Before the April 15th hearing there were two mental health experts added to the defense witness list but subsequently nixed. Why won’t Baez use them? Although Defense attorney Jose Baez tried to convince the judge that the state didn’t have the right to examine Casey, because the mental health experts would only be testifying about behavioral science, Prosecutor Jeff Ashton said the state would have the right to examine her and would have broad freedom in doing so. Of course this isn’t a viable option for any defense attorney so the defense gave up on the entire idea. Now it doesn’t look likely that the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) will come into trial as we all thought.

Later in the 48 Hour segment, George Anthony’s name was mentioned as possibly being the perpetrator. Am I now to believe that he’ll be thrown under the bus, perhaps? When asked for corroboration, George Anthony’s attorney responded “no comment”.
In late March of 2011, two protesters who watched George Anthony push one of them during a 2008 protest outside the family home were added to the defense witness list. It was speculated by many that these women were going to support the theory that PTSD was a possible strategy for the defense team. More speculators added they would prove George Anthony, Casey’s father had a bad temper and this is why his daughter was afraid to tell anyone what happened to Caylee.

As for tonight’s 48 Hours Special “Only Casey Knows” I think they did a reasonably good job. For the frightened Casey Haters who thought it was going to be ALL about Casey Anthony’s innocence, obviously they were wrong. In my opinion, it was 70% Pro-State of Florida but with a surprise twist, 30% of the program was beneficial to the Defense. How gauche!

From the beginning I realized that the focus of this program had much to do with the overly zealous media in the Anthony case which led to the revelation that there actually wasn’t a change of venue. Wow, is this true! Judge Belvin Perry’s bizarre idea of a change of venue is a joke. In an authentic change of venue, the defendant and her attorneys are relocated to a different county to be heard by unbiased jurors, in Judge Perry’s unprecedented version, he’s bringing the hopefully unbiased jurors to the defendant. Why? Because of money but nobody thought about money when they decided to charge a suspect with 1st degree murder with the death penalty without a lick of forensic evidence or a confession. Ex-Prosecutor Paula Bondi had the unmitigated gall to assert “money is never an object when trying a murder case”, yet money is an object if it means giving a fair trial to the most publicized, vilified suspect America has seen in over 15 years. I think on that fact alone this case has a definite chance for appeal.

Dr. Tim Huntington, an assistant professor at Concordia University, Nebraska, and a board-certified entomologist I feel will be powerful expert witness. He said the smell from the trunk was not that of a dead body but more like a bag of garbage. And of course, Dr. Kathi Reich, consultant for the televised series “Bones” will bring strong testimony as well.

At the beginning of the program when reliving the horror show of those God awful protesters with their children wearing signs, people screaming obscenities it reminded me how huge of a turning point this was for me. When Nancy Grace played the video of the protesting and mob-like mentality and how Casey was vilified by the City of Orlando and how the media had tried and convicted Casey within 5 days of when the story broke, I thought, LE must have undisputed hard evidence for this mob to denigrate the entire Anthony family in such a manner.

This must be an “open and shut” case. Of course, now looking at the evidence, I assumed wrong. Perhaps the defense will use the two newly added female protesters from the witness list to open the door to the abomination that took place in front of the Anthony home. Maybe this will have the same affect on the jurors as it did on me. Maybe they’ll keep their minds open, scrutinize any and all evidence and listen more carefully to testimony. I think it’s safe to say most good jurors want undeniable hard evidence in any 1st degree murder case and when they don’t see it, they’ll vote for acquittal.

Finally, in the last 15 minutes of the segment Richard Gabriel weighed in with his mock jury panel. Richard Gabriel is the President of Decision Analysis since 1985 and a leader in the field of jury research, jury selection, and litigation communication in nearly a thousand trials has offered his services pro bono to the defense.
In the mock jury which I was surprised to learn were from Orange County had voted 9 to 3 to acquit Anthony of 1st degree murder after 4 hours of Richard Gabriel’s reading of the evidence. Honestly I’m not sure that 12 people can digest in 4 hours what a real jury panel will hear in 6 weeks but it is encouraging. Also I think Richard Gabriel proved what most of us here at theJBMission already knew, charging Casey Anthony with 1st degree murder along with death penalty pending was a costly mistake by the State of Florida because when asked this mock panel voted 8 to 4 guilty if it were a lesser charge.

The “Only Casey Knows” 48 Hour Mystery Special ended on the note that if Judge Belvin Perry wished he could decide on a lesser charge. I’m not too happy with that idea being Judge Perry hasn’t been exactly fair to the defense team so I don’t think he deserves a do-over.

Lastly, to my lack of dismay, it looks like the count down to Casey’s Day of Reckoning will have to be reset. The ticking is off key and the tock needs to be adjusted. According to “48 Hours Mystery”, the trial will start on May 17th not the 9th as Judge Perry had hoped. Isn’t it funny how everyone speculates?


After writing this article I was made aware that there is only “one” protester who made it to defense witness list. As to not have to rewrite the article, I’m going to let it stand because it is part of my opinion that the defense should use more of the protesters if possible. I think the protesters proved that LE willingly allowed this spectacle to take place in order to taint potential Orange county jurors and not to question the evidence that is put before them.

If this one protester isn’t willing to take the stand hopefully the other one will attest to the debauchery that took place because I think the protesters unknowingly served a purpose for Casey Anthony. Sources: