Oh yes, it was quick, it was concise and it was totally boring unless, of course you entertained yourself by focusing on Casey Anthony’s daily attire or zooming in on her used tissues to see if they were wet or dry.  Other than that, it was an overall repeat of the daily news coverage beginning when Caylee Anthony was first reported missing.  Incidentally, I’m now convinced who was leaking what to the press as I noted the State presented their case accordingly.

After today’s mundane Grand Finale, ending on the unessential testimony of a tattoo artist  Bobbie Williams, I’m left wondering how the State of Florida managed to condense over 20,000 pages of documents into 18 days of testimony. Interrupted testimony, I may add.  Was Judge Perry’s “get a move on” attitude really a negative factor in the entire courtroom proceeding?  In seeking truth and justice, perhaps State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick, could have done a better job in a less restrictive atmosphere.

After closely following this case for the past 895 days I feel cheated.  I’m sure websites such as Websleuths and Scared Monkey feel cheated as well.   Here at the JB Mission, we probed and prodded documents, photographs, discussed and dissected for hours and days on end and today I ask the State of Florida “Is that all there is?”

Quite frankly I was expecting a lot more.  Perhaps it was because  the media scammed us all into thinking there truly was a smoking gun that pointed only to Casey Anthony but it ain’t over yet. 

Soon we’ll finally hear from Casey Anthony’s defense team.

It’s official!  We will get “Kronked”  ::doing a little dance::

Roy Kronk has been subpoenaed as a witness for Casey Anthony’s defense, his attorney told WESH 2 News.

I’d like to predict what the defense team will do with him but I think I’ll sit back and enjoy, that’s if Jose Baez is allowed to ask the tough questions.  Getting pass Judge Perry’s propensity to sustain objections from the prosecution isn’t an easy task. 

Before I get over excited WESH reminded me that in January, Judge Perry ruled that the defense could not introduce any evidence on Kronk’s prior bad acts.  Everything we learned through depositions that Kronk had a possible history of inappropriate behavior with young girls, a history of restraining and holding women against their will and in some cases using duct tape to do so will not be allowed.  This begs the question, why are there so many of Kronk’s friends, family and foes on the defense’s witness list, if they will not be called? 

I’m assuming Roy Kronk will be allowed to answer some questions pertaining to his 3 calls to law enforcement in mid-August 2008 when he reported a suspicious bag. 

We shall see. 

Onward and forward till when the Defense of Casey Anthony begins. 

See you there!


~~~~~Carpe Diem!~~~~~




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