On March 2, 2011, Judge Perry will decide whether WFTV reporter Kathi Belich will be allowed to testify in Casey Anthony’s upcoming trial of first-degree murder. Recently Jose Baez Esq. has added her name along with a couple of others to a supplemental witness list.
Some news sources are hammering the Defense Team because this maneuver comes after the so-called deadline August 31, 2010 for disclosing any new witnesses other than law enforcement officers and experts.
When asked by the Media, the Defense Team stated Ms. Belich is listed to rebut witnesses who went against their witness Laura Buchanan which could mean Ms. Belich has something that could possibly help the defense. Perhaps the tables have turned and Cheney Mason Esq. will now be the pain in the ass for Kathi Belich.
Kathi Belich is also mentioned in the motion to have information pertaining to Maya Derkovic, a once jail house friend of Casey’s who has possibly turned State witness.

Richard Hornsby, a legal analyst for WESH television station has written an article addressing the topic in case anyone was wondering if Jose Baez’s intention was to add Kathi Belich as a witness to keep her out of the court room during the trial and hopefully away from the Defense team as Kathi Belich has been more than disrespectful to Casey Anthony’s defense team in her attempt to report on the case.

At first I was semi-delighted to think Baez and Mason simply added Belich as a witness to keep her away from the trial but then I came across this WFTV article.



WFTV reporter Kathi Belich was the only one there when Buchanan was questioned Wednesday and her lawyer said she has no idea exactly where Caylee was found. He said if prosecutors show her a map and ask if she had searched specific locations in the woods off Suburban Drive, she’d be able to tell them.

Buchanan showed up Wednesday for a second round of questioning under oath by prosecutors after calling in sick last time and then getting a new lawyer. Now, she’s under investigation by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for allegedly faking a document claiming she and other volunteers searched right where Caylee Anthony’s remains were found three months earlier, and found nothing.

From this I ascertained the defense truly does have basis for adding her into a supplemental witness list. Ironically, KB may have served a purpose after all. Again the irony is rich.

Here you’ll see Kathi Belich at the crime scene with this sensational news titled

“WFTV Discovers Possible Link in Casey Case”

Subsequently, there has never been a retraction for this story even though the FBI has documented that the duct tape found on Caylee Anthony’s skull did not match the duct tape found in the home of Casey Anthony and particularly on the gas can Kathi Belich referred to in this video. Perhaps the defense team will use this video to open the door to false reporting of their case through the local news media.


In the above WFTV article Kathi Belich is happily basking in her reputation as a hard hitting journalist as she speaks exclusively with Maya Derkovic at the Lowell Correctional Institution in Ocala for an hour and a half. Maya Derkovic answered questions about her communication with accused killer Casey Anthony.


“She said she used to knock the baby out so she could go party and she would put her to sleep. When she’d come back, the baby would still be asleep,” Derkovic said.
She told investigators she didn’t know how Casey knocked out Caylee, but Belich asked her.
“Did she say what she used to knock her out?” she asked.
“I can’t pronounce it. Chlorofoam?” Derkovic said.
She said she doesn’t know where Casey got it, but knows how she used it.

I tried to link the video report but for reasons unknown this video is no longer working.

It was titled:
This is part 1 of 2 of a jail friend of Casey Anthony talking exclusively to WFTV reporter Kathi Belich (04/16/10)

I believe it would be an understatement to say Ms. Belich has done a remarkable job in the coverage of this murder case but I have to ask myself has she gone above and beyond her job as a reporter for an Orlando local television station. Considering the fact that she’s inadvertently inserted herself in the trial itself, I would have to say “Journalist Beware”. There has to be a happy medium somewhere in all of this hoopla.

Casey’s Defense Goes On Media Blitz
Casey Anthony’s defense team went on a media blitz Friday. (10/02/09)

WESH.com has reported Judge Perry will hear this motion and a couple of others on March 2nd. Casey Anthony will be present and they will stream the hearing live.