Jury selection “Voir Dire” is expected to begin today.  There been much speculation as to which county Judge Belvin Perry Jr. has chosen.  The speculation should stop today.


Here’s the latest article from WFTV. 

 Casey Anthony Jury Selection To Begin Monday

Posted: 8:19 am EDT May 8, 2011Updated: 9:51 pm EDT May 8, 2011

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ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Jury selection is set to begin Monday in the murder trial against Casey Anthony. The jury will be selected from a county outside of Central Florida, but that location won’t be known until just hours before jury selection begins Monday morning.

Once a jury is selected, they will be taken to Orange County to begin trial proceedings. Officials say Casey’s trial is expected to last roughly two months, possibly even longer.

According to the ABC affiliate station in Tampa, WFTS, jury selection might happen in Pinellas County.

WFTS says three independent sources within the Pinellas court system have all confirmed that information. This came the same day as the St. Petersburg Times reported unusual activity at the Pinellas County courthouse that indicates court officials may be preparing for something big to come.

There were also reports that the jury could be selected from the West Palm Beach area of Florida, after Judge Perry was spotted at the Palm Beach County courthouse.

Despite the speculation, Judge Perry and Orange County court officials have adamantly refused to disclose the location of jury selection until right before it begins.

According to exclusive research done by WFTV, jurors from the panhandle would be the best choice for the defense team.

In Pensacola, 71 percent of people say she’s certainly or likely guilty, while 93 percent of those polled in Orlando believe she is guilty. That number is even higher in Jacksonville, at 95 percent. And in West Palm Beach, 97 percent of those polled think she guilty.

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