WFTV says “State Exposes Lie After Lie From Casey On Day 19 Of Trial”

I say, not really news worthy.  Isn’t that what we’ve been talking about all along?  That’s no longer a mystery.  Casey Anthony’s lead attorney Jose Baez hasn’t denied it.  It is true Casey Anthony lied and lied some more so where’s the argument?  The only mystery left to solve is the murder of her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony. 

Oh my God, it was my understanding that the State of Florida was going to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey Anthony maliciously killed her 2 ½ year old daughter. So far this hasn’t come to fruition.  Lots of “sex, lies and video tape” but where’s the hard evidence. 

Tomorrow is the 20th day of the trial, including Voir dire, the jury selection.  Another day the jury will be led by the nose down the Happy Trail of Lies as if this is proof.  I’m beginning to feel their pain as I wonder if it would have been just as easy to accept the first 20 jurors who had the lucky ticket to be seated in the most sensational trial in the United States as of this date. 

Hundreds of other little children who were murdered by a parent have had their justice served. Their evil parent possibly beat them to death, poisoned them, locked them in closets like an animal or handed them over to a pedophile for a hit of crack.  We the people of America hear about this every other day, we read it in the paper one day, gasp with anger, hold our children closer then read six months later, that justice was served.  The monster is in jail for life or the monster is on death row.  Its good hear, there’s no tears of picketing protesters demanding justice or blogs with the lead cop investigating weighing in information about their case.  What is different about this one? 

I think I know.  The victim is white.  She’s a beautiful little girl that any one of us would have treasured and protected.  Her mother seems to be a normal, attractive, intelligent young woman, 22 years old.  She has no criminal record.  No one would suspect she would harm her child but unlike most of us, Casey Anthony is provocative.  We know that to be a fact because we saw the pictures.

Caylee Anthony’s grandmother Cindy Anthony is a registered nurse.  Her grandfather George Anthony is a ex-homicide cop.  The well-kept home where the child Caylee was raised with her grandparents and mother is middle-class American, right smack in the middle of suburbia.  I think most of us can relate. 

The media has used this seemingly normal happy home to infuriate the public with this tabloid sensational information that they garnered on the Anthony family.  We can relate.

They’ve played this case for every nickel its worth and it IS a money making business.  If it wasn’t rest assured, we wouldn’t have access to live coverage of the trial albeit interrupted by commercials.  Advertising makes money.  This is fact.

To add to this circus, in walks cowboy Leonard Padilla toting his own entourage.  He’s cousin to the producer of “Dog the Bounty Hunter”, he’s run for mayor of Sacramento, California where he lives and he’s digging the limelight as he reassures the public that he’ll bring Caylee home and all Casey needs is a bubble bath and a manicure and so the media frenzy began.  Nationally televised Nancy Grace Show and the good people of Orlando, Florida want justice and so does the rest of America but this isn’t blind justice this is cross-eyed justice because there is no proof. 

Lead detective Yuri Melich didn’t find a clue as to who killed Caylee.  In fact, no one has.  There’s strong speculation that her mother Casey Anthony is the murderer but if I were a juror in a United States Court of Law, I would insist on more before voting Casey Anthony guilty of the charge first-degree murder with possible death penalty. 

The public would just have to suffer and I would have to pray that this unsolved case would be re-investigated with clear-minded investigators who aren’t afraid to look at the dark side of the horrible murder of an innocent child.   I believe this case can be solved with hard evidence and not speculation.