WFTV snipped:

Wednesday marked day 24, including jury selection, of Casey’s trial.

Sandra Osborne of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office was called by prosecutors to testify about photos and the Internet searches on a computer at Casey’s home.

The experts testified that Casey’s first chloroform search was done on March 17, 2008 around the time she found out she couldn’t go to Puerto Rico with friends because her mother Cindy Anthony would not watch Caylee for her.  This was about the same time Ric Morales posted on MySpace.

It’s important to know, Osborne also testified that searches were also done on the Anthony family computer for the name “Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.” Casey Anthony initially told authorities that a nanny by that name kidnapped her toddler Caylee. But the searches were not until July 16, 2008 — 31 days after prosecutors say the 2-year-old first went missing. The same search was also done on a computer belonging to Casey’s former boyfriend, Ricardo Morales, and didn’t yield a hit for the name. 

The state is attempting to link chloroform searches three months before Caylee disappeared as a plan to commit premeditated murder but be that as it may,

Chloroform cannot be proven as THE murder weapon.  According to ME Dr. Garavaglia’s autopsy report, there is no cause of death.  Dr. Garavaglia classified Caylee’s death as a homicide based on circumstances.  The State of Florida has a long way to go. 

The State has yet to submit one iota of viable evidence via the witnesses they’ve called to testify.  Their testimony is no more than character assassination of the defendant Casey Anthony.

The dog handlers have failed to convince me that Casey killed anyone.  They proved their dogs Gerus and Bones can do a hit-and-miss and truth be known as for the smell of car, no cadaver dog needed.  Just ask anyone of the many State witnesses who came close to the car as it sat in the Anthony garage on July 15th and 16th.

To prove this is junk evidence and not of evidentiary value I read the autopsy report and there is no cause of death. It’s that simple.  Common sense tells me if chloroform was the weapon of choice, the prosecution should enter evidence that proves it was concocted in the Anthony home or somewhere. 

Can you imagine Casey Anthony concocting this stuff?  I stumbled upon this article.  Read carefully. 

– Bottle of Bleach.  (not too hard to find)

– Bottle of pure acetone    (maybe you can buy this at the hardware store)  (not nail-polish remover, you can pick up acetone at hardware stores)

– Big bag of party-ice. You really do need a lot of ice.

– Glassware, so you can see how much of the solution has turned to chloroform. You cannot see well through many other materials, plastic etc.


1. Pour bleach in glass container. Almost all the way up. Maybe use half a litre or so, but it can work in smaller sizes, its just less effective.

2. Add ice to the bleach, to cool it down to a temperature significantly cooler than room temperature. Leave it to cool for a bit.  *what’s a bit??

3. Add one part Acetone for every 50 parts Bleach. Pour acetone in, replenish the ice if necessary. With time the reaction should cloud up and increase in heat.

4. Leave it for 20 minutes, just to make sure that the reaction is fully completed. Keep a close eye on it though, it may overheat. Feel the glass occasionally to make sure. Also, allow time for the reaction to settle. Time may vary with the size of reactions made.

5. After settling, there will either be a white powder at the bottom of the glassware, or a clear bubble. Pour off the remaining solution and try to leave the bubble/dust in the glass.

6. Extract pure chloroform with a separation funnel or a similar instrument..

7. If you wish to store chloroform, use a brown glass bottle only to prevent radiation making it turn to phylogeny quicker. Also, make sure the bottle is filled all the way up, because chloroform reacts with Oxygen.  Note**You can only store the chloroform for a week or so however, because it will eventually decompose.


A little FYI courtesy of Zuben:

  • At a given temperature, a substance with higher vapor pressure vaporizes or evaporates more readily than a substance with a lower vapor pressure. When they did the sniff test they were capturing and measuring the gases. With that in mind here is the vapor pressure and evaporation rate from MSDS of a few substances:

Acetone: 181.7 mm/Hg @ 20° C Evaporation rate: (butyl acetate=1) 7.7 at 20C
Benzene: 75 mm/Hg @ 20°C Evaporation rate: (ether = 1): 2.8
Chloroform: 160 mm/Hg @ 20C (68F) Evaporation rate: (BuAc=1): 11.6
Gasoline Vapor Pressure Range
Minimum Lowest Grade Gasolines 4.5
Normal Minimum 6.5
Warmer Climate Range 7.1 – 7.4
Cooler Climate Range 8.0 – 8.3
Maximum 15.0
Orange oil, cold pressed: 2 mm/HG @ 25°C Evaporation rate: 1
Lemon oil, cold pressed: 0.95000-2 mm/Hg @ 25° C (77F) Evaporation rate: 1
Lemongrass oil, steam distilled: 0.05 mm/Hg @ 20°C
Sandalwood: 0.05 mm/Hg @ 20° C (68F) Evaporation rate 100
Vetivert: 0.001 mm/HG @ 20° C Evaporation rate: 100+

*This is to compare to the over abundance of chemicals mainly chloroform found in Casey Anthony’s trunk which Dr. Arpad Vass was unable to explain it’s presence in the trunk of her car.  Decomposition of a “one 32lb” child is not enough to explain nor would a couple of bottles of chloroform in its purest stage that’s if chloroform was in fact used to murder Caylee Anthony then obviously there would be no trace of it on July 15, 2008.



However there is another explanation for searching chloroform. Here is an indisputable fact along with a time stamp.  Ricardo Morales, Casey Anthony’s boyfriend in March 2008 posted on his page a picture of a man looking down a woman’s neckline quoting this phrase “Win her over with chloroform.” I found this little fact quite interesting.  Perhaps this is what provoked Casey’s interest in chloroform.

Maybe Casey wanted to know just how easy it would be for Mr. Morales to make chloroform.  It is a fact that not all men can be trusted and hell, I might have wanted to look that up too just out of curiosity. 

As for the computer searches, under cross-examination, defense attorney Jose Baez pointed that though there were two user-created accounts on Casey’s desktop, that didn’t mean that no one else could have used the computer for the chloroform searches. 

I agree, who can say positively that no one searched this but Casey.  This is not a fact so I don’t see how the prosecution can submit the searches into evidence because others did have access to the home computer.

Well, these are some of the facts entered as circumstantial evidence so far.  I’ll add this evidence into the big bag labeled “bullshit evidence” that I have sitting under my carport. Right next to that bag, I have a big bag labeled “real evidence” entered into trial and this bag sure needs some filling before Juror 209 can vote guilty to Murder One.