Justice For All

Defense Atty Jose Baez Deflates Sticker on the Duct Tape!

I had anticipated this day for a couple of years after many hours of prodding and research that we’ve done here at the JB Mish.  It was gratifying to see it finally come to fruition. 

The words of FBI agent Lorie Gottesmans were like music to my ears, hearing her say those melodic words, “there were no stickers or sticker residue” as she referred to items Q-62-Q-64, the duct tape found in Area A on the hair of the skull. 

For all of the digging and probing I’ve done seeking answers to the mysterious death of  2 1/2 year old Caylee Anthony while supposedly in the care of her then 22yo mother Casey Anthony, I can close this chapter of my life forever.  Well, one can dream. 

 I expect more debunking of the many fabrications and bizarre tales touted by press regarding this case. 

Today June 17, 2011, Day Two of defense for defendant Casey Anthony.