Assistant State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick’s monophonic recital of the timeline immediately escaped my thoughts as soon as the defense team’s lead attorney Jose Baez took the podium.  Needless to say, this trial is off to a fiery start thanks to Baez’s shocking opening statement.  He reminded me of a younger F. Lee Bailey when he answered the most baffling questions of the case; When and how did little Caylee Anthony die.  He was succinct and maybe a bit graphic as he told a completely different story from what we’ve read and heard from the news media everyday for the past 3 years. 

His story was compelling and believable.

Jeff Ashton was quick to put George Anthony on the stand to basically candy coat George Anthony in a pretty color of red because I could almost feel his embarrassment through my computer screen. 

On cross examination, Jose Baez was terse but polite with George as he tried to get him to admit how foolish he was to claim he didn’t know when his 19yo daughter Casey Anthony was 7 ½ months pregnant at his brother-in-law’s wedding in 2005.

During most of the Baez’s cross examination, Jeff Ashton bounced up and down like he was on a pogo stick with his moronic objections to each and every question that Jose Baez posed to George Anthony.  He then annoyingly tried to monopolize Judge Perry and the Jury’s time with several sidebars.  In all, it was a despicable display from an officer of the court whom has the respect and trust of the good people of Orange County Florida.  I can almost pity them but I won’t.

Contrary to popular belief, Jose Baez was brilliant on his first day of the most important case of his career and I was pleased to hear that most of the members of TruTV’s InSession panel agreed.

As for Day One, it was a good day for the defense yet a somber one.  I felt Casey’s tears were real for all of the right reasons and I pray that the jurors saw the truth in her eyes.

So, onto Day Two!! Set to begin at 9:00am later this morning.  See you then!