Suburban Drive

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 Suburban Drive is probably the most controversial piece of puzzle when seeking answers to how and why innocent toddler Caylee Anthony’s decomposed body came to rest in a vacant lot in Orlando, Florida. 

 While most of Florida and the rest of the world has settled comfortably with the concept that her party loving mother Casey Anthony became bored with being a good mother therefore decided to rid herself of all responsibilities by applying Henkel duct tape to her child’s mouth, placing her in the trunk of her car and driving around with her daughter’s body for 2.6 days and on a whim of a genius idea decided to dispose of her lifeless body in her favorite childhood hangout 14 houses from her home. 

In my opinion based on my life experiences I find this concept ludicrous and this theory to be unbelievable.

 The belief of this theory is based on the premise Casey is a seasoned liar who steals from her family and has quite a few boyfriends. Adding the nationally televised Nancy Grace smearing expose’ of this case like an info-commercial, I surely understand why a hundred thousand people or more would believe such a ridiculous tale.  Although the circumstances which I won’t deny are damning, I still feel this case would have worked out differently had it not been for the attraction of the media.

 Lots of so-called information is fabricated to raise the ratings as it’s been a media competition to tout the most sensational story.  We’ve heard about Sex, Lies and Video Tape; Pictures, Lies, and speculation; Lies, libel, thievery and debauchery.

  Just as Judge Belvin Perry Jr. recently asserted, this case has dwarfed the OJ Simpson trial when speaking about the overwhelming media this case has garnered.

 Judge Belvin Perry has allowed any and all evidence the State Attorney’s Office has asked to present.  Their case largely based on circumstances will be allowed for the jurors to hear. What we the jury won’t know and what they should know will not be revealed at trial. The truth and the jury will be strangers.

Since defending Casey Anthony with all motions denied will be an exorbitant task, I have to wonder what’s left.  What is left that the Judge has no power to disallow?  What one piece of fact that can not be disputed. The answer to that would be Suburban Drive, the final resting place of the tiny victim. 

In most murder cases crucial evidence is recovered from the burial site. Usually there are fingerprints, hairs, fibers, DNA or some kind of physical evidence that links the victim to the assailant. In this case it was not.

What was found which should be forensically valuable was an unknown hair, an empty Gatorade bottle with a syringe said to have a small amount of chloroform (less than what’s found in tap water), a Disney World bag with an unknown hair near a sheet of heart stickers, a stained Winnie the Pooh blanket, a pink size 3T t-shirt, duct tape stuck in the hair of the skull, a pair of pink striped shorts size 2T and pieces of a child’s pull up diaper. 

 I’m shocked to find that none of these items were worthy of a smear of DNA except for the duct tape found hanging off of the victim’s hair. This DNA doesn’t match Casey or anyone in her family and there wasn’t a fingerprint to be found.

True, these items were exposed to the weather and elements for 5 months or less but in many cases DNA and fingerprints have survived several years in various climates so I’m not sure if that is the answer to my question. Why isn’t there one cell of physical evidence at the crime scene/burial ground on Suburban Drive that matches the accused Casey Anthony?  Also why wasn’t her remains found sooner in the “hot spot” that Texas Equuasearch’s Tim Miller claimed.  Before making a tropical storm the blame for not finding Caylee’s remains much sooner, there are several factors that we should know. 

It’s important to know Tropical Storm Fay did not reach Central Fl until Aug. 20th/2008.

It’s important to know Florida was in a long drought before Tropical storm Fay.

It’s important to know the area where the remains were found received 6-11 inches of rain.

It’s important to know in a nearby area where there were 22 inches of rain that all flooding had receded by September.

It’s important to know Suburban Drive could not possibly hold the amount of water as reported.  The amount of rain there was 6 inches at best.  Perhaps east toward the school would hold 6-11 inches but not in Area A where the remains were found.

It’s important to know it was dry on August 11th, the first time Roy Kronk is said to have seen something white in the “water” that looked like a skull.

It’s important to know the distance from the tree line to Area A is 6 feet which means if Officer Richard Cain just peered in and there was a visible skull as Roy Kronk claimed he would have seen it. 

It’s important to know that Cain walked in, poked around a bag of leaves and nothing was there. There is no way Cain could have not seen what Kronk saw.

It’s important to know this is not a jungle or Amazon. You don’t need a whacker to get through.

