It’s become apparent to me that recently, the general atmosphere of the blogging community has come to a happy place and in their own environment amongst fellow bloggers in wait of the upcoming trial everyone seems more content.
Most of us, whom I respectfully refer to as “the die-hard seekers of justice” are obsessed with this possible murder of beautiful 2 year old Caylee Marie Anthony and are indeed decided on which side of the fence they are on when it comes to the innocence or guilt of her accused mother, then 22 year old, Casey Marie Anthony.
The fence sitters are a small percentage of people like myself who are similarly familiar with this case who have read the same documents, kept up with the identical media hype, local and nationally but are still undecided as we seek not only justice for Caylee but truth no matter where it leads. Occasionally in doing so we’ve endured the wrath of the majority which at times is beyond harsh as well as malicious.

The criticism that I read from some comments as I sit uncomfortably here on top of the fence is that I’m misinformed, ignorant and ruthlessly condone murdering children. Surely this is not the case. I am none of the fore mentioned and neither are the other members of the FSA, Fence-Sitters Anonymous.

Speaking on my own behalf, as to why I haven’t joined in harmony with the majority of blogdom is I don’t see a viable motive for murdering an innocent baby. Even with all of the ducks in a row ie “circumstances” and the selfish lying suspect, I strongly expect in any first-degree murder case with death penalty option, a “motive”.

Motive? Killing your child to go out and party is unrealistic and lame in my opinion.
I would have to read a complete psychological evaluation from a licensed psychologist/psychiatrist that would indicate Casey Anthony as a true psychopath/sociopath or have some type of delusional mental disease such as schizophrenia in order for me to believe this.
According to Casey Anthony’s visitor log from the Orange County jail, on August 26, 2010, Casey spent almost 6 hours with psychologist Stephen Gold.
Who is Stephen Gold? Stephen Gold specializes in research, treatment of and training in psychological trauma-related disorders, disassociation, hypnosis and sexual addiction-compulsivity according to his website. Incidentally, Dr. Gold returned the next day for a 2-hour visit. The visitor log also recorded subsequent visits by Casey’s attorneys Jose Baez and Cheney Mason within the immediate days to follow. Perhaps her defense team learned something from Dr. Gold that could take them down this path because without a thorough mental analysis of Casey Anthony, there is no feasible motive, not that it’s required by law but if I were a juror it would be valuable when having to make a monumental decision in a murder case built solely on circumstantial evidence.

If I were a juror, I’d have to dismiss the fact that Casey had over 1000 pictures of Caylee on her mySpace page which tells me, she didn’t try to hide her daughter Caylee from potential boyfriends. Just as her short-term boyfriend Tony Rusciano said she referred to Caylee as “snot-head”, he also stated Casey said “Caylee came 1st”. Casey’s ex-fiancée Jesse Grund said on the Nancy Grace show that the Casey he knew would never hurt Caylee. Most of Casey’s friends stated in depositions that Casey was a good mother. One of Casey’s closest friends, Annie Downing who spent a lot of time with Casey and Caylee said Casey was over-protective in her opinion.
What changed? Fusion Nightclub and the arrival of Tony Lazarro into Casey’s life. I’ve actually found a connection with the names Lazaro and Gonzalez.( It’s unlikely but I did find it.) Then you have 8718 Brackenwood Dr, 200 ft. from the burial site. House owned by Hernan Gonzalez who was exiled from the US for drug trafficking. Last known occupant was Arnaldo Gonzalez who is close to Casey’s age. This house is close to where Casey is said to have run out of gas on June 23rd.
I found in one of George Anthony’s (Casey’s father) interviews, he mentions to a detective regarding how & why Casey hired Jose Baez. (For whatever reason this detective thought he should know this) George mentions $5,000, but then says, “well, at least $1400” Where will CASEY get $1400?? Why is she writing checks on Amy’s account if she has her own money?? Did Jose Baez ever get paid?

I find this odd too. In the garbage bag that was left in Casey’s trunk, there was a receipt from Fusion’s nightclub dated May 24. Nathan Lezniewicz, one of Tony Lazarro’s room mates recognizes this trash as coming from Tony’s apartment. Why is it in her trunk a month and a half later?
These are the just the tip of the iceberg of facts in this case that compels the Fence-Sitters to dig deeper. Its never a bad thing to think outside of the box.

Here at we welcome anyone who has a theory or unusual queries to join the FSA. “Fence Sitters Anonymous”
As the owner and moderator of this site, I’ll do my best to keep the ridicule at bay.


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