In the Ramsey Case


Crying “Oh, my God,” John went to the body and found that her mouth had been covered with duct tape and her wrists had been tied. Worst of all, cord had been wrapped around her throat that dug deeply into her skin. He ripped the tape off and began untying her wrists. When Fleet came in, he touched the girl’s foot, which was cold. John picked up his daughter’s stiff, lifeless body and carried her upstairs screaming for help. Placing her body on the floor, John and Detective Arndt knelt over it and determined that the girl was in fact dead. According to accounts, Patsy stayed sitting in the other room for a moment amidst the shouting. When her friend took her by hand and led her to the body, Patsy threw herself down on top of it and pleaded with their reverend to bring her back to life. But it was too late.

This horror took place in the home of John and Patsy Ramsey on December 26, 1996 when their beautiful 6-year old daughter JonBenet Ramsey was found dead in a barren room called the “wine cellar” of their 6300 square foot mansion. Almost nine years later another child, 3-year old Caylee Marie Anthony was found decomposed in a vacant field.


Patsy, a former Miss West Virginia, encouraged her young daughter to enter beauty pageants. With an adorable face and charming personality, 6-year-old JonBenet won several competitions, including Little Miss Colorado, donning elaborate costumes and heavy makeup.

This small insignificant detail would take this case from a hideous act done to an innocent family to an innocent family possibly being involved in the murder of their beautiful 6-year old daughter. The media loved it!

Patsy awoke early next morning to prepare for the family’s flight to Michigan. On the spiral staircase, she found a note. It was a ransom letter for JonBenet. Patsy panicked upon finding JonBenet’s room empty and called 911 at 5:52 a.m. Police officer Rick French arrived about 18 minutes after her call and immediately searched the house for the girl, but he didn’t find her. Friends of the family, including their reverend, soon arrived at the house and began consoling a hysteric Patsy. John, according to various accounts, was tense but calm throughout the morning.

*note: Police Officer arrived at 6:10 am.

At about 1 p.m., Arndt asked John Ramsey to take his friend Fleet White around the house with him and look for clues. John and Fleet planned to start in the basement and work their way up. When Fleet pointed out the broken window in the basement, John explained that he himself had broken it months ago when he accidentally locked himself out of the house.

*note: Arndt, the only police officer left at the home asked John Ramsey and his friend to look around the house for clues. My question, why did a trained police officer ask a family member to look around the house for clues? Isn’t that police work?

Media Frenzy

So many details of this murder mystery fascinated the public — the rich family, the quiet neighborhood, the odd ransom note and, most particularly, the beauty pageant pictures of a dolled-up 6-year-old that dominated the tabloids. Considering the way the body was found inside the house, many who heard the story suspected the girl’s parents. It didn’t help that many were disturbed by some of JonBenet’s adult-themed pageant costumes, such as a Ziegfeld Follies showgirl outfit. The Ramseys’ impression that the police also suspected them sparked a growing sense of tension between the family and investigators.

In the Anthony Casey

So many details of this mysterious death has fascinated the public __the mother’s party girl image, the seemingly normal middle class family, the 31-days it took to report the child Caylee Marie Anthony missing, and the adorable video of a beautiful innocent toddler singing “You Are My Sunshine” cozying up to her great grandfather possibly one day before she was presumed murdered.

In both of these cases law enforcement and more importantly news media had focused heavily on the family and particularly Caylee’s mother, Casey Marie Anthony, the Party Girl.

In speculation and popular opinion Casey Anthony is guilty and in speculation and popular opinion particularly Patsy Ramsey was guilty. Patsy Ramsey didn’t hold her tongue when it came to shoddy police work. She spoke loud and proud in May 2000 on the Larry King show when she squared off against former Boulder police detective Steve Thomas. She daringly told police detective she wished they would have arrested her.

Patsy Ramsey is gone. She succumbed to ovarian cancer in 2006 and passed away. She didn’t live to see Touch DNA results which may have vindicated her. From what I’ve learned after watching “True Crime with Aphrodite Jones” shown on Discovery ID network and reading this article, there were indeed other viable suspects. I also learned that 2 days before Christmas, the Ramsey home was showcased on a tour of homes in this exclusive upper class neighborhood of Denver. Hundreds of people had walked through the house. Any one of them who toured would have known the layout and formed a plan of a break in. People who think that conspiracies don’t exist, I think that the Ramsey case was a good example.
As an after thought, I wonder if the DNA found on the waistband of JonBenet’s panties were ever compared to the unknown DNA found at Caylee Anthony’s burial site.
Would JonBenet and Caylee, both little princesses in the eyes of their families attract a demented conspirator who enjoys the media hype? Could both of these children be victims of the same perpetrator(s)?



JonBenet Ramsey

Larry King/Patsy Ramsey/Steve Thomas