Casey Anthony’s PI Dom Casey Visit to Suburban Drive
Date: November 15, 2008

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Snippet from Nancy Grace show as she talks to Kathi Belich of WFTV.

GRACE: Joining me right now, Kathi Belich with WFTV. What can you tell me, Kathi?

KATHI BELICH, WFTV: Well, I watched 12 minutes` worth of video, listened to it. There is audio that tape. We were not permitted to record it. We were permitted to record about a minute-and-a-half of the video. But I heard on that video — at a point where you`re seeing the concrete blocks at the scene, I heard Dominic Casey, the Anthonys` private eye, say, It would be right here. The man who shot that video, private eye Jim Hoover, says that Dominic Casey told him that Caylee was dead and they were going to find her, and that`s what they were doing in that area on November 15th and November 16th.

GRACE: So Kathi, we have some of the video, but you saw the whole thing and you could hear it. You were disallowed from reproducing the audio.

BELICH: That`s right.
GRACE: Are you sure, Kathi Belich, that you heard the Anthonys` private investigator say, This is where it should be?

BELICH: I heard him say, It would be right here. And I listened to it again and again. And we were watching it on a big monitor and I stood with my ear right next to the speaker and then away from it. I listened to it several times so that I was sure. And what he says is, It would be right here.
GRACE: OK, what else did you see and hear on the video, Kathi Belich?

BELICH: On November 15th, Dominic Casey was milling about the scene. The focus seemed to be near these concrete blocks, which are there, just feet from where Caylee`s remains were found. He found some sort of a cloth of some kind. He lifted it with a knife, looked under it and then just sort of tossed it aside. He was looking around, and they seemed to be focused on these concrete blocks.

At this house, which — from what I understand, you have to drive to that house from the scene. It`s not close enough where you could walk comfortably. I couldn`t find out where that house is. But again, the Anthonys` private eye, Dominic Casey, seemed to be focused for some reason on concrete blocks that were behind this abandoned house, and he literally just moved the blocks out of the way with his hands. No gloves on his hands, moved some 2-by-4s, and he just took a garden trowel and he just started digging right into the dirt there, several inches down, you know, and then he stopped, and they looked around the house.
And then it goes to the next day, which is November 16th, which he comes back to the scene sort of dressed in a bush jacket and jeans, sort of ready to go through the woods now. And he goes into the woods, again focused on those concrete blocks, and he gets some sort of a metal rod and he starts just jamming it into the ground. And at some point — you know, a couple of times, it was all way down into the ground. A couple of times, it was getting sort of stuck and he was sort of forcing it. And then he — you know, he went back to the house and he did the same thing with that rod.
Now, I should also say that on the 15th, he was on his cell phone. And he was walking out of the woods. He was sort of crouched down. You can see the video. He was sort or crouched down, looking around in the woods, on the cell phone with someone. And of course, the big question is, who was that that he was talking to on the cell phone?

GRACE: OK, Liz, in the control room, do you have the video ready? Let`s see it. OK, there you are seeing the Anthony private investigator, Dominic Casey, looking through bags, trash bags, just feet away from where little Caylee`s remains were ultimately found. Take a look.
Now, his excuse for being out there was that he heard it was a location where the tot mom hung out with friends. So why is he digging through trash bags and dirt? That is from WFTV. That`s one of the Anthonys` private investigators rifling through trash bags and searching near the wooded area where Caylee`s remains were discovered four weeks later.
Back to Kathi Belich, who has seen the entire video. Kathi, what was his story to police as to why he`s there at the scene where her skeleton is found weeks before police get there?
BELICH: I don`t know what he told the police. I know what he told me, and now there are new reports of a different story. He told me that he was on the phone, actually, with his ill daughter. Now I guess that are there reports that he was claiming that he was on the phone with a psychic of some kind. But he told me that he was there merely to — first, he said he was going to rule it out as a location where one of Casey`s old high school friends had said she might have put a body, if she were going to do something like that. And then later, he sort of changed the story to he`s just ruling it out as a teen hangout. Now apparently, he`s saying that he went there because of a psychic tip, so…
GRACE: But why, everybody, would he be there if it were just a teen hangout? We are taking your calls live. More of that secretly recorded video we have just obtained when we get back.


My Thoughts:

While we’re discussing the numerous visitors to the site of the remains, this Dom Casey and Jim Hoover video came to mind.  I’m becoming more convinced that the remains site is an unreliable source for physical evidence.  I think Dominick Casey was very near, if not at the exact location where Caylee Anthony’s remains were found.  I know this is disputable but since the sound of the video is off, the camera zooming in and out at various times and the erratic filming where the camera stops and then suddenly starts filming again says to me that just because we don’t see Area A in the video doesn’t mean Dom Casey and Jim Hoover weren’t there. 

I could be mistaken but my instincts tell me they were close enough to notice the same garbage & laundry bags meter reader Roy Kronk reported to LE less than a month later on December 11, 2008.  Either Dom Casey failed to report it or Roy Kronk seriously needs to take a polygraph.  I tend to believe that Dom Casey would have done the right thing because there is a witness, Jim Hoover the cameraman.  Therefore I do not believe both men would sacrafice their livelihoods and reputations just to save Casey Anthony.  

Perhaps Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick of the SAO should work on finding the truth about Suburban Drive  instead of  harassing Casey Anthony’s attorney by fining him and trying to have jailed on frivolous contempt charges.  I wonder if Judge Perry is even aware of the mysterious events that took place during the search and subsequent finding of  precious baby Caylee Anthony. 

 I think if he knew, he would demand answers.  JMO