It’s important to know that in Dominick Casey’s video there was a television and a blanket that was photographed that is approximately 15 feet from Area A.  Dominick Casey was surely at some point in Area A or beyond it. 



On December 11th/2008, in one of the early reports after Roy Kronk came forward and officially found Caylee.  Then Sheriff Kevin Beary had a press conference.  In this press conference you’ll hear him say the remains were 60 feet into the woods.  This is not true.

Sheriff Kevin Beary news conference

“Who put the bag there?” is the question says Judge Andrew Napolitano



Here is a refresher of news reports involving searches and search attempts by LE and Tim Miller.  I found the dates and timing of these events interesting.

Posted: 8:15 am EST November 8, 2008Updated: 9:36 am EST November 8, 2008

Search teams will focus on four places in east Orange County: Jay Blanchard Park, Moss Park,” the woods near the home of Casey’s parents” George and Cindy, and an area of land near the Orlando International Airport. They’re searching those spots based on eyewitness reports and cell tower triangulations that show where Casey Anthony was around the time Caylee disappeared.

“The weather’s right, the water’s down, the vegetation’s down. We have the right equipment. With a little bit of luck, we’ll be able to find Caylee and bring closure to this community,” said EquuSearch founder Tim Miller. 

Nov 9, 2008::Tim Miller calls off search……

“We have done all that we can do. We have thoroughly searched “every inch” of the targeted areas. 

Dominic Casey was there 6 days after Tim Miller. It was completely dry.

November 2008 Roy Kronk was back there, however the 11th was a holiday. So when was he there? 

Nov 14/2008..Dominic Casey was there

Nov 14/2008..Leonard Padilla had divers in the Econ River

Nov 20/2008..Mark Nejame resigns



Equusearch founder Tim Miller, who heads up a group that searches for bodies, said his volunteers had searched the area before but that it was full of water and an ATV had stirred up mud and muck and made visibility poor.

Tim Miller Dec 11 2008

Tim Miller says he is not sure where Suburban Dr. is??  Ironically Tim Miller just happened to be in Orlando on the day Caylee’s remains are found. 

For reference purposes Snoop a tenacious, informative blogger here at theJBMission who also lives in the Orlando area shot quite a few photos and video recordings.  When comparing both videos I noticed in a freeze frame the television and also a blanket which can be seen in Dominick Casey’s video that he shot in mid-November/2008. Both are seen in freeze frame at 6:23, 6:24, 7:19 and 7:37.  At 8:43 you will see a fallen tree in Dominick Casey’s video. This is the same tree I saw in Snoop’s photographs so this verifies the same area he searched. 

Please take note just how close the remains were from the tree line.  Not nearly as far into the woods or street as Sheriff Kevin Beary first reported.  This is one of many discrepancies in reports regarding Suburban Drive.

*Note: PI Dominic Casey’s video was taped by another PI, Jim Hoover

It’s an unknown fact that there were hundreds of people who searched on their own, not belonging to any official search team who had combed this area as you will notice in Gale St. John’s Blind Drive. 

They’re making comments about all of the searches.  Hear them say “this area has been searched”   Hear them mention, “all the people out here”.  Hear them say “this area was covered by 2 cadaver dogs!” 

Some of the people Gale St John was referring to were K-9 officers from other counties.

Here’s an interesting headline:“Psychic Comes To Orlando To Look For Caylee”

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Ironically, the date of this video shoot is August 11th, the first time Roy Kronk is said to have seen something white in the “water” that looked like a skull. 

While I’m focusing on the only undisputable fact of this case, Suburban Drive, I’m reminded of another article I wrote November 15, 2010 titled “Close But No Caylee”.  In this article I attempted to list the many known players who actually searched this corner of Suburban and Hopespring Drive who had no luck. 

There were cadaver dogs, trained LE with K-9s, there were 32 Texas Equaasearch volunteers, and of course there was Roy Kronk who claims he found Caylee’s remains on August 11th/2008 which was disproved by Sgt Richard Cain.

Knowing this information, I think there’s a good possibility that Casey Anthony was not the one who placed little Caylee’s body in this area now called “Area A”.

Dominic Casey, the private investigator hired by Cindy and George Anthony along with his camera man fellow PI, Jim Hoover video.

Here’s a few others who searched very close to Area A. There’s Keith Williams, Laura Buchanan, Joe Jordan, Deputy Jason Forgey and  32 Texas Equusearch Volunteers

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