May 27th, Mistrial Denied

Day 4

After watching witness after witness robotically being asked the same questions, I couldn’t help but wonder why. It seemed the only purpose was to convince the jury that Casey felt no remorse which I thought was proper protocol in a murder trial but apparently I was wrong.

After the jury had left late Thursday afternoon, Casey Anthony’s defense team moved for a mistrial. Attorney Cheney Mason complained to Judge Belvin Perry about the state’s questions regarding Casey’s attitude when Caylee disappeared.

“All of these questions for all of these friends going into whether she was happy or unhappy, or how she looked and those changes and so forth, repeated objections and overrulings – I think that it’s improper,”
Mason said, because it implies to the jury that Casey Anthony has no remorse which he said was case law for a mistrial.

Of course Judge Perry denied the motion after one minute of pondering and simply asking SAO Jeff Ashton if that was his intention. Jeff Ashton pointed out that there were other reasons the testimony is relevant like proving that Casey was lying.

Obviously, there are other liars in that court room besides Casey Anthony. Jeff Ashton’s response was good enough for Judge Perry.  Motion denied.  Add this one to the list of causes for appeal.

~~~~~ April 2, 2011  ~~~~~

I can’t help but wonder if the recent motion filed by Cheney Mason claiming bias from Judge Perry and asking for a re-hearing set off the fireworks which helped to turn this hearing from informative and pleasant to an all out war.
This is a good example of Judge Perry’s attitude and many disparaging remarks towards Defense Attorney Jose Baez.


From my observation of several past proceedings and this trial for the last 3 days that Judge Perry relies heavily on Jeff Ashton’s input and suggestions. Perhaps Judge Perry isn’t as dazzling as the local news media wants us to believe.

As I recall this is Linda Drane Burdick’s case. If it weren’t for the elongated and boring opening statement she made, we’d never know that this case is her baby, something I had forgotten. She is the lead State Attorney over the Casey Anthony 1st Degree Murder Trial.

Considering all that I’ve witnessed today and in the past proceedings, I’m certain Jeff Ashton was put on this case because there’s no way she could stand on her own against these sharp seasoned defense attorneys. Imagine this trial without Jeff Ashton. Not to be derogatory towards Ms. Burdick but I believe she is the weakest link.

Court will begin at 8:30 am EST.


Posted: 5:37 p.m. Thursday, May 26, 2011
Casey Defense Team Moves for Mistrial