony, Digital Forensic Part 1” and later “Casey Anthony, Digital Forensic Part 2”

We seem to have amassed a plethora of digital information for Casey Anthony through the media and released documents since July 15, 2008, the day 2 ½ year old Caylee Marie Anthony was reported missing but not a word has been released as to the Google searches of George Anthony or his wife Cindy Anthony.

Since the unforgettable day of the defense’s opening statement much has changed in my viewpoint of this case.

Jose Baez’s jaw-dropping claim has changed my original thoughts of several events surrounding Caylee’s disappearance and subsequent death.  George Anthony who the media exalted as a good old Grandpaw called Jo-Jo is no longer realistic to me.

The defense claims he is not a Jo-Jo but an incestuous man who molested his daughter Casey beginning when she was 8 years old and carried on molesting her for an unmentioned amount of years afterwards. I couldn’t stop asking myself, “Is this possible?”  Who is Jo-Jo?

With some information ascertained from Zuben’s investigation, A newcomer to the JB Mission voluntarily offered up their expertise to give us a clue as to Jo-Jo’s daily computer activities.  As we all know computers searches are often indicative of the person in question.  Law enforcement routinely uses computer searches to study the suspect’s interest to see how it would tie into the crime.  With this in mind…

The following tidbits are from the IE cookie file. My assumption is George and Cindy both use IE based on the cookies. We know Casey prefers Firefox, so I’m assuming she has no IE cookies.

Interesting Findings

1. Adult Entertainment & Escorts
Literally 100s of visits to Adult Escort Services (every month — as late as July 12, 2008)
IMO, Strong engagement in this activity . George, I’m looking at you, you PERV. I think we know where all the money was going.

Just a sampling…
6/13/2008 0:18
5/30/2008 17:23
5/5/2008 23:11
4/10/2008 23:06 Sex Hookups For Adults
3/26/2008 12:02
3/4/2008 9:26
3/4/2008 9:23

2. Diamonds
At least 3 visits to Diamond jewelry sites in July 2008
George, who were you buying for?

7/14/2008 18:40
As the largest online retailer of the highest quality certified diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry, we offer exceptional selection and value.

7/3/2008 23:11
Diamond jewelry

3. Jobs
Lots of searches for jobs May – July 2008
As late as 7/12, George probably looking for work.

4. Toys on 7/15/2008 23:24
Teddy bear shopping the day before Cindy’s 911 call?

5. Grass problems
6/22/2008 23:18
6/22/2008 23:13
6/22/2008 23:15
6/22/2008 23:17
What’s killing the grass?

6/27/2008 18:12 casey@CustSat[2].txt
George complaining about service or quality of the grass fertilizer?

6. Kids Social Site
4/21/2008 22:28
WeeWorld is an avatar-based computer game, chat, as well as a virtual world for 13+ year-olds.
Could just be a pre-teen visiting the Antony house.
Or a pedophile trolling for kids?

I was specifically looking for child porn sites but found none (so far).


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